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Are You A Dreamer Too???

October 21, 2011

*Disclaimer: ShoWontStop has been an avid SDC fan since May 2009*

T: Please take the Stand Sho

S: *walks up to the stand and places left hand on the bible…right hand in the air*

T: do u swear to keep this shit REAL and tell the truth and nothing but the truth?

S: yeah nigga! I swear! Shiiiiiiii *murmurs underneath his breath* sdc bang! bang!


T: Nothing here. Just an innocent (idibia) sounding nigga with a lot of airtel credit to waste.

S: *now singing* spread our hands across the world…


S: talk about an entrance. Love the dark spooky beat! Tec and Ghost come correct. This is really HipHop 101

T: Dope Rhymes, Dope Beats. This starts off well.

3) DREAMER ft M.I.

T: This is why i have a problem with M.I.

S: ah ah! This isnt M.I.’s album…what has he done now?

T: See how M.I. dey kick impressive verse like this…why wont he teach Ice to rap like this…Wicked Mentor

S: its true sha…imagine if Mister Miyagi didnt teach daniel san..”Wax On, Wax Off”

T: That Chinese pikin for Brush am die for finals.

S: HaHaHahahahahaha. Man, Ghost had me reminiscing with his verse sha. I hated that “All Boys Outside” shit! Everytime I went outside…I could never get back in 😦

T: Alhaji was a legend tho

S: u know if Alhaji wasn’t obtaining at ur party….that shit was a flop

T: hahahahahahah so true

S: Dope production by IKON, really good verses all around from Ghost, Tec, and M.I.


S: *now singing* Waaaam Beeee Byyyyy. This MayD guy dey sing sha

T: Yeah man, he totally killed the hook. Good song

5) WAITING FOR ft Lucci

T: Come, where dem they find all these ‘hook killing’ guys from???  This shit is nice

S: Man, lucci is a rapper oo. A pretty dope one for that matter. Drake has made it cool for niggaz to be singing again

T: Its good to see a lot of new cats coming out

6) WE GELE (skit)

T: Skit. *reaching for the skip button*

S: *slaps Tunde’s hand* Guy! Lai Lai! How u wan skip this skit

“Babe: Jide, I only drink Rose Nectar!
Jide: I AM NECTing U”

LOL shit hella funny

T: Ok..dat was a lil funny..just a lil

S: am soo not getting you right now… *yimu*

7) GETTING YOU ft Benny P

T: Decent commercial track, I aint mad at them for dis one

S: Decent? This is the maddest jam on this album na. Whaaaaaaah *jide’s voice*

*so u know i had to kill em with that Windeck Flow, Show Dem* Tec

T: maddest song? This is the part where I am not getting you either.


S: Haba na. What kind of sequencing is this. I am still on a high from the *MADDEST* song…this just took my buzz down

T: Ghost just keeps reminding us that he is old

S: 😮 Choi! but egbon you are as old as him na

T: I dont know what you are talking about….i am 21 *adjusts halo*


S: Tec almost lost me with his verse but won me over with the hook! This Jide guy doing the adlibs makes this shit golden. I fux with this song

T: I fux with this song too *bumping head*


S: First of all, this song right here niqqua!! This shit right here!!! This is my shit. Plus I swear I am using ghost’s verse (line for line) to pick up a girl next time am at Deuces

T: I only got one sentence, ….and one sentence only…leave all dat love talk to tiwa savage and drake *roll eyes*

S: damn niqqua, don’t u ever wanna fall in love

T: I am in love with jesus christ

11) TALK ABOUT IT ft 2face

T: I aint gon lie, song was kinda boring to me

S: *TuuuBaba dey eeeere* Man, what kinda drug are u on. This song was alright.

T: Sho, Can we change this country with a song?

*i feel it be naive for even asking* Ghost

S:  but I don tire for song about “we have no light, our leaders r corrupt”. Why can’t they just fucking give us light hommie??

T: I hope we can change d country with our blog

S: if one of our readers can bitch slap GEJ and PDP for us…we sure will.

12) TAKE IT SLOW ft A1 & Lynxxx

S: I swear before I heard the song I had an absolutely different idea of what whoever was supposed to be taking slow *hides face*

T: All the guest spots had been good until lynxxx came and fucked this one up …..Utunu

S: Is it cos u don’t know ….what is Utunu???

T: Why you dey ask me that kind Question….Utunu???

S: Haba, Na why you come dey Vex Utunu???

T: Skip to the next track would be Best Utunu???


T: *now singing* Why u over there looking at me shay mo jo daddy e *crying*

S: What is this track looking for here? This jam is sooo out of place…its like a black crossed eyed baby at a white play party. All the white pikin just dey look am… 😦

T: hahahahahahaahahaha

14) LISTEN ft Temi Dollface and Poe

*Whaaaaaats on ur miiiiiiiiind????* Temi Dollface

S: Man, am kinda hungry…..I wanna eat suya

T: Whats on my mind? Skip this boring song

S: I kinda like the hook. This Temi babe’s voice is sweet. but really SDC and Poe need to do more songs like “Send It My Way” tho. This aint it

15) GET UP ft Badman Floss

S: This beat is eeeEyamayama (in a good way) but Badman Floss….great hook….poor verse. not everyone can do this rap shit!

T: Nice Beat. They were clearly too drunk na why them allow Floss rap on this.

16) Eyes On Me ft Nneka and MayD

T: Finally….a Nneka song i can listen to and not sleep *yawn*

S: U aint a fan of Nneka?? man, she has the best naija album of the year ( or when ever the album came out )

T: maaaaaaan, she puts me to sleeeep *yawn*

S: Same way XO lays our beds with that same ol’ style *raised eyebrow*



17) DOWN ft Eva

S: Why is this album still going? that last track was a perfect time to end it

T: man, one more plus…there are bonus tracks *crying for Africa*

S: *sigh* Nice Rhymes…but this track has no umph! something is missing here for me

T: Eva surprised me on this…kinda feeling this

18) HIGHER ft Efya

T: You know how they say…”Saving the best for Last”…well…this is The Shit!!!

S: man, Fire dey Tec belleee for this one…. Hommie brought it!

T: one of the FEW times he outshined Ghost

S: i gotta confess i have seen them perform this live and …Live Efya >>> Studio Efya. so this doesnt trip me too much.

T: Ah na!!! 😦

19) Bonus with Sound Sultan

*Skipping Rope out*

20) TELL ME NOTHING ft Taije

*this one’s for the gurls…..*

T: *reaching for the skip button*

S: I go wound you ooo. This is the track that got me on SDC . Phonte quotable and all that son!

T: after that phonte line…..Lie, the rhyme wasnt extra soft???

S: *covers face*


S:The Dreamer Project suffered from only one major thing…(what most Naija albums suffer from) LENGTH!!! Rappers need to stop doing 18-22 track albums. keep it at 14-16. This record had stellar production and more than enough dope rhymes plus a fair amount of proper subject matter. Overall a very solid effort.

T: Solid Album. Dope Production and pretty dope rhymes. if u are a hip-hop fan, i wont tell u its a must have but you most definitely cant go wrong with having this.

The Dreamer Project =3.65 Wraps!!!

Peace Out!

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  1. MzSaeon permalink

    waaaaaaaam beeeeee byeeeeee??? seriously? LMAO.
    *still no gon listen to this album* 😐 sho knows why.
    nice one guys…

  2. Escobar permalink

    Everyone has been raving about this album. Sad I still can’t find it in Ikeja & environs. From the review one can tell they tried to give fans the best of both worlds with commercial music & proper hip hop. Can’t wait to listen.

    • whoistunde permalink

      For some funny reasons, the album is scarce, got mine at Shoprite

  3. I must buy this album then. … But,that Obama & the skipping rope pictures… Haha.. ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )

  4. agboola permalink

    Wasn’t expecting a bad review.
    “Tell me nothing” also got me on the SDC wagon.
    They better keep it up!

  5. tobz permalink

    The album has been hyped so much on air, I think its time for me to grab that N150 copy too… anything is better than ELI nowadays 😦 @verbalreasoning bought the album yesterday and dumped it in my house without even listening to it 😥

    And as for Lynxxx…. There’s always something wrong with his head UTUNU!!!

  6. Verb permalink

    Pretty good judgement. Helps ’em know where to pick up

  7. Pearl permalink

    S n T are one n the same. Split personality Syndrome

  8. For me,’Na So We See Am’ & ‘Welcome’…but gimme ‘Clone Wars’ anyday…

  9. tade permalink

    Kk nw running 2 shoprite 2 buy it album….Its obvious @whoistunde is really old, I heard about dat alhaji dude wen I was in primary 5……

  10. tade permalink

    Kk nw running 2 shoprite 2 buy the album….Its obvious @whoistunde is really old, I heard about dat alhaji dude wen I was in primary 5……

  11. A good effort nonetheless…

  12. bucktoddrussell permalink

    Hahahahhahaha@tunde being rly old pearl..u heard of alhaji in pry 5? U 18?? Lol anyways SDC bang bang!!! They compliment each other well.. Decent judgement of the album and I think tec is one of the most underrated rappers in naij! U guys keep up the good shit..keep it coming! 😀

  13. Ochinana permalink

    Big ups S & T. Definitly GETTIN u guyz on dis one. SDC luk 2 b holding it down. D only downside to dis album is dat I can’t find it in go-slow*argh* I shud bump this!

  14. tobyajene permalink

    not gon lie…i have no clue who “SDC” is but una dey mad in a good way…
    the comment bout “rap no be for everybody” is definitely true… if not tunde woulda been a mad mc.

  15. tolz permalink

    yea, dope album

  16. Mafioso permalink

    I fux with Show Dem¡¡¡¡¡

    if Ʋ vnt gotten d album, please do. B-)

  17. livey permalink

    I love SDC!!!!!!!! N POE ofcourse.

  18. Aston permalink

    “What is this track looking for here? This jam is sooo out of place…its like a black crossed eyed baby at a white play party. All the white pikin just dey look am”……. LoL funny stuff!

  19. Ms Osunsan permalink

    I am waiting in S to please buy my SDC album for me. I love the way y’all review these albums. I kinda feel sorry for Iceprince but is see SDC has high hopes. I love the way the Obama pic & the girls laughing portray how S feels about T being in love with Jesus.
    Keep em coming guys. S make u show for my side today with the SDC album OR ELSE……………….

    S out *S don steal my initials sha*

    • dammy permalink

      hahahaha…. walahi S, u no just wan get sense ever ……

  20. dipupo permalink

    I wanna be a dreamer!!!!!!

  21. #1 asa fan permalink

    Yaaay! Dreamer project! *so excited* need to listen to the whole album…only hurd farabale,dreamer done,alphakennybody nd wat u waiting for…
    Esp love SDC cos it reminds me of a time wen I was “without inhibitions” *big smile*

  22. musketeer permalink

    dy aint doin badly! nice one sho’

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