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October 28, 2011

Whats Crackin’ Peoples,

We are setting this section off with a crazy mix from Premier Funky House/ Party Rockin’ …….DJ SNATCH

This Funky Friday Mix features Maroon 5, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Usher… as well as Dbanj, Byrmo, DaGrin, and IcePrince.

It also includes tracks from Donaeo, Chris Brown and (of course) J.Cole.

Now we know we talk a lot of shit here….but this shiiii right here! promises to kick off your weekend in grand style



Have a good weekend!!!!!!

From → You Heard This?

  1. lammy permalink

    Dj Snatch toh BADT!!!!!! Thumbs up colour boy!

  2. Nikruks permalink

    Yayyyyy,…………..Dj Snatch!!! Nice one! The world is yet to realise that you are the best Dj ever! But they will soon! You can’t hide a beautiful thing for a long time!!! Weldone!

  3. Snatch….always on point bro!

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