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E.L.I. (Everybody Lost Interest)

October 17, 2011

We start off our blog with one of the year’s most anticipated albums….E.L.I. (Everyone Loves Iceprince)

1) Remember (Intro)

T: Solid intro. I like the way he was bigging up all the vets…decent track

S: Name dropping galore. Dude must have been listening to Game’s album before he recorded this. I won’t be listening to this again


S: this track is just straight up boring…then he goes “I have been milking the game…no tea hommie” O_o why na??? Its like saying “am dropping sugar…no garri hommie”

T: Dead Chorus, Dead Rhymes…all around Dead song. *Skip button is ur friend*


*Club banger! Nothing wrong here…moving on*


S: Am feeling this track right here! The harry potter fan in me aint mad either….*busting my hogwarts dance step*

T: Loved the production on this one (shoutout to Jesse Jagz). Can’t wait to use the ‘put my pen in your office line’ on a kele…*straight face*


S: is this supposed to be his token wedding song??? I will divorce my wife at my reception if this shit comes on

T: hahahaha but immediately I heard the hi life beat. I skipped that shit FAST like an unfaithful muslim.

S: LoL. but what is “if I must die…u must be my grave”??? WTf is this?

T: We shall not die in Jesus Name…say Amen

*and the congregation screams* AMEN!!!

6) OLOFOFO ft Wizkid

T: “STRONG IN UR ASS LIKE PILE!!!!” I think when I heard that line…I cried

S: The whole Game has been shut down with that line. But why would u allow Wizkid murk u on ur own shit????

T: its a decent track though

S: Decent enough to SHIT too?

T: Not if you have pile


S: I don’t even know why I like this…but I can see myself. Is this a tribute to mirrors???

T: a certain line goes ‘wow wow wow like pow pow pow’ You wanna know where he got the inspiration from??

S: *raising hand* Me Teacher!!!!

T: yes u got it!


8.) WASSUP WASSUP ft Tuface

S: you really can’t go wrong with Tubaba on a track. This is dope and again…he gets murked by a non-rapper. Smh

T: ice held his own too. The “shaking my belly over the telly” line would make Rick Ross proud

S: Ross just had a stroke…I doubt he finds fat jokes funny anymore

T: True. Get well soon Rozay


*you already know! Banger….next pls*


S: This song made me miss my pops….I Love You Daddy!!! 😦

T: aint gonna lie…this track made a nigga get emotional

S: Yo tunde, is that a tear I see in ur eye?

T: what tear….nigga na breeze enter my eye cause am jor


T: What is with the hi-life/beer parlour experiment??? *hello, skip button*

S: Must every album have a generic Ibo song? Am sure Ibo people are getting pissed right about now.


S: Somebody lied to this nigga! …..Shiiit right now Iceprince is lying to us. This aint dope

T: Not a bad jam to me ..but rappers should quit with the ‘facebook poke’ line pls..thanks and God bless

S: We are on track 12! Can u still call Mr Zamani a rapper?

T: Errrrrrrm

13) SMALL SMALL ft Sean Tero

T: Another “should have been scrapped song”

S: *yaaaaaawning* this track makes counting sheep sooo obsolete

T: I wonder wat they were thinking when dey made this track

S: they were thinking…”Let’s annoy @ShoWontStop and @Whoistunde …those two piss me off”

T: Well, it clearly worked

14) THAT NIGGA ft Morell

S: Really??? That’s the name of the song?

T: yeah man! Aint gonna lie..I love the production on this one. But with lines like “easy like a free throw” Shaq and Dwight Howard are gonna be mad

S: shiiiiii, free throws aint easy for niggaz with big hands. Am sure M.I. has never missed a free throw in his life.

T: ‎​​=))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=))

15) END OF STORY ft Samklef

S: Is this the end??? Are we there yet??

T: Nah man, we got two to go. We almost there…

*rocky music playing in the background as I keep pushing on*

S: I aint a quitter but can we skip this? *waving at the Skip Button*

T: Since we r skipping like fat people dat wanna  lose weight, let’s skip d next 1 too and get to the end

*brings out skipping rope*


S: Finally!! A song with other rappers

T: but why is this song called ‘Thank You’ *confused look*

S: ‘Thank You for making it to the end of the album’ we made it…them gats thank us.

T: Very true


S: As a hip hop album (cos IcePrince calls himself a rapper) its a debacle.  Commercially, its solid. Nothing ground breaking but good enough to get private university girls happy

T: as well as  beer parlours…but  if u are a hiphop fan! Don’t bump this.

This gets a semi-solid 2.4 wRaps outta 5

Well, till we come back with our annoying rants agains…Peace! *ejects cd and gives bar-man*

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  1. Hahaha!! “Tribute to mirrors”. That shit still got me laughing yo’. LMAO!!

  2. Hahahahahaha! I agree with everything. I was so disappointed. The fact the Ice is meant to be a rapper and no rap song?It pained me.Don’t get me wrong i like the album. That Thank you title though…we demand an explanation from ChocBoiz. Nice one guys!

  3. Daniel permalink

    In my opinion, 2.4 is too much. 3-|

  4. Escobar permalink

    LMAO!!!!! The Rozay & Shaq & Howard Jokes though. Hahaha. You guys pulled no punches. For someone I once dubbed ‘Heir Apparent to MI’s throne’ I’m Mega disappointed. He believed all the hype. Sold out. Most people do this kind of crap with their follow up albums not their debuts. Only Wassup Wassup & Olofofo made sense. This is like the horror that was on Carter IV

  5. @okopurum permalink

    U guys r exactly what the industry has been missing! Big-ups y’all. Be relentless in our pursuit of upholding Naija’s new/refined hip hop culture. Ice ended up showing his true identity. He prob’ly shouldn’t have dropped the album at all, so that the image we’ll have of him will still be intact. M.I don do that boi strong tin! Well, I forsaw it tho.

  6. tobz permalink

    I pity the bar man, if he plays that he might as well kiss his business goodbye 😦

  7. Azeez permalink

    Lool 2.8 is too much IMO!!!!! ….. Do you do reviews for Yankee Rap Albums too?

  8. Totally hilarious! I don’t listen to hip hop much and this such discouraged me even more! (Y)

  9. theGeneralsDaughter permalink

    Lmaooooo. I feel bad… But…. Buhahahahaha!

  10. tade permalink

    Kkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkk
    Kkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkk
    Kkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkk
    Kkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkk
    Kkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkk
    Kkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkk
    Kkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkk
    Kkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkk
    Kkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkk.

  11. ayojoibukun permalink

    Truth be told I tried downloading the songs via an email a friend sent to me and only wassup wassup, oleku and superstar which I already had completed!! And with dis 5star review, I know why! Big up urselves guys!!

  12. Extremely Lousy Initiative

  13. Tosin permalink

    Buhaahahahaha! I enjoyed this very much….

  14. O_nix permalink

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! “Skip this shit FAST like an unfaithful muslim” stood out. And I agree with all the criticisms. Mr. Zamani is too basic for a rapper.

  15. O_nix permalink

    Also, “Imma be here for a while, strong in your ass, nigga call me pile” is the #PAUSEOfOurGeneration. #trash

  16. Escobar permalink

    Laoye why you mad tho? You’re a Groupie rightt?

  17. Mafioso permalink

    Lmao. Nice review yo…..vnt heard the album tho, but I already knew iceprince wasn’t gonna impress me. The nigga has never impressed me before. Next review should be ‘Show Dem Camp’s’ album please (Y)

  18. isetfiretotherain permalink

    hahahahahahahahaha! this was hilarious! I thought the album was a PILE of SHIT only fit for playing in the grave where Ice’s career should be buried.

    Or maybe you can just use it for an ash try.

  19. Sege permalink

    Tunde, you no go face your Fela music. Why you wan end Ice Prince career?

  20. Debo permalink

    I love this post… Like how God loved the world in John 3:16 -____-

  21. #1 asa fan permalink

    Lmaoooo….looooved d post! Had me smiling @ my phone like 1 of those ppl I roll my eyes @…
    Haven’t listened to d album yet..but now I know d 1s to skip *bigsmile*
    Nd a big whoop to doing dreamer project…can’t wait!! *biggersmile*

  22. Aston permalink

    Loool just when I was about 2 bump this *picks 100 bucks c.d and throws it in2 the thrash can* I shlda bot Fan Yogo instead :(!!!

  23. whoistunde permalink

    LMAO….not nice, support your local artistes

  24. dipti (@barbie_deezy) permalink

    Nice post !!

  25. Taki J permalink

    I aint even heard the LP, but with a name like E.L.I., imma skip it. Like I said on twitter, the Tony Yayo of the Choc Boiz.

  26. Majordee permalink

    The #pauseOfOurGeneration comment got me LMFAO. More reviews please.

  27. Daisy permalink

    Looooved this post… Buh the private university ish. 😦 *hides certificate*

  28. Verb permalink

    Ice-Prince Zamani, I shall not speak much, I’ll listen myself and even if I hear anything wack I won’t put him down, ‘cos it’s been done above already :(. *murmurs to self* Lord guide me in my quest, for the people would not hesitate to say it as it is. Amen

  29. LMAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This shit cray! No prawns. (Forgive me, it was the devil.)
    I haven’t heard the album sha, so I won’t say anything. But y’all should keep reviewing, laughs for dayzzzzzzzzz…. (Y)

    • whoistunde permalink

      LOL…ur forgiven. Well, depending on what music genre u like, the album might appeal to you

  30. tade permalink

    I’m luving ds review tin u strtd @whoistunde abeg continue wit it…imma strt my own campaign SAY NO TO RUSSISH SONGS

  31. livey permalink

    ChAi!!!! It is wen is d review for dreamer project nah?

  32. Looooooooooooooool!! I actually listened to the songs and Read the reviews on by one..
    My word!!

  33. Nathan permalink


  34. Ms Osunsan permalink

    I listened to the album after the review and i can say i barely paid attention to the songs except oleku, superstar and olofofo. people been making noise about find you. but the only thing that caught my attention was his lil sister saying something. good job S & T keep em coming

  35. I can almost forgive him for everything dead line he used on this album except that bit where he called Tony Tetuila ‘fine boy toh fresh’ …

  36. Cypha permalink

    Dudeeeeeeee! This review is too on point..dude is lucky i dont smoke else the cd wuda been a perfect ashtray…and i feel the 2.4 was a bit generous…

  37. dipupo permalink

    With comments like this, buying cds wld be much less stressful with all dis wannabes in town!!!

  38. flowergehl permalink

    for the noise that was made prior to the so called E.L.I….i feel twas crappy. 2.4, very generous @sho reminds me of “2.0” tho lol. Good work u guys.

  39. ifeoluwa permalink

    So true

  40. SirRash permalink

    U guys pick 1 line and rubbish a whole track cos of dat. That’s shallow. Even great rappers miss d beats once in a while. The Album won’t get u screaming for a Grammy nomination, but it is not as bad as you guys mek it sound.

  41. iAmala permalink


  42. LOL @ ejects CD and gives barman smh

  43. Looool you guys are jokes!

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