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This Music is 2 Illegal

April 14, 2012

The highly anticipated, highly grumbled about, extremely late mixtape from Mister Incredible aka M.I. recently dropped. You can download it here >>>

S: Omo…finally, he has dropped this mixtape. I was beginning to think it was the naija version of ‘Detox’

T: No mind am. The guy just kept changing date on us like we don’t have other people’s stuff to review

*we actually didn’t. We were faffin at SYBT headquarters for a month waiting for this mixtape…hiss*


Coming Home ft Tonii

S: Can I say right now….This is my favourite MI song….EVER! I felt like a Spartan, i was about to jump outta my headphones and kick my brain.

T: I don’t even blame you. This right here is blueprint for how HIPHOP intros should be done

S: I fucking love the sample and please all the people I loved before…I have broken up with them. I Love Tonii. She can be the future Mrs Sho

T: I’ll pray for u and your women

S: Cant get enough of this sample…

T: Have any idea what it is?

S: I think it’s from ‘Send Me A Pillow That You Dream On’…not sure about the cover tho.

6foot ft Phenom

By June next year i will be trying to get my Maybach – Phenom

T: Love this song and whatever they did to the beat, punchlines galore, Phenom came correct too…but err..

S: I know what u gonna say hahaha

T: Mr Abaga…Fido Dido called and he wants his line back

See the difference is clear….7up – (1)

S: Buhahahahhahahahaha. Really tho. That line made me almost forget how awesome M’s first verse was.

T: smh

S: However, this song didn’t pack enough punch to me. I totally forgot about it by the time I got to Track 18

Lost ft Loose Kaynon

So here I am once again on the path to greatness but got to pass thru haters who gon blast u/ but as for classic rap albums my last two (???) fixate on my mixtapes cos the shit’s great/ –M.I.

Am one verse away from greatness lets face this, the game had its head bow’down, am the facelift/ dreams are funny cos u got to chase it and pace it and face it, embrace it the hustle never wasted/ – Loose

T: M.I and Loose! what more can I say..winning combo. Safe to say Loose is part of the ‘got next’ rappers

S: Lyrically, this is a disgusting track. Them niggaz buried it…still need to understand how M.I. flips these samples *scratching head*

T: Like Loose would say…Yedigg!! …or whatever he says. What does that even mean?

S: Yeedig means…U dig…as in u dig the ground so he can bury it *someone call Loose’s manager to pay me for making this up for him*

T: Hahahahahahahah. How did u come up with that shit!

S: When M.I. can say haters can all fall dead here(hair)…Dandruff (2) I can make up ish too lol

T: Noted

 Sex, Love BS ft Kahli Abdu

T: This song makes me wanna grab my baby KEL and sing to her

S:  😐

T: Don’t hate bro

S:  Why would I hate…I have a cuddle session tonite with my baby booski, I will rap Kahli’s verse to her….*pant comoting rhymes*

T: Who exactly? Tonii, Tiwa, *inserts all the other names*

S: Since we are reviewing IM2, you should know who that is….*waving at baby booski*

Do I Move U

Tell me doctor am I ill, 4 years later and i’m spitting still/ and i’m getting hotter if u feel, been warming up, i’m burning up/ 

My position mic magician where’s my merlin hat

i’m in the house, David Guetta Killing this bitches, Jack the Ripper/ Illegal Music 2, am back Nigga, Be waiting on me, Heavy Tipper/

S: Dear Readers, Verse one is M.I.’s best verse….period. What the phuuuuuck! This song is hard. Plus the Nina Simone ‘Do I Move You’sample was perfect…..phuck It!

T: On some Wild Wild West ish!!!

S: More like ‘Down South New Orleans’ type ish!!!

T: Funny dudes give it a rest…Beanie Mac…..What?!

S: *crying Richard Pryor tears* ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )  ……U Hannah Montana, u fucking with Tony!!!!

T: M.I went hardd!!

Notis ft Pryse

I make the haters take it back like it was the wrong kind, i got the biggest cosign so whats ur concern, call it the drumline, coming out with a cannon, i’m the bomb no timer but i’m counting the seconds, making every second count like a cashier, if u haven’t heard the name by now…its Pryse

S: M.I!!!  I don’t wanna hear anything. Haba, What was all this???…Are we getting punished for something we didnt know we did?

T: Buhahahahah

I made my shit stand out …PILE, tell them haters lay down….TILE (3) 

About to push Pryse off the edge….3G (4)

T: I’m not even gonna front, whatever he sprinkles on these beats make the original look like shit

S: The production was pretty awesome. He flipped it sooo well, he forgot to write proper rhymes

T: Besides the tackiest line I’ve heard all year, this track does it for me. What are your thoughts on Pryse?

S: Pryse arm wrestled M. on this song. Once she works on her voice, she will be beasting niggaz easily. She could be the 2nd best rapper on Chocolate City ooo.

T: One song and she’s already top 3 mc for me. (I will forgive her for the “mices” nonsense)

S: Who are the rest?

T: Right behind Kel and whoever comes next

S: Hmmmm…I will not use my mouth and spoil ur household.

T:  LOLOLOLOL you are just a Hater 😐

Star ft Efa and 5mics

No competition I battle mirrors and kill myself, no suicide for me I assassinate myself –Efa

Am’a star, the galaxy my foot stool, am new school my Louis life outshine your Fubu – 5mics

Been here a minute headed for my prime still, follow my steps to blow…career minefield – M.I.

S: BEST beat on this project. This is not a mixtape.

T: So many good Naija rappers, Efa and Five came hard! Too many quotabales

S:  I hate it when dudes taint a good verse with unnecessary punchlines. 😐

T: Stop subbing M.I jor. We are reviewing his mixtape already

S: Ode. Kasali. I am talking about the 1st guy, Efa. All that ‘separation, invitation’…Plus that mutullab line just threw me off for a bit.

T: He was showing Patriotism?! No?

S: Heheheheheheh u be ode I swear! loved the Drizzy sample tho. This song was properly executed.

Superhuman ft HHP

S: Really Dope song. Somehow I wanna say this is a track featuring the two number twos from two countries 😐

T: So ur number ones will be?

S: To the lyrical purists…. Mode and Proverb (This point has nothing to do with who has more money so u can chop mess for even trying to argue with me)

T: Well said my friend…May God bless u with another baby mama

S: Hmmmmm *thinking about what baby mama that would be*. I think i know who the baby mama would be…Hi U (yes u with the Brazilian weave reading this right now)

T: Anyways…I wasn’t really feeling the song, something boring about the chorus…didn’t reach the ‘height’ it was supposed to

S: U dey mad ni! I really do love the musical feel of this record…plus it was a really appropriate subject matter. Not another non-direction collabo.

T: The song was rather *yawn* to me

The XO bit ft X.O. Senavoe

There is no denying that he kinda nice, i’m finding out that even haters even like a n***a like a lying dyke – M.I.

You wanna go for college, sit for SAT, or X me on your chest, that’s a Tit for Tat – X.O.

S: Look…u talk first. Make I talk my own after

T: I’ll let u have the floor on this one …hahaha.

S: I don’t know what it is about this song….this song is bipolar to me. First time I heard…I hated it, liked it the 2nd time. Thought it was boring the 3rd time. I was shouting ‘wooooo’ the 4th time. Now, I don’t even like the beat.

T: I love this song! Both MC’s just vexed. ‘Because ‘they had some ‘Magic’ in the past like the Lakers’ – M.I.

S: But no matter how I feel about this…X.O.’s first two bars were ‘WHAT!!!!!’….after that, he over rapped it.

T: True… he lost me when I had to pause play pause play pause his verse

S: Yeah…after a while…I was like… What is going on here???

But like he said… his flow is so Calabar…what is a common dog??? ….Buhahahaha

T: Hard lines!!!

F U ft Ice Prince

T: Versatility at its best. D12 would be proud of this sample. Song was so nice Ice Prince even tried

S: M channels his inner Em. This is pretty awesome.  I am really impressed by Jude’s verses on this track. Every Slim Shady fan will enjoy this. Hmmm about Ice? …let’s not even go there

T: Why?

S: After all those evil people on twitter did #futureiceprincebars .I am not saying anything about Mr Zamani again.

T: He did however have a hard line na ‘This nigga’s suck their own dick to get ahead of themselves’ coming from Mr Zamani…impressive

S: Ice needs to just either let us know what he wants to be known as…a corny punchline rapper or an actual rapper. Cos this verse wasn’t THAT bad. But folks will just judge him cos of the punishment he has put them thru.

Eyes ft Makiller

S: We should all be rolling one to this one….*Kush Alert*

T: Another song for the ladies

S: What is a MaKiller? Did he Kill it?

T: Pretty decent effort

S: Is it just me, or he sounds like a butter version of Phenom


S: If I can take one thing from this project, its that M.I. is putting a bunch of new acts on. Good look

Export feat. Yung6ix

U Rappers r telling tall tales, nigga i been short/ I spit that murder line, my rhymes r in court – M.I.

Always come 1st like the 1st day of January, u aint always there…29th February – Yung6ix (really???)

T: Don’t know why I love this song…M.I just stays impressing me. Young6 tho?!! Too many weak lines. Duuuuuuude! …..‘Relaxing like my hair’ ….really? dude should just change his name to Young6 to zero after this. In 2012? Na son

S: Love how the track started with the Rozay Devil in a Blue Dress bars. M.I. is really showing us why we loved him for ‘Talk About It’ and IM1 but Yung6ix eh???

Nigeria’s living legend like Wole Soyinka, with the kind of swag Wole wants to show Yinka.



Beg For It ft Maytronomy and Funbi

T: Decent track to me…nothing special

S:Funbi!!! I really like this jam tho. Maytronomy might be from an undying breed of un-cornyness. Really enjoyed his bars. Just simple. He didn’t over do it. Nice flow

T: Yeah, Funbi can sing!!

Ridiculous ft Hench and Boogey

My ghostwriter Allen Poe giving life lectures, from the poltergeist that is hidden inside M.I.’s records – Boogey

T: Boogey!!!!!!! Pls where did M.I find all these guys!!! Impressive!!!!

S: Boogey beasted this song. Gotta say he took both Hench and M.I. out? Who is he?

T: Guess we’ll find out soon *googles boogey*

S: Winner of Underground 6…seen. Shoutout to them Underground folks. Guess i will be at the next one next month. Let me go famz with future stars/ find a new baby mama

T: You are finished.

Pain ft Pope and Shaydee

S: This song sounds like it escaped out of Drake’s pillowcase

T:  LOLOLOLOL .U don mad finish

S: What u mean…I like how this sounds. *now changing bbm status to YOLO*

T: Beautiful music. When it comes to making good music, M.I is the best

S: *puts hands down* Yeah! M might not be your favourite Naij Rapper. But no other rapper makes music most people can enjoy.

T: Preach!!!….this Shaydee dude can sing!

S: Them thief Pope Rhyme Book???  I have heard better bars from Pope. This wasn’t impressive…neither was it bad.

Loving Me

T: Another sweet mushy Abaga song…Good stuff

S: When M.I. gets tired of Rap, he will end up on some alternative music tip. This Jam is smooth

T: Really like the sample

S: That’s Frou Frou – ‘It’s good to be in love’

Heart of the City feat Show Dem Camp and Ruby

First 9ice and Toni Payne Break up, now everyday i wake up more stories in the papers ‘bout the life of entertainers…Hold on – Tec

Feeling like modern day William Wallace, brave hearted hard to tell where a man’s heart is/ I find it therapeutic spitting the verbal massages/ Its like an oasis in the desert full of mirages, regardless/ – Ghost

If I don’t make it here rapping, I know my bro will/ tell me what it cost to be great…I’ll pay the whole bill/ – M.I.

T: Show Dem!!!!

S: My favourite naij emcee is GHOST!!!…*drops mic*

T: Ghost is nice. ShowDem are nicer. HipHop lives. The ‘aint no love’ sample…damn M.I, nice work!

S: Hoooooooova!!! Plus Ruby killed the hook. This song flows effortlessly. I totally forgot this track was 8mins LONG. Dope Track.

The Flower Ft Ruby

They say it insist smart to fly private, so we gonna buy a dumb jet

T: Say it aint so…we at the end???  😦

S: This song is sexual!

T: What theory do u have this time?

S: Errm…(de)flower

I go hard, real hard…boner (5)


S: Love Jude’s flow on this record man! Lyrical heavyweight bars son

T: A wise man once told me ‘ M.I just showed he is the ManUtd of Rap with this mixtape project

S: *sipping berryblast out of my goblet of ‘I told you so’*

T: Yeah! Yeah! I can’t help but agree


T: Besides the corny lines here and there, besides taking shot at haters and critics on most of the songs, this mixtape ..sorry Project is a must have. Best material from him since Illegal Music 1

S: Is this mixtape  project better than MI2? Hell Yes. Is this mixtape project better than IM1? To me…yes. IM2 is M.I. making a bold statement that he still our favourite rapper. Like I said, he might not be your best lyrically but He is the best musical rapper. This album was stacked with features but Mr Abaga still managed to shine on all tracks. I also respect the fact that he featured unknown and underground acts. Pretty solid work from Mr Abaga

T: *holds up a card showing his rating*

S: Aint no way we are giving it that…not with all those corny lines.

T: *scribbles another rating down then holds up card*

S: Alright! I aint mad at that

T: Ladies and Gentlewomen, there you have it

A very respectable…..4.2wRaps


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  1. Escobar permalink

    Well written post. you guys couldn’t have said it any better. that Do I Move You track yeah, no other rapper in all of Africa(yes) can pull off or think of doing something like that. like i said, the sampling on IM 1 was world class, but the one on IM 2 blew it out of water. his best work indeed for me.

  2. Yup! I have to agree M.I has it in him, and fact that he brought in underground Gs even made him stand out. Personally, I think Yung6ix should be flogged 24 strokes of the cane for his verses, he made this grown man drop a tear 😥

    Ice Prince really did good too, I mean since “Somebody Wants To Die” this was pretty cool… From “shaking my belly all over your telly” he delivered “These niggas sucking their dicks to get ahead of themselves”

    But what’s with Ice Prince and milk?

    “I’m milking the game, no tea hommie” – Juju (ELI album)
    “I’m milking the game I aint even at my peak yet” – F U (im2)

  3. Daisy permalink

    Fiinally, and since I have listened to the mixtape, I totally agree… IM2 was on point… Decimals. Err… *disappears*

  4. nk Yung6ix should be flogged 24 strokes of the cane for his verses, he made this grown man drop a tear 😥

    Ice Prince really did good too, I mean since “Somebody Wants To Die” this was pretty cool… From “shaking my belly all over your telly” he delivered “These niggas sucking their dicks to get ahead of themselves”

    But what’s with Ice Prince and milk?

    “I’m milking the game, no tea hommie” – Juju (ELI album)
    “I’m milking the game I aint even at my peak yet” – F U (im2)

  5. theinsanephenom permalink

    *ClearsThroat* Anybody that can pull off an “Ass-Like-That” Eminem-Type flow on a D12 sample has my blessings. Awesome. Just too awesome.

    I agree with the XO analysis. He over did it.
    Boogey? Well “Joke around I’ll eat these clowns so they die jesting(digesting)” is just too sick. He went lyrical, then dark then finished with punchlines. Best guest verse to me.

    Good review. (Y)

    And PLEASE!!! Tell Yung Six not to ever call itself King Of The South…Ever.

  6. IamMafioso permalink


  7. Verb permalink

    I thorughly enjoyed this project, so many dope rappers, nigerian hip-hop’s future is very bright, they should just give us a chance to do our thing, we don’t all wanna be like skales..thank God for the life of some great people we know who support true lyricism, and yh Boogey is crazy, even better on other tracks y’all need to cop..XO over-did it, that’s d problem..sometimes u need to just rap..yung6 *sigh* :x..the wole soyinka picture LOL..fed!..exciting review, I agree with the rating. Peace

  8. Verb permalink

    Oh yeah, just thought y’all shud know, Maytronomy is one rapper that can be very commercial and can be very dope, he’s been in the game for a while and he’s perfected his art, signed to Dipp’s label too, look out for him. MAFIOSO pls u can go to bed loool, ur opinion isn’t welcome here :p

  9. waDude permalink

    For me… “heart of the city” ft ma fav hip hop duo na in carry trophy…. I love IM2…..

  10. boks permalink

    Very good review. Sho and tunde keep it honest. Young6ix should just be shot. Period. To all of u giving ice prince props, just cos he tried to go hard with his flow, he was shit. Dead lines. Loved superhuman, HHP was on point. Would love an MI ft Proverb track though. All in all, classic mixtape. The samples were killa. I guess we should thank MI’s haters and critics, he really threw it down. @sho zamani sucks, period!

  11. IamMafioso permalink

    MI should stop featuring rappers that won’t challenge his inner hip hop spirit. Won’t you all like to see a Mode nine and MI track or some other mad rapper than a lot of the people on this feature. He is international right, I am tired of this MI because there is no serious competition doesn’t mean he should lazy around using corny lines. VERB i don’t hate MI

    • theinsanephenom permalink

      He Ftd HHP, XO, Kahli, SDC, Underground 6 winner “Boogey”… Tryna tell me these niggas aint good enough to… “challenge his inner hip hop spirit”? Or he must ft Mode 9 first before u calm down? Negro please….

      • Mafioso permalink

        Yes that aint good enough. Did any of them murder him on this mixtape. No. Look at what Eminem did to Jay Z on his track. Didn’t HOV learn from it

    • na wa 4 u o, bros.

    • tade permalink

      mafi ur brilliant, d guy is 2 comfortable nobodi 2 challenge his flows….feature sum1 dat will murda u on ur own track dats wat we call hip hop nt u killin evribodi nd makin ur slf feel special. vector wud hv tried, sauce kid wnt b dat idea(im nt comparing)

  12. Love the review(as usual) First ‘beg for it’ is my fav for now…Iceprince didn’t try at all!I love the mixtape though!That fido dido and wole Soyinka picture ehn….tunde and sho u guys are mental #ThatIsAll

  13. Review is on point! *sips seaweed juice*

  14. WhoIsSEm permalink

    XO Senavoe had the best verse on IM2 hands down….bodied MI on the track…didnt care much for the beat tho I see what they tried there with the afrobeats twist.

    lol @ the soyinka caption haha

  15. saucy permalink

    Seriously, 4.2 wraps! That’s waoh from u guys nahmean!
    Efforts of the project have heard so far scares me to listen to it!
    Are u sure u guys haven’t sold out just yet

  16. Redd permalink

    IM2….breath of fresh air

  17. skittles :D permalink

    LOVE the review!!! You guys are legitly insane! So much baby mama drama. Lol.

    The Show-yinka picture slays me 😥 😥

    “Yeah! M might not be your favourite Naij Rapper. But no other rapper makes music most people can enjoy.” Word!

    Great Stuff!!!

  18. Nice review guys. I gbadun am. Y’all always make a nigga wanna bump an album no matter what u make it look like. I think y’all should listen to the yungsix track again tho; dude had childish lyns but he had some good lyns as well. Cut him some slack abeg, lol.

    • Ha BadMAN permalink

      I agree with u on d Yung6ix issue, the guy got some hot bars. Just because he dropped some corny lines does not mean he is wack. He is a good rapper with hot bars. U guys shld listen 2 his past tracks before d Storm 360 signing

  19. @thabanjmeista permalink

    well said guys…word up to ice prince too…loved his flow…now about that Wole Soyinka pic ROFLMAO!!!!

  20. feshelu permalink

    dope mixtape…4.2 wraps make sense; best samples for me are the coldplay and frou frou samples…best song on the tape? i can’t choose one…this ish is THAT good….MIAbaga for president!!

  21. eminemish permalink

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Been waiting on y’all since! :D. Purr-fect review…..I’m crazy about F U….M definitely found his inner “Em” I’m proud :D, iceprince shouldn’ta been on that jare :(….love,sex bs, MI wrote me another perfect love song after “God bless You” (‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘) n Yung6? That boy prolly paid MI to be on that track, king of the south, my foot (˘̯˘ )
    PS: Sho: Me! Me! lemme be your babymama!!!

  22. MajorDisaster permalink

    dope project by MI. Honestly i was beginning to forget why we respected MI as a lyricist in the first place. No hating MI has to be the most complete rapper in Naija. i agree with boks tho would have loved to see an MI / Proverb track to see if MI can really pull his weight with Africa’s dopest rapper.

    How you guys missed X.O’s imBald…iWin..ALEX line i dont know but that has to be the most insulting line iv heard by a rapper this decade…X.O should step it up or give it up

  23. tade permalink

    bought the whole idea of showcasing new cats but a few known guys wud hv killed d mix tape thou….blackmagic nd co

  24. I’l crouch by the fire that i stoke and bump to this…

  25. My Favourite review of the ‘project’ 😀
    i felt like i was there in the room with y’all!!!

  26. ibrahim dauda scopo gee permalink

    Got to say from the bottom of my heart Mi is the best tyn dat eva happened to naija music. Phenom was d bomb,yung6 was hood,tonii I loved so much. This makes me appreciate d art of rap in our blessed naija. Mr.incredible keep doin ds just d way u love to. I love u so much.NO HOMO

  27. canice permalink

    Nice had to get a new earphone brecos of d punchlines everywhere in the ablum.can’t stop listening since I find out about it.being missing my bustop to cos I get carried away all the time when listening to it.

  28. Von permalink

    Word! My best review so far. Keep iot up peeps. M.I is M.I. No competition. Me against I. M.I. CBN nation rocks! CHOCBOIZNATION.

  29. Jus downloaded the mix tape.. yung6 tried na.. /if hip-hop is dead, am rapping from the cemetery/
    it’s young6 over 6…. simple mathematics. for a really young MC, with the right schooling, he’ll step up his game

  30. Correction:-
    F U ft Ice Prince: ‘This nigga’s suck their own dick to get a head (blowjob) of themselves’

  31. Bobwhite permalink

    Yedigg niggers, dis is like d coolest blog I’ve seen all my life oh nd no lie about M.I (like craked cocaine-his DOPE) God bless us all. Seeya am on 2 D next port

  32. i can see that iceprince is the rapper that has the highest of haters,whn it came to his ft “fuck u” d so called analiser never said aything about it.pls hatterz go to hell.Iceprince has the best pure hippop verse in d whole d fucken album..
    U guys ar really funny,very funny,dnt b afraid to say d truth and shame d hatterz.D second best verse goes to XO


  34. I Swear down……Yu quys were crazy on this one……………..Phenom Killed it thO..Efa has always been doinq his shiiT cool…..And for 6ix his a dopehead anytime anyday!

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