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Lucky Number VII

November 18, 2011

MirrorMan music artist, Nigerian-Born, London-Based Rapper by the name of EL Flaco ( Skinny One in English)


S: basically the nigga just talks for more than a minute explaining who he is and why he named his mixtape…Karate Kid! …abi na Ninja

T: And don’t forget..he ‘schooled’ us on the number 7 too

*the greatest player in the world wears 7 right?*

T: Nah…he wears 12

S: you know he was talking about Ronaldo and Football. Not basketball?

T: do i look like i care…

S: haha anyways, there is a female sample saying “Pardon Me” thru out the song so at least he is polite.

T: the boi has manners.  Nice Sample (Please bear with us…we are gonna be saying that alot)


*no supernova, u and ur crew supposed ta, put on ur pair of loafers, hop off my leather sofa* – Flaco

S: Hmmm Nas sample on the hook. Can u guess what song its from?

T: The World is Yours’

S: oya clap for yourself…drink Ogi

T: I aint gon lie, not one of my fav songs on the mixtape but the song was on point

S: I concur!


*if you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles…if you know neither the enemy or yourself, you will succumb in every battle*…. Sun Tzu

T: Man,i love the sample (1) .Why didnt they just quote the whole movie?

S: Man, this has to be Ninja parable. Me I am confused ooo…who be the enemy?

T: you are the enemy Sho….and its Samurai! quit saying Ninja.

S: 😦 .this is my favourite Flaco song tho. Banger!

T: yeah! I fux with this song. Guaranteed to make u bump ur head


*if you hold back anything..I will kill ya, if you bend the truth or I think you are bending the truth I’ll kill ya… fact u are gonna have to work very hard to stay alive Nick. now Do you understand everything I’ve said? cos if you dont….I’ll Kill Ya* Sample  from The Movie: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

S: Maaaaaaaaad intro! Sick ass sample (2) . Dope Rhymes! Plus this beat is all kinds of e yama

T: Where do these guys get their samples from??? I’m suprised SuperKing hasnt blown up!

S: Errrm, his name is SugarKing, abi na Burger King special you dey think about

T: whatever, i am a buka guy dude… the way what is Flaco passing to Puffy?

*Puff Pass Sh*t, Pass to the Puffy in the Passage* – Flaco

S: #MakingTheBandQuestion


T: For some funny reason..all I culd think of was fat monique saying all those things to Flaco.

I Love El Flaco

S: Ewww. Best Song on the tape tho. Craziest sample(3)…

T: I need me a monique in my life though…not the fat one.

S: next time I break up with a girl and she asks “Why Sho Why???” .I will say “cos U didn’t treat me like Monique”

She said she would cook for me at 3AM!!!!!!! *thats all I heard and I loved her*

T: Yeah man, Monque said she would take off her clothes and gimme a private show etc’…

S: the way to a man’s heart is thru his belly. My Heart is IN my belly 🙂

T: Elebi!


T: Can we just pause here  and say the producer of this tape is Sick

*standing ovation*

S: I swear this SugarKing guy ehhh.

T: Funny Uncle Ruckus sample (4). Boondock fans will appreciate it.


*why do u read so much? ….My brother has his sword while I have my mind. and a mind needs books like a sword needs a wet stone*- sample from The HBO series: Game of Thrones

T: One Word….Beautiful!!!! This is my best song!

S: Man, I have no idea what hommie was kicking on this song. I felt like I needed to be high to grasp it…

T: *passes a Jay*

S: The song was extra chilled….made me think of petting a furry creature…*now searching for one*.


*is Jesus really black? who the hell cares, he aint really keen on giving me help here
Maybe am upset cos living in hell’s lair where They tell me am a king who’s living on welfare* – Flaco

S: and this right here is how to start a damn song!!!  the first verse just has quotables.

T: Production on point…Flaco best verses to me.

S: Jimi Tones produced this one.

T: Once u hear the opening lines, you gonna be stuck…and after the song all u’ll be saying ‘God is love, God is love God is love’..

S: *brings out offering plates*


S: 😐 .This is a weed song! …*goes for a pee break*

T: *now singing* All the green makes me wonder.

If there’s a soundtrack for smoking weed..this is it right here

S: *walks back into the room* Man, this first verse is quite nice tho
But this song still makes me wanna cuddle something furry….*YAY! i found one*

T: Snoop and Wiz Ambler need to hear this…. joint

S: Ooo I see what u did there

T: *adjusts halo*

***bonus tracks***


T: I was tempted not to listen to this song cuz of the enigma beat. but am soo glad i did

S: How didn’t this win or at least make it to the top 10??? This is gully!!!

T: Dont even get me started on that competition.

S: Clearly D’Prince picked the winner.


S: ta lo je Scotty?

T: Haha! We should go ask Kid Konnect. Once again…Sick Production

S: Flaco’s bars were pretty trippy. Nice Jam.

T: You know what i noticed?

S: Whats that?

T:  There are absolutely NO features on this tape

S: wow. True that!


T: This mixtape is proof that you can do good hiphop music without all those corny metaphors, punchlines and quirky wordplays ( u know what i mean…all those ” am fly in the dark…BAT’…. 😐 dead).  Flaco does well and along with some awesome piece production…offers a pretty dope tape.

S: *Dope Rhymes, Dope Beats, cos hiphop aint really that hard in it* (c) Phonte.

I wish it were that easy to say that making good Hiphop music was simple. Nowadays, rappers just seem to complicate and overthink the matter. Flaco drops a tape with no song aiming for the radio, no club friendly song, nothing for the ladies, nothing for the thugs. No generic forumla. Just (Superb) Beats and Rhymes.  If u are a fan of commercial music, this isnt for u AT ALL. This is just simple HipHop music…#gbam

a healthy 4wRaps.

See yall next week with that KAS review


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  1. Escobar permalink

    4 raps. That’s the highest so far. With this review, I gats go get the mixtape. You guys should put a link for it in the post. Is Hip Hop coming to Nigeria? Bou damn time…….no water….. Get it? Dam(n) and water?? You’re dull. I better pass IcePrince sha.

  2. *Now goin to look for ‘God is love’ I loooved dose lines, gats hear it all! don’t kno why I believe u two crase pipo, but I do! Luvs yaaa!!!xoxo…

    n @ Sho, for u I’ll be furry*wink* hahahaha…I’m out una don affect me!

  3. Am fly in the dark..BAT hahahaa! Talk about quirky wordplay! Nice review.

  4. fesh permalink

    where can i download the mixtape???

  5. Verb permalink

    Smart shit!!!..the starting lines on “God is love” got me shivering.. *covers self with duvet*

  6. fesh permalink

    dope ish..listened to this ish and this boy right here can spit fire utunu!!

  7. Arthur Bizk!t permalink

    Review be Making Brains jor!

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