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No Days Off…(except Birthdays, Weekends etc)

March 26, 2012

Godwon dropped his latest project “No Days Off” the mixtape a couple weeks ago. You can download it here:

Here is what we think about it…but first

S: Guess everyone wants to know where we have been? T, I will let u tell them

T: Ladies and Gentlewomen, we relocated to our new office. No more reviewing from the mainland. We are on some Island Review P now

S: So a lot has happened since we have been gone o.  Celebs don born pikins, Groupies dey lick celebs wey dey sleep, M.I still never release mixtape and…

T: Niggaz don broke Up

S: Yeah…. Kinda feel sad about that one too. But two spots have opened up at IDJA records since Dbanj go carry K-switch go. Make we send our demo reach Pygamas Master.

T: *dance dance dance*

Now, Here is the review


S: Did this nigga just whistle?

T: No $$$ for beats …3months later and subsidy is still real

S: Its only an issue cos i cant whistle well…I am busy yelling “HAICE” when I wanna holla at babes on the street

T: Dude U cant whistle? Buhahaha.


T: This is a decent commercial song. Not impressed but I will live

S: These bars are sick…as in they have sickle cell.

T: Yeah, his bars were kinda weak

S: If the tape is like this, i go vex ooo, I had to pause ‘Ben 10’ to review this.

T: Ben 10 ke??? …This boy

Never Say No

S: Now I am feeling this….*singing the chorus*

T: The song basically just grows on u….very very catchy hook. I fux with this song

S: These are like Rap Rap bars! Impressed

T: Yup Yup ‘Fresh biscuit hot’

She Like Me ft. Koffi, Lowkeyz and M-Smooth

S: THIS IS (could have been) A HIT!!!!!!!!!!!

T: Godwon should just stop doing commercial tracks

S: The beat is MAD, the Yoruba part of the hook…MAD. Even the Hausa guy did well but…

T: …Godwon had to drop lines like…

*ur brother is an obstacle, ur father man ur mother is impossible* smh

*best of all worlds, my gurl/ her straight when we make love it curl* …..*confused face*

S: Now i’m just annoyed

T: I wanted to bust the dance moves u taught me, but Godwon’s flow be fucking it up 😦

S: I swear he should remake this song. This shit is too good to be lame na. Dammit!!! I shall dance to this with agidi 😥

T: Hahahaha Goodluck


S: Fuck Boko Haram, this shit right here is explosive

T: Basically this is the Godwon I want to hear. U can’t even even go wrong with 50’s ‘Backdown’ beat

S: If u can body a beat from GRDT…u deserve a salute

*We live in a world that’s crazier than our’s/ Gunshots get applauses, bullets massages/These words will hurt u boy they verbal lacerations, certain cats are hating, am circumnavigating/*

T: I need a Hausa name after this song

S: Isn’t ur Hausa name Aboki?

T: Hahahahaha. It used to be dongo

S: My own is Alaadin. Tiwa’s own is Jasmine. U can be Abu 🙂

T:     😐

Hollywood boyz Skit

S: Apparently, Major labels are calling these two guys to ask about signing Godwon…Mohits? EME? Chocolate City?

T: I think its Defjam, RocNation dem dem.

Remember Today

S: Beat…100%…Hook 100%. Godwon can write commercial hooks but can’t write a commercial rap to save his life

T: He should just hire NaetoC and split the money 50/50. 50 to Super C and 50% to us giving him the advice

*She know what to do for her guy, Eba with Egusi stew on the side*

S: This girl is clearly a Yoruba girl from Oshogbo!! Wetin stew dey do with egusi na

T: Wetin stew dey do with egusi? …..Same thing Godwon’s voice is doing on a commercial beat

Take Your Time

T: Another dope Godwon song. Dude kills the Xzibit Paparazzi beat

S: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard! It’s safe to say Goddy is at his best when he does this kind of songs.

Sweet Lullaby

S: Wooooooooooooooo Go Goddy *doing the running man*

T: This song stays giving a nigga diabetics…too damn sweet. The gal on the chorus can sing to me any day

S: *still doing the running man with my MChammer pants on*

T: How many steps can u do *raised eyebrow*. Anyways…*hits repeat button*

Holy Spirit Freestyle

S: Bars meet Bars. Hommie dropping Gems

T: Production too on point. Good stuff

S: We don’t have any complaints here.

T: Pretty good sample as well. *bumps head*

I Go Call You

S: Another Pakuromo song ooooo…*wailing*

T: ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )

S: Wait Wait! did he say” Teeth like milk, skin like silk”……hmmmm hmmm Ice Prince are you here???



S: My Best Song on this Mixtape…..

T: Definition of Grimmy!!!!!!!!!

S: This jam makes me wanna shenk a Care Bear, makes me wanna drop-kick a Choir member …makes me wanna tell a baby breast milk doesn’t last forever

T: I almost died when I found out about this when I was a baby. Worst day of my baby life.


T: this song goes too hard!!! but wait o…what kind of line is “I blow my nose in my hands”. I’m definitely not shaking Godwon ever

S: “cos am a man, wipe it on my shirt and continue counting grands”…That’s Gangsta son! Gangsta!

T: Dirty bars!!!!!

S: *federal ministry of health warns that shaking Godwon’s hand is at ur own peril*

Birthday ft Jamix

S: If u could see the look on my face right now ehhhh….

T: I was already bumping my head…then I started hearing some crappy lines… 😦

S: This girl’s birthday CANNOT  have birthday cake…talkless of birthday sex

T: Hota, fata, bata, cigareta… *confused face*

S: This girl is clearly too ugly she had to be born on December 32nd.


Closer to my dreams with Goapele

T: Beautiful song..spark a blunt close ur eyes and disappear

S: I was a bit skeptical… thought he was gonna ruin one of my favourite songs ever but he pulled it off. Props

Goddy Speaks

T: about ‘S and T speaks’. “Don’t rap over any commercial song”

S: *Diana Ross and the Supreme’s singing in the background* Stop! Before u break our hearts……


S: This sounds like old skool Dipset shit until….

T: Some funny lines tho

S: ‘Yellow like alb(A)ino, ass like a rhino’…*throws hands in the air in disbelief*

T: “After I damage we eat suya and cabbage”  U go fear after sex food 😦

S: Buhahahahaha. My after sex food of choice still remains pancakes… 🙂

T: What do we virgins know *sigh*

Reggie B drop

S: *mutes*

T: *cartwheels outta here*

2012 ft Dj Jimmy Jatt, Terry tha Rapman, Killz

T: Terry!!!!!!!!!

S: *yawn*

T: Laaawwd!!  Quotables for days

S: Yeah but…*we don’t believe u…u need more people* 😀

T: ‘The first (lady) needs to lose weight, tell her to exercise patience’.  This is my jam

S: *yawns* <—– this nigga isn’t impressed

Last Call

S: *puts on my Puff Daddy shoes*

T: Some funky rap sturvs…*dancing hard*


T: Did he just call Jimmy Jatt Jimmy Jax?

S: Maybe that’s a pet name 😦

Rip The Flo

T: *jumps up and down the room* Dope beat!!!

S: This Beat goes hard! Godwon decides to channel Biggie on this one. I am playing Notorious Thugs after this

T: I know one MC that’ll totally kill this joint…but we ain’t telling *covers mouth*

S: Mr What it Look Like!!! shey


S: I actually have to first apologize. I always thought Godwon was straight up wack. That’s because all i heard were his radio singles.  But i was wrong, He actually can Rap. Hommie got that 90’s hiphop …what’s wack is when he decides to dumb down/Overdumbdown his bars on ‘Pakuromo’ songs which just ain’t for him.

T: Remove all the ‘commercial” songs on this album and u have a pretty good mixtape, Godwon is definitely not the best MC  out here but when he doesn’t do the gimmick songs… he’s definitely worth checking out

A decent 3 wraps


SYBT NB: In order for our company to function properly, we are pleading with Nigerian artistes, please release albums so we can review and remain relevant…and err…get more groupies too

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  1. theinsanephenom permalink

    LOOL!! Well, Tunde its “Dogo” not “Dongo”. Dogo means tall & I know say u gats bend down to dunk… -_-
    “I blow my nose in my hands//cos am a man, wipe it on my shirt and continue counting grands” laughed hard when I saw that. Smh.

  2. Verb permalink

    Lol, I’ve always known he can rap to a good extent when he wants to, and the Aladdin picture, smh lmao, tunde’s abu *sigh*

  3. Dipup0 permalink

    Nice review… Funniest part “telling a baby milk doesn’t last forever” hahahahahaha

  4. iamthedeola permalink

    You guys just had to mention Oshogbo yeah? I. Hate. You. Both.
    That breast milk talk & baby pic got me rolling. Naiz werk.

  5. azeez permalink

    Lmao… Funny review ,, would try to download but not sure I want to bump this.. Too Busy listening to Mr. S.Carter (^_^).

  6. Jemjem permalink

    I tink wat he said was “best of all worlds,my gurl,hair straight,wen we make love it curl”… Does it make sense to u now??….
    Love d Aladdin thingy…Abu is soo cute!

  7. derinola permalink

    Hahahhahahhahaha! Nice One Sho And Tunde….

  8. Daisy permalink

    So you two decided to come back? Not like you were missed or anything (˘̯˘ ) Anyway sounds like a pretty ok mixtape sha, might check it. And I see you guys are still not okay. Tunde, don’t mind Sho you hear? We could make our own fairytale *slips card in ur pocket* call me. 😉

  9. You guys are bastards abeg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “makes me wanna tell a baby breast milk doesn’t last forever” .. i THINK I’VE LOST MY JOB! My MD walked in and saw me laughing like a crazed bastard….

  10. Warri-or permalink

    Funny review sha hahahahaa, ok, but party songs r not for dangerous barz peeplz like to feel good and it was done well! U quote his complex and misquote silly tins. If u dint think he was the best u fo no mention am. Did he say he was? His club songs r the highlight of NDO! Defense Rest!

  11. Escobar permalink

    LOL . Good jokes and a good post. I hope the tape is as good as you’ve made it sound. Will finally download it tonight

  12. Big Mike permalink

    9ice review and I think Goody is a preety good Mc even though he aint d best!!Please Goody stop dis pakurumo kinda songs cus it aint ur thing.Thumbs up guys

  13. This girl is clearly too ugly she had to be born on December 32nd.”
    LOOOL…. Deep sturves!!!!!!!!!!

    *cartwheels out of comment box*

  14. Amaka007 permalink

    “Again” is the best song and its a Pakurumo song! Those type songs are what was missing from his Album and if he didn’t have them u will be shouting. For a guy that never said he wuz the best, I don’t undertsand stressing that. *confused*

    • We never said he shouldn’t have them…we just said he should do them well. He comes off corny when he dumbs down his verses on ‘pakuromo’ songs

      • Amaka007 permalink

        Listen to the versus on “again!!! Even on “She Likes Me” it makes 100% sense w the song. You guyz open a whole blog for him, maybe you will open a restaurant for “the best”

  15. TajBoss permalink

    I agree w some of these comments, u can’t kick hardcore lyrics on dance songz! Its commercial so the flow is commercial. Are u expecting the lyrics in Hausa on “Again”? Listen to Carolina and hear the same. Review is funny but u guyz lack experience. Again, Hausa, Remember Today? He didn’t do them well? “Sit Down”

  16. gregibrahim permalink

    The comedy is ok but put in mind this is someones work so u have to review honest. I’ve been listening to the tape and it seems u guys like harcore songs and go out of your way to water down his hit tracks. Nice review but its a little late to give this kind of review when everyone knows the music

  17. @thabanjmeista permalink

    LOOOOOL!!! definately gonna give the mixtape a listen…so umm Godwon? u shd thank sho and tunde…

  18. @YoItsMalcolm permalink

    Sorry guys but due to recent happenings i had to check again on this review….. And I’m happy i did cause the other niccur has not even had his Mixtape Reviewed in recent times….
    I’m just happy…. 😀

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