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Solar Perplexed

May 10, 2012

Don Jazzy and friends (D’Prince, Wande Coal, and Dr Sid) are back with a  new look. A New Label (Mavin Records). Tiwa Savage has joined the allstar roaster and they have surprised us with a compilation titled Solar Plexus which you can download here

We decided to try something different this time. Because we love our fans so much (and yes, we have fans) we decided to  invite one of our biggest fans @bosunescobar to join us with this review. SYBT loves its fans yo.

S: Yo, Welcome to SYBT lil man.

T: Make yourself at home.

B: Hey, How come? No half naked big breast babes here to greet me

T: They only come on Monday, Friday, and Special Thursday. Sorry

B: 😦

S: Lets Begin

What are your expectations?

S: I am Tiwa Savage’s Lover. My baby does NO wrong, I think Don Jazzy is the best producer in Africa. Wande Coal released the greatest pop album ever in Naija. Dr Sid dey try. I no send D’Prince

T: I think D’Prince is wack!!! So i expect nothing from him, whether na Mavin or Mohits….It’s still DON JAZZY AGAIN.

B: Man, when i heard about this…i was like YES!!! A compilation consisting of beats from one of the best producers in the game, one of the best voices in Wande, hit-master-trash-yarner D’prince…They CAN’T go wrong


T: If you don’t know the meaning and can’t pronounce ‘mavin’..listen to the intro

B: For some reason I listened to the Intro. Nothing special here.

S: Skillfully. Genius. Champion. Sensation…..with words like these…I am hyped

B: Hyped by the words? Or Tiwa’s voice?

S: Apparently its not Tiwa. I heard its some babe named Toni Tone doing the drops.

B: You don’t say

S: This ain’t Tiwa, My Tiwa ‘moantalks’  ^_^

B: It’s not Tiwa? Wow. That fooled me. I thought it was.

I’m A Mavin

S: BEAT!!!

T: Beat!!!!!!

B: *Angry Face*

T: But the lyrics 😦

S: This song is all about Don Baba Jayyyy and Double U C!!!! Hot beat and dope hook

B: Please what beat? Everyone has been going off about this, but this doesn’t even rank in the top 50 beats Don Jazzy has done

S: It doesn’t have to be a top 50 na. It’s still a hot beat

B: I thought it was my phone, then I plugged it into speakers. And I was like 😐

T: Don Jazzy has up to 50 beats? Who wulda thunk?

B: The hook is on point so no problem with that. Its WC.

S: Am i a sadist?? because I enjoyed the simplicity of D’Prince’s verse. The guy ‘used to dey fly kite’ 🙂 …I took a 20second nap for Dr Sid’s verse *yawn*

B: Sho, wait, you got past the first 2minutes? You’re strong o

S:I wanted to hear my Tiwa na

T: And how was Tiwa?

S: Man, Tiwa’s verse was dipped, boiled, baked, buttered, roasted in autotune. 😦 They should allow my booski sing jor

B: Can we move on? Please I have to be with my lover soon. Hi LanaDelRey 🙂

S: But Bosun, she has no boobs? How do u love her?

B: Please true love is blind to boob size. Have you seen her lips? Plus she’s an angel among humans 😐

T: O Ga o

Oma Ga

S: Please can we talk about how beautiful my Tiwa, my booski is?

T: I’m sorry but did D’Prince write this song for Tiwa? Cuz this had zero or no content

S: Tiwa has beautiful lips. Lets focus on her lips please

B: Zero. It’s like she was trying to sound like Reminisce on the 2nd verse. Beat is poor. Song is poor.

S: Tiwa smells like peaches and roses ^_^

T: Oga, Please stop all this washing and talk about the song

S: 😦

B: No mind am. you are trying to avoid her fuck up!

S: I ain’t gonna lie. I couldn’t stand it the first time i heard it. Tiwa is a proper songwriter and this CANNOT be her doing ( Dr Sid wrote this song)

B: Why u dey blame Sid?

S: Cos he put her in his video 😐 But with that said, after 3more plays, I love the hook, not the greatest Jazzy beat but i will take it. Plus i love the background vocals. La La luuu luuu La Luuu .

B: Lamba. Number. Swagger. Assunder. Samba. Baller. Kaka???

T: She forgot Asanda, Panda, Banger and Ass Thunder

S: 😦

B: Asin…What is all this? …..”So you think you can rap whack?”

S: Like i said, She didn’t write it jare  so yall cant be judging her. The song still take style sweet small. would have preferred if she wrote a proper pop song tho.

B: SMH. She’s kuku your babe Sho.


T: You Only Listen Once!!! Definitely not playing this one AGAIN!!!

B: Dr Sid is a RETA…(we don’t support personal insults towards artists here at SYBT, so Bosun’s insult has been edited) RAGOLIS bottle for this track

T:  Hahaha!! Bosun chill on that…we no dey abuse people 😦

S: LMAO!!!!

B: You have to be extremely mad & intoxicated to enjoy or even listen to this track. D’Prince is the supposed clown of the team but after this song, Dr Sid is now the class clown. Even D’Prince can’t come up with this.

S: Maybe D’Prince wrote this….had a bet with Dr Sid, Sid lost and he had to sing the song? That’s the only theory I can come up with now

B: Sho come to think of it, I agree.

T: I actually love this jam… shebi u only live once? na to Yolo men…*dance*

Bosun: *ignores T*. He’s breast deprived

S: Big T, i can see you have lost all your home training. Na people wey no get home training like this song

T: 😦

See Me Ri

S: What does this mean *scratches head*

T: Mushin slang I guess?

B: Definitely Mushin Lingo

S: I guess, since he moved outta Mushin to Mohits …I mean….to Mavin 😦  This name no sweet jor

B: You know the whole Wande can never go wrong on a Don Jazzy beat? Well he did on this one. There’s a first time I guess

S: Man, Wande no say….’It’s Don Jazzy again’ …he no even say….’Maaaaaaay Veeen’ nothing. I am sad

B: Can I just point out something, this is the 5th track and all the beats have not been up to par. Very very poor for someone of Don Jazzy’s standards.

S: I kinda understand…this beat wasn’t bad tho, sounded like person dey blow plenty banger. Wande is sha missing something?

T: What?

B: LOL. I think Dbanj  ‘He Who Must Not Be Mentioned’ got the studio from Jazzy when they split. Jazzy had to use fruity loops to do the album 😦

T: U people self. What were u guys expecting?

B: What were we expecting???

S: BANANA!!! #pause #nohomo


S: This is a JAM!!!  Finally!! something on this album that is making me go mental.

T: Tunnneeeset!!

B: Finally a song you can dance to.  D’Prince is d cruise/jonze master and this is perfect song for him. You won’t go out of your way to listen but you gats break out the azonto when it comes on.

S: Hear this beat naaaaa. when the hook comes in, the drums! the synths! IDJA!!!!!

T: The beat goes in. I don’t even want to know what banana means

S: I know what banana means….its that thing that you give girls that make them “Yo!”…No?


B: Hi @OsaFesity. I love you. Sorry for squeezing your bumbum the other day.

S: Yo! Bosun…you dey mad? you dey come here dey set P and do shoutouts? face this review jor

B: Sho I’m madly in lust with @OsaFesity.

T: Banana? Monkeys?

S: Rev. Jesse Jackson won’t find this song funny at all. “Are u calling our women monkeys?”

B: I know a few monkey-esque babes o. Unfortunately.


S: If there is a girl out there…and a guy u know was dying and with his last breath he sang ‘CPR’  to you and u were supposed to save him…Let him die. Eating Akara at his burial sweet pass this.

B: This CPR production is decent. I see what Don Jazzy was trynna to do. Like a David Guetta/Taio Cruz combo.

T: This song is by far the poorest I’ve heard this year

B: Tunde na wa o. So this song is worse than YOLO ?

T: This song sounds like the soundtrack to a VCD cleaner

B: LOL. It’s ok. I don’t have any problems with it asides from the heavy autotune and off key notes

S: Autotune ke? Off key notes??? U could actually hear when Dr Sid’s voice breaks…when he sings “You” Lord! I cringed. where was autotune to save it. Where was T-Pain?

B:  Tpain is at the homeless people shelter aka ‘Fameless’…..he went to visit Mike Jones/Ruggedman/Durella/2shotz

S: AH!

T: This song is too dead.

S: I ain’t gonna lie but if someone else sang this jam it would have been dope. Why didn’t he leave it for Tiwa or Wande na 😦

B: Tiwa is in the naughty corner kneeling down and raising her hands after that ‘Oma Ga’ song.*takes 4 tablets of panadol extra* the headache from this album is real.

S: Iyawo mi??? kneeling for corner???? TUNDE! HOLD ME OOO. I GO WOUND THIS BOI

T: *texts Sho* Abeg Chill. you go wound am after we finish this review, me sef wan blow am.


B: This Forever song is just funny. After doing David Guetta/Taio Cruz with CPR, they tried to do a Chris Brown kinda song. Another Wande & Jazzy fail

T: I’m sure they did this on purpose, like put it back to back. Dr. Sid, ‘how not to use autotune’, Wande Coal, ‘how to use autotune’

S:  This beat didn’t match the song. Wande killed it (along with the autotune)

B: Might as well use this time to shoutout my girls. Hi @JoannaEK & @ClaireMonae. I love you both. Claire more of course.

S: But…Wande….Errmm…This song could…if you listen to….like the part that went..i don’t even know what to say

T: Don’t say anything



T: LMAO *taps Sho on the back* Its okay, Its okay, Let it go…Lets move on

S: 😦

Why You Over There


T:  I don’t care what anybody says, best song on this album!!!!

S: Man, the D’prince is 2/2 right now oo.

B: Another Ass song. I’m a boobs guy so I’ll let you guys have this song.

S: Tunde is a Boobs guy too na, deadguys.  NYANSH >>> BooBIE


S: When the female vocalist says…’I know u wanna see is my nyansh’ I fall in love 40times.

B: @barbie_deezy is all boobs & no ass so like me she doesn’t send this song (˘̯˘ )

S: Hahahahahhahaha leave Deepti out of this

T: But Bosun how many gals have u mentioned? 😐

B: I love girls, girls, girls ♫


S: What did they say at the end? tani Happy slicing? Which one be that ooo. Twitter cool kids abeg explain am to me.

B: Sorry, I’m not a yet a twitter cool kid. Can @Monsieur_RJ tell us…as a cool kid.


S: Finally!!!, A Sid Jam we all can fux with!


S: Is everything alright?

T: Oh we’ve passed that jam 😦

S:  Hahahahaha


B: CHOCOLATE!!!!!! MY JAM!!!!!!!! ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ

S: This beat is maaaaaaaaad! Its Don Jazzy Again Oooooo

B: I fux with this. Best song on the tape.

S: 10/10 for Dr Sid for this jam….perfect melody, easy fun rhymes

B: Mad beat, mad song…. *Does the reverse azonto*

S: Its true that am sweet like a chocolate. I go make u dey modulateeeeeeeeeee ┌(˘.˘)ʃ

T: Good song, good beat…Dr Sid is finally a doctor on this one

B: Just proves that it was D’prince that wrote YOLO

S: GBAM!!!

B: This is the “Something About You/Over The Moon” Dr Sid

T: *trying to understand how to azonto* What do i do with my hands ooo? ┌(˘.˘)ʃ

B: *speaking of chocolates* Hi @WendyA_ my true lover. Chocolate delight *mwuah*

S: Ashewo 50kobo

Pretty Girls

S: *Balotelli Face* 😐 No way u can’t love this one???

B: Can the real Wande Coal come out? What is all this? Homeboy be sounding like he’s trynna get his contract rescinded

T: Wake me up when this song ends

B: Very lame effort. No bite. He wasted the beat. sucking my blood like a mosquito

T: *sprays Baygon all over this song*

S: 😦

T: We’ve heard better

S: I liked this song….I like pretty girls na ( I am sooo forcing myself to like one WC song on this tape ) This is the song I have chosen to stand by!!!

B: He’s homesick. Can he return to Mushin for inspiration. Mavin is too big a leap for him.

T: He needs his 2nd daddy

S: He want Mohits!!!

T: Mohits or nothing!!!

S: Really Wande has still not found a cool way to say ‘Mavin’??? i am more heartbroken than you can imagine

B: Moooooooooooohits


T:  ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ

B: Amarachi is the ultimate song for beer parlor members. After like 3-4 bottles u mustu move Utunu!!!

S: *Stands Up*

B: Who are you? *pushes Sho* I say move utunu ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ

T: I am not in anyway disappointed, just what I expected…

B: It’s D’prince so we never expect anything more.

T: Zero lyrics, 100 % dance, just like some of us Nigerians like it

B: A good way to end the album or is it compilation

T: Yea..good way

S: *waves White handkerchief in the air*

B: Tiwa Savage you can stand up now. We’re done.

S: :O



S: Bosun, watch yourself get blocked from this blog once we are done

B: Blocked? Are you Ibaka? Nigga please. Don’t let me go Blake Griffin on you. Shout out to  @NigerianKobe


S: Please!!! talk your verdict

T: Sorry..I got caught up. I really wasn’t impressed with this compilation, too many weak songs, I wasn’t expecting anything special and I was still disappointed. *saves all D’Prince’s song, deletes the rest*

S: When i listen to these songs, I almost feel like Don Jazzy just gave the beats to the artists and walked away. No background vocals on MOST of the songs. He clearly didn’t write much on this. This compilation seemed to lack DonJazzy’s passion/input and maybe someone’s energy. Will this grow on you? It probably might but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it wasn’t up to Mohits Marvin  Don Jazzy’s standards. I am not crazy about this compilation doesn’t mean i don’t like Mavin oo and it does not mean Daniel Anderson won’t either. Plus Tiwa only got one song??? Com’on!!!

B: There was absolutely NO NEED for this compilation. Are they trying to prove that there’s life after ‘Judas-Banj’ ? The production was poor, the songs were abject. Easily the poorest each artiste and Don Jazzy have been their entire career. The tape doesn’t merit a second listen. Too bad you can’t unhear things. Back to the drawing board for them. i give this 0.5wRaps. and that’s just because of the ‘Chocolate’ song.

S: AH!


B: Bar the Chocolate song (see what i did there) this is not worth it.

S: Please Leave our office now, I told you not to invite him didn’t i ?

T: The boy is just an angry child.

This gets 2.7wRaps

B: 2.7 wRaps?? Are you guys retarded or just plain stupid, didn’t we listen to the same album. Bingos!!!

S: Security!!!

T: Security!!!!

*Mavin Deactivated*


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  1. boks permalink

    First thing! U guys need to screen ur guests. That bosun guy is a tone deaf retard. That said. Not don jazzy’s best work. Like a few tracks. Chocolate , amarachi, why u over there. Wande should smash the auto tune system. Doesn’t work for him. I love tiwa’s song. If wande, wizkid, davido and all this other boys can have a freestyle song so can she !!!. My general view, album seems rushed. Feels like they just wanted to announce that they had moved on. Nice work tunde and sho!

  2. Donald permalink

    Y’all need some floggin! Lol Oma Ga is tune for a decade nd I ontink YOLO ws dat bad. As per production, I see wat IDJA ws tryna do…more sounds mor samples, everything MO…sry more. Gud compilation even tho CV shits nd pukes on dis.

    Gud blog yo! Keep it up.

  3. LOL!!!! I love this…however i dont agree with most of the reviews jo…
    Im of the opinion this ‘album’ was free for a reason, this was most likely just a preview to what they are really cooking (Amen) in the studio….and if thats it then its not so bad? No?


  4. trafels permalink

    2.7wRaps of fufu I guess <_< ……This compilation was unnecessary, I hope they drop personal singles soon to heal the ear ache this one caused …
    I fucx wit Tiwa tho', she'l come good.
    BACK UP ALL I WANNA SEE IS UR NYANSH!!!!! D'prince was def. high when he wrote this song, I'l also be high when rocking to it

  5. dammy permalink

    First, @bosunescobar should be taken out of that office, his name is like one of them colombian drug lords, he is an angry child, nothing good comes out of his mouth….. The beats from don jazzy were very catchy and I totally enjoyed the compilation, maybe on a donjazzy scale we can say he does better but on a human scale I give him 4/5. Tiwas song is the typical naija jam, the song is sweet that’s all we care about. D prince 10/10. Wande was good too, we all miss dbanj but I think d 2.7wraps is insulting…. But as usual you guys were hilarious, tunde was a cruise on this review…… S/o to @zaragretti pls come back I miss you (as this is now a shout out page bcos of bosun). Peace yall

  6. agboola permalink

    This compilation shouldn’t have been released to the public. I don’t wanna listen to it again. I fear some of the songs will grow on me if I do. Anyway,


  7. dammy permalink

    YOLO track isn’t bad, I like it, this album will grow on you

  8. Lmao!!Always suspected u guys had mental problems.Una just use this review confirm am.Anywayz I agree with u guys sha,but not totally.I think that ‘Chocolate’ song is pants.Other than that we good

  9. im sure Tunde sings BACkUP ALL I WANNA SEE IS UR NYANSH in his sleep…
    @sho tell ur iyawo dat she shld jus settle for bn mavin’s official video vixen… Reserve her ”moan-talk” 4 u…-__-
    @bosun…smh serious ashawo 10kobo.. atlst wen RJ came he gave only one shout out, u wnted to do roll call..LOL

  10. theinsanephenom permalink

    Bosun = Male Whore. LMAOOO. Enjoyed this review. D’Prince impressed a lot. Tiwa was…. *tueh* (._. ). Generally, it was just average. They could actually do better. I agree with Sho’s verdict.

  11. NigerianKobe permalink

    Great review guyz…IDK why you guyz allowed Bosun into your office, Bobo yen no be human from diz planet earth at all, Kolo-mental brotherman…1st time on SYBT great job guyz keep up da GOOD work..*LAKESHOW* noni….ya’ll Stay Safe and Breezy.

  12. ikhizama permalink

    I was also dissappointed with the m̶i̶x̶t̶a̶p̶e̶ sorry a̶l̶b̶u̶m̶ sorry again. What ever it was. Tiwa tried a terry g stunt on her track.
    All I can say is BACK OFF. ALL I WANT TO SEE IS YOUR YANSH!!!!

  13. @cherryedberry permalink

    Let me first say thanks guys for the comedy hour!!! As for the review, you guys said it all. I was quite hopeful for the bunch but all I remember was skipping from one track to the other cos none of them really got my full attention. Some might say (just maybe) they are missing Dbanj’s 2cents. Think about it, even if all he had to say was “Osheeeey”x20, or “its Don Jazzy again” maybe it would make a difference. By the way, I see discrimination already and they are just about a day old. Why give Tiwa only one track and D’prince more? Are we seriously about to start comparing talents here? SMH. Don Jazzy needs a strategy and fast. If indeed “one who’s name should not be mentioned” ( personally I don’t see why not) went away with the studio, then I suggest an immediate fund raising “SAVE THE MAVIN’S FUTURE”. If they release another bomber like this in the nearest future, then they might just be joining the likes of #StylPlus (not that am saying they’ve lost their touch). My own 2cents; am with S on the Tiwa front. Babes you are just too much talent for this crew, I bet they only put you on the cover to boost their sales #SMH Girl run noww!!!!! WC needs inspiration for real!!!! As B is so influencia maybe you can hook him up with some Nyansh!!! Dr dr Sid!!!! what can I say? You take me back to the SE28 days when you had no talent, though years have gone by but not much has changed in terms of your talent. Quit now and join your dad in the #Nollywood industry. Don’t get me started on D’prince!!!! I might just spend the whole day on this page so no comment!!!! Don Jazzy abeg recoup, give yourself brain and do something about those beats jare. I respect your talent that is why am not saying much o!!!! Great job guys, keep it coming.

  14. Verb permalink

    I disagree with a lotta things said here so I’ll just take a walk. Peace.

  15. First time here, great first impression. Had a good laff, Mavin!!! the “Avengers”(would be a good example for the nollywood version soon to be released if you haven’t heard) …But it’s a very honest review. Doubt if the compilation will grow on anybody, like they said, it’s a YOLO genre. My girl knows how much love i have for tiwa but the situation is tall “oma ga” (little wonder doyin sent me the link in the first place) *tongue out* i still love her…no whack tune can change that…lmao…Good job fellas…keep it 100.

  16. I was mentioned!!!!!!!!! *doing the Indian Bhangra dance in the rain* B-)
    As for Solar Plexus, I plead the fifth!! :o)

  17. This ‘project’ gave me a headache. As in I was so sad. I still am. I mean why rush something like this?They should have taken their time. The only songs I can stand now are the ones by D’prince…the rest…tueh!

  18. Mafioso permalink

    D’prince owned this Album.
    He wrote everything and picked the best

    Hi @katmakeupartist. Can you back up for me 😀

  19. Bosun permalink

    First you call me a tone deaf retard and then you agree with everything I said. AMAV(z)INg

  20. DonMichaeleone permalink

    Lmao. U guys = Comedy Central. Nice one tho.

  21. OsaFeisty permalink

    I AGREE-most of this album was YOLO- “You Only Listen Once!!!”
    That CPR song had me needing CPR. Zzzzzz
    but the rest of it was mad catchy. Looooove “Chocolate”

    As always, LOVE LOVE LOVE the review! Was loving the mention, until I read the 52 others. Smh Bosun. You should hit me up with change on that 10kobo.

  22. khalilabdul permalink

    All this marvins Should be be-headed jor,crappy sing along music,If I am prez I will order psquare to be shot 2.noise makers all of them.going to listen modey and fuck muna 2

  23. feshelu permalink

    back up all i want to see is your yansh….don jazzy has released better stuff and he will…this is just a line in the sand to let us know that d’banj can chop prick and die….in my opinion…anyhoo, that girl there, back up all i wanna see is your yansh!

  24. skillz permalink

    9ce 1 bravz.. i totallyi agree wf y’ll…not feelin the album @all..all tracks deleted.. 😐

  25. Daisy permalink

    So Ekiti won’t lemme be great, Network was just doing anyhow 😦 Shut up RJ! (˘̯˘ ) Anyway I totally hated this project. I’m on the Jazzy side of this whole shindig and he just fell hands sha. Too rushed, he shoulda just calmed down sha… 1.5wRaps

  26. Bayo permalink


  27. jude permalink

    Suck my balls!

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