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The (Dope) Bandits

April 20, 2012

Rapper, JTown representative, Kahli Abdu teams up with Producer, KidKonnect to create ‘The Bandits’ EP. Here’s what we think about it. You can download the EP here >>

Bandits Intro

05. met Willis, 06 07/ by 08 I spoke words like a reverend/ I connected with Kid Konnect, beats and rhymes verses disconnect to disrepect/

S: hommie said – by the time you land we don’ bought the land’ish the outlandish shh its the bandits . Kahli no dey play ooo

T: delivery and flow on point, kid konnect!!! solid production (notice how we’ll say this on every track) Kahli don old small. – back wen NTA showed telematch …thats old bro

S: I love that its all mellow and sorta introspective. but this is all Kid Konnect!!!

T: Rain dey fall untop this beat na.

S: Lighting and tinz…be Like Ninja Movie…and this sample didnt leave my head for daaaaays

T: Dum Dum Di Dum Dum

S: *now singing* Tunde is Dumb Dumb Di Dumb Dii Dumb

T: Waka

Ghetto of the World

So will it say Son, Father, Husband or Monster/ Will it say he came, he saw and conquered/Never looking back, Victory is onward/Way I feel I can fly in these Converse/

S: This Beat knocks!!! Sample on point. Seems like they sampled something off Angels and Demons.

T: On some cathedral ish…the only problem i had with this song is that its too damn short. I wanted it to go on and on

S: It goes on for me sha… cos I put it on repeat! Kahli spat bars on this.

T: I wanted to ask what was that stuff he was chanting or whispering in the beginning but i dont wanna ask you again…cos na only nonsense you dey hear

S: 😦

Cross Country feat Endia

Abj whats good, thats where all the honeys run/ they running away now, just wait until the money comes 

S: Does he mean Aristo babes are now running away from Abuja cos of Boko Haram??? LMAO

T: LoLoLoL

S: Chai. Thats funny. I didn’t really like the hook when I first heard it but  he sha called my hoods. *Lere and Ikoyi Whaah’up*

T: M.O.P. type beat right here!  I love the way he was bigging up all the hoods. if ur hood aint mentioned here..sorry you are not just that important.

S: I mean he mentioned Agege and Shomolu??? What does that say if those can get shou’routs and ur hood cant? ….Egbeda , Iyana Ipaja, Festac 😦 one day u people will be great….one day.

T: *waving at Magodo peeps*

S: Konnect !!! This his drums ehh. How have we reviewed like 5 rap albums on this site and konnect hasn’t been on all of them?

T: beats me too ( this is a punchline…see… beats…beats me?!? SYBT dey spit too ooo ). he is easily top 5  beatmakers in naij

S: Expected Abdu to be more aggressive on this. His flow was too chilled for this beat.


We make rain fall and water flow/ my mind’s pregnant with ideas and her water broke/had a full tank of patience now am running low/Shit sells(sails) don it, so i bought a boat

T: BARS!!! You know those rap songs u hear and want to wear a hoodie and bump ur head? this is it right – Fela kuti meets Jdilla…he couldnt have said it better

S: Now, I automatically like kahli just cos he isn’t a new skool punchline artist. He actually kicks metaphors like real rappers used to kick’em….that’s winning for me

T: Yeah, he said – i’m the man period i make them bleed always …Thats a dope line right there.

S: Nowadays, na – I bleed….Period. No Always…. ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ). We are doomed

T: We really are 😦

S: On that note, Nas voice samples > Biggie voice samples > JayZ voice samples > Drake voice samples. *folds hands and yimus*

T: You must sha always look for trouble….*quietly consigns sha*

Stuck With You feat. Poe and X.O. Senavoe

Damn dawg, you really got too much on your mind/ me i never fall in love cos it hurts all the time/btw the small fights all night never mind/ Shhht, am tryna save money come valentine – Kahli Abdu

its so sad its come to this, fuck metaphors and sentences/we used to work ourselves out, with 2nd rounds for emphasis/…..all you love is money, when you used to trip for accents – Poe

I heard some pop-tarts say that i got no heart/ but I say my heart is so large I gotta play it smart/am on the charts and my woman always been off the chart/never been Ben-hur, no horse before my cart – X.O. Senavoe

S: Buhahahahaha at the intro

“Omo, I no go lie wahlai! I love this babe, she has her own car, her own house all that shit..BUT…She is fuckin Crrraaaaaaaaaaazy”


S: Anyways, POE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *verse of the album*

T: X.O. *chop and screw* Senavoe!!!!!

S: Poe stuck to the subject matter best. I could relate to his entire verse. *now grabs confetti*

T: HAHA. This song is the definition of sweet…*now whistling* naaa whhhhhuuuu uuuu. Konnect!!!!!

S: *now singing* Tonii….am stuck with uuuuuuuuu.

T: its toni now huh?

S: its Tonii…u missed an ‘i’

T: Ah! Ma binu

State of Emergency

and while the government blow the budget/People flaring up, relationships getting rugged/before the bomb, we all knew nothing of it/ now we will forever mourn our beloved/old neighbors cant feel where the love is, bitter fools preaching hate…we cant afford this/in the press religious leaders saying for-give/take heart, the Lord takes what the Lord gives/ but agree youths have revenge on the menu/ they’ll find a venue and mayhem continues

T: My best song on the mixtape. This song felt too real to me, left me all emosh. R.I.P. to all the bomb blast victims errhwere.. 😦

S: *Moment of Silence*

T: Breeze don enter my eye again…*sniff*

S: This is a touchy subject to some folks. Lost a high school friend to this nonsense

T: Sorry niqqua

S: Shoutout to Kahli and Konnect. Beats and Rhymes 100%. Loved the end…with the keys and bombs. Am emotional too….T, Hug me ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )

T: *thug hug*

Little Brother

S: Best Beat on this album!!!

T: konnect y u never go defjam studio go stand for door 😐

S: this sample got me….wait a minute aint this the same sample as Song Cry? Bobby Glenn -sounds like a love song.  Konnect u iz a demon. When the horns come in….woooooo’weeee!

T: the drums on this song are too mad!! kahli just shows us here, he can be ill on any subject matter

S: Kahli got me saying  ‘Eh yaaaaaaaa’ . M.I. why u do ur lil brother like this na? Why didnt you put him on MI:2? its like Kahli asked M.I., “Can I be on your album”…and M.I. said…

T: LMAO. cos that album no sweet. Kahli, he did you a favour.

S: or maybe its cos Kahli says ‘lavving’ instead of  ‘laughing’ 😐

T: LOL. Where did you hear that?

S: He said it on this song na 😦


S: I don’t know how I feel about this. I like it…but I feel like its missing something

T: same here.

S: But the beat got me two stepping hard. …oo now I know whats missing..

T: u definitely can bump this in the club…but no one will dance

S: they can play the song at Likwid…no one ever dances  …*hiss*


S: This jam needed a  female vocalist on the hook

T: Who? let me guess? Tonii?

S: *blushes*

T: ode. but Kahli never come party in Gidi in a while ooo.

S: How you know?

T: How you go mention Rehab and Caliente as party zones. One is closed down and the other is the capital of bum munchers.


I’m not A Rapper

S: HOVA!!! Love the ‘Heart of the city’ sample – i thought i told you characters am not a rapper, Can I live 

T: Konnect and Kahli!!!!!!!!!! definition of a dope rap song

S: This is what u call…saving the best for last! After this song ends…I get pissed. Talk about leaving a niqqa on an absolute high

T: Loved the way kahli just brags all thru – i wonder what the fuss is i’m better than muthafuckers

S: Mixtape better than your best emcee’s album – That’s like a straight up slap in rappers faces. Pele.

T: 9 songs? say it aint so

S: its an EP sha.

T: i’m glad da prin….sorry mediocrity is gradually leaving hiphop

S: Da what?

T: Da Prince

S: he is not going anywhere. Don Jazzy will give him all Dbanj’s beats. We go hear weh now

T: 😦 😦 😦 😦


T: Ladies and Gentlewomen, Another must have mixtape for Rap heads. Kid Konnect can easily go international with beats like this, kahli too. These are not the average Nigerian acts. Download now

S: Kahli is stll relatively unknown and what a typical rapper would do on a free album would be to just spit bars with every punchline known to man while telling you who he is better than. Mr Abdu steers away from that and instead decides to make actual songs with absolutely flawless production from Kid Konnect (who has gotta have at least one beat on every rappers album from now on or i wont take their projects serious). Kahli might not blow you outta the water but we are fully aware that he can hold his own amongst the heavyweights.

Rap heads will enjoy bumping this….. 3.9wRaps


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  1. Daisy permalink

    Review on point.. I thought the EP was awesome!

    • Daisy permalink

      First! *otis scream* *goes to collect first timer small chops* And chill oh, how old is Kahli? :s

      • whoistunde permalink

        *hands you small chops*

  2. Verb permalink

    YES BOSS!, very brief and powerful project..I hope nigerians appreciate such music in the end..

  3. forlarin permalink

    Gud shiiit…Festac wasn’t hailed? 😦 ,dude shud do a remix. I particularly liked M.I’s dullin sha lmaooooooo

  4. theinsanephenom permalink

    There’s plenty more where this came from. J.Town!!

  5. saucy permalink

    You know those rap songs u hear and want to wear a hoodie……*wait* remember Trayvon Martin, no Hoodie, jor oh!pp

  6. radiokiller permalink

    Just 3.9wraps? I’d rate that shii higher abeg! Just started bumping Khali dis year and I’d say I’m scared! Cos dat nigga aint playing! I agree if u say POE verse is d best on dat stuck with track cos he kept it real, X.O as always over-rapped wtf is “last time I had problems wit a girl it was over moin moin & weetabix”….I’d watch out for Poe tho!! Nice review SYBT! Keep it 100

  7. Bosun permalink

    You guys just love to have fun with them reviews. Will get this one as well. Not had reason to doubt y’all so far. Keep it up.

  8. KareemXCIII permalink

    “State of Emergency” is that song. That hoodie wearing song. Great review. That pic for the Lil brother song got me rolling.

  9. The only song I’ve heard is ‘stuck with you’ the love I have for the song ehnnn the song is too sweet! Kid Konnect is a Beast!!!Why are u pole stingy?ehn?y not 4?You guys would have been mean teachers.LOL

  10. *people

  11. @thabanjmeista permalink

    love the review…the pic with the babies is HILARIOUS!!!…but i dont agree with the “3.9wRap” verdict… a decent 4wRaps will do for me…great mixtape i must say!!!

  12. @thabanjmeista permalink

    lol ddnt read MD’s comment before i posted mine…glad to see someone agrees with me @ least…

  13. feshelu permalink

    yeah…3.9 wraps, i will take that…if you ain’t already, listen to ministry of corruption…this guy and konnect have been serving out heat for a minute

  14. Tunde! Wetin Magodo do you? I have taken this matter pazonal!!!

  15. Sychopath permalink

    Been bumping this album for days and I got to tell u, this guy is most definately the game changer. It’s just sad he’s still yet to be known commercially but hey, all the good rappers and poets aren’t really viable for the commercial market. I think u guys shoulda given a 4.2. Yea! Kidkonnect dropped some mad tracks to this album ( as he usually does. Btw do review The ministry of corruption). If I was defjam na kidnapp I go do to sign him under my label
    Abdu also comes in hard on each verse and from what I hear, he’s getting better at what he does. Now can’t wait for him to drop an album and start getting his royalties.
    Also do a review of Terry’s world domination mixtape. Thing is out. Gonna bump it now and make my verdict.

  16. Mafioso permalink

    REBEL!!! Those XO nation folks can \____

    • #TeamXONation. Pls we are quite a number that ur seat is not big enough Biko. LOL

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