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Occupying His Throne

July 11, 2012

The Undisputed Lyrical Master, Modenine dropped a mixtape titled ‘Occupying The Throne’ where he went over beats from Jay and Ye’s “Watch the Throne” album and other beats. You can download it here >>

S: Do Ya Wanna Hear Some Rhymes??????

T: Yeeees \(‘-‘\) (/’-‘)/\(‘-‘\) (/’-‘)/ \(‘-‘\) (/’-‘)/ \(‘-‘\) (/’-‘)/


Word is bond cant water down just to make a killing/ I’d rather be a loser…fuck ass licking for winning

T: Lines on lines on lines…Pusha T would be proud

S: I ain’t gonna lie…Mode killed this shit more than Push o. This is murking

T: From the get-go you already know this mixtape is not for children

S: *shouting at some people* Haice u with skinny jeans….you there…with beats by dre on ur neck…and you…with purple pants…go to bed

T: You know that’s like 80% of every guy under 21 right ?

Who Gon Stop Us

my fanbase divided living on different planets/ some want the hardcore they view is panoramic/ The others want commercial tracks so the radio slam it

T: Funny Mode was talking about his fan base being divided into 2. People that want him to keep it real and people that want him to water down and sell

S: Does Mode even know what water looks like? Talkless of water down

T: His gift and his curse

S: But whatever it is….Mode equal Bars

T: No arguments

Niggaz in Paris

The way you kids are dressed i predict an odd future/ your colours loud yall talking loud I have to double mute ya/ Shut the Fuck Up

***You be Amazed when we meet call it corn beef. Maze….meat…corn…beef***

S: *a lil piece of me just died*

T: Little children listening..only Modenine can get away with this. Do not try this at home 😦

S: It’s a lie…he cannot get away with this oo Tani ni e? This na like that guy from that Nation…y u go dey explain metaphor?

T: What Nation? You are subbing people again. Maybe he was hungry while writing that line 😦

S: Person wey hunger dey catch go rhyme garri or noodles. Cornbeef doesn’t show hunger

T: You’re just a poor boy. He did justice to the beat tho

S: Meh

No Church In The Wild

I am body slamming the game/ I got that Rick Flair million dollar man should be my name – Pherowshuz

See i am something like a parade ground…all this attention to me /I’m the Sun u’r the moon, you just a reflection of me – Terry Tha Rapman

Working out without getting buff, u just a gym joke/fuck a punchline mode spit wrestling ring rope/wordplay off the turn-buckle i am ricky steamboat – Modenine

S: I am sorry but Mode is light years ahead of everyone. Excellence!!! See how he buried whatever Phero and Terry said. Like after his first 8bars…I completely forgot other people were on this track

T: Mode has gone too far. Nobody can catch him again lyrically. He may not be making the best music out there but he’s hands down the best lyricist in Africa

S: He can fight that title with Proverb. They should do an ‘Ogbenis on the Throne’ album 😀 SYBT will executive produce and A&R

T: Nigga please…what do we know about rap music 😦

S: …..Trick Question

*crowd screams* EVERYTHING

Murder to Excellence

S: Rhymes! Rhymes! Rhymes! Rhymes! Rhymes! Rhymes!

T: The most interesting part of the original song wasn’t there 😐 My favorite part

S: Baba just wanted to spit jare. What was ur favourite part?

T: When the beat changes at the 2:42 mark

S: That’s Jay and Ye magic. This is Mode’s code 😐

T: Ooo I see what you did there. You dey feel like say you be rapper shebi

S: *pats self on back* U know i spit that candle light fire 🙂

Otis Again

S: Hahahahhaahahahah best intro to a track

T: Best intro ever!!!!!!

S: *Andre 3000 voice* ever ever?

T: Ok..not ever..but best intro I’ve heard in a long time. Uncle Benz would be proud. I actually pictured him eating the rice

S: It was too mad tho. Literally, nigga dey chop..dropped plate down and MURKED a beat. Took apart the beat like the maybach. MANGO HEADS!

T: Mode is king competition

S: 😦

T: Who stole your rice?

S: Don’t u understand this song? Mode had to come re-rap on a beat he had already rapped on becos the first time…person use im weyrey bars spoil am 😐  *i no mention any name ooo*

T: Terry tha Rapman. Yup we said it..his last mixtape was wack

S: What’s we said it?…I didn’t call anyone’s name. Because you no dey near here. When boys wey no dey smile dey my front door. U go dey here chop koko with me

T: May the force be with you

Already Home

T: Never really liked this beat

S: *using this time to imagine what an album from Cyrus da Virus and  Eedris would sound like*

T: STOP IT!!!. At this point can i rant a little? I feel something should have been sprinkled on this beat and some other beats on this mixtape…

S: *sips coco sprinkled with chocolate topping*

T: These songs we’ve heard before, some beats don tire me

S: Yeah. Like how ‘Short Black Boy’ does shey. But even if some of these beats are the same. Mode still holds my attention with his ‘I am the god of this shit’ bars. That in itself is impressive

T: Cosign

S: I however don’t like this beat…moving on

Mind yourself

T: Another song that wasn’t really working for me…however Mode came thru with bars as usual

S: Bars >>> Beat. I liked the Lagbaja and 2face sample tho

T: Yeah…but the song fit make man sleep…*yawn*

S: Dont forget to wear ur pjays

I’m Stingy Hugging the spotlight yor/ Shoutout to Muna but i wont pass the mic jor

T:  Sho, if Muna asked you to pass the mic…what would u have done

S: I would pass her my mic, speakerboxx and my love below all at the same time

T: 😐

Greem Convo feat Elbama

S: Now this is more like my shit!

T: Elbama taking shots at M.I…hmmmmm

S: more like he was taking shots at EVERYBODY

T: M.I in particular  (˘̯˘ ). That’s all I heard

S: U sha just like to dey find trouble. Me I think he was talking to Ill Bliss

T: There’s a rapper called Ill Bliss? Never heard of him

S: 😦

Spit my Shit

My styles not free i charge a fee plus extra bonuses/ rappers are unreliable i’ve been a loner since/

This year one of ya is gon rap from a wheel chair/its real here, rap careers will get killed here/

T: The Canibus sample made me sad 😦

S: I hate this song ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ). I still haven’t watched the Canibus battle….and I will never watch it.

T: Don’t!!

S: My childhood Hero got killed and people were laughing… 😦

T: Pele. It was painful

S: Beyond that….Kraftmatiks!!!!!

T: Underrated!!!!!

S: I say this…if you are a HIP-HOP artist…you need beats from 4 major people. (you already know about Kid Konnect) …Kraft is one of the them!

T: *hip-hop nod*

Welcome to Da Jungle

S: MODENINE!!!!! *shooting anyone coming close to the throne*

T: This is how you murk a beat!! African style!!!

S: Nothing else to say here.

New Day

S: Rappidity Rap Raps

T: We’ve run out adjectives for Mode’s lines. No shouting, no complicated lines..grown man rap

S: My best song on WTT…he did it too much justice. But Mode has started rapping about twitter too much. Uncle stop am

T: Our word counter has spoilt but we are pretty sure Mode said ‘twitter’,’ follow’, ‘block’  like 100 times. Ok not 100 but you get the picture

S: Do u follow Modenine?

T: Nope

S: Me neither…..but I feel like he will find a way to block us for saying that ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) Mode!!! It was not me oo…it was Tunde.

T: 😦


T: Never really liked this song.

S: Yeah…me neither. But in the midst of me not enjoying the beat, Mode go just dey drop head shakers. We will not go ham. Not for religious reason

T: The ‘eat monkey cock’ line  had me laughing

S: As in! How u go tell child of God that kin thing (-_-)

Primetime Exhibit A Ft Dtruce

Me and my microphone hommie thats the perfect pair/ the game got me broke…that’s nothing i cant repair –  D-Truce

so fuck ur battles, I’m on trial for war crimes/ these genocide metaphors are never sublime – M-Trill

Higher life form speaking Martian lingo/ bitches playing numbers on my ??? bingo – Modenine

T: Second time I’m hearing D-truce. Impressive bars

S: This just shows me that…there is a galaxy between Modenine and this generation of rappers. Who will save us when Modenine retires?

T: Baba no dey go anywhere

S: Dtruce and Mtrilla can’t kill a Jay and Ye beat…but Modenine fucking drops authority on a JAY fucking Electronica classic. We r finished

T: There are a couple of rappers out there…let’s be patient

S: New Skool Rap…”Let’s be Patient….Nurse”. Na wetin u wan make I patient for?

T: Hahahah!!

Street Runner

S: Sugarking will be one of the first people in Hiphop heaven

T: SugarKing!!!!

S: Heeeeeeear Beat (Kid Konnect, Kraft, SugarKing, and IKON) hiphop rappers ooo….get beats from them

T:If they wrote ‘Mode produced by Kanye’. I would believe

S: I am sorry…but this beat no make me hear Mode well X_X

T: Mode dedicated one verse to twitter 😐

S: On this song??? Hahahhahahahhahahaha

T: Yes na..

S: *rewinds*

T: smh

S: The entire first verse… Hahahhahaha Uncle Mode na

T: Like 3/4 of the first verse

Dead Prez feat Boogey

My skills harder than theirs but i aint balling yet/ opportunity aint knocking at my door, it’ll probably call or text/

you be buying the lies, i spit the shit that be inspiring lives / or fictional i sneak a lil sci-fi in a rhyme/

S: This could be the most difficult beat to murder in hiphop. Too much to live up to on this.

T: Boogey is the future of this naija rap shit and he held his own

S: Big fan of Boogey although he struggled a bit with his flow on this, but every bar packed a punch.

T: Cant wait to hear Boogey’s own stuff

S: But this boogey thinks he is smart sha. He will just be going around murking vets on their own shit. He chop M.I., he chop Terry whole mixtape…e wan come chop Mode. Boogey we see u!!!!

Thank U

T: One of my fav songs off Blueprint 3…once again Mode was on point ( i sound like a broken record saying this)

S: I don’t like this beat! I don’t like this beat. I will be waiting for you on the next song.

T: What do you know about music?….Hater

S: Hopefully, He is saying Thank U to his Twitter followers?

T: LOL. He actually said mentioned ‘follow/unfollow’ 😦

A Million 08

S: My fav Jay intro

T: One of my favourite Preemo beats

S: Almost every beat from Preemo is one of my favourite

T: I doubt if any artiste can go wrong on a Preemo beat.

S: *whispers* Ill Bliss

T: Na u talk am o


T: Ladies and gentlewomen, this mixtape is a solid effort from Modo If you are a hiphop head…if you are not, stay clear from this. Is Modenine the best lyricist in Naija or Africa? YES…Does he put out the best hiphop music?…i don’t think so. But its hard

S: This is simple. If you like lyrics and bars…This is Mode at his braggadocios best. If however, you don’t and you want a nice hook, a couple of moving instrumentals and some musical entertainment….you have missed all kinds of roads ( u basically took directions from a Malo okada rider). I listened to this mixtape with my Rap Ears.

This gets a solid….4 wRaps

@ShoWontStop and @whoistunde signing out. If you follow us….We will BLOCK U


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  1. theinsanephenom permalink

    *nods* Spot on Verdicts. “Welcome To The Jungle” is ma shit. I fux with that.

    *points at Calendar* 29th July, 2012. Can’t wait for that day. *Devil Smiley*

  2. Verb permalink

    Yh, just as you said, it needed more creative samples, and in addition to the perfect bars some sounds shud accompany the songs. a good example is Kanye’s ‘Power’..he spat some sick stuff and it was also sick musically. Boogey did good and brought his own perspective to Dead Presidents. Good tape altogether. Nothing surprising though.

  3. bigfootofmicworx permalink


  4. dammy permalink

    Sho and tunde you guys are fucking high, the name of the site is shouldyoubumpthis, why would this get a 4 when I can’t listen to it? Jokers

  5. khalilabdul permalink

    I feel m trill is under rated sha.modey > mi,modey >mi,modey >mi

  6. khalilabdul permalink

    All these jos wankstars musicians 2face,psquare,mi and ur legion of idiots we have modey to destroy u all

  7. boks permalink

    Cool review! Not sure about the ratings though. It’s a must bump for hiphop heads but a don’t bump for pakurumo heads so, 3wraps would be more like it. FYI @tunde SA’s PROVERB is the best rapper in africa! Mode need to connect wit kid connect.

  8. Modo is a god

  9. KareemXCIII permalink

    Modey of Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lord. Someone should cage him please… That boy Boogey is good o! Chai.. And Err Err TerryThaRapman is trash abeg…

  10. REDD permalink

    Modenine has reached that point where he can’t surprise me again!! I’m automatically wowed when he raps!! Agree with the verdict too…..eheen insanephenom what’s happening July 29???

  11. Daisy permalink

    I’m not a serious hip hop head. I know Mode spits sicks bars, but it messes with my halo frequency. Can’t tune into heaven and all that (._. ). So will I listen to this tape? Sadly, but predictably, no. 4 wraps tho?, well u guys can do no wrong in my eyes ;;) Hi Sho…

  12. d-boy permalink

    Said it for years, Modo’s the BEST rapper (known rapper) in 9ja….. Z’got that real hip-hop ish locked. Have my reservation on some tracks tho, but all in all nice attempt doing OTT off WTT. Yea, one more thing, he was soo right with the reference he made to drake on N.I.P. Wasn’t a shot @ him though but @ some 9ja rappers. Real witty huh? 🙂

  13. Mode is a 9 in my books.
    Eminem being 10.
    J. Cole being 11.
    All in all, y’all are amazing.
    I’m just going to download the MT.
    Thanks guys.

  14. samson permalink

    aside mind urself, exodus 23-1, spit my shit, green convo…the rest tracks where made in 7days excluding the one with terry…its kinda rushed tho…and he did well

  15. Mr_Anoyi permalink

    Did anyone catch the line about Mac and Windows on “Street Runner”

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