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Bar-Punch (Get It?)

August 17, 2012

The hardest working rapper of 2011/2012 dropped his mixtape titled: Bar-Racks recently. You can download it here >>

S: Barrrrrrracks!

B: Why are you excited?

S: I have no idea. Tunde meet Boks. He is a Super HipHop OG. I am sure he is part of the people that built Bamboo box lol.

B: Ode! Sup @whoistunde

T: Mr Boks…I hail _____O_

B: Glad to be in the building. Where the honeys at?

T: Honeys are on vacay…only on weekends g

B: 😦

S: Lets begin.


B: Loving the intro! What’s the Fela sample doing at the beginning? I am lost.

S: His first 16bars were ….Niiiiiiiiiiiiice. He should have stopped the song there.

T: Loved the intro..loved the beat, Vector’s flow..on point

B: Yeah! but then he starts to do to much. “My boy are too forward their formation should be 4-4-2” Couple of lame lines in there but on the whole, a nice way to start!

T: We can start a different blog on all Vectors weak punchlines and wordplay. The boy no dey try sometimes.

S:Yup! Vector is forever mixing dope smart lines with corny weak shit for daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayz

B: The MKO line was just unnecessary. I hate when rappers explain punchlines

T: As if the line wasn’t wack enough he had to ask if we get it?

S: It was for you former Unilag people na. You guys were almost moshooooded LOL

B: 😐

T: What’s Unilag? I went to Harvard.


Ko Oshi

B: No doubt! The boy gat flow

T: One of my fav songs on the mixtape. ‘Ko shi danu!!!!!

S: Funny how Vector is rhyming on a b.o.b. Beat. Am I the only one that thinks they resemble (SMALL)

B: Koshi danu! Hiphop tinz

“Blaze is a monster, Eva is in flight again/ Muna’s great but don’t you tell another rapper to pass the mic again”

S: Blaze is really a monster! ..loved that Zee rocks (xerox) line. One for the smart side

B: I agree wit Tunde here! Nice track! Good flow, nice lines, nice rhymes( yes! there’s a diff between a nice line and a nice rhyme). Love the flow on that Muna line

T: Yeah..that’s the theme of the mixtape…good lines..wack lines

S: Smart lines…corny lines

B: So we should prepare the readers for more?

S: *sitting down and puts on seat belt*

T: Sadly….yes

B: *sip on a glass of henny*

Baba Alago

S: My faaaaaavourite song on the mixtape

B: That’s cos he used one of the best beats ever made. Shout out to the Dr!!!

T: can’t go wrong with ‘The Watcher’ sample

S: Man, you can’t go wrong oo, Vector’s flow is toooo pure

B: But!

T: But

“I pick on you, you pick your nose”, “Rappers wanna go head to head, Damn, First i no be gay, 2nd i no be Ram”

S: LOL. I liked how he said it…he didn’t miss the flow

B: That’s what he rides on! A mean flow….But I seeeeee you! You can’t hide those weak lines

S: Hahahahaha

B: Not a bad track though! *mutes the verses*

T: I love how he was just having fun with the song tho’ nice jam

B: Ok o! He was having fun is the official story on this track

Ashewo boy

B: Not feeling the beat. Kinda boring. Best part of this track is the hook!

T: I loved the chorus

S: Boring ke…this is a valium ad. Just saying boring doesn’t fully explain this song

B: The song is mellow! If he had tighter lines, it would have lifted it. All I look forward to on this track is the chorus

Mercy Johnson

“Ass like a stallion, she probably a unicorn, cos she got that horny head, i love her birthday uniform”

T: Mercy Johnson!!!! That’s all I have to say

B: Shey dis guy no sey dis song na devil song?

S: Hahahaahahhaha devil sha. He spat one hell of a first verse *devil…hell. Get it* X_X

T: Baba, dey review dey go, stop trying to start a rap career here.

B: 1st verse was hot

S: 2nd verse was annoying

B: The boy is just lazy! After that 1st verse, the guy no even try

S: As in. That’s it. Vector gets too playful for his own good sometimes. He should have just done one verse then

Moving Ahead

“Graduated from Van Persie to Van Niesterooy to Van Basten you bastards”

S: Ignore the sporting waves, Peter Edochie and Oniru lines….and this jam is ok

T: Mehn..VEC had some mad lines on this one. I liked the Oniru line 😐 Ignore the ‘flare’ lines

S: The Oniru line didn’t even go on the beat

T: I’ve told you you don’t know anything about music but you keep arguing

B: This track is weak. A couple of decent moments but on the whole nothing to write about

S: Boks…you r weak ( ._.)

B: Don’t see u guys rushing to  quote hot bars

S: But I agree with u. Its not like I will be raving about this song. I sha like the beat and flow a lot.

B:Play that track, when it ends, try to remember 1 hot line? I dare you

T: I’m taking the Oniru line with me

S: Hahahahhaha where u wan carry am go? Elegushi

B: Hahahaha

T: Hahaha! Yes

16 Bars hear vec in ur veins, cos i am on point like the last 3 letters in your name.

B: Not bad! On this I get a taste of the Unilag Vector

S: *ignores the ‘like ur verse a tile’ line* Liked that it was short and precise. Vector has the best flow in the game. #dontargue

T: Not bad at all..VEC’s flow is dope. He is also top 5 rappers with wack lines #dontargue

S: No arguments

B: Is it about to go DOWN!!Make I begin move furniture?

S: Hahahahahha see as u wan promote fight yeye visitor

B: Tunde, Just for the readers, who else is on that ‘top 5’ wacklist?

S: Ice Prince, Yung6ix, NaetoC, and M.I.

B: M.I ke

T: Not forgeting Ill bliss

B: Terry da Rapman shld make dat list

T: Terry used to be good tho

B: Like 20yrs ago.

S: Ill bliss no get wackline. He get WACK letters

B: Lmao

T: Hahaha 😦

Si Ro Ro

B: Next song pls 😥  see as dis guy spoil this song for me

S: This is the dopest shit on this to me

B:  U must be high on berry blast

S: I use this shit to catch plenty trips. LoL

T: I fux with this song. I think he pulled it off well

crap like them, maybe its a shame their punchlines are line and i do not jab like them

If you don’t understand so free me na, u don’t copy like cc na…..your brain need something medicinal

I am 1st no bronzing…I’m heat like lebron’s team

S: Na…this boy sabi when he puts his mind to it

B: Call me when u are done!

S: U just like the original too much. I could care less of a girl I used to know (˘̯˘ )

Tickle Me feat Chuddy K

You leave me messed up now i’m feeling like a fart


S:  *skip*

T: Tickle me should be the official song for putting little babies to sleep at night

B: First of, don’t dig rappers explaining! Is he afraid his fans are too young to know the original?

S: Either they are too young to know the original or like everybody that parties at elegushi…they came to Lagos 4yrs ago.

B: I fux wit Chuddy K on this

T: I didn’t even make it pass the explanation..too boring

S: Chuddy K didn’t sound like a crying beggar on this. Still wasn’t pleased

B: Lol. This is vector @ his corniest best. Too many corny lines.


S: Oh nu!!!!!

T: Mehn! Loved the part when the song changed! Tetero tuwo!!!!!!

B: I fux wit this song

S: Yeah Tunde, That’s the best part of the song.

B: You just have to love the way this nigga flows

S: flows….flows…*thinking of a metaphor*

B: Tuwo!!! I know where I’m going when I leave here

S: Shitta?

B: Iya oni tuwo! 1 place for shitta. u sabi

T: Let’s not talk about food 😦

S: Indomie boi!!!. Buhahahaha

B: We don’t touch indomie. We are fettucine boys

S: Yeah..its pasta over here *rozay grunt*

T: Next song pls 😦


I am taking over from the rappers all around me, clifford orji mode skulls all around me

B: *Jumping up and down* Best track on the mixtape

S: Best fucking jam! 10/10

T: Best song on the mixtape definitely

B: Flow upon flow upon flow

S: Vector has stupid flows yo!

T: TUNE!!!  Is pasted all over this song

B: 100/100. This jam tooooooo much! 😀 I just dey shine teeth as I dey listen

S: I gooooooooOoooooo in. Verse 3!!!!!

B: “Island of knowledge surrounded by d flow u can’t bridge me” Hot lines

S: “H . O. T. my man, you cant fridge me”

T: “I still shine with contracts you cant breech me”

S: Flow on steroids

B: What ever mode he was in when he wrote this, dude needs to stay there.

S: Forever!! He needs to write his 2nd album on that mode

T: This is supposed to be a bigger tune than it is..but pakuromo people won’t let it

B: Don’t even get me started on the pakuromo people


S: I will appreciate this song live cos i ain’t feeling this.

B: Don’t even know what to say about this track! I understand the concept but I think the execution was poor

T: I don’t like the song..I understand he was trying to get with his afro beat roots and all and kick knowledge but the song was off

B: Way off! Fela go dey vex. Fela go even release diss track.

T: LoL. He should have just given this to Eldee tha Don..

S: Or Blackmagic

B: Blackmagic. Real music! Shout out to syndik8

Stay Scheming

S: This song is like a Ferrari…Its fucking nice and hard…insane. It was going all so well then VECTOR SAYS…

T: ‘Your girl passat me..shay mi Volkswagen’ 😦


S: Threw the song off the fucking axis of dopeness into a bucket of hopelessness, now this track is a fucking unicycle.

T: I mean..couldn’t somebody have stopped him

S: I mean…like..I mean

T: I loved the Mobb Deep lines tho

B: So u guys like the “thor, asgard (ass guard)” line?

T: Hell to the No

S: I don’t know how I feel about it. But I wasnt “marvelled” 😐

T: I see what u did there

B: Haha. Ok! Just checking. Cos that’s where I pressed the skip button


B: What the fuck is this? “Hotter than the sun, orun. Wake up, dudu osun” 

S: I am not ramsey..but I know her *smh*

T: That Noah line should be banned, Nigerian rappers have used it enough

B: Then he borrows from yung6ix wit the ” wanna come 1st, january. Alcohol love, she’s my february( fair brewery)” . This track is Laaaaammmmme!

S: This one beats it…

I am the winter sugar and the somersault ( summer salt) 

S: MY HEAVENLY FATHER WILL FIGHT VECTOR FOR ME!!! he will not go scot-free for this 😐


B: Kill me now. This is vector @ his corniest best. Too many corny lines.

T: This track is a big fail. It’s not working..Wheelchair. Get it? Not walking..wheelchair

S: The Nigerian athletic Olympic team will win gold on this track

Church (Skit)

B: Skip

S: *R.Kelly’s voice* Skip in the name of love. Skip skip side to side…separate….don’t bring it back!!! now let me see u do the looove skip!


T: Was it a poem? Was it a freestyle..I just got lost in the middle

B: Not even interested in finding out

S: Me i was here thinking it was another Sprite poem. Maybe this one is for lacasera. ( ._.)


B: Ok! Because he calls it a freestyle, I’ll go easy on him

T: Well if its off the’s allowed. But mehn…this is like the ‘how to spit wack’ lines blueprint. What?!!!

S: Props for going off the top. but that’s where the props stops. Like it was going well when he first started…then it just went all kinds of wrong

B: Seriously!!!I’ve heard cats freestyle and it don’t get weaker than this. It’s okaaay! Bingo! I’m on point, bingo????

T: Act like a frog your body gets toad?

S: Dont forget the “Rebirt!” lol

B: As it starts, you just believe you’re in for a treat. Then u sadly begin to realise that you’ve been duped!

T: Then Taiye Taiwo line.

S: *Looks at my life in slow mo and walks to the verdict room* Like…it was just effin endless

T: Plaster of paris…. Plaster of paris LOL.


T: This mixtape is actually not bad..loved the beat selection, loved the flows, VEC is a good rapper..he just needs to know you can’t use everybody’s name to do wordplay and punchlines.

B: When vector released ‘Wasted’ I thought, Woah! If this is the first joint of the mixtape, there must be more on dat ish” sadly, I was wrong. There’s no doubt that the boy can flow, plus he has nice bars. But when you have that many weak lines on a mixtape, there’s no hiding behind the flow! Nice mixtape, expected more. Vector needs to get rid of all the yes-men and d**k riders around him. Dude needs cats that’ll tell you if a line is weak!

S: Vector should have ended the mixtape at Wasted cos truth be told…everything after that felt like a Patience Dame Speech. He forever stays tip toeing on the thin line between clever wordplay and *smh* lines. The good, the bad hard and the corny are on this mixtape. If you can stomach some of those bars, you should give this a listen.

We give it 3wRaps

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  1. eminemish permalink

    First! ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ ┐

  2. Daisy permalink

    3wRaps? Y’all have gone soft (˘̯˘ )…
    That aside, I fux with Tuwo! The motivation then the heartbreak sample was cray! First part was too sexual for my innocent mind tho. And then you should listen to Wasted when you are well, wasted. Feels gooooood. (._. )

  3. Old Man permalink

    Now Downloading…
    Why Vector no go Nigeria Cypher?

  4. theinsanephenom permalink

    U suppose comot 0.5 for that “towed/toad” line. I cried after I heard it. Cry not weep oh.

    • Daisy permalink

      Cry, weep. Same thing niccur ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯ Fruit!

  5. VEC failed totally on this one. his production was totally flat and raw. We’ve heard better sounds that this. check out IM2, blink, el flaco n burna’s mix tapes. his lines are way too corny for me. he shuld jus stick to features abeg. He has open his yansh that he cant hold his own on a full album. btw, MI aint on that wack list. I’ll put Naeto C n Jim Iyke on that list 10 years before even thinking of MI.

  6. Rili Honest Review. Truetalk@Yesmen

  7. Dipo permalink

    Calling Illbliss wack? No Voltron steaze here but yall kiddos are fully educated when it comes to Hiphop in Nigeria. I’ve read your reviews and it always sounds like yall are some post 90’s hiphop folks.

    There’s a lot you leave out in your reviews when you breakdown album (Hiphop albums especially) Two good examples are ‘The Big Rae’ and ‘The Bandits’.

    But yall cheer me up with witty lines. Please son’t stop.


  8. Rhymeup permalink

    Hey homies,
    Great work. Big fan. Is this site dedicated to only hip hop? Didnt Egberi papa’s new album come out a few months back… didnt get to see the review.

    keep up the good work.

  9. Bee permalink

    Nice …. Now downloading

  10. CeeMan permalink

    VEC…………….*sigh*, i’m not one of his biggest fans. i think i’m gifted at picking more of weak lines than the tight ones. I’m very indifferent about him. I sha bumped it cos of the review here. Other than that, he’s just one of the celebrated mediocres. S/O to SYBT.

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