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Real Recognize Real

October 8, 2012

Rap Collective:  BeatBuxx360 released their first mixtape featuring rappers J-Berg, Ace ThaEmcee, Ms Chief, and XII(12) Gage. You can download the tape right here >>

***So what do y’ll know! It’s been a year since we started this thing called SYBT. Thanks to everyone that has been rocking with us since we started. All we wanted to do was give an unbiased analysis of this here music ish without the ass-kissing and sentiments. Hate it or Love it. We’ve managed to piss some people off, and the good news is, we’d still do more. Thanks for messing with us tho***


T: Nothing here for me, let’s just skip to the first song

S: I kinda like this intro…

T: What did you like about it?

S: I mean…it’s nothing…but you know… it’s like a movie scene shit. woo I don’t know what…I sha like it

T: Definitely not a Hollywood movie

S: Definitely not a Nollywood movie either. There would have been Intro Part1, Part 2, Part3 before the first song starts sef.

The Cypher

I handle bars that can do the blacka blacka/ Idi-amin on these rappers, i be eating them like crackers – Ms Chief

Cos BeatBuxx don took ur shine like a Disco…ball/Test our…cause/ take that picture put it on insta…gram – J-berg

Stories that they building got nothing but all flaws (floors) – Ace ThaEmcee

And when i need to get Shine, am’a take it to the radio live with BigTyme – XII Gage

T: #Funfact: You can never spit wack on a DJ Preemo beat. (This is actually a lie…Ruggedman and Cyr can spoil a Preemo beat) These Beatbuxx people don’t play

S: Not a funny fact: You spoil a DJ Preemo beat and you deserve to forget about life and just die. Beatbuxx didn’t disappoint

T: At all. Everyone came thru.

S: I am just really listening to all these guys for the 1st time. I am impressed…Ace ThaEmcee’s verse was a lil iffy tho.

T: ‘Ify’ like the girl? Cuz all this your oyinbo don tire me

S: (-_-) …..BabaIjebutunde, just go and face the wall

T:  *faces wall*

Beez in tha Trap

Cos I’ve been patiently waiting, Its time to grace the occasion/but nigga don’t be mistaken i go….HARD – Ms Chief

S: I know I was tripping on twitter a couple of weeks ago about Tesh Carter’s flow being the best…but Ms Chief’s flow is a close 2nd. It’s heavy!!!!

T: Ms Chief is gonna be a problem. She nice with the flow

S: Most Naija female spitters have shitty flows…but shawty’s flow is solid.

T: ‘Pass the Muna I guess its my turn’ What was Muna doing with the mic in the first place is what we should be concerned about?

S: She was the host of….*nevermind*…are you subbing her flow?

T: You have come again with this your ‘looking for trouble’ spirit.

We Don’t Stop

The Ladies they wanna ride/ she call me her number one, but i her number 1,2,3,4 and 5 – J-berg

S: Wait…Make we talk about the hypeman. Who be this hypeman??? As in..dude’s voice is solid! This is how to hype a jam.

T: Reminds me of Freaky Tah (if you don’t know who Tah is, kindly stop reading from here)

S: Spot on.

T: Jberg went in on that song, dude can rap

S: I like his style…he stayed playful with this. You bless a KRS-1 beat well….you deserve props


You guessed right, i am here ???? special/ so fuck ur favourite rapper cos you know he ain’t got potential – Ace ThaEmcee

T: Well…these guys didn’t come to stare at D cups, they came to rap

S: Can’t say the same about you…you will be staring at D cups instead of reviewing.

T: I have a medical condition

S: Huh??? what?

T: “Bisforbobe”

S: ooo..Really? Is that….wait! wait a bloody damn minute…thats B is For Bobbie. You are finished!

T: X_X

S: Anyways, Ace hasn’t won me over yet…can’t put my finger on it but there ain’t no ‘umph!’

T: This song was too short to decide. As we go along, you will hear more from him.


What is my excuse not to blow with a tight flow/ Ray Charles…Stevie…Diddy with their eyes closed/….u shall hear gbagaun with a tweet full of typos – XII Gage

T: This is my jam…reminds me of that old school grimey ish. Perfect Delivery

S: Omo…this is rap. It reminds me of Onyx. Just rap and beat. No play. No tinni tinnni. No smiles. Hoodies and Timbos

T: Yep yep. I really wish it went on for a while

S: Yeah. These short short spitting these guys are doing sha…Them dey mize verses?

T: Times are hard. #BlameGEJ

Wantin’ (Male Remix)

S: First Radio friendly jam. This is a jam. Ms Chief got it all man..

T: Heard the female remix?

S: I heard that one. I prefer this tho, i liked Ace Tha Emcee’s verse and Ex-O on this *thumbs up*

T: I prefer the female remix 😐

S: Because Kel dey on top am (˘̯˘ )

T: Kel? On top? *dials 080-KEL-ONLINE*

My Moment

S: Have we told you how Ms Chief has a dope flow? I love how she doesn’t need to pull out corny punchlines out of thin air

T: Ms Chief is repping for that new school femcee movement

S: That “good” new school movement…period

T: Yep..lots of lame ‘vets’ out there

S: Because Sina Rambo is part of the new school (femcee) movement 😐

T: You dey call am Femcee lol. *inserts ‘new school tinz’ beat*

Why You Dey Vex

Is it your money? Why u dey vex? Omo relax, why u dey stress? Is that your girl? Omo she Fresh! I pop a bottle then i pour it on her bobbie – J-berg

S: *singing the hook*This is my shiiiii \(˘.˘)/

T: Why you dey vex..I love the way Jberg just plays on the beat

S: I mean…effortless and still dope. Still gotta respect these guys for just rapping and avoiding to throw punchlines in just because. If this was Vector now…*sigh*

T: Hahahaha. Vec is the king of corny lines

Inertia (NewMix)

S: My favourite Jam on this tape…and it had to be by XII GAGE!!! Dude is flawless with his flow. Delivery is tough and crisp yo

T: Dude is lyrical too

S: When i was just enjoying the song…it ends. They should stop this na.

T: *looking at cups*

S: You have started! ….I sha like this crew…they are really balanced

T: What? I was paying attention. All of them can rap


T: Funny skit. Better than the first one

S: What first skit? The intro wasn’t a skit 😐

T: Intro* my bad

S: Baba, you are not paying attention. Whose bobbie is on ur mind?

T: #SayNoToSnitching


T: First song I didn’t like, not playing this again

S: This is my shit! Commercial ish and i ain’t mad at it.

T: I don’t care, I skipped and I’m not playing it again

S: Commercially, Jberg is the most solid of all of them and this just proves it

T: Sounded too slow for me

S: What the fuck is “too fast”??? See what Wizkid has done to your life? You have ‘parKuromosin’ disease now

T: #TeamWizzy


BeatBuxx is on the rise, Comprende/ This is a raw freestyle, you don’t wanna see my pen play – Ace ThaEmcee

Smart guy like me learn when he loses/ Dumb makes and escapes with excuses – XII Gage

T: Now this is more like it..

S: This reminds me of GgggggggG-unit

T: I miss G-Unit 😦

S: We all do!

T: Why do most groups break up?

S: Feeling Ace ThaEmcee now…but XII Gage bodied this jam…*kisses the crucifix*

T: We go soon hear say these ones too don break up. Plantashaun boyz dem dem

S: Nah. L.O.S go break up first…I will start a label and sign one of them sef. Those ones too sabi to all to be together (˘̯˘ )

Big Dreams

S: I think I hate this beat too much to like this song

T: Their flows weren’t bad tho

S: Haven’t played it since the first time I heard it

T: Let’s skip to the next song then


I ain’t got time for tha trash/ I am tryna get my pockets fatter than Pryse’s ass – J-berg

S: Hahahahahaha Jberg’s funny flow got me interested in this

T: All I know is after I finished listening to this song I kept saying ‘yeza yeza’

S: Swear…it’s annoyingly catchy

T: Yeza!

S: Apparently Pryse has a nice booty…It got a full shoutout. Hmmmmm

T: I’m sure you’ve added her to your list already

S: Errrmmm….nah. My list is under construction *Hi Kel*……Oops

T:     😐 😐


S: XII Gage!!!!!!!! _____o_

T: But how he rapping about guns he ain’t got tho

S: Water guns? Banger? Lyrical guns?

T: Hmmm…I see

S: Because we don’t wanna see him in Punch newspaper sitting down on the ground with plenty guns like these guys…

I was just playing Pishaun Pishaun 😦

S: This guy is sha a gully rapper

T: As gully as they come!

I’m Gone

S: *Slap you in the face with an iPad nigga* this line just makes me laugh all the time

T: Mehn..iPad dey expensive o..Jberg is prolly rich

S: He should slap me with it…I will pick it up and go fix it. TechTrust in Computer Village sharp sharp no time!


Diamond in the Rough

S: Are all these rappers from Jos? Lagos rappers no fit rap ni?

T: Mehn!! My fav song of the mixtape

S: (-_-)… you are tone deaf. You are aging too quick….


S: There were more bangers on this than this one

T: I’ve told you you don’t know music but you don’t hear me tho

S: This song is not slow, you know right? Cos that was your excuse about the other track

T: I loved the subject matter and beat

S: (˘̯˘ ) you are confused jare


T: Funny outro…

S: iConcur


T: These BeatBuxx360 crew ain’t playing around. They can rap and that’s what they just did on the mixtape. Can they make ‘good’ music tho? Guess we’ll wait and see.

S: This is a nice group of rappers. Lyrically, XII Gage is a beast. Jberg has a unique and the most radio friendly style, Ms Chief has a mature flow, and Ace ThaEmcee does what he does…spit! If you never heard of these guys before (like me), then you become aware that they can rap/spit/flow like the best of ’em. This mixtape has me interested. Besides a couple of songs, i don’t know if they can make actual songs. They do have the potential. All they need is a good Executive Producer. Guess we have to wait and see

This gets 3.6wRaps

Peace, Love, and Bisforbobe

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  1. Bosun permalink

    Beatbuxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!! Pow pow pow. Well I haven’t heard it but I don’t doubt what you guys have said so far. Jberg is my big brother and he already proved he’s worth it with ‘The Big Chill’ mixtape(which was the best Nigerian rap mixtape last year).

    As you said, they’re dope but can they make music? I hope they can too and I’m cheering for them.

    P.S Sho you too dey gbagaun, cool down for Jesus.

  2. Hey y’all, what happened to the numerous jpegs u guys use in your reviews, that shit use to be hilarious.

  3. sonde permalink

    Heard the mixtape, its MAD!!!!, but I av to disagree wiv y’all abit, Ace ThaEmcee is actually a BEAST!!!! Av a 2nd listen

  4. theinsanephenom permalink

    Chill, One of ’em is from J-Town?? ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐┌(˘.˘)ʃ … ♫ Our Boys Can’t & Won’t Dull ♫ …. Now, lemme download this shii.

  5. shola permalink

    just heard the mixtape and men!!!!! dese beatbuxx guys can RAP!!!!! “Stamina” is my best joint tho… Ace ThaEmcee and XII Gage are dope rappers, also loved “why you dey vex” j.berg is one of my fav rappers since i heard bigchill mixtape last yr. As for mschief she’s the best female rapper nigeria has,period!!!!, Loved the Cypher Video also; Ace ThaEmcee and XII Gage killed it for me! Naija should crown them the new rap Kings and Queen.

  6. Keep the good non-ass kissing job up! Happy anniversary.

  7. Verb permalink


  8. CeeMan permalink

    It’s Beatbuxx b***h!
    I wasn’t suprised, i got what i expected. I knew Ace tha Emcee ever since he was called Murda Ace. I also knew Johnny Berg even before The Big Chill Mixtape. Dude’s always on point. Go cup that album “The Big Chill Mixtape”, then you’ll know what i mean.
    Dude spitting s**t like,
    ……..these chicks be going both ways/ now they wanna pop crys (Chris), like they shot the dude from ColdPlay/…….
    Dude is just so on point.
    As for XII Gage, heard a coupla joints he featured on & i also wasn’t disappointed. Mis Chief came along when i tot to myself that the only chick that would fit this crew would have to be as tight & deadly as Blaise. So there u have it. A complete rap crew.
    As for the mainstream, can’t say if they’ll make it big there but one things for sure, if they don’t dump down their lyrics, then they need to consider outside Naija where real hip-hop is very much appreciated. S/O to T & Sho.

  9. banke permalink

    What is my excuse not to blow with a tight flow/ Ray Charles…Stevie…Did it (not Diddy) with their eyes closed/….u shall hear gbagaun with a tweet full of typos – XII Gage.

  10. tundun permalink

    Ya’l need to review berg’s mixtape damn! I know its old but its timeless… even iceprince did good on it!

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