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Blink of a Golden eye

January 26, 2012

Blink, Naija based Chicago MC relocated back to Gidi late last year. The Grand Cru spitter is now part of Syndik8 records roster.

Here is our review of his album ‘American Dreams, African Principles’ he released before relocating. You can download it for FREE here

*Due to Last Week’s review, S and T are now being protected by……JACK BAUER*

JB: The following review takes place between 2.00am and 2.15am

S: but Jack, shouldnt it be one hour?

JB: One hour?…for a review? You must be a sleeper cell

S: E mi Cell?


T: No mind the boi oo

Lets Begin


S: Abeg, Who be the babe wey dey talk?….I am…*sigh*…nevermind

T: Is it not too early too…*sigh*…nevermind. Anyways, couple of lines from Mj’s ‘bad’ and Fela’s ‘gentleman’. Nothing much

S: Basically…we should expect MJ’s entertainment and Fela’s lyricism???… I’m getting excited

Westerneyezd feat. Lynxxx

“Never got shot Nine Times/ Probably never go to jail doing Shyne time/

But a brotha tryna get it like Sean John/Kickin’ it in Lagos, Nigeria sippin’ Chandon/” – Blink

T: Blink straight up impresses on his first track, at least we know this aint no sub-par MC

S: Blink just blazed this beat hard. His flow is Ill yo. T, I’m sure u heard the third verse? hahaha

T: I will not talk about the guy on the last verse …*shutting mouth*

S: U thought he didn’t have bars right? Guess he was talking to u Muhahhaha

T: Like he said ‘cuz I joke on tracks, you stupid niggas got d nerve to say lynxx is wack’. he made me believe he couldnt rap with all his Utunu raps. Why would he do that to me? 😦

S: Hahahahahahahaha Now u know!

Spark It Up feat. Prince Jericho

T: Mellow beat + conscious lyrics = dope track

S: Love the afrobeat sample beat and neo soul hook…This is how to make a Socially conscious song.

World Wide Flow

S: Can I scream??? …………..This is my Tuuuuuuuuune!!!

T: The chorus is too damn madddd!!!! Please let me scream with u

*Tunde and Sho singing the chorus*

Europe Know! Asia know! Africa know! America know! I am soo fucking ahead of my frekii-chikky

Thats why they know my name in your city, thats why they know my name in your town 

Got ya girlfriend saying YES OOO everytime they play my sound

Cos i hit’em with that Worldwide Flow! Worldwide Flow! Worldwide Flow!”

I Own It

S: Now he is just showing off! This back to back to back ….Dopeness

T: This beat has Rick Ross written all over it. Blink killed this beat!!! Waht?!! I should stop screaming? Kel is vexing 4 me inside.

S: Yeah…she keeps PINGing me to tell u to pipe down *adjusts halo*

T: Bro!!!…*not interested face*

Fast Forward

S: Okay, I think these people should just know that BLINK can Rap! But he can also make Songs….hommie picks the right beats and his hooks ehh

T: Who’s blink producer? Naija Rappers need to get at him ASAP!

*i used to have a girl friend but she my ex now* -Blink

S: Imagine say Blink blow…and his babe comes and starts asking for her own share

*insert Rozay grunt here*

T: hahahahahahahahahahah

S: But really…naija rappers need to know that when making a rap album…picking the right beats is 75% the album.

T: True That!

Ice Cold feat. Asia Monique and The Boy Illinois 

S: This song is puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure Jazz.

T: This is one of them ‘light up a joint ones’ 😀

S: Complete smoooothness. The hook is on some….’High altitude steez’. Production is flawless.*stands up*

T: What are u doing?

S: *dancing a mellow doughie*

Lonely ocean

T: Can I scream one more time?  This right here is my best song of dis mixtape!!!!

S: This is every Rap heads favourite song on the album. I don’t know if we should personally hand out this album to every up and coming Nigerian rapper.

T: and some so called ‘established’ rappers

*crowd whispering* Ice prince… Ill bliss…

‘Everyone used to doubt us…if u weren’t in the circle sorry u can’t come around us’ …*YES OOO*

Better Believe It

S: I thought it was gonna be a chilled song…but when the drums come in. *Woooooooohoooo* Introspective Song toh Quality! Production toh mental! Chorus toh catchy!

T: We just may lose our voices at the end of this mixtape

S: Its not a mixtape. Its a bloody Free Album!!!! I wanna pay for this


“Never moving slow like the snails do/ Big fish turn any opposition into Whale food”

T: My gawd!!!!!!!

S: Dear Readers…….*crying*

T: Animalistic flow!!!!! Retarded beat!!!!!

S: This is how to do a concept song. If it were all these yeye new skool naija rappers they will be saying:

Am hungry like a lion, whats funny are u a monkey/ y are u guys being asses….are u donkeys???

T: hahahahahahahahah. And someone in the studio will be like…’man, that shii cray’

S: Back to this song……..Its Mental!!!

You say u are a goon, but What’s a goon to an African/ am’ah Animal!!!!!

T:  Ki lode!!! Area boys no suppose hear this songs

S: *throwing shit around for no reason* this song gets me amped

Grand Cru feat Amilcar

T: This song is HAAAARD!!! This song is harder than seeing BankyW without a cap!!! Straight up rap!!

S: Rhymes 10
Flows 10
Beats 10

This song used to play ten-ten with Wande Coal

I’m Home

S: This album better not end ooo. I no go gree. I will protest!!!!

T: As in

S: #OccupyBlinkStudio

T: Steal all his beats

S: Steal his rhyme books/blackberry/ipod/laptop

T: Perfect song for an outro

S: But what kind of sick ass hook is this na? Me I no dey my house…I still dey sing I’m home…like this…..*ahem* hostel be my house

T: Ehhh…u dey Moremi again?

S: I need my lawyer….*closes mouth*

Bonus Tracks

S: Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Jesus loves me.

T: He heard ur prayers. This boi sha wanna kill us.

Mad Men feat. Young General, Dave Coresh, Teeklef

T: Is it just me? Or all the beats are fresh. New born baby fresh

S: Mad men is madness!!!! Com’on! This is Rap music I grew up on na. Dope ish is oozing outta my speakers.

T: Something we rarely get from mixtapes

S: Album son! This is a free album

We Bang

S: Lawd! The beat and the hook ehhhh

T: Whatever u do… Don’t listen to this with ur speakers to the max! U’ve been warned….*smh* The beat is too dope!

S: All those people using Beat headphones as necklace ko?  Those odes should at least use them to bump this

T: Hahahahaha


S: Its the last song….Nooooooooooo

T: Sadly yes 😦  *thug hug*

S: Let’s review it again….I will be u and u will be me….*walks into Kel’s room*

T: Errr. Don’t worry. I will be me 😐

i am.....Blink


T: I will not say this twice, if u like good music and you are a hip-hop head. Download now!!!!!!!!!!

S: There is none of that nonsense…’This is a soft drink…Coke/ I blow it in the air…Smoke” kind of rap on this. This isnt just good HipHop…This is GOOD music. He has set the bar soooo high for his Syndik8 debut. I mean com’on….Blink Raps + IKON beats???? Cant effin wait.

You should bump this repeatedly… 4.3wRaps



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  1. Escobar permalink

    First? Solid review. You guys haven’t failed so far(tell that to the comments section last time). Sadly no internet till night to get this. Like I always say, the “unestablished” rappers in this country are the best. Talking of established, did I see you say Illbliss?? Someone said “Illbliss is so wack, I’m sure if I battle him using sign language I’ll win” ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯

  2. just listened to it now…… the review matches. well done!!!

    ps so glad y’all got that bodyguard finally… *winks at JB* 😀

  3. @AcMilanKidd permalink

    Errrr…. With this much props and hype if this mixtape dissapoints me … I would cry. *keeping fingers crossed*

  4. Keep up the good work with your reviews; it only gets better!

  5. SYBT BIG FAN! permalink

    see me that isnt crazy about rap thinking about downloading the album! Thanks for this guys and keepz it up! Was REAAALLLY funny as always!!!

    *waving* Hey Jack… *blushing*

  6. Verb permalink

    I’m scared, I have to download this, see the standard he has set… “U claiming u a goon, but what’s a goon to an african” LOL!!

  7. Ah!4.3 ke?I must listen Utunu X_X 😀

  8. fesh permalink

    solid album utunu! lynxxx can’t rap? you’re crazy!! LOL…nigga spat barzzz utunu!!
    solid album, donate if you download it 😀

  9. Can u guys review my album & give me 4 wraps?! I’m tired of school. Thanks in advance 😐

  10. skittles permalink

    Wow so much props, I’m bout to download this in 4,3,2,..

    Y’all are hilarious by the way. Really good stuff.

    I dunno why I speed read through the post, cos there was a Jack Bauer 15min timer going off in my head…

  11. JAHSWILL 'NYTRO' OBIALOR permalink

    *stumbles on site for the first time, about to move on, hand drops, tries to scream, words wont come out,shell shocked, slips into coma, regains consciousness,hisses* and i thought i was the only alien on planet earth ! mtcheeeew. . . smh. not pleased to discover people like me exist! LMFAO! jus playin! dope! how id describe ya! am a fan! ill be paying regular visits from now on! ur review got me reelin with laughter(no, smilings the word joor! u wan make their head con dey swell)

  12. rhymeup permalink

    Ok, the joke is long overdrawn cos this now sucks. Last review was Jan 26th. C’mon guys, get your ipads out and get to work.
    Na why to start to de read new blog dey always tire me. after a while, they leave u hanging wiv blue balls.

    • LOL. Chill out bro, Nobody has released anything new. Its not our fault…blame the industry. These artists are lazy. We might need to start reviewing Ghanian artists lol

      but we gat u tho…two new releases drop next week so expect a new review soon

  13. negative nancy permalink

    Shebi! U ppLe will do something else!!!!!!!

  14. Window permalink

    Mhen! BLiNK’s delivery is smooth. The guy dey bust die. Lynxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (is that the spelling?) also really impressed me.

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