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October 16, 2011

Due to Popular demand…

@Whoistunde and @ShoWontStop are gonna be reviewing Naija Music albums.

Why should you care about our opinions???

One… We are better than you

Two… If you dont like what you read…bite a naked wire.

****Rating system****

5 wRaps = Instant Classic Meal

4 wRaps = This Shit is Heavy

3 wRaps = Shit was nice

2 wRaps = The Soup no plenty

1wRap = even pikin go vex chop this shit


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  1. I love your humour.. Good job!

  2. Thank You 🙂

  3. whoistunde permalink


  4. Saeon permalink

    i’m scared of ‘yous guys’… LMAO!!!

  5. Once again i love ds blog n i wil lik u 2 review ma mixtape…. PROETRY DA MIXTAPE. Tnkz

  6. Ms Osunsan permalink

    Please I am dropping a new single X_X

  7. musketeer permalink

    **observin’ like an umpire**

  8. geeen ohh permalink

    olosheeeeeeeeeeeeee…tell me truth say na u dey behind this blog. me is loving t though

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