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World Damnation

April 25, 2012

Terry Tha Rapman delivers his latest material, World Domination Mixtape hosted by DJ KayWise which you can download here >>

We decided to have a guest join us for this review. So why not invite HipHop enthusiast, RJ ( you might know him as the crazy host of ‘The RJ Show’ over at Colonel Stauffenberg’s Lounge

T: *On the phone* Dude, our office is on the 5th floor. Take the elevators

RJ: Dont worry i will take the stairs, i need to lose some pounds

S: Haice! Lets get on with this review.

World Domination Intro

RJ: Banging beat!

T: Yeah. Nice beat. Only wished it lasted longer.

S: If only we had known that this would be one of the best tracks on the tape

RJ: You have started already

T: No mind the boi, this is his way

Kush feat Pherowshuz

Am the one Tiwa Savage is in love with, the one she wouldnt mind doing Kele Kele love with/Tried to kiss her in public, she begged me to stop it/ i told her i wont stop till she Love Me Love Me Love Me – Terry

T: LOLOL. Yo Sho, What you gonna say about this man? Terry is talking about your woman like this

RJ: Yeah man, Is it true what Terry is saying? I thought Tiwa was yours?

S: I am the one that left with her heart! no way ahh ahh no way ah….Terry no even get number.

T: did u really just sing ‘no way ahh ahh’?

RJ: He reminds me of a contestant from Naija Sings  😐

S: But on real….why was Pherow rhyming ‘Tiger’ and ‘Golfer’?  thats a rhyme of struggle. Has it really come to this? 😦

RJ: It’s the Shady complicated rhyme pattern I guess. Remember when he rhymed Country & London?

S: 😐 <——This boy is NOT smiling. I rocked with this a little

T: Children, pls don’t try this rhyme at home.

RJ: Terry and Phero trading bars.

T:  found this boring. maybe cos the beat is sorta stale. They should have used something fresh.


S: What is this??? 😐

T: This aint the rapman I used to know 😦

RJ: With the name “Zombie” I expected something different. You know, something more vicious. Something would have Terryfied other rappers on this but he took another approach. At least the competition made up for it.

Shano feat. Pope tha hitman

labels wanna sign me, write me a blank cheque/ Girls wanna ride me, liking my biceps – Pope

S: Hmmmm…this sounds interesting.

RJ: aha! something for everybody. A club-banger. This track will make every booty in the club shake. The hell, it’ll even make Evra & Suarez shake… Dammit Young 6ix!! U’ve influnced me.

S: Smh! Yung6ix and his punchlines. He is behind 80% of my depression

T: I aint mad at this Jam, something to dance to

S: *after Terry’s first couple of bars* Does this guy like a beat??? Why can’t he just ride a beat *pause* properly. Pope stood out on this!

T: Agreed…Pope shine pass

RJ: Agreed

B.M.F. feat Ace tha Emcee

I think am Dangote. Mike Adenuga. Making Money. Halleluyah – Terry

S:  *walks out of the office*

RJ:  Nah, didn’t enjoy this AT ALL.  Not enough stunt rhymes. Terry didn’t flow well on it, sounded like a bit of struggle to me

T: Where is that pic again….Ok! found it.

You wasnt with us when we were counting the gym


T: How you gonna ryhme on BMF beat and still be boring. I swear…this aint Terry i used to know.

RJ: Abeg, what did he just say

T: This struggle is never ending. He just started screaming out “o yo yo daddy is back” 😐

RJ: ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )

T: Totally forgot about Ace the Emcee sef

RJ: He impressed me. But u can’t say he murked Terry. As far as I’m concerned na Ace the Emcee get this track alone.

Soldier – The Faculty feat Terry n Pherowshuz

S: *walks past the door* Why does Terry keep saying Best Rapper Alive???

T: Definitely not after what we’ve heard so far. Rappers need to know it aint about punchlines alone. I loved the beat tho

RJ: I liked it tho. This is the closest to an “Ape-shit” trigger track on the mixtape. Gangster shii. Typa shii u hear & u just wanna quit ur job, slap ur boss trice and walk out the office in slow motion while the song plays in the background. I fux with this.

“Do You fux with the rhymes or the beat???”

T: I fux with beat

RJ: Just The beat….Ninety Nine ( I swear i wound Yung6ix for what he has done to me)

Black & Yellow

S: *walks in…yawns…walks out for a Coffee Break*

T: I’d just like to say here, it’s 2012, how u gon pick a beat everybody is tired of

RJ: I wasn’t feeling this. Maybe its cos I’ve heard several covers of this track & this one didnt have anything special.

T: Nothing special here AT ALL *screams* ‘Sho, Bring me back a cup of coffee.’

RJ: XO’s version was just perfect for me. After that, the rest were bleh.

S: *screams* Wetin u dey mention X.O. name for???

T: *shouts* Be nice to the guest

RJ: *raises both arms & crosses them* #XONation

S: *whispers* another one? This nation get plenty people ooo

Las Gidi Chick

Chicks to dey fall my hand/ so I hit and let em know before hand

S: *walks back in* What is going on here??? Ahhhhhh

T: Good beat to rhyme to, but once again Terry falls all sorts of hands.

S: *picking up limbs from the floor*

T: Some rhymes were as pointless as the ‘one thousand five hundred’ he was saying on the song

RJ: LOL! Found the track funny. First & only track on the mixtape that had a different theme instead of the normal “I’m the best/i’ll better than the rest” typa rap.. So I had no option but to like it.

T: Crashing more sports car than a crash test dummy ? in 2012???  Didnt Ludacris use that line in 2002?

S: RJ, U have an option….that option is not to like wackness

RJ: I don’t give two fucks(foxx) like Vivica & Jamie – nice line

S: Did he say that?

T: Ok…we Foxx with that

S: one nice line. 33 bad ones. Injustice jare.

T: But remove the Rack City beat and place it on another beat..and what u have is average

RJ: Hi Zara Gretti 🙂

S: The song is mundane, bars are lackadaisical…..this is the original lazy song (word to Bruno Mars)


RJ: ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )

6’7 Freestyle

S: This is baaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!! asin not Michael Jackson bad. This is (KC) Fresh bad

RJ: Everything was ok till he said – them say I too dey play. Just dey yarn rubbish/shallow but i seem deep…bowl of nkwobi – O wow! That was sooo Teryyble. *sobs*

T: My rhymes too tap…pipe borne water ??? – Please Sho say it aint so!!!!

S: Na so him talk oo

RJ: #DeathToThePauseStopFlow

S: the pause stop flow messed up this line – none of these rappers wanna fuck with me/ am R.kelly, no be beans to bust sixteen – I give up tho….I aint fucking with this

T: By the way na here im talk dat  ‘2 fucks’ line

RJ: Oh its here? Ma bad. All ’em verses sounded alike

T: How did y’ll even make it pass the first couple of bars. She hails from asaba but she too dey warri ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )  .This is clearly a blueprint for “how to spit wack lines”

RJ: Hi Zara Gretti. His last few bars were creepy tho – I’m African so i like my women thick yea/somebody tell Toolz, I’ll have her kids yea – I thought it was the woman that says “I’ll have your kids” & actually has them but hey, what do I know.

Otis feat Mode9

S: UNCLE NINE!!!!!!!

T: How is he ur uncle? *rolls eyes*

RJ: Well, if you’re on a track with King 9 then u always have to step it up.

T: BABA NINE!!!!!!

S: this is the only track!!! and I say it….ONLY track, Terry actually rapped on the beat all thru

RJ: Punchlines till the beat ending in LUTH/bite me & chip a tooth/ hands down I’m getting HI5s/ I’m the best rap cat. Take shots I’ve got *9* lives – Mode

Dj Kaywise (skit)

S: This kind of rap music CANNOT sell


T: He was lying to Dj Kaywise

RJ: This why Don Jazzy said rap music is dead 😦

S: and Terry was the one that took it P shey?

RJ: *nods*

S: He is not even trying to prove him wrong at all.

T: so sad I swear ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )

Awon Boyz ft Olamide,Vector, Pherow

S: Vector outshines everybody with his flow…..TheEnd

T: This song grew on me, didn’t like it the first time. I actually preferred Phero

S: Phero was just basic. Will Smith type bars. If Rap doesn’t sell for TerrythaRapman, he can be a comedian… The one man that nearly outrhymed modenine…*laugh* without even trying

RJ: I was enjoying Pherow’s verse untill he said “I can kill you with two bars(tubers). No be yam“. I was depressed for a few minutes. Please can rappers leave food out of their verses. Tunde imagine ur baby Kel saying “call me bread cos T(tea) and I go together” 😐

@Showontstop is saucer taping the bread's current


S: Hahahahahhahaha

RJ: Recently I think Vector has been on loads of features so when I heard him say “no kidding like a barren goat” a few weeks back i knew he was running outa shii to say…

T: I pray he saving the good stuff for his album. We will be waiting

RJ: but this verse was hot. His best in a long time. I ain’t even gon’ front, I loved it – I know I was a no-one,no one was me/but I made “no-one” a hit like Alicia Keys – Hi Zara Gretti

S: Oga, u r a guest in our house. Don’t be using this opportunity to be trying to Set P with our celeb fans

RJ: 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

T: I’ll give u the number when we r done….Sho’s just a hater

RJ: J *fist bump’s T*

S: T, u cannot show loyalty shebi? No worry, when MTV comes to sign us, you will see what i weee do to you……  *plays – Oliver Twist*

Introducing Zato

T: really not impressed. Maybe cuz the name of the song is introducing Zato I expected more.

RJ: He has potentials tho…

S: Zato has good flow….outstanding rhymes r not there yet.

RJ: I noticed the J.Cole rhyme pattern he was tryna pull off

S: There is room for improvement here. He has got potential

Zombie – Blaq Bonez

S: His pidgin rhymes r better than his proper english rhymes

RJ: Winner of the Zombie challenge?

T: Did he win? How?

S: This RJ no get sense

T: Ok..he aint bad tho. He had some ‘wow’ lines and some dead lines

RJ: Permit to say this is another case of “Over-rapping”.

S: Please don’t use that word here…some people don’t like it. Especially the leader of your nation.

T: LOL. You have started again

RJ: LMAO. I mean, it ain’t near wack. Home boy actually has mad bars but he rapped for 3:06mins and about 2:40mins of that,punchlines. Mix it up a bit. 7 punchlines & chilled lines for the rest would have won me over. All good tho.

S: Shey he is a lucky fish?

T: I liked the line ‘my lines off the hook, some people call me lucky fish’ 😐

Zombie (Boogey)

Forgive me father I have sinned if I may confess/I engaged in sex with my hommie’s girl,Elizabeth/ For long he stayed erect. I made his babe his ex/ It made him masturbate to death and even his pastor came to pay respect/ They like ‘Boogey, you the devil in human form/and when you were born/you had times two the horns of a unicorn

S: BOOGEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T: Best everything on the album!!!

RJ: This mixtape kinda reminds me of Carter IV. On Carter IV my favorite track was the last track, Outro & Wayne wasnt even on it. On this mixtape this is my best track & Terry aint even on it. Damn Boogey!!!!!

S: This album STARTS and ENDS at this track….BOOGEY bodied EVERYthing!!!!

RJ: What Boogey basically did in under 3mins was show how diverse he can be as a rapper. 2verses with a perfect mixture punchlines, storytelling, humour, mad flow AND if u listen closely you’ll notice he actually attempted to define “Sinzu”

S: What is sinzu?

RJ: Sinzu is ….. Sinzu ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯

S: Ode ni bobo yi

T: We could actually quote every single line of this song…and not find anything wrong

S: Absolutely Nothing wrong

RJ: My fav line —> Students of the game, u getting carry-overs mostly/I’m at the top of my class just like Terry,Overdose and our very own Pherowshuz (HEEEYZ! STOP FAMZING)

S: This is going into SYBT’s rhyme of year journal

T: Let’s just hope Boogey blows…

RJ: I said a lil prayer for him the first time I heard this. The game needs this. I hope he does become known & great

S: We are gonna shutdown the office when his mixtape drops

RJ: He came 2nd in the Zombie challenge. That shii still hurts me 😦

S: How did he come 2nd??? Who was first? Get out of our office jare

T: Don’t kick him out yet…


S: This is the first Terry Tha Rapman project I have bumped, I know folks call him a vet and all but this ain’t vet calibre. I just deleted the mixtape (but saved Boogey’s track)

RJ: for a mixtape I feel he didnt diversify enough. He restricted himself to music for the rapheads only and that didn’t even work for me. With the exception of the Intro and Las Gidi chic, the mixtape felt like a 40mins+ song split into 12 places cos most of the verses were basically saying the same thing. I expected a lil bit of experimenting. Trying to win over people from other genre and thats what this mixtape lacked

T: This clearly is not Terry Tha Rapman I used to listen to. A lot of weak lines and beat selection made this mixtape poor and boring

S: 1wRap

T: 1 wRap haba!!!

RJ: 1 wRap??? Chai

T: Sho u dey vex!!!

RJ: Like really??? LOL. Na that Man Utd/Everton 4-4 dey vex u? 😦

T: *raises sign with rating*

S: Lai Lai. This Tape was a struggle. Gimme something else

RJ: *writes rating and raises placard*

S: The beat selection was wack…the rhymes were too poor. You people are not serious *deletes it from recycle bin*

R.J:  AH! This is serious oo. Oya 2

S: 1.9wRaps…Final!!!

T: Hehehhehehe

RJ: Man, na so Sho dey do for this reviews?

T: Na him way be this oo

S: Ehen, so yall wanna put this on my head eh?

T: RJ, Thanks for coming thru

RJ: No doubt! thanks for having me. Peace out yall. Bye ZaraGretti

S: *closes door* Na me and you go dey here next week. Sell Out Oshi


Peace Yall

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  1. khalilabdul permalink

    Terry the rap goat

  2. Jemjem permalink

    Funny Evrytime I’m readin these posts,I visualise everything I read.. Great Sth..
    Tunde tell Kel not to disappoint wen next we hear from her,ds one bread n tea r goin
    Best part of post… Sho singin to Tiwa savage!

  3. trafels permalink

    “Call me bread ‘cos Tea & I go together” 😥 <——- any rapper that spits this should/will be shot in the throat.
    Terry no try sha

  4. cumical permalink

    Yeah, that Zombie track is hella dope. Not bothering to get the mixtape though. Sorry Terry.

  5. Verb permalink

    LMAO!! Finishing!..see as dem wash terry like underwear 😐 South-shout to yung6ix 😐 . BOOGEY.. I’m watching you lol.

  6. Bosun permalink

    To think I anticipated this tape seeing as I’m a fan of Terry. I was so bored and pissed after the Otis track with Mode 9 I stopped the tape and closed my media player and went to bed angry. He disappointed big time and like you said, not vet material. He should go into fashion/making tshirts “boys are not smiling 😐 ” that way he’ll make money. Not this way.

  7. Bosun permalink

    Oh yeah RJ please stay away from Zara Gretti. Only warning. Thanks

  8. Mafioso permalink

    Well, I bumped the mixtape yesterday and I was dissapointed. I no go lie you I skipped every song when I got to the middle.

  9. Big Mike permalink

    *Smh* this is definately not d terry I used 2 know,his a shadow of his self!Uncle 9 24 gun salute 2 u.Please show n tunde when is @erriganewmoney review going to be out?

  10. illausstr8 permalink

    lmao @ all

  11. @thabanjmeista permalink

    loooool!…for some reason i havent downloaded the mixtape… only listened to “zombie, “otis” and “shano”…loved otis tho… im a terry fan but in all honesty Terry ddnt try with this mixtape… gonna listen to the boogey track deffo… on a final note #DeathToThePauseStopFlow

  12. I loved Terry’s Zombie, that track was dope! I always said Boogey shuda won the challenge, the dude got mad delivery! He killed that track. I didn’t like the dude that won (what’s his name again?) version of zombie, his delivery didn’t work for me.
    I like 6 foot 7 a lot, funny lyrics. I didn’t like Otis, the delivery didn’t do it for me. I like Shano, I can party to it. Haven’t heard the rest. S is mean tho! Ah ahn!

  13. “Typa shii u hear & u just wanna quit ur job, slap ur boss trice and walk out the office in slow motion while the song plays in the background.” LOOOOL! RJ u’re not alrite! But I feel u. Rozay makes me feel that way. Lemme go n download that “Soldier” song.

  14. KingDiezel permalink

    Make I no lie.. I wantd to diss d mixtape but Terry follows me 😦

    • feshelu permalink

      i for still diss am…no offence but i no tolerate wackness!

  15. feshelu permalink

    good to see i ain’t the only one who hated this mixtape…terry da rapman better get back to spitting that hard shit wey we know you can spit!

  16. Daisy permalink

    Haven’t DLed the mixtap (after this, don’t think I will ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯ ) But I’d try ’em other songs. Oh and thanks for keeping the promise of making me laugh this week. Post was hilarious. And RJ should have his head checked and come on here often…

  17. Toma permalink

    Som folks just sit around nd take jabs at d efforts of other pple in d name of criticism dts nt even constructiv. Al d 1ce sayin rubbish, Try putin ur time,sweat, money nd effort on a 3track Lp nd let pple help u scrutinize it nd lets c hw u wil fare. He did a song 4only rap heads nd shud ave diversified as if there is a writing laid down rule on d formats nd approches 2ke wen doing a Mtape. No worry ur karma dey corner dey luk ova ur activity

  18. Jorge permalink

    The review was humour filled and a really nice piece from a writer’s point of view.. But on the REview itself I feel it wasn’t objective enough saying Terry rap off beat is a slap on the face on his personality.
    I also feel isolating some lines and make a mockery of the whole song isn’t also right… But like I said a very good piece.. Very interesting to read keep that part up

    • Slap in his face?
      nah, nothing we say is directed at his personality. its simply what we heard.

      why do we isolate some lines? becos bad lines ruin songs.

      Thanks for the compliment 🙂

  19. Kai!Mixtape must be bad 😦 I never liked his music was kinda boring even when he was in Swat Root (#TeamEldeeXtraLarge :D) Yes,when are u guys reviewing Erigga’s album na.

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