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The Genesis of O.B.O.

July 23, 2012

The most anticipated album of the year dropped last week tuesday: O.B.O. : The Genesis. We invited one of our biggest fan Power Ranger to help us review this record. Enjoy

T: Subomi boo. Let them know who you are.

S.O: Its your girl…@SubomiO…Joe Budden lover…plus I’d like to give a shoutout to my lovers and friends @Wumie, @Elledourai, @Tobzville & @Le_Friend_

S:*dancing in my underpants*

T: Behave…..she’s mine

SO: LOL. Tunde you can share! 😉

S: They r blue by the way

S.O: Sho,do  you like O.B.O?

S: OBO sweeet die….What r we talking about again :$

T: Please every guy like O.B.O let’s keep it at Genesis

S.O: Genesis! Yep. Genesis

S: Me I was talking about…..sigh…nevermind. Oya…Genesis 🙂

All of U

SO: Crap! How Can You Start An Album With This? (.__.) Neeh For Me. *Sigh* “My Manager Is Smarter Than Alluyu.”

T: LOL.I actually like this song…not a bad way to start an album. Plus u can’t go wrong giving props to the old heads

S:I really didnt care for this intro the first time I heard it…but after a while even me… i was singing “SYBT is badder than…Whoistunde is better than…all of uuuuuu”

T: *music* we better than all of u…

S: (Notice he gives props to old people…I gave props to tunde. Yes, tunde is old)


T: 23 is not old 😐

S.O: Awww Tunde. Dont worry…Viagra will keep our love hard 🙂


Back Then feat. Naeto-C

S: JAM!!!! (Single count one)

S.O: JAM!!!!!!! Ha. O-/\

T: JAM!! Naeto C’s verse was crap tho…But that’s a topic for another album

S.O: I Like this Song! Ma Nogere.  ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ

New Skool Tinz feat B-red & Sina Rambo

S.O: *Sigh*

S: There are approximately 22billion things on planet earth better than Sina Rambo’s raps. I will name a few:
Iya Rainbow’s fart in a nylon bag,
Baba Suwe’s Shit
A bricklayer’s pinkie toe nail
Rub and Shine

T: Buhahahaha

S.O: Ewwwww

T: I think Shina Rambo rap should be used for torture music

S.O: LOL. This Track Na Proper Joke.. Sina Rambo’s Verse. “I’m The Big Fish In The Water No Catfish” Baba Na Confam Titus! The Only Thing I Like That He Said Was “Schwagg.” Neeeh.. The Whole HKN On A Track & This Is It? I Didn’t Expect Heaven But I Mean… Pffft. 😐

S: I like this song….but without the Sina Rambo verse. I can manage B.Red…he has sense. His name reminds me of Agege sha. B-red… Bread…No?

T: All that time Jack Bauer used to suffer him self…shooting terrorist in the leg and what not. He should get beats by dre headphones and play a Shina Rambo verse


S: *crying Punjabi tears* but Beats by dre headphones won’t play Sina Rambo verses tho. They will malfunction and evapourate

S.O: I’ll Buy Palito… That Will Play It.

T:  😦


S: BEST SONG ON THE FUCKING ALBUM!!!!!! ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ

T: Calm Down

S: ƪ(˘.˘)ʃ

S.O: Yes. Calm Down

S:┌(˘.˘)ʃ Like I have always said…I wanna pakuromo with sense. Simple ish. No forced nonsense

S.O: Oga Park and Shop Well jare. Best what? Don’t get me angry. (.____.)

T: Some parts of this song sounds like Mavin’s ‘I’m a mavin’ listen good. Not a bad song…the beat is banging

S.O: Yes! Tundeee! You Gorrit. It’s Okay. Just Okay..

S: It is notjustok (shaurout ). It is too mad At the 2.53 mark when the synths enter the beat. Dopeness. The song is called video…u didn’t hear him say…”it is a video video video video videoooooo” .like some people we know *catch ur sub*


T: Oga, no dey sub my guy

S: Video >>> I am Mavin. Speaking of Mavin….when last did u go to their mavin community page? I hear that thing is a deserted ecological webpage 😦 *lighters in the air*

T: Buhahaha. No arguments.

S.O: lmaoooo! Solar Kpekus!


T: You can’t go wrong with a song for the ladies…Good jam right thurr

S.O: Awww (ʃ⌣ƪ) Good Song.. I Like It Mahn!

S: Hmmmm. I skip this song all the time

T: What do u know about music..I’ve told u..u know nothing

S.O: Now i know who has all the sense at SYBT

T: ^_^

S: Ah Ah! Let me explain myself. My yoruba is not good…but I heard this song is about something about love and beans. Am I right?

T: Yup yup..your spot on

S.O: Ewa Is beauty 😐

S: My favourite food is beans and dodo. Don’t be singing a song and be using beans as a metaphor. If u wanna sing this song…sing it for beans. Beans deserves to be praised


T: but u cant be serious? Thats why u don’t like the song???

S: Yes! Don’t be metaphoring my beans yo. Fuck that shit! Use rice as a metaphor (˘̯˘ ) *drops mic*

T: *sigh* Let’s not talk about food..all I eat is indomie 😦 Next song pls


S: JAMMMM!!!!! ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ  ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ  ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ

S.O:  I LIKE IT!!!

S: I like how he switches from razz to rnb singing stuvs. This boi sabi!!!

T: This song wey sound like the beginning of National Anthem when dem dey drum for primary school


S: Ur primary skool na razz place. At Pampers Private School we used an orchestra at our assembly 😐

T: Tani Pampers? Huggies ati Napkin ni

S.O : Spellz Is A Good Producer Eyyy.. The Track Is Alright. One Of Those Tracks That Might Grow On You. Naahmean? No Lyrics As Usual…It Has Grown On A Nigga!  ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ

T: Doesn’t work for me

No Visa feat Sina Rambo

S: Sina Rambo again….(-_-). For this…I need to call some people just to clarify…What else can sina rambo be doing with his life expect for rapping?

@bosunescobar: Model for bleaching cream

@Monsieur_RJ: A damn pinata. Someone needs to beat this nonsense out of him

@Deolaaa: A Hen Night Stripper

@Tuvie: I have nothing to say but he should build a career around hyping his boy. All these lames that find an oppurtunity to come and make more shit music than we can Handle. I’m tired of them


S.O: Can’t we skip this?

T: Davido’s nananananoo part »»»»» Sina Rambo’s whole rap career


S: *pauses Sina Rambo* This is a jammmm na sina just spoil am. First time I heard the song I thought my cd dey skip backwards.

S.O: Mr Rambo Let’s Just Dance. Okay? Dance & Only Dance. Thanks 🙂

T: Sina should just stop rapping.

Enter the Centre feat. B-Red

S: Can I say this now…..JAMMER JAM!!!!!!

T: This I agree…Very catchy song

S: Do u know the amount of yanshes that will be humped when this song comes on. I can see it now <3<3

S.O: I totally agree!

T: *singing* I want to nacka nacka…That’s the moral of the whole song. So I love it

S:  U can’t nack anybody on that indomie diet of urs. U need protein nigga!

S.O: LOL. Sho u r mean! I Like This Song. B-Red’s Verse Was Unexpectedly Nice.. Song Grew On Me Mayne.. And The Repetition Stuff I Guess We’re Used To It. Yeah? Well, I Am *moves bum*

T: 😦 😦

S: Subomi…do u have bumbum?

S.O: Yes! O-/\

T: She has boobs that’s all that matters to me <3<3

S.O: *shakes milkshake all around*

T: But that’s not why we are here 😐

Dollars in the bank feat K-switch

S: and again I say….TUUUUUUNE

S.O: Eyyyyy! My Jammm

S: Davido and his discriminating songs that I will still sing no matter what. “I gotta couple million dollars in the bank…”

T: I think K-switch did a good job. Sho! Sharap when this song comes on jare.

S.O:  I Was Waiting For Kay Switch’s Verse.. I Like Kay Switch. Hi Kay Switch. 🙂 It’s A Good Track..

S: Subomi Ashana! I go still sing this song…no be like say people dey waka with bank statement for head (˘̯˘ )


S: Kay Switch is gonna blow ooo. He is on a roll now. *looking over at the Mavin camp*

S.O: LoL. Sayyynoohhh! If that’s how you spell it. ¯\..(•͡. •͡ )../¯ You don’t love Tiwa again?

T: He loves everybody

S: Where did u see me say I don’t love her (˘̯˘ ) please u r a guest here. Don’t start false allegations


S: I like half of this song… Davido’s rap >>>>>>> Sina Rambo’s future raps

S.O: Bleeeh! I Know Why Sade Poured Sand In His Eyes… (.___.) He Rapped? Lawl!

T: The song aint that bad..he actually didn’t do the regular Davido dance dance thing…

S: Ah Ah Subomi! Tell her Tunde…The rap was cool jare 😦

T: .But why u go allow gal pour sand for your eye?

S: Maybe them dey play for bar beach. (remember say them dey dance for beach for dami duro video)

T: Buhahahahahahah


S: But the Sade name no sweet. If he sang about Tolani, Temitope, Gbohunmi…e for better

S.O: *Subomi*

T: I’ll sing about u Subomi….so you know its real

S.O: Oh Tunde. <3<3

S: *hiss* Next track

Gbon Gbon

T: There should be an app for muting someone’s voice on a track…they should absolutely start with this song

S.O: What Is Gbon Gbon?

S: This is half a tune  ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌. This jam was missing Dbanj. A couple of osheys and mogbes here and there and u got yourself a banging banger *Remixxxxxxxx. thank me later*

S.O: Errrrm Errrrm

S: Tunde…you r really getting to old for this sort of music. Please sit down on ur rocking chair 3-|

T: 😦 😦 😦 When did 22 become old? Or err err 23

S: Oga Yakubu Aiyegbeni

S.O: Sho & T!!! What Is Gbon Gbon? 😐

S: Subomi….u know when u hoff ur pata and I hoff my pata and u sit down on my rock of gibraltar

S.O: Oh…

T: Or my rocking chair

S.O: LOL. Next song! 😐

Feel Alright feat. Ice Prince

T: This is my song right here…Easy listen no rushing

S: This is a jam with peanut butter. *singing* Doktorrrrr Fraaaaabzz in de Buildeeeeeen

S.O: Niceeeee!

S: Simple stuvs. I dey sing this ish with my eyes closed. I don tell u….this boi sabi

T: Plus Mr Zamani was on point

S: Clap for Mr Zamani. He left his crayon rhyme book at home. He sounded alright to me on this one

S.O: He’s improving.. I’m happy. Smooth track…

Mary Jane

S: I am too feeling this one. J.Sleeky Sleeky

T: *yawn* Wake me up when you are done Sho

S.O: Pfffft… (˘̯˘ ). I Don’t Like It…

T: I don’t like it either

S: *moving from side to side and then doing the davido drumming move* you will flowing subomi to say ‘i don’t like it’. In 2 weeks time, she go dey shake yansh up and down to this song.

S.O: I wont do any such thing

T: My baby wont let me down.

For You feat. 2face

S: *dies of boredom*… I don get visa…i will be waiting ‘Overseas’

S.O: For you you you you  ♫

T: This song has to grow on you

S: This song na agbalumo seed for Arabian desert. E no fit grow fire!

T: First listen I didn’t like it

S: Davido needs to collect his money back from 2face. How will baba be recycling lyrics…is he wizkid? *twueh*

T: LOOL. Do u know how many kids he has…he has to save lyrics for them now

S.O: LOL.You guys are all mad. The track is alright..

Overseas feat Sina Rambo

S: I don’t care what yall say…This is a JAM (single two). Like always….muting Sina Rambo can make this world a better place

S.O: Nice Song Just Remove Mr Rambo’s Verse & We’ve A Jam! LOL His Verse *Real Tears* I Know I Heard Shine Shine Bobo & Schwagg

S: Schwelps ni

S.O: LOL…I ‘m thirsty.. Yall can’t offer me something?  I need a drink

T: Let’s sign a petition to stop Sina from rapping

S.O:   ̷̐ ̈́ ̈́ ͂ ̐͂ ̷̐

S: Hahhahahahahhahahahahahha. U get standby signature??? LOL


Dami Duro

S: Jam of Life!

S.O: What do you want to hear?

S.O:  \=D/ \=D/ .Doubt if there’ll be a bigger song this year

S: Although…this song is the most misleading track ever. The amount of times he called Sina Rambo’s name on this….I fear say Sina Rambo go be mad ass rapper. Now we all knoooooow

S.O: Shizzzi! Beat Is Madding! Mad Jam…Jam Of The Year! O-/\ O-/\ O-/\ Nice Mahn! Nicee! *Ijo Shina Rambo* *Goes Down Low* Ha. Bad Man Thing!

T: This gal just dey shake yansh since morning Sho

S: *now counting $1bills* all she needs to do is climb that pole and work for this money in my hand B-)

S.O: Shaking my tailfeather! Any praablem sire?

Bless Me feat May D

T: It’s Mr. May D!!!!!!!

S.O: It’s Mister Mayyy D!

S: *borrowing of R.kelly’s lyrics* I aint mad at that.

T: Good way to end album…

S.O: Yep. Niceeee! I Like This Song… May D Did Great!

S: Cool intro….Better Outro. I am pleased


S.O:  Well, It isn’t really what I expected.. Okay album, just okay… Some songs might later grow on you.. It’s my third listen and I feel its just okay.. Sina Rambo should seriously stop rapping… *Sigh* Davido’s repetitions… and B-Red has stuff to offer, that’s what I feel…Good productions too. I’d give it a 2.5 wRaps

T: This is not a bad debut album…I expected more so I was a little bit disappointed. There’s no standout song minus the singles we’ve heard before…and pls pls and pls….you people shouldn’t allow SINA RAMBO rap 3 wRaps

S: Yall need to sit down for this

T: Oga, were we doing this review standing up? Of course we were fucking sitting down

S.O: LOL. No mind him

S: I had zero expectations for this album and i am surprised it turned out pretty good. Let’s call people in davido’s lane. Wande, Wizkid, (chuddy K sef). Wande dropped the greatest debut (and overall) album of all time….(Don jazzy and dbanj guidance). Wizkid dropped (yeye) debut album….Banky W guidance. Davido has none. No godfather in the game and he did this album without the necessary pop stamp tags. His actual Rapsy voice all thru. No autotune ( I FUCKING REPEAT…NO AUTOTUNE. Ok. maybe like tini tiny.)..

T: My friend. Why u no write bible?

S.O: LOL. Epistles!

S: Sharap. Let me finish. He didn’t freestyle the entire album…he wrote on at least 13songs. Repetition will always be around in pop music but he minimized his. This boi is 19. 3 dope singles and at least 7 good songs. 3.5 for me :):

T: Lai lai!!!

S.O: Lmaoooooooooo

S: This album was so easy to listen to…if we review any albums from now on and dem use autotune on their hooks…I will deduct 0.2 for each song

T: Hahaha

This gets a ‘u dey try’ 3.1wRaps

T:  Subomi, Thanks for coming cumming today. Lets go inside the room

S.O: (^.^)

S: *uses taser on tunde* Palm for ground *closes door behind him* Subomi…let’s see u work for these $1bills

S.O: *shaking money maker*

Peace Yall.

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  1. Bosun permalink

    I Like Subomi’s cleavage and breasts in her avatar…………were you waiting for a comment on the album? Well, when I listen I’ll see if I agree.

    Hi Subomi 🙂

  2. khalilabdul permalink

    Davido is just 19,when I was 19 I had dreams of kidnapping my neighbour daughter and dog nd doing nasty things to them both.davido tried he is not trying to be a role model.

    • theinsanephenom permalink

      U fucking weirdo, u wanted to do nasty sexual shii to the dog innit? Fagget.

      • khalilabdul permalink

        Man to man= fagget,man to dog=???

  3. Old Man permalink

    The Jack Bauer picture… L:O O O O L…
    I’m not listening to the album sha….
    If there’s no song more interesting than the released single… i dey alright.

  4. REDD permalink

    Tunde is old….his birth certificate gotta be on a scroll!! Shoobee doobee dooooo 🙂

  5. Aston permalink

    3.1wRaps? This album doesn’t cut it for me at all. 2.3wRaps wlda bin better!

  6. Dipupo permalink

    U guys r rotten…. Dis review ish should be “X” rated!! Crazily hilarious too tho. We need a campaign against Sina Rambo rapping (anything musical). I’ve been meaning to ask.. who’s better – Sina Rambo or Vic-O? -__-
    I ain’t buying this album, but i’ll listen to it if i get the chance 😀

  7. d-boy permalink

    I’ll listen to a Davido album when Big and Pac resurrect… In the mean time, Sho, STOP HATING on Wizkid


  8. I’m not going to listen to Davido’s album.
    Dami Duro did it for me.
    I’m not going to spoil my ears with anything less.

    From the review though, album shouldn’t have gotten more than 2 wRaps.

    Nothing but beats and hooks right? And apparently, terrible features. So…


    Davido should fly solo yo…

  9. deolaaa permalink

    Sina Rambo should kuku be writing lyrics for VicO.
    I doubt I’ll like the album. I don’t like ekuro.

  10. Sho how can u compare this Album to Wizkids?i don’t care if it has more “lyrics” it can never be better. This album ehn when i heard it the 1st time i almost dozed. The Tuface track ehn….worxtext!i mean Tuface couldn’t save it. I like like 3 songs minus the 2 hot singles… that’s fair abi?If i listen everyday it will definitely grow on me.3.1wRaps…too much jo!

  11. This analysis is better than the album: OBO, Good beat meats rubbish songs =Dance track

  12. nnamdinho permalink

    Reblogged this on nnamdinho89.

  13. nnamdinho permalink

    looool This Post is funny

  14. hahahahahaha… una no go kee me with yur comments.. haba.. leave the dog alone jawe

  15. rhymeup permalink

    As usual, Nothing new here. Waiting patiently for the new review. Is it not possible to review Ghanian and African Artists in general? If Naija acts dey dull, at least that would break the silence.

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