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October 28, 2011

****Attention!!! ProFingaz is an up and coming rapper from Port Harcourt. We might be kidnapped by militants after this….Please donate money for our ransom. Thank You****


*sample beat from The Roots’ A Peace of Light*

T: Dude almost sold me with the Roots’ sample and his first few lines…..that was until he said “rimes” “metaFours” and “punSHline”

S: When he said ‘E-hop’…..i knew it was gonna be a long day *shaking my head*

T: Nevertheless, its his best verse on the mixtape.

S: Nigga, best verse how?…..We just started the review. We are still on the first song

T: Trust me I have seen the Future

DONT DULL (freestyle)

T: Did he just go “Wizkid let me chew ur beat like a biscuit”??? Really Pro???? Really!!!!

S: Actually, he said he wants to chew it like a ‘beas-kit’

T: If there ever was a song with tacky punsh….sorry…punchline. this is the blueprint for it

*…it should be Ree-hannah/ Let me peel her hoff, Lick Lick Lick like bah-nana*

S: Please, who be Ree-hannah???

Hold Yuh Microphone ( Gyptian Sample)

*…aint here to tawk habout my cheek..hevery time i hol’ her i get I (high) … I(high)*

S: Com’on Son!!!!!!

T: As if that intro wasnt enough, his first line was ‘grab d microphone, grab it like boobs’….. ( The book of wackness chapter 3 verse 1 ….”and @whoistunde wept” )

S: Buhahahahahaha

T: How about I grab the mic from you after that line Pro???

S: You should have maaaan, the 2nd verse starts off with ‘Nowadays cats wanna go doggie’???? Ooo boi!!!

T: If not for this Gyptain sample….i would have obviously skipped this track.


S: This is the best song by far. Who is this guy’s producer?

T: If Pro is the producer…with 3 tracks in…I would advice him to stick to making beats.

*pop Shyampain*

S: Pop kini??? obviously drinking that cannot be good for u

T: ( Chapter 4 verse 3….”and @whoistunde wept again”)

Hussle Sumtinz featuring Psycho

S: Wow. This Psycho guy basically came through and shitted on Profingaz’ mixtape. Dude’s verses are clearly the best thing about this tape.

T: Psycho is wicked tho. He should have just told Pro to stick to pidgin.

*This isnt a freestyle, its a freethrow/ This is a hip-hop-potamous hip flow* ….(@ShoWontStop eyes are beginning to get teary)

PLUG ME IN ( Am Goin In)

S: This Beat is tooo sweet. Please…..Pro shouldnt rap on it.

T: too late….’ Take off like scobby Doo’???

S: What is ‘Apply pressure like a lezz-bee-yan’???

T: or my favourite…..’turn the light on …ON like Nepa’

S: Am gonna cry now

T: Please, dont cry na

S: I swear am gonna cry now

T: Why u dey behave like this na….its ok. Dont Cry

S: Leaveeeeee me…Why is Profingaz doing this eh?? Why???

INDEX FINGER (Deuces Freestyle)

T: How about lets just tell Profingaz to either stop rapping or just rap in pidgin english?

S: Please skip this track…Let me go and blow my nose.

(You already know what kinda rope we gonna use)

KILL SOMEBODY (Timaya Sample)

S: This Beat is hella dope. and the sample works really well for a hook.

T: Yeah…that was until his lyrics let him down.

*’I come like an eit-quake…finish u like I.T*  (yep…haiti)

S: am just sad now…the ‘Foneeh’ this boi is trying to blow… WOUNDING ME (@ShoWontStop will soon cry again)

T: All the punchlines….and i mean ALL of them in this song are mediocre

*I’m I …… I ……I-er  than M.I.* ( aka I’m high high …higher than M.I.)

S: He must be talking about M.I. on the charts…not M.I. in person

T: hahahahahahahahahaha

QUESTION AND ANSWER (Who Born The Maga Freestyle)

S: See, this boi knows how to flow, he knows how to pick nice beats….but

T: Lyrics, Lyrics, Lyrics…plus this his accent 😦

S: Why doesnt he just rap in pidgin?

T: Why have we not gotten to the end of the mixtape?

WATTA BAMBAM (freestyle)

S: ‘Like J ….am a holidays’???? i know this is wack…..but it is also a #GBAGAUN!!!!

T: How about ‘sweet like cheese but its no plantain’ Wack? U think thats wack?

Try, ‘I am so so cold like harmattan’ 😦

S: Wait a minute the mixtape is over…but the track listing has one more track

T: What is it?

S: Hold Up! that says ‘mAssage to self’???? Clearly ma dude is wanking no? Yes!

T: Yup…he is obviously wanking….LOL

S: I guess thats why his name is “Pro” “Fingers”…..


T: He needs to get a looooooooot of work done content and lyrics wise….most of his lines are not acceptable in this present time and age. Word of Advice: Stick To Pidgin Rap

S: The ‘Foneeh’ killed me and would probably kill anyone who doesnt neeed to study for TOEFL. If he sticks to pidgin and works on his lyrics….he would be good.

You most definitely should not be caught bumping this!!!!! …….. 1.2wRaps

***Dont Forget To Go Download Our Funky Friday Mix brought to you by DJ SNATCH***

Peace Out

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  1. okopurum permalink

    Well, let’s just hope he listens to advice.

  2. bucktoddrussell permalink

    Una wicked

  3. This is evil… Tunde & Sho this is pure “evilness” .. ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ). U come stroke am say e dey wank. K.O.

  4. You guys are just mean 😦

  5. akin6269 permalink

    ‘Like J ….am a holidays’????


    He’s got to be trolling; everything about that line is wrong and screams wrong profession.

    Funny review tho. lol @ d rihanna pic.

  6. Escobar permalink

    LOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna hear the one with the Pyscho dude sha. This is funny.

  7. What is unfair about the whole thing is that you people picked it to review at all.
    When you heard it you guys should have done like nothing happened LoL

  8. Aston permalink

    Lwkmddddd…Reehannaa and Rihanna lmaooo!! Oh yea he is talking bout d duck! U guys have finished this guys mixtape. THE END.

  9. MissBoss permalink

    and this blog caused bose to weep from joy and laughter. Rotf. Nice 1 guys. u should get paid for this. *now calling record labels to ask for ur opinions before an album is released.*

    • whoistunde permalink

      Thanks ma…when they pick, let us know…lol

  10. Roteame permalink

    The truth of the matter is that ure both goin to hell. After finishing him u now gave advice… He musta committed suicide long before reaching the end na. WHY EVILS??? ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )

  11. tee permalink

    Love u guys!!!! Had me rorlling on the floor with this

  12. Dee permalink

    LOL… U guys rock abeg! More More More!

  13. Ms Osunsan permalink

    I wanna listen to this mixed tape oh

  14. fesh permalink

    choi, kanabe you are harsh…ok, review mode9’s ish and i shall publicize this blog on my facebook page (i know quite a few people you know)…and please, no more wack wrappers, LOL

  15. Verb permalink

    *sigh* the nigga had to believe in it for him to put money into this and then go on to ask for a review…oh well, he’ll be fine

  16. DENNIS permalink

    Please where’s the download link for this album, if its as funny as u guys say it is i’d love to hear it.

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