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December 13, 2011

Burna Boy, PH based Dancehall Artist released the 2nd installment off “The Burn Series” titled Burn Identity (Download Link: . Here’s what we think:


S:  I believe I am gonna love this tape. This song is pretty fresh. Dude’s voice is on point.

T: U obviously can’t go wrong with the Novacane sample

S: Yes u can go wrong ooo…imagine if it was Pasuma on this song

T: *now singing* novacane novacane jor jor o

S: Mi o shey panadol Mi o shey Tylenol …novacane mi shey ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌

T: hahhahahahahahaha


T:Err..wetin be this libidilibidi all these Reggae artist always say?

S: Libiiiiidiiiiibidddiii iiiii ooooooo! The thing probably means….”This jam sweeeet die”

T: E too sweet…pure fire!!!

“me squeeze on her breast, she ride pon me cocky”……”when me play song, ur gyal display thong! me go in er pientee pientee”

S: Reggae artists can get away with saying anything ooo.

T: With some R18 anything lyrics join


S: My Jam ooo! *now singing*… she say she wan my wood.she say she wan burn fire wood

T: He obviously got inspiration a calabar gal..with all d firewood talk

S: Burn firewood is such a sweetier way than saying ‘knack apako’ …Imagine a girl stepping up to u…

Hey Baby, Come To The Back of The Crib...I wanna Burn Your Firewood

S:In another way..I sorta feel like this song is about VD! I don’t want her to burn my pee pee 😦

T: Ewwwwww.


T: This jam does it for me. The Jackson 5 sample is on point too…

S: This song is catchy….soo catchy. I mean this song could be played on Sesame street 😀

T: Burna boy and all im slangs sha

S: This guy and his subliminal sex metaphors….wetin be ‘my ice cream tasting very proper…so lick it until ur bellee box ya”… 😐

T: I am clearly learning. We virgins have a lot to learn.

TRUMPHET feat. Davido

S: The standout single on this tape. This jam can be big… Me and my boys even get dance step for this jam ooo. Make im call us come do cameo  ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ

T: Paramparamapaamam ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌

S: This jam made me a davido fan! Homeboy sabi well.

T: davido killllllllllllll’t it

PH-LAGOS-LONDON-PARIS  feat. PRE of Twisted Mindz

T: The track is kind of dull sha..i guess they wanted us to chill since we’ve been dancing since morning.

S: My feet are killing me too….u can use this track for a pee break

T: Or a ‘come burn my firewood, lick my ice-cream or blow my trumpet’ break

S: ehhh…ok. In that case….Hi Ms @barbie_deezy 😉

T: u dey find my trouble…

S: *closes door*


S: This is a Tune!!!!! *my fav jam*

T: Tune tuner tunest!!!!!! Perfect summer time jam

S: This na all year round jam ooo! But really…this dude doesn’t sound like a typical naija artist. This is international shit right here

T: Sounds like the next big thing in dancehall

FRIEND LIKE ME feat. Shank

S: I am gonna say this….I don’t care if yall lynch me but…. Burna > Shank. There…i said it

T: Not quite there yet. Can u please allow the young man drop an album first.

S: Parallel Park For One way near Alausa with Lastma Watching *yimu*


S: Now, the reggae is getting serious.

T: I think he should have gotten a rapper on this joint

S: True dat! A hard rapper…like Killz without him screaming “WFA” or “AAAAAYE”

*disclaimer …please ikechukwu…I didn’t type this! Please don’t beat me 😦 *

T: Any rapper not named Naeto C would have done justice

*disclaimer..please Naeto,,i didnt type this.don’t yap my father 😐 *


T: Decent track if u ask me…nothing special

S: Man, am still dancing to this ooo. *busting my-willi-willi-is-big dance step*

T: For the sake of everything humane…i dont even wanna know what that dance step is

BAD BOY feat Korkormikor

S: Flexing his Storytelling skills. i aint mad at that.

T: I guess it doesn’t hurt for dancehall artists to have those ‘dull’ tracks…this is one of them

S: but the guy wey feature on this song is the deadest feature to feature since Ray Charles featured on Gold digger…*get it*

T: Thank God for skipping ropes.


S: This Shobedo > Ikechukwu’s Shoobeedobedoo
*why are my fingers doing this…stop talking about Killz ooo. He will kill us 😦 *

T: Us? When u were closing door, was there an Us ?

S: @whoistunde…don’t abandon me now ooo…come chop karate kick with me na 😐

T: *whistles away*

*due to fear for his life….@ShoWontStop is now in exile*


*@MrShoWontStop has now taken S’ space……they are not the same people*

T: Oga, change ur name to Nkwobi ….them go still Brush you

S: 😦

T: Who be dis LOS boys? I’m really impressed

S: LOS are the reason why I dont like a loooooot of Naija rappers. How young pikins like this dey spit flawless bars and make dope ass music . Full grown Agbalabas go dey rhyme “…rhyme tight, take FLIGHT/ laughing with my lafamilia becos they LOW-YAL” ….*crying for all the babies in Zamfara*

T: i think i know who said that…. 😦

S: This jam is all kinds of maaaad tho. Big Up Burna and L.O.S.

T: I concur


Valium Induced Jam

S: Errrrm….*now laying bed*…this song….. OGBE!!!

T: *yaaaaaaawn* couldn’t even skip..I just slept

S: We are sleep skipping


S: I feel like mallams are listening to this and going… ‘Why is this guy singing about Suya?’

T: The final song on the mixtape carry last

S: Took me a while..but I kinda fux with this jam.

T: Not something I want to play over and over again

S: Ok. I get ur point


T: Burna Boy is clearly the Future of dancehall, if he keeps this up. I think he should stick to the high tempo flow and he’ll definately blow( I rhymed there by the way). All in all..u should definately bump this.

S: Reggae in this industry is DEAD. There is no one doing good dancehall or reggae music besides Shank ( General Pype please pipe down and give ur life to Christ). Burna Boy is what the genre needs. i believe he is talented enough to blow worldwide with this style…… Yeah! He is that good.

Bump this… wont regret it. 4wRaps


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  1. beeawo permalink

    L☺l … you ppl want me to look like a mad person at work. Thank Jah I’m alone in this office. Let the download commence.

  2. dre permalink


  3. But..but..but..but what did Naeto & Killz do to deser’ this? 😦

    Nice sha. Will bump this (Y)

  4. Errrr…4wRaps???I shall listen to this mixtape this night unfailingly!LOL. Nice one guys 😀

  5. dipti (@barbie_deezy) permalink

    Hi Sho 😀
    Tunde :*
    As usual.. I laughed my non-existent ass off 🙂
    Not a big reggae fan tho so I’ll be skipping this..

  6. Escobar permalink

    Good read. Someone must have threatened you guys seeing as the yabs reduced, either that or the tape is as impressive as you say it is. To me, those yet to blow >> those that have made it. But that’s the norm I guess.

  7. agboola permalink


  8. dayja permalink

    lool! @ Naeto not yapping your fathers……… he will tho :/

    This mixtape is mad nice

  9. tee permalink

    Lovely review as usual. Please leave Killz o! Aint u scared of him?? Lolol

  10. dayoskillz permalink

    9ce1 bravs…wud def. go get d mixtape

  11. tennie permalink

    For d first tym, una № make person go buy skippn rope nd hang himself for singing. Nyc one. Oshole…..imma teif it from u when we I cum around.

  12. fesh permalink

    good tape i must say, definitely worth a listen…

  13. okopurum permalink

    Aii den, I’ma def listen to it. But i really do hope u guys are wrong with the “Korkormikor” track cos that nicca used to have a tight single all over p/h both radio & video, & also with the “SauceKid” track. Anyways, for now, I reserve my comments till after I BUMP THIS!

  14. So I shall listen to this cos you guys said so.

    If it isn’t nice, I will therefore conclude that someone is threatening you

  15. mehn! burna is hot!!! and yur review was so on point.. I cant stop listening to burna right now..

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