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September 14, 2012

Singer, Rapper, Producer – Teeklef delivered his highly anticipated mixtape – NOBIS (No Beat Is Safe) last week. you can download it here >>

***At SYBT HQ***

S: What are we reviewing today?

*Secretary drops copies of Kelly Handsome and Teeklef’s mixtapes*

T: *looks at Sho*

S: *picks up Kelly Handsome’s tape* 22 Songs???? Nah! i ain’t going through that again.

T: LOL. Teeklef it is then. But before we get into this review..can I just take a moment to brag

S: What you wanna brag about?

T: So far everybody we’ve picked to blow is blowing #majorpause and every song we’ve said is a a jam

S: Burna boy?

T: Check

S: Illegal music 2

T: Check

S: OBO: Genesis?

T: The songs we said were dope…check

S: Blink nko?

T: With time..check

S: I need to say I have never heard a song from this guy X_X. All I know is he was 2nd on that Don Jazzy competition…and I didn’t even hear the track

T: I didn’t even know he was in any competition, by the time it was day two of the ‘Enigma’ competition I got tired of the beat and didn’t hear anybody’s own again

S: Buuuuuuhahah *stifles laugh*

Great Things

S: Love the production. Sounds like something I can just let play over and over again

T: Totally loved the beat…kinda like he just teases us, like hey ‘I can produce, here is a free 1 min instrumental’

My Art

T: Smooth, mellow track..on the get go we already know Teeklef can sing

S: I know comparisons are gonna be thrown out on who Teeklef sounds like ………

*Drake, Drizzy, Audrey*

T: No escaping it..I already compare him to Drake in my mind. Plus he’s the rich man Skales

S: SK Who? anyways all that matters is…this is a jam. Perfect pitch. Simple production. Love the synths on this. Don’t even get me started on his songwriting skills.

T: Yeah. we don’t need to start.

S: I can’t wait for an Ibadan boy to sing this song sha

T: Why?

S: You are my hhhhhaaaaaa-rt. *heart*


Should Have Known Better

She’s been hurt before but she ain’t afraid to try/she tells herself he’s different she knows there’s something missing/but her heart tell her body it don’t matter/

When i fornicate with this women/ they love me cos i am winning i am on my Jeremy Lin’ing/i always knew i would be the shit when i started at the beginning/

T: Mehn…Teeklef can sing!! and can rap. He does both on this track well

S: Sing…hommie has it down. Rap…he is still on a learning curve..this verse manages to not be wack or corny. Solid effort

T: Learning the curve and he’s better than a lot of people out there right now.

S: Has to be one of my favourites. Girls are gonna love this dude a lot.

T: Boys are gon hate him…

S: *sigh*…God, why u no give me voice na. I for be Usher o. I get steps  ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ

T: I for be R.Kelly..I get height  😦

S: Little girl toucher!

T:   😐

Enroute | For me

S: Swaaaaagggger otiiii *chimpmunk voice* pooooju poooju

T: Loved the beat!!!! This is the kind of beat you hear and just feel there’s hope for Naija music. 2 in 1 that’s just showing off

S: Musical bullying. It switches from an uptempo ‘Enroute’…. to the smooth melody of ‘For Me’

T: *singing* I gotta goo…mama you see it…

S: Like this nigga be making me mess up my gangsta…I am here trying hit melodies at un-safe pitches and shiii. Not a good look

1000 Grammys

On the grind, money on my mind/u got the talent but they don’t wanna sign u/what do u do when you find/ that your back’s been pushed to the wall/ Am’a do it like a thousand grammys on my wall

S: Beat! Beat! Beat! Beat! Beat! Beat!

T: I’m sorry but this track has Drake all over it! Ridiculous beat!!!!! Rapping and singing!!!!

S: Yeah. it reminds me of Drizzy but Teeklef makes it his own yooo. This sooong is constructed well

T: *dbanj nod*

S: His raps ain’t captivating or groundbreaking but it blends well with everything else. This is one of the standout tracks on this tape

T: I think this song needs a remix.

S: I concur. He should holla at SDC and Short Black Boy.

Shot for me

T: Loved what he did with the Drake ‘Shot for me’

S: Chelsea and Alice’s voices yo 🙂 🙂 🙂

T: You have started your harlot ways again? Zara’s voice tho…sexy. Omo Yoruba ni gal yen o..but you no go know

S: Akata pata pata ni. I can play this jam on repeat tho. Just love the keys

T: Too smooth!  I’ll find a girl to take a shot for me one day tho 😦

S: We all know say na only Lautech babes fit take shot for u…but instead they will down and take a bottle of Star for you

T:    😐


You wasn’t there when i had to wash dishes to come up with rent/ and now u all up in my mentions with a complement/The game got a lot of loop-holes, the gatekeeper determines who stay and who goes/

came up plus i built my name up/plus i got some bad bitches cos i got my game up/and i been dope I aint gotta mary-jane up/

S: Hiccup number one. This song just sounds off. dudes bars weren’t going with the beat.

T: Something sounded wrong. But the verses he kicked made up for it for me. His best in my opinion

S: Wasnt in-sync. I couldn’t enjoy it

T: Just imagine when he perfects the art of rapping

S: *now imaging it* Cant wait for him to perfect his flow.


Yeah that boy a genius, flow be the meanest/ shawty say she wanna eat, all i got is penis/ – Po’

I bet she know the deal when we down to business, she bowling with a racket bigger than Serena’s/ – Teeklef

Gucci this, Fendi that Fresh up out the cleaners/ how the hell u big balling if u drive a prius/ – Po’

S: Dope bars. another 2 in 1 sturvs, felt his flow on this one a lot.

*see me in the hood and they say what’s up heeeeeey*

T: And he pulls it off well again. Po goes hard

S: Who is this Po? Po and Poe?…oo well.

T: Whoever he is, he did well on the track

S: Klef bodies Weezy’s Mirror…totally owned it. Like it reminds me of something the Abaga boys can do

T: Def!

Don’t Runaway

S: This is a Jam. Radio single right here…

T: This has radio hit all over it! Closest to a pakuromo beat! Rich man pakuromo if u ask me

S: This isn’t even pakuromo man. This is wedding song for  banana island pikins dem dem

T: His vocal skill were on point too

S: This here just shows u can have a radio song without corny ass  ” yeah yeah yeah..i like the way u whine, ooo yay yay yay…i like u like wine” lyrics.

T: LOLOL. Stop subbing. say names

S: So you will abandon me like you did when they were harassing me on twitter shey?

T: Buhahahaha

The One

Niggaz willing to do anything for a follow back i swear that shit’s embarrassing 

S: ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )  Can I just take a moment…This sample!!!! *wipes tears from my eyes*

T: Its allowed!!

S: *sniff* The sample is from Black Ivory’s Find The One Who Loves You.

T: This beat sounds like a @Sugarking beat! And if you don’t know who he is, u heard it here first

S: Live! Like this sample touches my soul. I was expecting to hear El Flaco’s voice on it \(‘-‘\) (/’-‘)/ *hint* Call Flaco for the remix!!!!

T: Best song of the mixtape to me. He gets to one point he just starts playing with it *sigh*

S: But com’on…dude took a break off rapping and busts some singing melodies just to mess with us. Daaaaamn, show-off.

T: If you hear this mixtape and you go and listen to go pity yourself. Na the guy wey suppose dey head for Grammy be this

S: Hahahahhahahahahahaha 1000 grammys on his wall ain’t a joke yo. Shoutout to SammyVee for the beat.

All Over Your Body

S: My Favourite Song!!!!!!

T: Panty dropper! The kind of song you play when you’re in the car with a girl..She already gets the message

S: Shiiiiiiiiiiit! I just wanna throw these $1 all over *if you are a big bootay girl and you are reading this…insert your name here*

T: This is a jam.

S: This is a song for babes with nice asses, flat bellys, and hips. When the girl on the track said..”you like that”…I was like…”YES! I love it!!! Shiii I love you sef”

T: Heaux

S: Kinda song  that will make a Church boy like me fall in love with a stripper …\(‘-‘\) (/’-‘)/ \(‘-‘\) (/’-‘)/\(‘-‘\) (/’-‘)/

I wont judge her. See i wont. Baby all i ask is u drooooop it low! Drop it looow to the floorrrr

T: *adds song to my kpanshing playlist*

Little Lies feat MR

S: This is just a “hey, this shit sounds nice so I put it on my tape so you can know I can say the same line for 2mins and u will love it”

T: Teeklef is just a show off..nothing more.

Last Summer

T: Feel good music right here..if you can make a Cold Play song sound better, You are talented

S: Just gonna say…he took the Coldplay ‘Viva La Vida’ sample and made it utterly enjoyable to listen to. Can I say Teeklef is my favourite Nigerian male vocalist now? *Darey, sorry but please go to the bench*

T: *throws W sign in the air*

S: Nah..Teeklef will body Baba vocally (˘̯˘ )

T: Right about now..he’ll body anybody vocally

S: His production was stellar on this.

Just For Now

S: I can feel like…even if I don’t like something he does…something else will make up for it. I wasn’t feeling the verses but the production kept me involved

T: Mehn! If them say na Skylar dey that voice for beginning I go believe

S: Its Imogen Heap – Just For Now

This Parking Lot

S: My Best Naija Male Vocalist *drops mic*Flawless!

T: This is something your average singer won’t attempt. Flips the ‘Fast Cars’ beat and still be dope on it

S: Like you don’t touch a Tracy Chapman song if you know you are not gonna kill it and he does just that

T: Dude just does it all…flawless singing voice on this one

S: This is the best he sounded on this tape. Teeklef you sabi

T: This is the right time to use ‘oversabi’

S: Another album favourite.

Stay Scheming feat Afrotunes & Yesi

S: First off…you start the song with Baba Carter breaking down knowledge on his bars on “Can I Live”. Can we say hommie bodies the hook?

T: Yeah. Everything is fine. The only problem with this song is the guy that takes the second verse

S: Its not a problem. it was the worst thing on this tape. Period. Like…I am offended that Teeklef allowed him to even be on this tape. I mean he said…

I am on my Ps & Qs but really i’m a G like a Gold Circle Condom, You dont wanna fuck with me – Afrotunes

T: Its like having a clean glass of water and dropping ink inside. 😦

S: Its like u are carrying a dozen cupcakes in an elevator and someone that ate ewa agoin in the morning just pollutes while you are stuck in there.

T: Its like seeing a very beautiful girl with small boobs…..Oh that’s not a good analogy? Ma bad 😦 😦

S: ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )

T: It’s OK to shed tears..

S: We are at the end

T: Notice how we didn’t say ‘skip’ once?

Hold On feat MR

T: Hold On reminds me of Kanye’s Last call. I loved the whole story…mehn Teeklef has come a long way tho

S: Maaaaan, I swear I buzzed like 5 different people while he was telling his story yo. Niggaz and Fans don’t get what artistes go through. Not to talk about someone as talented asTeeklef. This is why I don’t download albums (˘̯˘ )

T: This is why I download first and buy later 🙂 But it’s not easy for these artistes out here. If your a fan of good music, especially original albums yo


T: This didn’t feel like a mixtape to me, could easily have been R’nB ‘album’ of the year or ‘album’ of the year…the hommie can sing and can rap. Ladies and Gentlewomen, this is a must download


S: This is probably the best album/mixtape/project/compilation/soundtrack/record of the year.This is raw talent. Don’t get it confused, This isn’t a flawless album. his raps might not be the dopest or illest, some of the songs might not blow u away…but i still had this tape on constant repeat. It is testament to this boy’s gift. NOBIS is refreshing. This is good music right here.

NOBIS gets an impressive 4.2wRaps

Peace…and Rice Krispies

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  1. deolaaa permalink

    I have always loved TeeKlef. No! This is no groupie or “he has made it so all the girls will love him” kinda love.
    Since he dropped his Enigma sample, I’ve fallen in deep irreversible love with him. Him & Ruckus. Voice of life. I can’t wait to listen to that Tracy Chapman sample. My boo, Tanko AdeKlef (no famz).
    I’m starting to hate you guys. You never slander Lautech babes. We don’t drink beer, there’s alomo.

  2. This Mixtape makes me happy. True. I heard it and I was too weak….Ive been on it since Thursday. Too on point. This parking lot? Jam of life!. Thanks and God Bless.

  3. Frank permalink

    I swear this nigga is shitting on every artiste out there right now! Sings, raps, produces fluently? Shit!!!!! This tape’s been on repeat since Friday. No Beat was safe on that tape tho!
    For the record, how many people can tell their life struggles and make it sound cool? Very few eh? Yeah! That’s what I thought.
    Keep making good music Tee!

  4. St. Nick permalink

    now downloading the link. Sorry to say but some of us cats outside 9ja havent heard of Tee but as i trust ur reviews, then its a w(rap)

  5. Vuprax permalink

    Wow. You guys really rated Teeclef high…. I’m gonna download and come back with my thoughts. Cheers.

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