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GIGO is forEVA

November 24, 2011

Eva Alordiah ( aka Eva) dropped a free EP online.  Which u can download from here >> Here’s what we think about it…

EHH ( Garbage In) feat. Xvol

S: This song is smooooooooooooth like anchor butter. Eva is just moaning/whispering sweet bars in my ears

T:Is that why we are here? First Tiwa now you are talking Eva… *yimu*

S: but this song screams sex na

T: Anyways, this track is too dull for an intro for me..I hope I don’t sleep half way thru dis album

*so I want u in my face so I can play Ball, so we can go 69, even more*

S: Ashewoo barss!!! she can play with my balls if she likes  ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌

T: I will get a female artist to like me one day 😦

I will Love you T 🙂


“Pablo and Diego wanna lick me up like mayo, they say they want my yayo and am too good for…”

S: Kinda feels like Eva raps about the same thing. I started losing interest by the 2nd verse.

T: yeah..nothing special here, pretty average flows, alright beat


*tryna do this better than the ones my name follow/ got me talkin so much shit now its kinda hard to swallow/ crazy now am feeling like i just won the lotto/ getting more head than ???? sleepy hallow*

T: Now this is a jam…she comes correct on this track..

S: This song is spacey! Really smooth beat…. Eva stays moaning  🙂

T: If she really got high on this track..she should do it more often…

S: Eva can sha like to rep F.O.A.N babes

T: tani F.O.A.N ? Female Organizers of ?

S: Fake Orgasms Association of Nigeria Babes

Moan ForEva

T: WHAT?!? hahahahahahahaha

CRAZY (SauceKid Skit)

T: Nothing Special

S: Hahahhahahahahahahha what u mean son??? This was pretty funny

T: 😐

S: Really niqqua???

T: Didn’t understand what sauce was talking about *yawn*

S: aint u feeling oluwasaucekidbaba’s sweggs ?

T: 😐 😐

CRAZY (aka The Naija Version of “I Get Crazy” … Eva as Nicki and Sauce as Weezy)

“U should never argue with a crazy muthafucka right right/ you no I be weyrey so just me with that yaga yaga
Baby mama steady coming with that baby mama drama/ but I love my babies so miss me with that bla bla ” – SauceKid

“let me get this straight, let me get this straight, see i do what it takes, finna gimme space, see i pop pop titties and pop ’em in ur face, right now am hot in a couple of states” – Eva

S: Sinzu’s best verse in a year! or maybe this is the best beat I have heard him on since “too much money (remix)”

T: Sickest beat on this EP…nicki mina…sorry Eva and Saucekid pulled it off pretty well

S: pretty good nicki impersonation tho. I enjoyed her last bars…pretty illy

T: I do agree

S: No Nicki Bumbum tho 😦

T: smh


“They tried to get their juice on……me DANSA”

*hold me before I slap myself*

S: I am not impressed by this song at all…

T: Don Did What? This Song deserves a black belt in Skipping!

We ran out of skipping ropes


S: I fux with this song. U can tell a lot of thought went into this track. Production is on point, well-structured. Verses and hook are intact. Really enjoyed the style she used on this one.

T: it only me that thinks Nneka would have been perfect for this song

S: yes, my Nneka would have been perfect on this ( hint! Get her on the remix)

T: Next Track.

S: U will love Nneka by force!

DOWN LOW feat. Shank

T:Aside from the chorus. I didn’t understand a word of wat she was saying

S: This is a P-square song to me….something for all those paki children to be dancing to on that Malta Guinness dance crew show.

T: All i heard was ‘fikkikikikikiki…. I flow …..bikibikikiki….I blow’ *confused*

S: Dont forget….wikiwkwiwkwiw…Plantain….wiwkwiwwkkiki..Champagne

T: Well me too i can do my own…..chikichikichikikiki… I Choke 😐

S: hhehehehehehehe… Coke

T: jikikjikhikjikiki… Joke

YOUR FADA (Garbage Out) feat. Basketmouth, Chigurl, Ikechukwu

T: I am loving the Afro-Beat vibe. Nice Track

S: Nice Beat and Verses tho. I got too excited when i saw the features..but their vocals messed the track up for me.

T: Can You Stone your Fada?

S: Yes. but my papa go stone me back with shotgun bullet


S: I actually enjoy Eva. Top 3 female emcees doing it. Plus she is better than 80% of the current mainstream rappers. but after listening to this EP, it is clear she relies mostly on her flow (which gets exhausting after a while).  she needs to switch it up like she did on “Never Say Goodbye”. A lil more lyrical punch and she would be able to outrhyme your favourite emcee. (now if your fav emcee is ill Bliss, she can already do that without talking)

T: Eva still has some work to do as far as lyrical content ( aint saying she doesnt have any but she doesnt have much). she is just a bit above average. Nothing too special for now. Nevertheless, this is a decent EP

you should give it a bump or two….. 2.7wRaps


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  1. Radeyo permalink

    Nice review guys. I’ll bump this. Thanx

    *now downloading*

  2. Confarm Review!

  3. flowergehl permalink

    hmmmmmmm good job guys keep it up

  4. Saeon permalink

    TROLOLOLOL!!!! F.O.A.N made me forget I’m ‘posta be a lady. Scattering laughter like say 😡
    And the the coke, choke, joke part? I won’t bump you guy’s mixtape 😐
    Anyways, I trust your judgement always.
    Nice 1.
    And oooh, did I say first on here? *A$$ dances*

    • whoistunde permalink

      Thanks ma…when are you coming to sing for me, dont tell Sho o…lol

  5. dipti (@barbie_deezy) permalink

    Craaaaaaaaazy! Y’all crack me up for days. Needed a laugh and you guys provided it. Thanks 🙂
    And I like Eva so I’ll definately bump this 🙂

  6. Saeon permalink

    Nooooooo! I wasn’t first 😥

  7. Escobar permalink

    LMAO!!! (•_•)┌П┐ (•_•)┌П┐ (•_•)┌П┐. Eva is my darling first and foremost. Then how can you guys not like ‘Hottie’?? You should both change your names to Darren & Marcus……cuz you guys are Bent. Get it?? Bent = Gay. You don’t? Why do I always have to explain my punchlines. No one forces Iceprince & Ill bliss to o.

    You guys were spot on. High for me is the best song on the EP. You don’t see a lot of folks out there doing stuff like this. Not even overseas. Kinda reminds me of the Sideline story track on J.Cole’s album. Never say goodbye is cool too. I loved the crazy skit and the afrobeat ring to Your Father is nice AF too. Good review. 2.7 wraps? I know where both of you live. Imma fug y’all up.

  8. Escobar permalink

    While you’re at it, Need more people to go on here for @MzSaeon to qualify. Show some love. Click, DL and leave a comment. Thanks 😀

    • Saeon permalink

      awww thanks Bosun. :*:*:*:* you’re a darling!!!!

  9. Ahaha.. See as una yeye “Down Low”. 😦 .. U didn’t mention the first bar there…”Boy, me wanna chop ur ball(boli) like plantain”. ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )

  10. blakk zaar permalink

    I totally agree with this appraisal especially the final analysis, but the producers did a really good job though

  11. Verb permalink

    LOL!..aii then, I thought she was gonna go all commercial..but as it is..I’ll get the tape.

  12. Pearl permalink

    I like the F.O.A.N comment. As you all know, sex sells so the lady be using what she has to get what she needs/wants. So amo get my moan on ahh, ohh, unhh, yee,

  13. geen oh permalink

    Couldn’t stop laffn @ dem fikifiki……… M seriosly lovn u guys. Consider bringn t on tv

  14. C.E.O permalink

    Nice review

  15. Nice review guys..I’ll check this out

  16. JayR permalink

    nice review… boring mixtape tho..

    • okopurum permalink

      Mixtape????????? i could have sworn it was an EP

  17. okopurum permalink

    I listened to the EP. It’s not bad atall. Firstly, I was ecstatic it was a 9 tracker. Secondly, the beats were all on point.
    but in all, that ‘done id it’ track just sabi tire person & she shouldn’t have put that track with shank in there, i just couldn’t make head or tail of it.
    Eva’s style of delivery is uhhhhhhh *exhales* just there, y’know, nufin spectacular. But in all, it was a nice album.
    I hope she will spare us all the sex sex sex in her next album since we’ve already gotten the whole idea from this EP.
    Shout out to T & S.

  18. tobz permalink

    LOOOL, FOAN??? And they say I’m nuts…. Smh
    Brilliant stuff (Y)

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