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Empire Mates State of Whine…(Pt. 2)

June 30, 2012

The 2nd part of the EME Album review. Enjoy

…..Previously on SYBT * Jack Bauer voice*

S: Tunde is a Wizkid groupie. He also thinks Justin Bieber is better than Usher….


T: *music* dance for baby oway!! Give it to me baby oway! *music* \(‘-‘\) (/’-‘)/

S: This song dey make me no get sense. When Sarz messes up the beat at the end ehh *hoff pata and disgraces self up and down the room*

D: You people are high! Pls!


T: Who was that?

S: That was Chico Ejiro. He says we should stop here and release PART II of this review later. 22 tracks ain’t easy …i am very hungry and all this dance dance don tire me.

*gets up and leaves*

D: WTF!!!!!



*30minutes later*

T: This boy! so you have eaten right?

D: Did you bring food for me

S: *toothpicking* Ehen! now i am ready to finish this review

T: While you were gone…i found this

D: Eheeen! so who jacked whose idea?

S: They don’t look similar jare

T: You must be blind

S: Even if….Ross stole it. He probably saw EME album art in Akon’s phone. Wizzy sent it to Akon while Akon was at that P-square videoshoot with Ross

T: LOL. This your yeye logic gets worse by the day

D: I believe Sho

My Baby

S:  #TeamSkalesTheSinger Same thing… Lifted melodies (I see u grindin) and Same damn melody from mukulu (my baby my baby)

T: Skales started with rapping so I skipped it…

D:  😦


D: My Baby! Hausa babies will like to listen to this song while sleeping

Only U

D: I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this song

S: I love it too 🙂 If u had yansh now…we would have made love to it 😦  *taps the pillow in ur pant*

D: LMAO!!! My butt pad is clean

T: My Spinlet didn’t have this song

D: Again??? Anyways This is what I call perfection. Shaydee got his Joe on

S: Is this the same Rotimi singing boi for yankee?

D: YESSSSSSZSZZSSS!  The same Rotimi I dumped for Tunde

S: Banky is on this song too u know

T: Dump Dangote for me so I know its real

D: Rotimi is there too duhhhh. Banky is irrelevant

S: Shalams!

D: *Rolls eyes*

Repping Emezzyy

S: WIZZY!!!!!!!! Favourite Wizzy verse on this album and what else can see say about the beat….ITS KONNECT!!!

D: Best performance by wizzy. He killed it. Loved it.

T: Kid Konnect!!! What do u people know about Wizzy… (˘̯˘ )

D: I even loved Skales’ rap there

S: EME get 0.5 upfront just for having a Konnect beat on this album

D: Messi was mentioned for d 3rd time here:|

S: Ronaldo Nko??? 😦

D: 😦

Wetin I want

S Skales!!!! Singing Skales >>>>>>>

D: Pls, can these people stop calling Skales ‘sk’. Sk is sikiru

T: Rapping Skales tho 😦

D: Well the song was bleh

T: ‘Try to maintain like Olu’ *smh*

S: Like i try to ride for S to the K but he says ish like that…. Why??? *sigh*

T: He even said it twice LOL

D: Skales na choir master

S: Good Choir master :D. This Hook sweet die. Sounds like it can be used on in a movie

D: Niyola na choir mistress. Kept picturing them both running around filming yoruba movies love scene

S: And feeding each other in a canteen

D:  Lol. Your head dey there


T:  The song is just average to me

S: Skipping this track with a vengeance. I don’t know whats beyond 1.01min mark of this song

T: Really expected it to be slower cuz of the subject matter

D: Skales did well on the track . This is the only song that Wizkid said a complete meaningful sentence. I am impressed

T: He actually sat and wrote this I guess

S: Or they wrote it for him….*pointing at skales*

D: I can’t stop seeing Niyola in white dress with wings on her back ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) Angel Niyola.

S: EME Let’s make a change….Wizzy not making pakuromo songs…Skales rapping dope lines…and Banky without neat sideburns

See My Mama

D: At this point, I’m really mad at Wizkid. He doesn’t make attempt with his lyrics AT ALL. Wizkid can’t continue singing like this. One day, we’ll be tired of dancing to pakurumo derivatives.

S: I swear this song was on Wizkid’s Album???

T: Yeah..’I love my baby’ pt2

D: He just repeats a word until I get irritated wherever I see the word. Bucket list: Get wizkid to say each word just once on just one song

S: 😦

T: What?

S: If babe follow me go see my mama now…my mama go make sure say she go fetch water from well 😦

D: Banky killed it, naturally! Only his voice can snatch me from Dangi bobo

S: So u r back to Banky…cos Rotimi no dey again? Shaloski

D: Did I mention its too early for Shaydee to sound like this on a song? He should chill first

T: The komole’ing transformation has started

Hate 3

D: Totally unnecessary. Very not funny. I would crack a better joke with more rib fracture.

S: Rich comedians r not funny

T: Where is your sense of humor ?

D: I forgot it in your wardrobe, after our quickie. T can laugh at anything. That’s how he giggles & rolls on d floor when any girl touches him

T: Hahahahahaha 😦

Can’t Stop Us

S:  JAM. Niyola killed the hook.

T: Good way to end the album

D: Last track—–» I loved it. They all killed it but thank God this is d last track.. A 22-track album is too much, kiloderm? ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )

S: *drinking water at the finish line*

D: Only track I liked Niyola tho…

T: We made it to the end…*wipes sweat off forehead*

D: Thank God. *downs glucose D*

S: *Muhammed Ali voice* They Can’t Stop us!!!

D: US—-» Tunde & Deola minus Sho

S: hissssss! Like i want ur yanshless self sef. I will just not post ur views

D: LOL! Tunde, we need to start our own. We will call it YYCBT – Yes, You Can Bang This.

S: Banger Oshi. Shalams

D: Small cleavage & your 6packs 3 and a quarter packs, we will have all the customers

S: ooo XO’s verse was primetime! This is the kinda bars he should be dropping regularly…no beat pause. Rode the beat all the way through.

D: We’re still reviewing? Me I’m done.*walks into verdict room*


D: This album was like an ECG —- highs & lows. Had some songs I wanna scream to & some I just wanna break down & weep for.
I would totally understand if this was a Wizkid album cus it was just his style. I got tired of it. Dance tracks were way too many, Banky & Skales didn’t do their thing at all. Wizkid has to start buying lyrics. Much Sooner than ASAP.

T: For an album with 18 songs..I felt  they should have diversified more…too many dance tracks not enough R&B songs. It’s obvious they don’t want to stick to the Wizkid formula that works for them

S: If Wizkid was the leader of EME, I won’t be mad at this album. Its a solid pop album. we dance soooootee we couldn’t tell the difference from all the songs from track 1 to track 10 sef. But Banky is the HEAD Nigga in Charge (please! please! i didn’t mean it that way…stop laughing), and besides 3 songs….this was a Wizzy influenced album. I am happy for Skales, he has finally found a path to his career now we know what to expect from his debut album ( SKales the singer). I was impressed by Shaydee and need more material from Niyola before i can give a proper verdict on her.

This album gets a stellar 3.2wRaps.

T: Oya D, Give your outro and shoutouts.

D: *touches up lipstick* this is Deola reviewing with Tunde & Sho for SYBT. Shoutouts to everybody watching me at home, all those I told to stay tuned since last week friday. All my friends, twitter followers, The Lovers. I’m on TV! Thank you so much. & to Banky, Wizkid, XO, Skales, Niyola, pls ff back on twitter…

S: Follow fire LOL

D: Special S/O to Dangote, the SA node that makes my heart beat. (You must put that one maybe Dangote will read it & love me true true)

T:  *pushes Sho out of the office*

S: Infidels

T: *whispering* Deola baby 😉

D: Yes Tunde my lover

S: *chilling by the door* Peace yall.

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  1. iAmala permalink


  2. Nice review. I’d listen to the songs when they get to 4shared. T should do quick and send my Deola back to me

  3. LeBar_ permalink

    LMAO ……. Nice post I enjoyed this review …. too funny .–.

  4. theinsanephenom permalink

    This gay ass Spinlet app be making a nigga’s phone hang & shii. Haven’t heard the album yet. Nice one tho, once again. (Y)

  5. agboola permalink

    One of my best reviews on here! Laughed too much!

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