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November 13, 2012

Prince of Efizzy, Omo Oba, The Jonzin Master, D’Prince recently dropped his debut album. Here is the review

T: Are you excited about this review????

S: Hell Fuck NO! *stamps #PAUSE all over the album art*

T: Calm down na. Why not?

S: It’s 25 tracks long! This is D’Prince we are talking about. What does he wanna say for 25tracks? Someone is taking a piss

T: But he makes hot records. LOLOL

S: *scrolls through tracklisting* Imagine and all the singles from the Mohits’ days are not even here.

T: Cool down Sho, Let’s begin *grabs cup of coffee*

Bad Girls

T: I won’t even front…this is my jam…I loved the beat

S: I am indifferent about this.

T: It should be noted that we won’t go into his lyrics much because, we can start another blog ….(that will start another blog) on D’prince’s lyrics alone

S: I don’t think I enjoyed the guitars on this, and it sorta seemed too slow for D’prince

T: What more can we tell you? Not bad for an intro

S: We can also tell you “he pops but he is not a pauper”

Journey of a thousand miles feat. Don Jazzy & Wande Coal

T: Dance track number one with Don jazzy doing background vocals and Wande on the hook…the song is just there…nothing special

S: Do you think Tiwa would ever love me back?

T: Wait…What does Tiwa have to with what we are saying here?

S: I’m just saying

T: One step at a time bro

Goody Bag

‘In the goody bag, kudi dey for the goody bag, money dey for the goody bag na banana dey for the goooooody bag’

T: Ehn!! Best song on the album without a doubt

S: If there was any doubt Jazzy had lost his production touch…this is the track he uses to say…”Nah! I am still the don” Crank this ish up to ignant levels and you will know what’s up

T: Don Jazzy may be the most expensive background singer ever

S: Live! Jazzy doing what he does best and D’prince on his straight cruise ish

T: Ladies! Identify your selling point..very important

S: Hey @jadenTM, I know your selling point 😉

T: You’ve started!

Amina feat. Dr Sid

See me see see this sissy go put me for trouble, girls of nowadays go put me for trouble, amina come party forget her pient mo gbe – D’Prince

T: This track is just funny…Another dance song

S: This is puuuure cruuuuuuise! I can’t front, it bangs man! The electronic dance beat worked. The couple of lines Sid said on this has to be the best thing he did this year. *that’s saying a lot* 😦

T: So you’re trying to say Dr. Sid should go back to being a doctor?

S: I am just saying…plus I won’t let anyone that has anything to do with ‘afefe’ touch my teeth

T: 😦

African Zumba

T: The only problem I have with this song is that it sounds like the previous track

S: Yeah it does. If this song doesn’t have a dance to go with it….we can shelf this on..”We don’t care” column

T: And the previous track sounds like the previous track

S: Meaning?

T: ‘Goody bag’ gave birth to ‘Amina’ which also gave birth to ‘African Zumba’

S: Hmmm are these songs giving birth to each other because there is no longer postinor? #questionsthatkeepmeupatnight

T: We investigate

Painting the whole Town feat Wizkid

Hoping on the G6 my swag is futuristic….feeling freaky she be licking off her lipstick – D’Prince

Ini mini mine moe – Wizkid

“We known from lag to malibu…that’s yankee”

S: Ooo really? Malibu is in yankee ( ._.) Thanks for clarifying that.

T: The best part of this song is Don Jazzy’s ‘djaaaayyyy….pls break it down now’

S: My best part was Wizzy’s intro “Wizzy, wizzy baby n omoba”

T: Nigerians shaybi una wan dance ba? Una go dance tire

S: Hahahaha. We like dancing away our sorrows. This jam *shakes the shakedown* sha

T: Huh??

S: Don’t look at me o. Na wetin Omoba talk. *insert tonto dikeh dance moves here*

Carry It Up feat Timaya

T: This is the great great grand child of the first 6 songs. Same story..D’prince talk about booty, Timaya ryhmes his name with ‘fire’. Nothing new

S: ………

T: Sho!!!!!!

S: Ehn??!!…what…

T: *smh* wake up we are reviewing


T: Believe…at this point, all this type of songs are beginning to sound like by force say we go dance

Call Police

S: Well, this sounds different. It has a lil highlife kinda feel. If your mindless state doesn’t mind remaining trapped in jonzing. This song kinda…*i have no words*

T: Sounds like something those Skuki boys gave birth to

S: Skuki don’t play with police tho. Them be natural offenders, setting ish on fire, throwing banger etc.

Real G feat M.I

I don’t go shopping I fucking blow the fucking mall away/ Fucking with royalty, the fucking prince of the modern day – D’Prince

We off the chain we set the kaynon loose dawg Yall niggaz are like apple, yall need new jobs – M.I.

S: This beat is haaaaaaaaard!

T: Something different at last…Mr. Abaga did his thing…Prince actually sounded decent

S: The beat knocks. I was ready to hear  “Maaaaaybach music”

T: Yup!!

S: M.I. did his thing.. he let us know he is a “big G, Capital” (-_-). I forgot D’prince was once a rapper sha.

T: Aspiring rapper please…

Overdose n Jonzing Yung Breed

T: *May May Maaaaayyyybaaacchhh music* I had to check the CD I was listening to twice

S: Hahaha. Well, Yung Breed clearly ain’t a naija rapper. His verse was typical MMG stable talk. D’prince try small. I sha only just like the beat n hook


I am heading back to the shower, no be say I strong no be might no be power, that kin thing no stress no wahala, anytime u see me like I am coming from the shower, Hallelujah

T: This song was so wack  not for me. D’prince please go back to the shower and stay there…this song belongs there

S: I am only gonna be taking baths from now on. D’prince has taken over all showers!!!! *insert a don’t drop the soap joke here*

T: All!!!

S: The gems on this song are priceless yo lol

T: Too many wack lines

Ife feat Tiwa Savage

S:  ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )

T: Hahaha!

S: This is not even funny 😦

T: I take it you crying means you agree Tiwa was wack..sorry…not for us

S: I can’t even believe I am gonna say this, but I like this soooooong but I gaaaats do this….*mutes Tiwa’s part*


S: The only excuse I have is she was sabotaged. Did she digest an autotune egg before she sang that day? She sounded like The Jetson’s nanny 😥

T: If Akon and Kas had a singing offspring…that’s what Tiwa sounded like

S: Come. Shut up! I am the only one allowed to talk about Tiwa. Don’t let me bring Kel into this equation

T: I humble _____o_

Be Myself

“Ugly girls dem dey sa ra wa, Shalewa and Bukiwa, Halifat and Hadiza, this one no be cinemaaa”

T: know how you skip the first slice of bread? Do that to this song

S: Hahahahaahahah. Problem is…after you don chop all the other slices when hunger dey catch gats chop the first slice.

T: Hahahah! You go chop am with humility sef

S: I kinda like it. It’s just alright. Solid production

I no send ooo. I did at all By Myseeeeeeeelf – D’Prince

T: Hmmmm *looks over at Don Jazzy*


Because of love

T: Typical..naming ceremony/wedding song

S: This is a jam. When I bumped this,  i remember  Nnamdi Azikwe was a founding father of this nation \(‘-‘\) (/’-‘)/

T: Hahahahahaha! Smh

S: Shoutouts to all my Ugochis, Amakas, Nkems, big poppa Sho loves ya *remember! Wax on! Wax off*

T: God bless y’ll

Get Some

T: Good beat…typical D’prince…let’s move on

S: Please is he screaming #Poko or #Boko?

T: The fear of both words is the beginning of wisdom my friend

Ojoro feat Wande coal

T: Sleep dey catch me. Can’t believe there are more tracks to go

S: ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ Omo! We are here for the long run

T: No more sleeping

S: Wande borrowed Wizzy ‘yeeAA” adlib to begin his verse..but he still gave us a cool WC verse

T: They sounded so alike on this song

S: Normally, I would be soo excited to hear a Prince n Wande track..but I wasn’t moved to hit repeat. I liked it tho.

No sleepin’ on em feat Wizkid

 I don grrroooow I chop don jazzy fertilizer, its not something that u find in ur tantalizers – D’Prince

“If u fuck with us, you gon end up being buried oooo, I am chilling but my niggaz got guns” – Wizkid

S: HOL’UP! he said what?

 I don grrroooow I chop don jazzy fertilizer, its not something that u find in ur tantalizers

T: Yup, you heard right

“I see u there blogging, mr analyzer…analyze my riches, go and ask ur bitches (female lovers) – D’Prince

S: *now calling my girl* Hey @yewiedewie, D’prince said I should you ask you something?…. What do u know about his riches???

T: *calling Kel*

S: What is this about Wizkid talking about his niggaz have guns? What is going on this song self? When did Skales stop carrying waterguns and graduate to real guns o?

T: A whole 9mm? That gun go carry Wizzy


T: Not something I want to hear again

S: The chanting on the hook >>>>> the whole song

T: *La be de!!! Lal dhjah fada!! *

S: Omo…but D’prince prayer at the end of this song was …*i will not laugh*

T: When all he does is give bananas out.

S: LMAO! Well DMX used to “get up in a niggaz ass” all through his album and still say a prayer at the end.

Thank You

S: This is actually one of my favs. loved the production. especially the guitars on this

T: The album should have just ended here

S: *singing* They seeeee my face in the possstaaa

T: At least on a ‘high’ note. *I just wanna say tenk yuuuu*


S: *skip*

T: Too pointless

S: Well this is the end of the album…

T: No its not! There are still some songs

S: For me! Still what? Oga…I don’t care if I paid money for the deluxe. They can keep the remaining songs.

T: Okay, let’s quickly wra….

S: *walks off*

T:  Sho..Sho!! AHH. O well, where do I start? First of all…the ‘L.O.V.E.’ song wasn’t here. The ‘Tortoise’  track with General pype, Sinzu, Eva, Wande and Ice Prince is ALL about Ice Prince’s verse. Mr Zamani’s verse on it is better than anything he has kicked in the past 24months.  Banana Remix was meh. I prefer the original and the skit was pretty funny.


Maybe it’s just me but this album seems to have come 2 years late. We all know D’Prince is the king of the jonzin’ world but he ain’t exactly a new artist. Funny but his previous singles ( from the Mohits days) are better than every track on this 25 track album. He ain’t saying much at all. This album just goes one way, It’s literally just an album with loud (some solid) productions and couple words said on top of em that rarely connect.

2.4 wRaps

Peace, Love & Walking away

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  1. Bosun permalink

    Quick question, @JadenTM and @Yewiedewie, are they busty and single and down to mingle(no D’prince)? Just asking. Please answer.

    You guys have time. 25 tracks? In 2012? Naaaaaaa.

  2. REDD permalink

    D’prince chop Jazzy fertilizer??? The album art?? Make he no go choke for that closet o. -___-

  3. Meyer Lansky permalink

    big fail…no one wants to hear 25 songs from D’Prince. I wonder when next we will hear from him

  4. @aston_daisy permalink

    When I saw that Mancini’s pic I almost fainted LMAO, downloaded Spinlet but cldnt make it thru that Goody bag so I deleted d app, Cruel Summer has only 12 tracks, why does D’Prince have 25? He shld just get wise abeg, see EME’s album Da fuq? Na so we love una rech abi? We whre managing them then dey release a 25 track album? NOT COOL!

  5. “the only problem I have with this song is that it sounds like the previous track… and the previous track sounds like the previous track” …. 😥

  6. @spicychick05 permalink

    Frennzzzzzyyyyyyyy!!!!!! Excuse me brethren ,y is there no mention of the god awful picture on d album cover and Sho why so angry na . I mean wat more do u expect from the guy that said “I am the pencil and u be my sharpener… “

  7. Laja permalink

    That fertilizer pic….tooooo funny. Hilarious review as always. I think Don Jazzy should have produced more tracks and D’Prince should have tried less tho.

  8. Daisy permalink

    First of all (Go down low. /\-o ) the album art is all sorts of bleh. Shey that is the album art abi? Ehen, as I was saying. No one wanted to see him like that. Like I don’t understand 😦 Anyway I have never been a D’prince before, so even God knows there is no way in hell, I’d get the album just because. I mean 25 songs!!! Who did we offend? Hilarious review as always btw… As usual.

  9. ikhizama permalink

    Nice review……..Don jazzy fertilizer wasn’t enuf for D’prince. This review makes me wanna cop the album & laugh but I’ll wait till its out on bootleg

  10. Mafi permalink

    I was waiting for this review. I thought Sho would be partial to Tiwa aka Tiwz baybie aka Tiwa ‘Mirinda’ Savage but then he said the truth lol.

    And Wande and Wizkid?? Are those guys loosing their heat as the ones who will kill on a feature?? I tire for them both o.

    No End Up loving me, Take Banana (Original), Jonzing World, Omoba, Jonzing World and its 25 tracks. Sigh

  11. Hilarious as usual. Bhet when will S give up on Tiwa na?

  12. deola permalink

    Nah man, you guys were even nice on this one :-(. Not only did he push his luck with over 20 tracks, he pushed it even further with the deluxe. Only slaughterhouse is allowed to do 20 tracks on an album and still be awesome. Took me 3 days to finish listening to all those songs. Waste.

  13. CeeMan permalink

    Not surprise at all. Guess I’ll have to bump the album mainly for the tight beats.
    S/O to Sho & Tunde.

  14. LOL. And that’s all.

  15. The Autotune Egg & Watergun ref. >>>>

    Damn honest Review. (Y)

  16. jason permalink

    LOLest. The album art is warning enough. everything is just wrong about it.

  17. This is the worxtest naija album ever!!! Like…it is terrible. Haven’t been able to get to track 15 before I got to 14 sef I skipped like 7 tracks…however, Bad Girls is my jam yo!LOL

  18. daMmy permalink

    I really think you should all listen to this album to understand what 2nexbaba ____o_ and sho really meant. Bad girls is my jam, it was too short *sad face* goody bag hardest jam on the album, overdose and ice prince wasn’t bad, a couple of songs with mad dance beats. Don’t know why they didn’t release his album when omoba and I am a big fan of d’prince, but… This album works better than valium

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