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apparently…its an Invasion

November 15, 2011


***Well, clearly our female readers won the votes. Enjoy and Comment***

Beautiful Onyinye

T: Obviously this beat is the continuation of that ‘onyiye e e e e song’ (No One Like U)

*preach pastor tunde*

S: Its like Brother Jude said: “Onyinye’s wedding is not over. Yes I know it started 6yrs ago….keep singing the song”

T: Let’s just add ‘beautiful’ to the name…no one will notice

Chop My Money (I Don’t Care) ft May D

S: Mistaaaaah MaaaaaaayD

T: Abeg make I shout too ….MaaaaaayD. I bet some gals will be like why can’t all the boys be singing ‘chop my money everyday’

S:  this song is clearly an ode (oduduwa people, please this is an english word) to magas and the art of magaing 😐

*i can see Abuja and Unilag babes lifting one leg up to this*

T: Ooo no u didn’t just say that…

S: *now singing in Psquare’s voice* I don key I don key


S: This is my ish right heeeeere

T: Only P square can sing rubbish and make u like it

S: To be honest, who are all these girls that make people go to sokoto???
and what exactly is in sokoto?

T: cc: @asamkpokoto

S: U know asamkpokotos are all those babes that go…” U can call me MeShell (Michelle) , Gabrehell (Gabrielle), VeyrowNika (Veronica) ”

T: ‎​​=))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=))

Do As I Do ft Tiwa Savage & May D

T: Can we shout together again… MAAAAAYD

S: and tiwa saaaaaaaavage *love struck eyes*

T: Overrated

S: IWO!! Please don’t talk about the future mother of my 11 children like that

Smile for me sweerie

my heart belongs to Sho

T: Nice song sha

S: MaaayD and Mrs ShoWontStop saved it


T: Normal P-square jam..sub par lyrics good beat = nice jam

S: Its like they won’t leave this “generic wedding tune alone”. They have been singing this same song since Star Mega Jam.

Me & My Brother

S: All I could picture was Peter and Paul in the booth together…wearing matching outfits and holding hands *straight face*

T: Well, something Ras kimono and Majek Fashek may be proud of but definately not me. I didn’t make it to the end of this track.

S: If u listen closely….u can hear a 4month old baby in the background saying ‘Skip this shit’

T: Never disobey a baby. I took the baby’s advice and did just that

Jeje ft Waje

T: Its bad enough we have forgiven P-square for their lyrics but please they shouldnt try rapping 😦

*If u wanna hate yo/i no be tony yayo*  :s really?

S: I love Waje..think she is probably the best female naija vocalist
but she just dey screeeeam untop this song…I begin fear small.
There was nothing ‘Je Je’ about it

T: It was ‘gra gra’

Bunieya Enu

T: This is my jam right here *dancey*

S: This song fit give person diabetes?

T: Haaa, what u mean?

S: Eeee SWEET DIE!!!! ……. (c) Dayja

T: Hahahahahhaha

Ole Buruku

T: I can hear that baby in the background again  oo

S: I don’t get these guys sha…
After  u told her u will go to ‘sokoto’ for her. u told her to ‘chop ur money’. Even begin wash am tell am say…’It will be forever’…

She come dump u…u are here calling her names
Its very immature *yimu*

T: They are obvouisly confused 😦


S: We need to buy more skipping ropes.

T: I agree with u 😦 .This song was as pointless as the final thoughts on Jerry Springer

S: But…but…hahahahahahaha

She’s Hot ft Naeto C

S: Lackluster song. This girl must not really be hot

T: Naeto’c msc lines are beginning to get boring (=|

S: I have a phd! I have a phd!

T: In what

S: In the art of skipping tracks from the bushes in Kenya

@ShoWontStop & @whoistunde

T: Its safe to say…all the good songs were on the first half of the album

S: Does that mean we can just skip to the end? I see a song with Eva and Muna at the end..

T: and miss out on…


T:  this track sounds like a failed house music experiment

S: They were clearly gassed on the  ‘ooo u guys look like Usher’ washing

T: The ladies aint mad tho

Shake It Down Low ft Muna & Eva

T: Shake it down low! Shake it down low!…nice beat

S: Every time Muna opens her mouth…I think about Milk and Cookies *blush*

*this would have been a far better verse than what she kicked on the BET cypher :(*

T: I have to admit I’m not a big fan of naija female mc’s but they weren’t bad on this song….weren’t special either

S: What about Blaise? She has bras (typo…i meant bars) and flows…

T: She aight

S: Bad belle

T: Whatever nigga


T: P.Square clearly have a formula dat works for they don’t deviate much from that. If u want an album dat u just want to listen and bump ur head to d beat, den dis is ur album..if not..stay very very far

S: Peter and Paul are arguably one of our biggest stars. but using the same sound, sampling old hits, singing the same effing songs at this point in their careers is lame. to top it off, they named the album Invasion like they were coming with something new or invading our playlists with something utterly out of the world.  This album isnt fresh. if u have old P-square albums just listen to that.

I wouldnt be caught bumping this….. 1.8 wRaps

*if u noticed, we omitted the track called FIRE… thats because our brains failed to register that we wasted 3mins of our lives to listen to that*


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  1. dipti (@barbie_deezy) permalink

    Haha.. Loved the Jerry Springer reference! & ” This song fit give person diabetes” Lool
    Sho, let me be the mother of your 11 children.. Tiwa’s got nothing on me *wink*

  2. theinsanephenom permalink

    LOOL!! Only Our Lord Jesus sabi where una dey get ideas for the pictures wey una dey use. Smh

  3. flowergehl permalink

    haha….mad analysis…tiwa’s dress tho *sigh* ……….fact remains they are making money but i agree, they should try to bring out sumfin new. Good work sho!!

  4. buhahahahaha.. ” something Ras kimono and Majek Fashek may be proud of”
    Excellent.. couldn’t have done it better.
    Incase you guys haven’t noticed, the brothers have joined in on the global trend by big name artistes to sign up early retirement plans.. If properly managed, I see May D becoming the Square Records Wiz (not) Kid.. He certainly made a difference on the two tunes he featured on.

    1.8 wRaps wont even feed that screaming baby.

  5. DammyDiva permalink

    LMAOOOO….nice one..a big fan of dis blog..(Y)..d pictures killed me..

  6. hola permalink

    I can’t stop laughin! Absolutely hilarious,I’m readin it over n over n over again;d pictures were a plus…u just made my day!

  7. bigFan permalink

    I love my Shokolokooooo!!!! ((u know who this is *wink*)) and i dont fancy all this praise for all the ladies on the album! *rooooooooolllliinnngg my eyes*
    Great Job Sho and Tunde! you’re what the industry’s been waiting for!

  8. Aston permalink

    LMAAOOOO!!!! Tuna ur a fool for this 1!! lmaooo that cow tho!!!

  9. LMAO!!!!!! I haff die. True.

  10. Saucy permalink

    ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) have been to sokoto….dem yarinas’ tho! Fweshe

  11. *sigh* I find it worrisome that I actually Loled at more than a bit of this post. Please, excuse me while I go see a shrink. Y’all should probably do same… *exits*

  12. fesh permalink

    tiwa savage-fesh-morayo sandwich…lol

  13. Escobar permalink

    ♫ Its Mr May-Dee ♫ ~(‾⌣‾~) (~‾⌣‾)~ . They shoulda featured him on every track. The album would be bigger than it is. 1.8 ke? I’m not coming here again. You guys are haters (•_•)┌П┐

  14. moojojojo permalink

    I agree! I felt like I was listening to one of their old songs for an hour an a half! And then there was some randomness in between! If I play it over and over like every crappy Ricky martin song, I’d start sing along but I wasn’t impressed at all.

  15. juwon permalink

    This is so hilarious, got sumfin to make me laff, after a hard day’s work. Wise one u try sha. But I think. Saucy should be able to give a better feedback on the sokoto thingy………..LMAO

  16. anaksunamun permalink

    Loooooooooool.I have got to admit u guys are right.I’m not a fan of p-square (tho their chop my money song is my hearts desire;sigh)and have nothing against them,they really should up the ante. Truth is,they still have a lot of plebians as fans so they aint going nowhere.

  17. damie permalink

    Loool. As a rule I do not listen to Psquare. Yes I made that rule. Even though its impossible to not hear them (rme)/ their *coughs* music being played at every next junction.
    So no I do not really know any of the tracks on this but I know for sure I will not bump this.
    About these pictures sha. Looooool. That cow. *sigh* you guys are basically evil. This blog I like.

  18. C.E.O permalink

    *If u wanna hate yo/i no be tony yayo*  SMH, I jst died n resurrected! Dis is as it gets!

  19. anike permalink

    I love u guys!!!!!!!!!!! 3rd tym ll read dis review and its still freaking awesome.
    i love p-square but they need to step up heir game bigtym.
    pls review Drake’s take care. According to Ghostfase (who’s also a crazy reviewer), the album proves he was born with an uterus.lmao

  20. geen oh permalink

    Nyc review

  21. Moi permalink


  22. Verb permalink

    Y’all ain’t gotta tell me if I should bump a psquare album or not, I shall never bump it, even if I’m driving and they put the CD on my bumper I won’t bump it :|. Nice Review!

  23. prouch permalink

    this is really cool! @whoistunde, wen did u come back 4rm greece? Hw their bball over there? Miss u man! I really luv wot u r doing here but wen will u drop ur mixtape? It takes gut to do dat and u shud give it to dis guys who dare to! Anyways greet d twins and ashirakova bball crews back in d days wen men were boys! Bye

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