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The Middle Rae

August 10, 2012

Rapper – Rae and Beatmaker/Producer – Bigfoot Micworx teamed up to release a 7track EP titled The Big Rae. You can download it for free here >> 

S: *puts on backpack*

T: Jansport?

S: U too sabi

T: This na backpack raps.

S: #SYBT does it all. Le’go!

Keys of Life feat Psalmurai + Teckzilla

T: From the get already know this album is not for kids.These aint your regular bump your head to rappers .HIP-HOP music..this is the defintion of Abstract

S: As well as adults who dont like people rapping with rhythm…becos this track is sooooooo off beat.

T: Production on point…Rae got Rhymes and all..but the chorus was off beat

S: But really…this guy’s name is Psalmurai??? Was his master Shinsho Nakamura?

T: maybe he… i will not par-take in this madness with u

S: you know you wanna say…com’on. Say it 🙂


S: 😦 Did these guys write their verses to this beat? Tah. its unbearable. What are they even talking about sef. I am soo Lost.

T: Yeah..sounds like they did acapella and just put the beat later. I fux with it tho

S: U have no rhythm na…. The song starts from the 2.15 mark for me. That’s when the beat gets me. *whips off all the vocals*

T: I have rhythm na. I have moves like Jagger.

S: 😐

So What feat Teck Zilla

T: It’s obvious Rae’s a very intelligent M.C but there’s a thin line btw intelligence and boring…

S: *puts my backpack down* I like the first verse…I think that’s Teck Zilla. wasn’t perfect but by the time u hear Rae’s verse…teck Zilla’s verse is like chocolate to ur ears.

T: Nevertheless…solid production, the song doesn’t work for me tho

S: U are right about that… Rae, this is a smooth song na….kick smooth bar. This ur “tion” “tion” rhyme iz not werking for me. The beat is hella nice tho.

T: hahaha what is “tion tion”.

so i launch a gravity rainbow at a planet only to regret it and absorb the damage lost both shields and my mega thrusters  facebook goddess could i ever trust her –Tekzilla

S: Wait the fuck up…what’s “launch a gravity rainbow at a planet” …What is going on here???

T: Mehn..Rae Tek be smoking that good ish..that’s the only expalnation for some of the things he said.

S: Omo…its either these guys are rapping to themselves or I must not sabi hiphop music anymore… Tani all this.

Hehehe…e dey pain u becos u no dey understand shey?

T: Let’s just move to next track 😦

Easy Lover

A Che Guevara T-shirt from a latin sweat shop/ Bob Marley chuks from a dread that got shot/ The revolution will be televised only on pay-per-view/ let the children breed monsters I dont mean pikachu/

S: This is that 95 dope shit!

T: I swear..the beat is just mellow

S: Beats and Rhymes and small knowledge on top

T: Nice bars…Dope beat.

S: That chillin in Brooklyn head nodder dope ish. That kangol hat, baggy faded jeans, timbs on shiii. Rae got me on this one

T: Don’t forget your sony walkman, cassettes  and earphones

S: Gbam! U sabi but u sha like to dey show ur age

T: Everybody knows I’m 23… 😐

S: This Bigfoot guy deserves custom-made shoes for these beats he is lacing us with…. *nerd glasses*

T: foot…shoes…lacing….Oooo u dey feel like metaphorical rapper now. Ode


Paraplegic mime lost in the design, songs about songs long as you can rewind/ What am I on about, spread it by word of mouth

I’m off that rough road, time to let go/ my femme fatale kept tripping in them stilettos/ she reads the magazines, knows love aint a thing/ She’s only 18 digging for that wedding ring

T: Voices!!! My fav song of the mixtape

S: Ehen! This is a jam!

T: The strings synths are too mad!!!!

S: Rae’s flow is on point!!!!

T: Whatever Bigfoot did at the end of the jam had me..Rae came correct on the topic too!!!! This song is the definition of dope

S: Hip Hop 201. stuck to the subject matter on a metaphorical tip

T: *hits repeat button*


Thought i was fly till i flew to high, crashed to the ground left a crack in the sky

My benevolence was sinister and i shone brighter than slick rick in a star

S: *Deep voice* On this week’s episode of LOST!


S: We are back to this palava *sigh*

T: Man,  the only excuse is its a dream. so we are not meant to understand

S: Game had a dream….and we understand that one tho. A dream can be a sweet song.

T: Game’s dream was sweet cuz he called like 50 peoples name

S: This sha isn’t my cup of tea. Rae needs to know that folks will feel his jams if he just rhymed cream with dream and we could get it

T: Yeah..why tell us the scientific name of dream and cream?

The Brittany Murphy Freestyle

No matter what they throw up Rae it aint new to you/No matter what the judges say it aint beautiful/ the visions impaired so i take’em in pairs like noah do/

S: This song is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!. LEGENDARY!!! Listen to this shit with loud speakers and u will think u are in a John Woo movie

T: This is the type of song u listen to and anything u listen to for the next two days sounds like crap

S: I don’t care what Rae was talking about. this was on a Wu-Storytelling ish. This flow was on point!!!

T: ‘Braaaaaaaa!!!! Stickup!!’

S: Tooo hard. Big Foot fucked my mind up with this instrumental!

T: Big Foot! Is too damn dope. *creates space in my top 5 hiphop producers list*

S: *cleans sit for him and keeps a glass of lemonade*

Moonraker (Bigfoot Remix)

S: BEST song on the album. This is rhymes on rhymes on rhymes on rhymes!!!!

T: Definitely!

S: Raeeeeeeeeeeeee and Big Fooooooot. This is a tag-team! They have delivered me from all this pakuromo nonsense I have been listening to with this jam.

T: They should just go to yankee or something..this one dey too advanced for Naija market *dials RZA’s number*

I black out and wake up in the belly of the beast/ digestive acids dissolve the flesh around my feet 

S: Somebody testify to the goodness of Rae!

T: *music* moonraker…moonraker

S: This na proper jam! All my neck bone don chip from my head nod. Wetin Moonraker mean sef. Hope no be illuminati o

T: Hmmm…’The’…thats 3 letters plus ‘Big’ another 3 letters equals 6. …’Rae’ means 6..3times. that means 666.

S: *straight face of LIFE* 😐


T: Rae’s obviously a very intelligent and skilled mc I’m sure he’s one of those guys that’s study the Sun Moon and Stars and shii like that. He can rap..not your average type rapper, this mixtape is dope. But is there a market for this type of rap in Naija..I don’t think so..maybe not yet

S: I think Rae let his intelligence get the best out of him on some tracks (or they werent mixed well). This isnt your normal “ABC” rap. If Rae went to Lag, he probably rapped at Bamboo box. This is abstract rappidy rapping raps. (i just made that up…i am smart).  Big Foot provided the perfect canvass for Rae to shine upon. On some beats he did and on others…he didnt carry me along. project.  Bigfoot’s beats stole the show.  U have to listen to it more than 4times to digest it tho.

We fux with it….3.2wRaps


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  1. S: *Deep voice* On this week’s episode of LOST!
    lol!!! great review

  2. theinsanephenom permalink

    LOL… That ‘lost’ part. *Now Downloading*

  3. Daisy permalink

    I should say Bigfoot is my bro… Just thought I put it out there. So yeah, imma be sentimental about this review (˘̯˘ ) *goes to read*

    • Daisy permalink

      Ok we can live with 3.2wRaps. He thinks y’all are hilarious so it’s all goo. Anyway, enjoyed it sha. Nice review as usual.

      • JUGNU permalink

        Why you dey form voltron?? Anyway the reviews here are entertaining non the less. Still better than those pangolo musick

  4. MajorD permalink

    Nice review! Yup Rae was a unilag Bamboo Box rapper. The songs that were ayt were ayt and the ones that were dope were DOPE!!!! Listening to RAE on that dope shit just makes a rap head happy

  5. Skid! permalink

    Shey vector don drop mixtape….abi una dey for haiti?

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