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Undeniable Sign Off?

July 18, 2012

Eldee The Don released his 5th solo (and final?) album, Undeniable  this month. You can buy this album on iTunes, Spinlet or from your local vendors. Here is what we think about it.

For this review we invited one of our international egbon . SYBT be swwwchagging balling yo

S: Weren’t you supposed to pick him from the airport?

T: I was with Kel yo.

*door opens*

A: So none of you guys could come and pick me from the airport?

T: Blame Sho

S: 3rd Mainland Bridge is closed and besides I don’t go to the mainland on sabbath.

T: LOL. Lets begin.

Higher feat. K9 and Sojay

T: Radio friendly, club friendly…Eldee’s lyrics however, too poor. Chopulate..laulaulate? :??? you can’t be inventing words to rhyme sir

A: I think the song was too busy. You could easily make 3 songs from that song

S: Everything about ‘Higher’ is mad! Too mad! Beyond! Tunde, I don’t listen to u when u talk about lyrics….”Mr Wizkid pikin’

T: Please leave me and my Wizkid pakuromoness alone

S: Yall don’t know correct gbedu… Chopulate is a word. It means to chop ugwu late in the night….aka Chopulate (˘̯˘ )

T: The Fuck???

A: LOL. * now singing* To the left, to the right…Serious gbedu song sha. Someone on that song sounds “almost” like Banky

S: ┐(‘⌣’┐) to the left (┌’⌣’)┌  to the right

Been There Done That

T: I don’t know what was missing on this song…just a little above average to me.

A: Been there done that = Move your body like a snake – R.Kelly. At least that’s what i got from the beat.

S: I kinda agree with T….I think this song was just badly placed. Shouldn’t have been track 2. It’s not a WOW track…but I fux with it.

A: On the creative side, its cool how Eldee switches from English to Pidgin then to Yoruba. Shows versatility cos he maintains his flow

S: Basically….bougee crowd + maulag crowd + Ibadan crowd. E sha wan win everybody.

A: All that equals Market

T: I think…if you want to to english do english..if I want to do that. Don’t stay confusing everybody

S: I am sorry *pointing at wizkid* what r u saying again? Becos beremole and farable are English words shey?

T: Errrm

A: ZING! But why do artistes have to remind us that they’ve been in the game for ages? This song na sub sha. Who’s sub is it?

S: Becos we have short memory span….basically, fans are fishes  😐  ( Tunde = Tilapia, Andy = Starfish Sho = Shark 😀 )

A: Buahahahahaha


Today Today

T: Everybody want to have a wedding song sha…thankfully this is a good one

A: This song! My jammmmm. But the song na market. Replacement for Sunny Nneji’s wedding anthems. Eldee knows what to do. Sharp man

T: ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ

S: When I finally marry *whichever babymama I have in mind* this shall be our jam

A: Plus Sarz was quite creative on that one. I was almost getting concerned about most of his songs sounding like Shank’s Salute. Definitely on my wedding playlist

S: I don’t even know where to start from on how smart Eldee is and how Sarz is now THE super producer. *Jazzy sub*

A: Oga, i no dey there oo. Voltrons are involved o

T: #SYBT have power rangers


S: ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) this song gets me emotional …*sniff*

T: You can’t go wrong with a song dedicated to your daughter

A: Always X_X I love that song

S: Got the gangsta in me all warm and fuzzy. First…Nas with the daughters and Eldee’s always…soon Sho ‘Pikin’ 😦

T: Nobody will listen 😦

A: Buhaha. I was waiting for a cool rap at some point to finish the song. Lyrics, composition, everything was spot on. I’d expect a remix or cover. The song 😥  is lovely

T: Yeah…feat 2face ┌(˘.˘)ʃ

A: Funke, Enenu and Chidera Idibia

S: LOL. The song go too long…e gats name all of them…give them each one one verse each. Na Nursery book be that…with games like match the pikin to the mama *this is a joke oo*

A: LOL  or he can go the Wizkid route and call the song “baby” Sorted.

Rundown feat. Banky

S: I really don’t have a reason not to be crazy about this song so I will blame it on the word “swagger”

T: The beat sounds like something I’ve heard before…

A: Exactly. Banky was on it and the combo of Eldee and Banky always works but Trybe and EME has over used Sarz and that makes the song forgettable

T: I was enjoying Banky’s voice till he said fine girl I’m single and u sef come sweet pass periwinkle 😦

S: But periwinkle sweet na…U r just a bush boi. If its not okele or indomie..u no fit chop *rolls eyes*

A: Ermmm I dint pay attention to the lyrics of the song. I won’t lie. They used the word Swagger at the beginning so I just shut down.

T:  😦

A: maga, swagga, fada, E remain Ofada


S: Naija musicans and food sha.

Transformer Love  (skit)

A: I like

T: My best song on this album..even tho its a skit. My official hater song..even tho I don’t have haters 😦

A: Boom bap boom bap, shobbi do bab. See me clicking my fingers and doing backup singer here

S: Technically, every Nigerian has haters. List of Nigerians most famous haters: Nepa, PDP, Lastma, olopka, Goodluck Jonathan, Patience etc. Those folks don’t us to shine yo.

A:  Hater: Diss me on twitter and die!!!

T: Everybody loves Tunde

A: Even transformers :p

S: One day i will get to the bottom of this ‘hug a transformer’ talk…until then


S: Best Song on the Album!!!!!! ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ

A: Beat by Sarz. He tried bringing back Bosi Gbangba with this song. I can’t fault it. Typical Eldee song. Club Banger. Complete song.

T: 2nd best song…after Transformer 😐

A: *Azonto*

S: To all my haters…..we ain’t on the same category.  ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌

T: Before we go any further. Andy please introduce yourself

A:  Ooo my bad. I’m @AndyMadaki, Partial geek in the day, Director of Talent Management & Brand Development for Iblend Services (@i_blend) at night

S: Gbo Gbo Bigz boyz. We are loyal

T: we booooow o

A: LOL. Abeg all na wash

Wash Wash

T: Continuation of Jah Bless’s song?

S: More like Throwback Trybesmen

A; Jayz too de ping me jor

T: Eldee wrote a 100 bars for that song so he decided to use some of it here

A: Reminds me of Trybesmen yeah! I like when Eldee raps

S: So technically, Jahbless is the biter

T: Did Sarz produce that JahBless song too?

S: I think so.

A: Hmmmm, could it be that we unconsciously like ‘Wash Wash’ cos ‘Jor ohh’ was a banger? Plus it has the catch phrase “na wash”. This is a Sarz album ft Trybe records. David Guetta things

T: I agree

S: U can always concur with anything. Agama lizard

T: I agree too *d-banj nod*

S: You will not deter me from this wash gents *See what I did there?* EMI BE RAPPER OF RAPPERS

A: Pls Pls remain some of your rhymes for my friend.

S: Tell them to come and meet me…I will write for all of them. I got that NYSC bonfire yo!

Never Let U Go feat Wizkid

A: Ahhhhhhh

T: Wizkid!!! Komole… ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ

A: My JammmmmmmmM Even tho half of the song is a remake of Wizkid’s Azonto. I’m a wizkid fan…

S: Starboyyyyyyyyyyy. This has to be the best use of a Wizkid feature in a while.

A: Wizkid knows the thing! My best song on the album for now.

S: My ogede doesn’t dance fuji gabe….it likes the Doughie…get it? *i am on fire today…quick someone should sign me oo*

A: Sho and fire! Bonfire, On fire, issorai

T: Banana is the reigning thing now in Lagos

A: D’Prince – Banana, Dammy Krane – Plantain, Wizkid – Ogede… Year of the fruit?

S: *puts oil in frying pan*

Zombie feat K9, Sojay

S: Tuuuuuuuuuuuunage

T: Zombie!!!!!!

A: I have a love-hate relationship with this song. Wizkid was on the previous song which sounded like his Azonto freestyle, then Zombie (another song Wiz freestyled)… Irrelevant but I dunno

S: Oga please go and sit down. This song sweet die. Eldee knows how to make pop songs better

A: But errrm I…

S: *cut off* I don’t care if they have the same name or feel as Wizzy jams…but Baba Eldee knows how to make proper pop songs. Limited gibberish.

A: Oya Sorry. The song is conscious and a gbedu song at the same time. At least he knows how to remind us of what’s gwanning. The song has a messasge. Vanessa, Jumoke,Nneka and Enitan,  wa mu jo jo at the same time

S: GBAM!!!

A: S/o to side chics

S: Andy don talk am…Eldee too sabi (˘̯˘ )

T: Eldee is officially the Flo-rida of Naija

S: Will I Am + Diddy + Snoop  all wrapped up in one. Wrapped up?…snoop?…(Ooooo who will sign me today oo)

A: Ah! Just got that.

T: Andy will…as per chairman

We Made It feat Sojay

A: But Sojay just dey arrive na

S: Perfect end to an album and last career album?

T: Loved the flow on this one..Eldee actually rapped  *thumbs up*

S: Eldee’s flow >>>>>>>

A: I like when Eldee raps

S: If he still rapped, he would actually be the best rapper in naij *dont argue*

T: Top fifteen maybe…

S: *mutes tunde*

A: Good sign out song. Sojay is quite good. He just needs to have a signature. He sounds like Funbi and Banky already so its quite dicey for him

S: But that’s how he sings na…or make e begin dey sing reggae?

A:  If u hear a song on radio and its Wizkid u won’t need to ask, but if u hear Sojay u may think its nice but u won’t spot the artiste immediately. U unnstannn?

S: Becos he hasn’t been on 50songs this year…you will adjust your ears when u hear more from him :p

T: I agree.


T: Some songs sounded the same to me….Eldee attempt to diversify wasn’t too bad tho. But since I’ve heard Eldee the rapper, Eldee the popstar will have to grow on me.

S: Oga…this is his last album…aint u gotta talk about his legacy?

T: Jay-Z said black album was his last 😐 I aint buying that

A: Good album but too much Sarz. Eldee will always have those club bangers. He is conscious when he wants to be and that’s a plus (forced by sho), u need to listen to the album properly or twice b4 it grows on u.

S: Eldee has to be the naija artist i have listened to the longest. Dude soji’d the game faster than all them so called hiphop vets we have. I like that he stuck to just Sarz…Old Mohits Mavin albums were all Don Jazzy and we loved them. The album was a balanced pop album.Yeah we all would prefer if he rapped more or featured Eva or Rukus but hey he doesn’t make wack pop music. Its not over the top spectacular but for an 11 track album, its precise and well done.

***note. This album gets an extra .20 from me because iTunes recognized it on my computer. The little things matter. That’s what’s up***

Undeniable  3.6wRaps 3.4wRaps

S: If u were to compare Trybe 2.0 to any label what would you compare them to?

T: Gats be G.O.O.D. Music

A: *copies Tunde’s agama nod*

S: True. They have the most talented roster amongst any label right now. Eva and Rukus on the Rap Tip. K9 and Sojay on the pop tip. Sarz with the beats. Cant wait to hear what they got.

T: Why u no mention Sheyman?

S: Who be that one?


T: Abeg, Andy when is your flight leaving?

A: 9pm

S:  Oya….take ur Virgin Atlantic 1st class ticket….have a safe flight. Greet the Queen for boys.

Peace Out.

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  1. Loved it!!!! What a way to review an album!!! Who are you guys anyway? Loved it loved it loved!!! Well done!

  2. theinsanephenom permalink

    LOOL @ the Power Rangers picture. Was mad at the yellow but then the Yellow Ranger got the biggest dick which applies to me in real life so a nigga cool with that yo. -___-

    Ain’t bumped the album yet tho. Imma spinlet that shii in a minute. Nice one.

  3. This might be the ‘fairest’ you guys have been! Big Eldee fan sha so everything sounds good to me!

  4. Reblogged this on nuelnonny and commented:
    I LOVE the album sha

  5. khalilabdul permalink

    You guys just dissed sheyman,the no 2 sound mixer in naija

  6. iamthedeola permalink

    Please change that picture of me; I’m not black and I have ass. ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )
    Way to go guys. Shows I trained you *lies in BRT lane*

  7. Mafi permalink

    😦 una no recognise sheyman

  8. Verb permalink

    Good shii, I shall get it.

  9. marie permalink

    Love your reviews, great job as usual. I’ll go buy the album… Thumbs up!!

  10. IbrhmF permalink

    Aramide is the most ‘unrecognized’ Trybe 2.0 artiste! 😦

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