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P.S.A. #1

October 26, 2011

Whats up yall!!! We wanna thank yall for the support. Big ups and Keep ’em coming.

soooooo a lot of yall been asking us questions about when the next review is coming up, arent we gonna review singles, what kinda cereal do we eat etc.

so we decided to answer some of your questions

here goes…

When is the next review coming out?

T: When is D’Prince releasing his album again? *rubbing palms*

S: hahaha dont know about Omoba, but we got one This Friday.

Whose album are yall reviewing?

T: Pro…..errmmm….he is from PH sha

S: so some guy from PH messaged us saying he loved our style and would like us to review his mixtape.


Go to to listen to songs off his mixtape so yall can enjoy the review. i promise….its gonna be so much fun.

Can you guys please review some old albums?

T: Can We?….

S: Here are a list of albums yall can pick from. The album with the most requests gets reviewed.

P-Square – Invasion

Wizkid – Superstar

Godwon – The Evolution

Samklef – *what ever noni the name is*

T: *now praying they request Sasha’s album*

S: Is Sasha’s album even out yet?

T: Dont know. Last i heard, she was killing niggaz with her yoruba flow on BET Cypher

S: hahahahaahaha

We would also like yall to look out for our new catergory starting on friday. Since we have such impeccable tastes…why not share it with you guys right?

so dont forget (or dont be scared) to Drop a comment for what album you want us to review!!!


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  1. Aston permalink

    I think ya’ll shld do……………P-Square’s Invasion that album is TERRIBLE!!

  2. Saeon permalink

    Review Sasha ke? Wanna lose your sight abilities? 😐

    Lol, I vote for wizkid’s album

  3. Pearl permalink

    Plx elp me refiew Superstar, becos the gee dey ‘I’ mi. Tenz. S/O to my fans, I luff u hall.

  4. Escobar permalink

    P-Square’s invasion is terrible? You have conduction deafness(this is the part where you google it, then proceed to go see your doctor). Its not their best work but the album is a solid 6.5(if not 7)/10. Tracks 1,2,3,4,5 are ‘un-skippable’ . Do Invasion, Do Superstar too.

  5. Cypha permalink

    Review Godwon abeg..d guy don make too much need for Psquare..they bite so hard they bite themselves..wizkid..well I’m still tryin to choose from a soup or a star.. Samklef..*no comment* Goooooodwon abeg

  6. Why does Tunde have to be the big Teddy? 😦 … I hvnt jammed Godwon’s album sha, woulda loved a review on that since I “heard” he won one Eminem battle like that.

  7. Aston permalink

    Escobar *crickets* *frogs* no1 cares bout ur prescription holmes! Its bout music and obviously ur taste is very poor!!! Godwon it is..he shld be beta than most…

  8. Ms Osunsan permalink

    I vote S & T do Superstar… A lot of jams on that album. I am eager to hear ur comments on this album

  9. Phacy Martins permalink

    *on ma knees* prayin Shasha(Sasha) releases her album soon….Mtchewwwww..she is shud find anoda career *Rap is nt her tyn*obvious Naeto-C helpd her in tym past…let wait nd see wt she’ll offer tho..Errrrmm…4rm d list let’s hear ur veiw on P’square’s nd Wizkid’s album*I knw m askin 4 mch* bt I enjoy Ur Reviews…#Nice Work

  10. Escobar permalink

    @Ashton E pain you abi??? I’d Rather have poor taste than faulty ears.

  11. okopurum permalink

    Sup y’all! I dint see my option there, so I tink I’ll just choose number 5: None of the above! The P-boiz *sigh*, no need to flex ur finger muscles. The Whiz-boi *sigh*, I still maintain that the singles made the album. I recognised a lot of familiar sounding beats. The G-Man *double sigh*, when u see dudes run they mouths off so much, it simply means that they aint special, so they need the mouthing & pipe-boasting to catch peeps attention. Asper Mr.Sam, well, seriusly, I dint know he even dropped an album. I tot them tracks were still singles. Please DM me another list jo!
    S/O to u guys, kip it up.

  12. Can u guys pls review NaetoC and Vector’s album…plsss.Thanks.

  13. Dee permalink

    LWKMD! =============> Samklef – *what ever noni the name is*

  14. na wa, see people dey take style do their own review for comments. S & T, no be una customers wan help u spoil ur market so? Eniwaiz, me I sha choose wizkid. It’s all just for trips and humour; I still bumped #ELI after laffing so hard at the review, so really, I’m voting wizkid just cos I’m sure u guys would have a great comic relief to portray about the child. Ciao.

    Keep it up guys. Good work

  15. fesh permalink

    i never hear godwon ish but dude’s a beast so he gets my vote 😀

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