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Voodoo/Juju/Magic Music…

December 5, 2011

BlackMagic, Syndik8 recording artist recently released his debut album. Here’s what we think:INTRO

S: Who is Blackmagic

T: Clearly a Babalawo

S: An Ayamatanga?

T: A Willi Willi?

S: An Ogbanje?

T: He is something sha.

S: MFM doesnt support such activities

T: I agree


*…and I dont care if your child’s skool fees is due, I dont care if your rent has expired…see what i want you to do now, is dip your hands in your pocket and declare in the naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame of JEEEEESUS!!!!*

S: You know how we always complained about starting off an album with a good track?… We aint complaining here!

T: Nice song, solid production. he basically talks about fake pastors and gullible followers

S: Basically, our tithes are being used by these hommie’s to buy hummers and private jets

T: Don’t play this near any pastor

S: They would probably think BlackMagic is the Antichrist. na their business. This is a Jam!


T: Nice Jam. The production reminds me of something outta the 90s

S: True that! It has that simple New York state of mind vibe.


S: First dude attacks Pastors, now he goes after politicians and lawmakers…dude is clearly a troublemaker

T: Nice production….but I aint really feeling the hook

S: What u mean? This hook is mad catchy

T: *frimpong’s accent* Charleh! its eh not werking for me.


T: Well, the voodoo aint werking again cos am not feeling this.

S: The verses are nice. The production is smooth but yeah…something about this aint for me

T: It sounds like something that Jill Scott or Les Nubian should be singing on

S: *burning herbal essence in the background*


T: This is my feel good jam. Just makes u wanna move ur body

S: The Juju on this jam is purely potent man…this song does no wrong


T: Nice production, decent track…nothing special

S: I Love this song ooo. I mean… aint nothing special about it…but the intro gets me everytime

T: Becos of the girl’s voice abi?

*you guys are confusing me*

S: *blushing* I am a sucker for babes with sweet voices na. Its not my fault

T: *Sigh*

S: T, how many Champagne bottles have u popped for babes untop ur freshboy tinz?

T: 6 botttu….I never try?


T: *Removes shoe like Cele and begins dancing* Β … I don’t even mind if he’s swearing for me dat I’ll not see tomorrow

S: *singing* look at all this fine fine gels am FRENCH kissing!!!! oooooooo

T: Ah, abeg where u hear FRENCH for there na?

S: Oga, abeg lemme…that’s what I do to fine fine gels that I luff


T: Well…another above average song..not bad

S: Blackmagic is clearly an alcoholic….and this song makes me think alcohol is cool. Its got my head spppppinning πŸ˜€

T: God forgive him…wat am I saying sef…Sango forgive him


*yo i bust like a semi, plus am hot like kemi, real cool dude i will frost bite any* – BlackMagic

T: A really laid back track. cool song. But wait did I hear something like ‘hot like kemi?’ *confused as hell*

S: Apparently, there is a Kemi somewhere out there in Lagos…that has very high body temperature.

T: Whats wrong with her?

S: Clearly kemi has malaria 😦

T: Go see a doctor. Get well soon Kemi

Get Well Kemi


S: Hahaha. This is clearly a revenge song…for all the girls that wanted to wash davido with Omo 😐

T: Finally a song I can dedicate to all those gals who be complaining that my car A/C is only cool in the night…detty gels!

S: Hahahahah…but the A/C for ur car no dey cool during the day na

T: You iz a detty gel

S: 😦 Β  …*now using u as Roll on*….

T: Hahahhahahahahahah you need prayers

FOREIGNER feat Saeon

T: I love this Jam..Black magic vex for that second verse o…how come nobody told me Saeon raps??

S: This is a Jam!…and Please no one told u anything about Saeon cos it is not ur concern

*U got enough credit, u culd get it’ * – Saeon

T: *now sending Saeon MTN N1,500 recharge card*

S: I warned u…u wanna see heaven’s gate today shebi?

T: :p

S: Anyways….Saeon, wherever u are….know that I go give u bellee no contraceptive πŸ˜‰

T: After my child with her..

S: Guy! Fall out for underneath the iroko tree

GRAFFITI LUV feat Temi Dollface

S: My favourite song on the album….the jazz feel on this track is too fresh

T: Jazz (the genre…not the magic one) meets Hiphop….u gotta love it

S: Dude’s first verse should be titled ….”P setting takes place in a Jazz setting”

T: The gal on the hook is mad talented too

S: That’s my babygurl….Temi Dollface. Her voice is too smooth. I don’t know her…but I swear we will end up together

T: This guy!!!!! Don’t worry I am counting them for u


*3 star don turn 4 star, look around the gels dem’a lookin hottah, i cant shout carry one go house,, eye clear next day, her transformation na wa ooo*

T: Its only right he dedicated a song to shayo..

S: Guilder and Squady are his fav drinks…Only beer parlour dwellers drink those brands

T: There’s a hint of shayo in almost every song

S: *clutching my aquafina bottle*


S: Very chilled song. Really loved the strings as well as the overall production

T: Yup..the prodution stands out on this one

S: Also helps that he sings a very catchy hook. This shit gets stuck in my head

T: Sounds like a soundtrack nollywood can use if they ever release a movie titled ‘me myself and I’

S: Buhahahahahaha *now calling Peter Edochie*


***Bonus tracks***
Original I + Original II feat. IKON + Original III feat. Vector and Saeon

S: I like what he did here…took the same song and made 3 versions of it.
The first one had the best hook…afrobeat thinz…second had the best beat….third was the best song.

T: Afrobeat version, slower afro beat version, and the version my future wife (Mrs @whoistunde) and Vector was on

S: Thou shall not convert thy brother’s wife. U will go to hell at this rate

T: Guy! I don disown u

S: #nowsinging …*me myself and i*.Β This verses from Vector are the first I have actually enjoyed from him in a while. Dude did well.

T: Yeah..none of those punchlines that threads the thin rope btw nice and stupid.


T: Blackmagic brings the fresh sound I’ve been waiting for, he’s above average lyrically and production on the album is on point
However, my problem is with the few experiments he tried performing with some songs…but overall, a very solid debut from a good artist.

S: Blackmagic has something good going for him. He’s got a unique voice and a nice fusion sound ( afrobeat + jazz + hiphop). Tho, the formula may not have worked on every song (Do It, Detty Gel)… on the songs he got the formula right ( Rainbow, Graffiti Luv, Regular ), its really worth the magic.

This is a nice first offering…..3.6wRaps



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  1. Escobar permalink

    LOOL!!! Next time I’m stuck in traffic I’ll get my copy. The whole ‘jazzman’ concept is cool. And as for Saeon’s husband? You guys are still auditioning for a role I own already. Tell them Saeon

  2. dammy permalink

    i think this album deserves 5.1wRaps….. every song was on point… why would you say you dont like the hook…. he is a criminal dont let him go

  3. dammy permalink

    this is the most boring review you guys have done….. its either the album is too mad, or black magic don threaten una with juju

  4. dipti (@barbie_deezy) permalink

    First? πŸ˜€

    • dipti (@barbie_deezy) permalink

      😦 not first!
      Anyways, #TeamBlackMagic!! πŸ˜€
      Love the dude, love the album, love the review! πŸ™‚

  5. Verb permalink

    I enjoyed this post!..nice one yo…humour analysis, everything intact

  6. George permalink

    Nice review but HAVE TO disagree with u about “Do it” and “Alive”! Do it is one of the maddest jams on the album o! And the hook on Alive is deeper than u think if u listen close. Album deserves at least a 4 in my opinion

  7. beeawo permalink

    Buying my copy as soon a traffic hook me πŸ˜€

  8. tollah permalink

    #teamblackmagic all the way…love every song on this album

  9. @okopurum permalink

    Raibow killed me the first time i heard it, so i’m definitely gonna get the album. see ya soon (after bumping to it)

  10. Sodibaba permalink

    LOOOOOL! Intresting review!

  11. Saeon permalink

    LOL! Its obvious Tunde and Sho have only lacasera and dirty strong bodies to offer. Bosun pls show me what you got so I can certify some realness yo’ ^_^
    Did ejay really threaten ‘yous’ guys? Cos y’all were playing safe *what am I saying? I LOVE THE ALBUM, Blackmagi’s my ‘MEN TOUR’* 😐
    Thanks for the love guys, nice one. :****

  12. Drtoogood permalink

    Nice 1…..dude is talented no doubt, but I support dammy, did blackmagic threaten u? Its that nose abi……that nose *screams n runs away*

  13. Kemi o!!! LOL.. Innocent babe dey there dey chill o & una just enter am.

  14. fesh permalink

    i never hear the album but in due time…in due time…

  15. boks permalink

    So I guess I’m the only one who saw the typos. It’s dip your hand not “deep”. Then it’s ” how many champagne…” Not “who” hahahahahahaha. Nice review

  16. I loved the album review. You guys are just a pair of clowns.

  17. @oluberry permalink

    Cool review

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