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Not That 9ice

January 20, 2012

First Review of the year. Why is it coming late?….We can Explain.                 

S: See What had happened was….I decided to spend the holidays on a remote island with Tiwa

T: remote? Badagry?

S: Keep quiet let me explain to the people jare. As i was saying….and we got carried away *cough* (Frekki Liddle Flet) and when we got back there was an Occupation, we rushed straight to Ojota to Occupy. cos let me be honest, as them remove subsidy….even the fuel that burns the flames of the fire to our love done expensive

T: *mouth wide open*

S: What?

T: This guy i bow oooo

S: Where were you self? cos u didnt answer my PINGs

T: Ladies and gentlewomen! I was with Kel……Lets just review this album.


9ice Vs Tuface

T: This track is obviously not as ‘beautiful’ as their first collabo…not a bad jam though

S: After you hear this song….u will hate the word “beautiful”. I would rather be called Ugly with Quasimodo features than beautiful…Lawwd!

T: If u mute the word ‘beautiful’ on this song..u’ll hear only the beat

S: Goodbeat….shoutout to Deetunes

9ice Vs VIP(ghana)

T: Nice jam though..not mad at vip’s flow..but the same can’t be said for 9ice…

S: Lackluster jam! A wande coal freestyle wasn’t available to save this song 😦

T: Can’t believe he said..’Everytime I look at u, u dey sweet me like say I eat okro soup’

S: Other things that are sweet like okro soup: Amala Shitta and ewedu, ewa goin, akra and ogi at mammy market 😐

9ice Vs Wizkid

S: On Point! On Point! Wizzzzzzkey!!! *pakuromo dance*

T: Just 1 ‘on point’ 4 me… *rolling eyes*

S: Man, this jam deserves 3 points

T: Outta 10…yeah.

S: woo This is a JAM…no need for peanut butter

T: Really Sho! …peanut butter?

S: *pointing at the fridge* the prince in there made me do it 😦

9ice Vs BankyW

S: Mr Wellignton normally saves everysong that he features on…but on this…Even Lazarus can say…”This song is deader than me 😐 ”

T: And to think 9ice screamed ‘tempo’ like 10 times…

S: Yes ooo…they keep saying “Let’s increase the tempo” ….and THEY DIDN’T! Liars go to hell fire

T: Probably skipping the track tempo


*due to Alaba boys and their need to mess up , this song isnt on the tracklist*

S: I have no idea who he battled on this track…but this is vintage 9ice.

T: Couldn’t understand half of what he was saying…but I liked the song…

S: As long as our families were not being sworn for…we good

T: This is owambe song number 1

S: Check

9ice Vs Kayefi

S: Funny story…cos the tracklist was wrong I thought this was the Tiwa song. I was already crying cos this is horrible.

T: *Telecommercial voice* are u having problem sleeping? Do u count sheep and never fall asleep? If yes? Listen to this song

Ain't no pussies on my milky way.

S: The autotune couldnt even save it!….9ice u no try. The production is pretty smooth tho.

9ice Vs Tiwa Savage

T: Guy, Calm down…

S: *admiring a buddhist housefly*

T: Well…This song is good..I won’t lie. That is all

S: Next song…

T: Ah! You are not gonna say anything? you are not gonna talk about Tiwa?

S: Well i wasnt..but what the hell….THIS JAM IS MAAADDD! Tiwa is like the human torch….She’s on FIRE!! 😀

T: *sigh* You my friend …r what we call a psychotic groupie

9ice vs P Square

T: Of course…they had to put d beer parlour/hi-life song on d album..this is it right here

S: This song has the making of the most mundane collabo ever. This is like soaking garri with chin chin cos u were too lazy to look for groundnut.

T: least they soaked garri

9ice vs Timaya

*i matter pass Obama* 😐

T: This 9ice first verse is….heeeeee lar ree us!

S: Couldnt help but laugh when he named all d people he ‘matad’ pass

T: Does he matter more than RuggedMan?

S: errrm errrm. The question is….who doesnt matter pass RuggedMan?

T: *raising hand* I know this…..EEDRIS!!!

S: You my friend are a genius

T: but Timaya SAME style/lines/subject matter sounds sweet on this

9ice Vs Seriki

T: This track just makes me laugh…Seriki’s verse is hilarious(if u understand yoruba)

S: Enhen! this is more like it. Seriki goes in. All the Razz dances I have stored can be unleashed on this jam.

T: But what was 9ice saying? Come and take ‘Bone Killer’ ?

S: Igbobi Doctors will increase their bills

T: Sounded like gbongilagila too me

S: Whatever it is….it doesn’t mean good

9ice Vs Kwa Kese(ghana)

S: Ghana in the building! This is how to rep Mensahs and Essiens.

T: *Gyan’s accent* Serry bet dis track is dell

S:  😦

9ice Vs Duncan Mighty

S: Another song that should have a tombstone….DEAD

T: This track is a failed attempt at having a ‘politically correct’ track…

9ice Vs M.I.

T: I’m angry at the person dat told them dis song should be on dis album…that person is wicked 😦

S: What was the point of this song???

T: Mr incredible..tried to save the track but.. he fell short

9ice Vs Mode9

T: ‘When I land I never waterdown fuck amphibians’…Uncle Mode!!!

S: Once Mode stops rappin. This song can be skipped-to-the-loo

9ice Vs Kwam1

S: 9ice and id Cabasa beats = Classic tune.

T: Another owambe song..approved by nafdac

S: My Yoruba aint so strong…but this song is about Fake drugs….aka ‘u can’t suwe a baba’!

I ain't finding this shit funny 😦

T: Hahahahahaha. Nice track though

9ice Vs DaGrin

T: RIP DaGrin

S: DaaaaaGriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!

T: My best song on d album..nuff said

S: Errrm…but….this can’t….*sigh*…u know what I no talk anything

9ice Vs Wizboy

*After God…Money na second in command*

T: This song is should be supposed by Nigerian Breweries.

S: Ringtone for Star Lager and beer parlours

T: you know random people would just love this song for no reason whatsoever

S: *sipping flavoured water with a straw*

T: What are u… know what. am not even gonna ask.

9ice Vs Ajayi Brovas

S: *insert razz dance here* ….but 9ice’s english rhymes are impotent 😐

T: This song is not for me

S: I dont know. I kinda like it.

T: Verdict Please


S: This was actually a pretty good concept but that didnt save the album. there were more misses than hits and a couple of ‘what is this?’ it just seems 9ice aint 9ice enough to release an album as solid as ‘Gongo Aso’. I think he should just get back to making music with ID Cabasa. This new producer isnt bad but he cant do a full 9ice album.

T: 9ice fails to deliver any standout hit on this album. this is a case of too many cooks…even though thats what the album was supposed to be about but a couple of the cooks poured too much salt and one guy poured Milo inside the pot *spits and wipes mouth*…anyways thats that

This doesnt do it for us…2wRaps

I know you missed us…we missed you too. Leave a comment


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  1. dipti (@barbie_deezy) permalink

    There is no 9ice after Gongo Aso! :/
    *knock on the head for Sho*
    *kisses for Tunde*

  2. “Mr incredible..tried to save the track but.. he fell short” … ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )
    Evil! Evel! Evel!
    I guess I won’t be wasting my ₦ 100 to buy d album after all.

  3. Escobar permalink

    Garri & chin chin? Goodnight guys. Well I’m not surprised with the preview, if he had pulled it off it would have been another collectors item like Gongo Aso instead, watch everyone forget the album before March.

  4. tee permalink

    You back!!!! Missed u o. The honest truth is this album was mediocre.

  5. dammy permalink

    @whoistunde those days in school when you pour milo into your soakies it made it more chocolatey and madly on point. Milo isn’t that bad na. Anyways was talking about those days not the album. Nice review, am even surprised u guys liked more than one track. I listened to this album (9ice vs tiwa) cos of 9ice vs tiwa. That kayefi track is misleading.

  6. Big Mike permalink

    There is no gain saying 9ice can’t come up with a better album after the gongo aso wonder,because subsequent albums hav proven 9ice has lost it!Dead album and wats up wit all d hip hop heads on dis dead ish.Thumbs up ma homy @whoistunde am a proud son.

  7. Verb permalink

    Someone shud pour acid on Mode9’s brain abeg!, see line! d only thing wey make cold catch me for this review

    • whoistunde permalink

      act like u aint got better lines than that…lol

  8. MzSwitz permalink

    Lmfao! You guys are effing hilarious. And a bit mean too. Like cut the guy some slack na. Lololol. Totally loved it.

  9. Que Sera Sera permalink

    I am not surprised . A couple of people wrote negatively about 9ICE just to get cheap publicity .. I gave up on your review when you said SAFARAWE ft M.I was not it.. you obviously came out purely to hate and that you listened to the first track BEAUTIFUL ft. 2face and you still dont find the song inspiring. All I can say is that you dont mean well for the guy ( 9ice ) but trust me , This album is appreciated by 90% of its audience so far. So your 0.1cent is of no use. Sadly you already mislead the few followers of your filthy blog .. however, that publicity you also seeking via this review shall not be granted by me .. I remain anonymous

  10. Tosinadeda permalink

    Stupidity at it’s peak!
    For the fact that u called 9ice ft Duncan Mighty a rubbish song, says it all about why u came up with this crap. .

    I see a lot of morons also supporting dis trash! Retards

    Anyone that wants a debate should come at me on twitter @tosinadeda

    • Escobar permalink

      So angry, Who stole your biscuit and icecream? ☹ ☹ 😦 no one has time to debate you on twitter. Thank you for coming.

      • jubei permalink

        biscuit n icecream…typical wordpdress blogger yarns……hw old r u b?

      • Tosinadeda permalink

        Lmao. . Biscuit and icecream! Na so u dey think? Tut as much. . .
        Ur own job here na to reply everybody whey no agree to dis piece of shit abi?
        I wldnt also want a debate with any1 with low IQ

    • skittles permalink

      For someone that has a problem with low IQ’s, you barely have a grasp on basic grammar. Let’s not burden you with a debate.
      Why don’t you go review on your own blog and take your minions with you.

      • Tosinadeda permalink

        Lol they all keep saying we. . . U re all friends and this daft? That’s a big problem yo. .

        Grasp of basic grammer? Ewo lo tunje basic grammer?

        Is that all u can come up with to defend ur friend? Try harder

    • whoistunde permalink

      mr. tosin we see you…

  11. Sporty Gal permalink

    @Tosinadeda calm down.

    Not a bad review. The album isn’t close to stellar. Watery too

  12. jubei permalink

    so wordpress bloggers(fuckin freaks) hv started bloggin about hiphop? hv u pple finished talkin about d friendzone,poundin yam,tweet fites n all d oda bullshit dat makes y’all happy. couldnt even read dis hsit, d whole t n s crap, plus usin pics tryin 2 feel like big ghost…..please u pple should stick to bloggin about d bullshit ur used to

    • Escobar permalink

      You’re angry gan o. Cool down for Jesus. I’m expecting you to go and do your own blog just to diss this one. Won’t be surprised.

    • anony permalink

      This is like soaking garri with chin chin cos u were too lazy to look for groundnut……………lmfaoooooo. Wowwww, so much hate to toss arnd.lmao. If e dey pain una, go n form ur own hiphop/music blog na, or nack ur head on d wall. Hehe

    • bigfootofmicworx permalink

      Kilode, Since when is 9ice hiphop. Are you the retard that advised MTVBASE?

  13. Babe permalink

    Mr Incredible tried to save the track but he fell short. My favourite line. Keep up the good work and we did miss y’all esp S and His Tiwa love

  14. Tosin Lawal permalink

    The fact that the reveiwer does nt understand yoruba doesn’t mean he shld be an ass about the review. I’m sure the guy that did the review cannot compose a 10-line love letter. Lack off Ãήϑ get a life.

    • I knew it! I knew it! I knew y’all lil faggets just needed some love. Talmbout they cannot compose a ten-line love letter. Lil fagget, tell ur partner,Ode4real to write u a love letter. Sweet niggas.

      • whoistunde permalink

        hahahahahaha….lil faggets i swear!!!!

  15. Pple are really angry. This review is ‘on point on point on point’ Lol. The album is not on point!

  16. matt permalink

    I remember when folks criticised 2face’s album too n all the funny reviews. At the end,he turned out to be one of his best albums. Come to think of it,how many artist hv albums that can truly match their first hit? I love critics. They are those who can’t ever get to the level of those they critic. Peace. Forever a 9ice fan

  17. The Law (@De_Law) permalink

    Another top-notch review lads! I almost choked laughing at “he fell short”.

  18. Tosinadeda permalink

    I av no problem that the writer thinks it’s a poor effort. . As a matter of fact, A review is either Good or Bad, but at the same time if u re gonna review a piece of art it has to be constructive, the basics of a review is the analysis of everything. . Lyrics, Melody, Beats, Message, Concept etc!
    I dnt see any of that in this review!
    All is see is a review with a total intent to rubbish sum1’s effort, mixed with irrelevant jokes to amuse peeps.
    This is no review, if u re gonna say sumtn is Good or Bad, u av to give reasons to convince the neutral listener.

  19. Oh! Please! All u sad people can take a long seat. I laughed all through this review but you saddos nearly spoilt my mood in the comment section.
    @whoistunde & @showontstop know I’m their number one famzer. Good stuff. Hillary-horse too. I think Tiwa didn’t do well with the collabo though…ass & breasts aside.

  20. Oh! Please! All u sad people can take a long seat. I laughed all through this review but you saddos nearly spoilt my mood in the comment section.
    @whoistunde & @showontstop know I’m their number one famzer. Good stuff. Hillary-horse too. I think Tiwa didn’t do well with the collabo though …ass & breasts aside.

    • Tosinadeda permalink

      Obviously every1 wld laff cos of the jokes in the write up. . .
      But the title dsnt say it’s a parody. . .
      So taking as a review, it’s crap.

      • Saucy permalink

        Wow @tosinadeda I think you is on point with your point! I think you is right buh I don’t know where ur argument lies….are u speaking from a fan perspective or a critique?

  21. lola permalink

    A waste of my time. Another attention seeking blogger bt with dis its not working.

  22. Mafioso permalink

    A review is a review. How is the blog attention seeking.
    Abeg that tosin somebody should go bite into a stick

  23. fesh permalink

    well, mr. kanabe and mr. t i disagree with your review….this album (along with bashorun gaa, its twin) are the best 9ice albums since gongo aso….i won’t be back on here until the next review so if you go misyan about my comment i won’t read it #ontothenextone like swizzy and jigga!

    • negative nancy permalink

      Should I, should I, naaaaa…. Not 4 9ice..

  24. @thabanjmeista permalink

    YOU GUYS ARE EVIIIIIIIIIIL!!!!!…dnt care what all these shallow hating pricks think…ur views are on point…cant wait for the next review!!! THUMBS UP!

  25. @thabanjmeista permalink

    oh and i cant get over the baba suwa joke and pic… ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!!!

  26. SaiPhadelic permalink

    9ice review guys (pun intended).

    I see a lotta haters are beginning to show up and that’s understandable…he had a very good first album.

    What some1 like tosinadeda doesn’t understand is that the fact that a method is unorthodox doesn’t mean its wrong if these guys have adopted a style of reviewing..its their choice! The key question is, is the review objective? . I think so.

  27. Lolu permalink

    Wait, i thought 9ice did a track with Vector on the Versus album or maybe it’s the other album…Anyways, good job guys!

    • fesh permalink

      na on the other album…track one of the album actually, pace setter 😀

  28. huge fan of ur blog, buh this review was harsh! yes, some songs were watery buh it seems y’all don’t get some of the songs sha.. loved the jokes too! especially that one about soaking garri with chin chin cos ure too lazy to get groundnuts!! Haha!☺

    • negative nancy permalink

      Seee! “Tosinhater” this is an honest comment without the obvious saltyness!!!!

  29. fesh permalink

    yo, sho and t make una review bashorun gaa now haba…kanabe don’t fall my hand oo…

  30. niyi permalink

    Hey, Guys love the blog and the reviews thus far are quite balanced. Okay, I have been listening to Mode 9’s ‘Paradigm Shift'(yes its old), and i think its a classic template for any rap/hip hop head in Nigeria. Would love to see a review of Modey’s album if only just to see the dude get props. I swear down, Mode is on another level entirely…OK, this is an unabashed plug about Mode 9, But you gotta understand he’s not number 1,he’s number 1,2,3,4 and 5

    • dude, u should totally get modenine’s pentium ix mixtape! his albums don’t even come close to that! best naija rap CD ever!

      • niyi permalink

        Thanks Tuneri. Now calling my Alaba connect for the hookup straight.

  31. “Beautiful” very sweet and smooth song!

  32. tobz permalink

    The only problem with this post is TIWA…. I must be Ray Charles cos I don’t get what men see what’s in her. The body is good, but not fantastic… Well, maybe its her teeth they like… Or is. It just me?

  33. negative nancy permalink

    Pretty pls!!! Review J’bergs Big Chill!! U’l love!!!!

  34. Sorry for the entire big review, but yet I’m seriously loving the entire raw Zune, and additionally hope this, and also the great critiques various other folks currently have written, might aid us decide in the event that it’s the appropriate choice for anyone.

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