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Away and Be……

May 8, 2012

Tuface Idibia released his latest album titled “Away & Beyond” a week ago. For this review, we invited our very close friend (famzing), The hardest working man on the web, (The Diddy of Setting Ps, The Beazy of Blogging) Editor-in-Chief at ……..TheToolsman

S: Toolsman, Welcome to SYBT *pops bottle of eva*

T: We usually have girls around to entertain our guests, but today’s Saturday…they’ve all gone for the weekend

TM:  *raised eyebrow* you don’t say?

S: SYBT is putting them through college. Here at SYBT, we believe that knowledge is power. School is good for (the) Brain.


TM: Can I come back during the week? or better yet Can I enroll at the school?

T: Na ladies only

S: Depends…can u ‘pop, lock and drop it’? What can u do for these $1 bills in my hand?

TM: Smh I’ll just buy the school then.

T: As a Boss!!!!!!!

S: Big Boi!!!

TM: No time

S: *singing* No one on the blogsphere has swagger like TNC!

TM: You know deez

T: No wahala. We run on gen. let’s start, money for fuel cost gan

Higher (Spiritual Healing) feat Huma Lara

T: Before Sho jumps on this Huma Lara babe on the chorus…she’s mine. She already has the contract to sing to me every night in bed. She can give me spiritual healing any time.

S: I am done collecting baby mamas. Just like 2face, I hope to propose to one of my baby mamas before we end this review. 🙂

T: This is my jam, took me a while to get pass this one, kept repeating and repeating…

TM: Wait! Tunde are you talking about Priya??? *Yeah That’s her name* She’s the one making me breakfast.

S: Toolsman, She is Punjabi??? *now busts into random singing and dancing*

T: You are not too big to be shown the door 😐 Toolsman

S: Ah! You are threatening our guest? Mogbe

T: Priya is mine!!!

S: Okay…‘Pri’ is for Tunde…‘Ya’ is for Toolsman. O ti to!


TM:  Am I the only one that kept thinking it will switch to spiritual konji? 😐

S:  X_X

Omo T’osan

T: This song grew on me, regular Tuface track. nothing special. Didn’t really like it at first

TM: Not for me; something about the lyrics. But I noticed the use of the word “spiritual” again… Are we missing something?

S: The album is titled ‘Away and Beyond’….only Spirits, Angels and R.Kelly can fly.

T: Maybe he’s now born again?

S: Loved the production…J.sleeky sleeky

TM: Yeah, Good production

Bother You feat Terry Tha Rapman

S: This is a jaaaaaaaam!

T: Felt like the rap wasn’t needed tho

TM: Mad tune…Kept imagining the video as I listened, and Yup…no rap…At least maybe not from Terry. He surprises me…For someone who’s been around for so long he often gets these shots and I don’t think he made the most of it

S: Live. I can act this video with Tiwa…”Tiwa, don’t let them boooother youuuu”

TM: Me and Priya all the way… ┌(˘.˘)ʃ

S: Please…keep the peace. U and ‘Ya u hear?

T: Anymore Priya outburst and I’ll call security  😐


T: Good production, mad jam…but why did he scream ‘Arsenal’ at the beginning of the jam

TM: Hey.. Don’t hate on Arsenal

T: Tuface has more ‘trophies’ than Arsenal 😦

S: Buhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha

TM: So Priya is now a trophy? Wait.. He doesn’t even have her anymore… Anyways.. I love when 2face does ragga/reggae.. But somehow I thought this one dragged

S: I agree. This song needed a feature. Solid production tho….

Steady Steady

S: ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ

T: Its safe to say JSleek and Tubaba already have a formula

S: The beat kinda sounds like Breezy’s ‘happy people’

TM: Its the “dum dum ke dum” formula.. TuBaba excels on those beats

S: If u say Tomato…I say Tomayto…na the same tomatoes  ┌(˘.˘)ʃ

T: I’m taking it you’ll teach Toolsman some of your steps

S: Toolsman doesn’t dance….he is a Bawse *Rozay Grunt*

TM: I don’t dance I just do the Diddy shuffle 😐

Dance In The Rain

S: *waving my hand from side to side* This song is perfect!

T: I agree

S: Femi Ojetunde!!! How am I just hearing about this guy? Producer toh bad

TM: This is my jam!!! I like the way he enunciates “enjoy my life”.. Kinda like Asa .. And don’t you just love it when 2face actually delivers a “written” song and not just freestyle.. (yes you can tell)

S: Exactly! Hommie sat down and wrote these words down. Singer/Songwriters >>> Artistes

T: But this young man here ain’t dancing in the the rain or smelling the grass

TM: *doing the diddy spin in the rain like in the i’ll be missing you video* 😐 Femi Ojetunde did good.. Another ‘dum dum ke djm’ beat tho

S: Guess who always dances in the rain? Punjabi people *looks across at Priya*

TM: *looks at Sho* Grrrrrrrr

T:  Sho 😐

S: You, Toolsman and Priya can all be in a bollywood movie. it will go something like this…

T: O_O

In Your Eyes

S: *takes opportunity to Call Tonii* Hey Booski,when are you coming home?

T: What’s a Tuface album without a conscious song. can you pls remind me

TM: Trust 2baba to throw in a conscious tune.. A lot of subs on this one.. And I couldn’t help doing the atilogu shuffle at the chorus J Sleek killed it again.. No dum dum ke dum .. Awesome

S: I don’t like looking into peoples’ eyes for more than 2secs…eyeballs creep me out 😦

T: 😦

TM: So Sho, you are calling Tonii.. Does that mean you’re no longer with Aunty Tiwa?

S: Face ur ‘Ya abeg. Tuface has thought me that one baby mama is never enough…

Freedom is Life

T: I loved the part he was speaking *inserts name of language here*

TM: Typical 2face.. Throw in a tune in his native language

T: Regular Tuface track

S: Best part of the song. Think he should have done it through out the song.

TM: Err.. I dunno about all through the song tho. He does manage to make that language sound better than it is

S: Tuface speaking his language >>> Tuface doing a yoruba hook

TM: Hahaha.. We already went past track 2 now


S: Femi Ojetunde again! Beautiful song

TM: Another really good tune.. Love the hook.. Awesome delivery from him and Mr. Femi Ojetunde..

T: I fux with the song too…

S: I need a new baby mama to be my rainbow. How many baby mamas does Tubaba have again? I don’t wanna go over or under. This is so tasking

TM: Dunno about that ‘give you the keys to all I’ve got’ line tho

T: Sub to his new wife perhaps

S:  *pointing at @yewiedewie, @DammyDiva, @JadenTM* one of them can be my Rainbow 🙂

TM: Errr, Sho… Let’s not go there

T: This is what i deal with all the time. The boy is finished

Dance Floor

T: My best song on this album!

S: Really? Femi Ojetunde on the bee-zit!

T: Dude is a wonderful producer

TM: For real? I like it. Could do with a Chris Brown ya know 😀 .. But not bad at all but can you notice the Ghanaian slant too. Its very heavy on this album

S: By the time Naija finish with Azonto…Essiens and Mensahs no go want am again 😦

Keep On Pushing

TM: Absolute freestyle here…. Spellz brought his game.. But not really a memorable tune for me. The lyrics put me off.. “dress well.. Address you well” .. Nah

T: Guess this is the ‘feel good’ song of the album…felt like somethings were missing. Not really feeling this one.

S: Me, I dey feel this ooo. Nice beat by Spellz. U know me i like dancing with razz people at elegushi. ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ

T: *yawn*

TM: Neeeexxxttt

Ihe Neme

T: Not just any other dance track. ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌

TM: That is ma jaaaaaaaammm

S: #BigTuuuuuuuuuuuuuune. Best Song on the Album. Someone should come and explain wetin ‘Ihe Neme’ mean

T: Notice all the greetings at the beginning of the track?

TM:└(^_^)┓┏(^_^)┘└(^_^)┘┏(^_^)┓….what about them?

T: 1 for each kid perhaps?

S: Buhahahaha


O.N.O.(Omo No Dulling) feat. Dammy Krane & Rocksteady

T: One word for me? Dull. Expected something better

S: Am I the only one that can’t stand this eardrum scratching voice Dammy Krane keeps singing with??? He should just sing normally jor. Leave this pitch to Wizzy

TM: The two features did nothing for me

T: Guess that’s Dammy Krane’s style

TM: Another Ghanian thing going on trying to jump on the azonto success

S: Make i try something…┌(˘.˘)ʃ…*stops dancing*…Nah, Azonto no go sweet on this

T: Nothing will be sweet on the song…*yawn*

Bad Man, Bad Girl feat Becca

S: Azooooooooooooooonto!!!!

T: Definitely…something for the Ghenien people

S: Love the hook

T: ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌

TM: Hmm… Touchy .. I like but Becca sounded a bit off sometimes to me

S: She is Ghanian…..*thats my reason and am sticking to it* 😐 I need a Ghanian lover sef…..who has Efya’s number here?

T: 😐

S: Efya can be my bad girl 24/7 365 . Nothing I won’t do for her ┌(˘.˘)ʃ


T: Where is this Toolsman guy?

S: Toolsman…Why r u distracted? Norwich are twacking ‘The Arsenal’ shey???

TM: I don’t wanna talk about it…Last Song pls

S: ….*skips last song*

Chemical Reaction feat. Naeto C


TM: *skips after Sho*

T: Sounds like something I’ve heard before

S: T, join the skipping jare..who sent u to give us your own thoughts about it?

T: No be review we dey write? 😦

TM: Naeto C was def high on some chemical reaction from his new wife

T: Like ‘enter the place’ wannabe *yawn*

S: I don’t know what u people are talking about…i am already at the verdict section


T: Another good effort from Tuface, solid production, decent lyrics, definitely not his best effort, but I fux with it.

TM: Good effort. decent production, still have issues with effort. At this stage of his career I think he should be churning out more exportable tunes meaning more properly written material and better features possibly from international acts.

S: Like i read earlier “Tuface doesn’t need a review” this is true if he is content with just releasing material for Nigerians and other African nations. But i personally feel like he is our biggest star and his music can be bigger (now i sound like Daniel Anderson…am too ambitious). This album won’t stand out in Tuface’s catalogue but on its own…it is a pretty solid effort

A decent 3.3wRaps 3wRaps

S: Thanks Mr Toolsman for coming through

TM:  Yup yup…thanks for having me. No (P)riya…*walks away to go dance in the rain punjabi style*

S: Please tell TNC people about us…we want groupies like u 😦

TM: Maybe if you send us some of your girls

S: U can have Kel….

TM: Ah! So much for groupie love

T:┌П┐(◣_◢)┌П┐ the both of y’ll

TM: *adjusts halo*

Peace Out!

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  1. dipti permalink

    Mad! Y’all are just mad..
    T & Toolsman stop fighting over Priya..
    There are enough Indians girls to go round 😉
    And yeah, not the best of 2face but decent album..

  2. @ariyoopeyemi permalink

    Good comment,bt 4 me chemical reaction was also a jam.I love tubaba all d way,noting u guys can say to change dt

  3. Verb permalink

    “Oooh uh Priya”, “oooh toolsman, I can feel your tool” LMAOOO!!..that’s all folks..funniest shit in a while.

  4. forlarin permalink

    AriyoOpeyemi is a FAG!!!! (˘̯˘ )… :p

  5. Daisy permalink

    This shit was freaking hiliarious! Unfortunately I’m at a bank presently, can’t laff well *sigh* 😦 Haven’t been able to DL the album tho, the stupid city I’m on assignment to won’t let me great (˘̩̩̩.˘̩̩̩ƪ). Would have to re-read this tho after my (predictably) long day… Still mad at y’all small (˘̯˘ )

  6. lol!!!! crazy as usual.. Ihe n’eme means ‘something is happening’ – in Igbo at least maybe it’s different in *insert 2face’s language here*….. definitely getting the album…

  7. yewiedewie permalink

    lol….really nice post/review…:D

  8. ayaba permalink

    I am still laughing. I am at work o. This my colleague thinks I am mad. LOL!!! But those pics…LooooooooooooL

  9. trafels permalink

    Lol… That picture of T in the rain #classic . Dance in the rain !!!!

  10. I bought this album in traffic, I was looking for it with all my power and might. When I finally found I bought two. Yes yes I was too excited. I have to say this…I was not blown away. At a point I wanted to doze while driving…I listened to the album like three times back to back still…I like maybe four songs for now…I don’t understand what u guys are on about o with the dancing smileys…lol. Oh and yes auntie Yewie u will comment na…rainbow LOL

  11. tade permalink

    ariyo whose gist?……..i luv wat u guys do mehn ur hilarious big ups 2 u guys!!!!!!!

  12. KareemXCIII permalink

    Exactly the review I needed. *Now going to get it*. trusted Tubaba to deliver tho. Nice review. Never a dull moment reading your blog!

  13. tade permalink

    bt wait im nt done nw…y ds guy dey always form bad guy na only d guy album u no go c free links 2 download nd d album is expensive, as a nigerian i shudnt spend more dan a hunred and fifty naira on a cd,it hurts wen i ask dos retarded guys in traffic nd dey open deir big mouth nd say one thousand…morafucker do u knw hw many ppl one thousand will feed in Liberia, yh we gt kill piracy in the country bt nt dig hole in m pocket cos i wanna listen 2 gud music. 2face stop puttin price tag on ur records lie 2 ur producers dat its charity work nd dey will charge you less…..oya bck 2 real tlk, y did 2face sign dammy crane thou is he trying 2 create anoda wizkid nigga pls dat dude can only cry dats nt singing he has abused the use of culture in contest of music he shud calm down nd go 2 a music skol of sumfin. i still dnt buy the idea of 2face signing him thou apslutely rubbish nd disgrace 2 d industry(ds is not beef o)he missed use his talent….100gbosa 2 W4 in making that kontro song i bet the dude didnt knw d song was gonna blow lik dat lucky bastard…errrmmmmmm wat do i want to say again about hypertek ppl *skratch head *chop biro *turn head 2 d side *counting the ceiling ……watevs mehn DAT SHIIII CREEEEEYYYYY

  14. Ihe na eme–> thngs r happenin’…Igbo.
    Im not worried about d ”bad” songs.. Like other Tuface songs,its only a matter of time *random listens* b4 they bcome my favorites!! 😀

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