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Yahoo Boy Nice Laptop

November 23, 2012

Mr Yahoo Boy No Laptop, Olamide recently released his sophomore album last week. YBNL. We invited our first celeb guest reviewer for this one. SYBT is pleased to welcome producer extraordinaire, beatmaking maestro Kid Konnect

If you are a regular here, you know how we laud Kid Konnect’s music. He has been responsible for some stellar productions on a few projects we have reviewed on this site. From El Flaco’s VII, him and Kahli Abdu’s Bandits, to EME’s Empire Mates State of Mind album. Recently, he produced Teeto Ceemos’ ‘Won So Pe’ single >>

KK: Ah! All this intro for just me?

S: You know we are fans oga. Just giving you your deserved props

T: Mr ‘Top 5″ Beatmakers in Naij!

KK: Thanks guys. What did you guys invite me for  sef?

T: Sho, What did you get in yoruba in WAEC?

S: E8 X_X

KK: Hahaha! No wonder

Let’s begin.


àwà la ni igbòro West áti East side/ òmó itá lá wà a kì n sè  awón òmò get inside

T: Money..good way to start an album like this…razz is the new cool…

KK: Decent intro, simple dope beat but effective for story telling. Woulda wanted to hear more of a story on this tho. Not bad tho

S: Is Olamide, the naija version of Meek Mill? Why is his voice so high? maybe he skipped puberty?

KK: I just noticed that. lool

Fucking With Devil

gbó gbó òun tón dán kó nì wura bèrè ló wò Goldie/after tì mó drop ‘Rapsodi’, YBNL is here now I’m repping boldly

T: The beat sounded kinda too slow for me, Olamide still does his stuff

KK: I love this beat but like 1:30mins in, i kinda felt like skipping. A hook with a lil more melody would make this a tune…..him for try get Drake on this…the last verse is tough tho

S: I thought the hook was off…I like when he raps in english/pidgin english…my yoruba is failing me right now 😦

KK: The album suppose come with subtitles

S: I still dey decipher am small small..let’s keep going

T: Something tells me they’ll gbagaun in the subtitle


KK: lmaooo

Lights in the Air feat. Buckwylla

KK: The intro for this song is the illest thing about it….I’m starting to hear the “Meek Mill-ish” thing you were saying

T: Lights in the air…I fux with the whole reggae feel, the intro was dope!! I don’t like meek mill 😦

KK: Buckwyla sounds like he eats Jerk Lion….RealRastaTinz

S: I don’t trust niggaz with no bass in their voice. When they say #pause worthy ish…I think they really mean it 😐

KK: Lmaoo they got Drake-IV?


Aeroplane no get bus-stop/as we dey work hard we dey get boxed up

S: I have no idea what he talking about on this song…my Yoruba don finish 😥

KK: *brings out white handkerchief*

T: Mehn..something to groove to, Olamide just has fun on this one and it comes out well

S: The hook on this sounds like a white garment song. *removes slippers*

KK: Not a bad joint, definitely danceable….Every owambe dj needs this in thier mix

T:  Just felt like calling my dad and telling him ‘daddy swagooo yin dripping‘. But I knew I was gon be slapped into next tomorrow

S: Before we move on, please what does ‘jale’ mean?

T: It means…..big breast (hehehe)

S: I ain’t a boobs man but that’s nice 😀 Hey Kel, mo gbadun your jale

KK: Guy she has zoned you since now. Sho’s in the “Better review my album well” Zone

T: Yup…you gbadun her jale, that’s how you say it

S:  😐


Reminisce how far? iyá lá yá wón wá sá/ negative energy wán lò má pá wón bì cancer

KK:  Man…. i was loving everything till the beat dropped….kinda killed the build up, but the song picks back up; his verses this time carried the song.

S: Best Jam on this album!!! I have no idea what this nigga is saying man..But I feeeeeel him die.\(‘-‘\) (/’-‘)/

T: Hardest jam I’ve heard in a while. Watch every bus driver turn this one up *hits repeat button*

S: #Sho’sPart >> “I be bad guy but I dey go church I dey try” 🙂

KK: That’s the only thing you were able to pick up abi? Lol

S: 😦

Panumo feat Davido

You say I razz  like ómó mushin olosha but now I don fat like Wande Coal sha

KK: *skip*

S: I don’t know what Davido did on this track. He didn’t shine at all. Olamide could have done this by himself

KK: Sorry, i was not feeling this….don’t think i even finished it

T: Sounds weak to me too

Street Luv ft Minus

Awón tó nì mo razz esè è keep idea yìn /I won’t stop repping the street till the day I D-I-E

S: Is this the same Indian babe from 2face album? Na your girl be that Tunde?

T: Na..I’m done with her.

KK: So are you alright with all this yoruba going on here.

S: You guys go on…i will just listen to songs off my English playlist *#EnglishPlaylist* Sammie – ABC

T: This track makes me miss Da Grin 😦  He’d have been perfect for this

KK: Whoever is singing sounds like he’s trying to stop himself from sneezing but dope track nonetheless. I fuck with d song

S: Minus tha sinus?

T: Olamide ‘suffering’ story was real..

KK: His delivery is perfect. The song gives me a Jay-z ‘Forever Young’ feel

S: Truuuu! I don’t know what he is talking about. It sounds sad. So I am just guessing he was hungry and shii. Cool story

KK: Lmao. Cool story suffering bro

T: Hahaha!! Yes


Olosho, thinking of how they’ll ruin me, but i know what I’m doing/they wanna Wande Coal me, they wanna Davido me

KK: Elf = Health

S: Hahhahahahaha. The nigga clearly pronounced health as elf . This is still my JaM!!!

KK: Dope dope dope

S: I only wait for one part

KK: Where the beat changes abi?

S: Nope. When Olamide says  “Biggie! 2pac! Shakur! Weaving!!!!” \(‘-‘\) (/’-‘)/#Sho’sPart

T: Haha!

KK: loool…this is one of my favourite joints…when the beat drops tho, so dope.

T: My favorite part is the ‘they wanna Wande Coal me, they wanna Davido me’

S:Guess he only sleeps with girls with nokia 3310. No camera to koba him

KK: Yes o…death to ScreenMuncher

T: Amen!!!!!!


Verse two, what they gonna do/ gbá gbè òshi wòn fi ènu ja kung-fu

S: Please o what does this mean ooo

T: It means ‘girl come let’s do’

KK: Ok now this na some Swedish Ifako House Mafia tinz. Where my Glowsticks at?

S: hahaha. I need to use ‘Owotabua’ in a sentence…hmmm

KK: Only thing missing from this song is an SK-ed up Pasuma…..guys hold on, lemme African skank real quick

S: My favourite part is when he goes “Verse 2, what they gonna do” 😐

KK: Loool. Guy wait, this is pathetic. what tribe are you from?

T: He is from Kenya. This one was strictly for yoruba peeps..sorry Sho

S: I am a black nubian king. Wait…man fit be nubian shey? If not…no homo

KK: Black nubian king? Sounds like a Mills & Boon’s Novel

T: Twilight tribe

S:Forget you guys. *#EnglishPlaylist* ….Lola Rae feat. Bridge – High

Fuji house feat Dammy Krane

Olamide and Dammy Krane, wòn ni ádà bì Akon àti Teddy Pain/we got the sugar, we got the cane, collabo aye yì we busting their brain

KK: Hmmmmmm 😦  This is my guy too o but not really feeling this one

S: What is this Neyo techno European music doing in yorubaland?

T: The only thing I liked about this song was Dammy Krane’s part

S: Of course na…you like that part. so-so “go down there” you sabi

KK: Lover’s quarrel guys? Should i come back? Lol

S: Hahaha Ode ni e

T: Hahaha!!

KK: Ehhhh it’s that Yoruba you know? Loool

S: But this song’s title is not complete…Fuji House of Confusion. *takes panadol*

T: *takes Alabukun*

KK: 😦

Ilefo Illuminati

When i first start, they told me go to hell/i don come back, i dey hot and i no well

T: The 2nd hardest song on this album!!

KK: The beat is hard most def. Not something i’d rush to repeat tho.

T: I’d repeat this ish all day. His lyrics were too dope

KK: Where is Sho? What do you have to say about this?

S: I don’t know what the fuck hommie is saying but I just wanna shout ILEFO ILLUMINATI in an agbero’s face 😐

KK:  Lol

T: Hahaha! dem go too slap you

KK:  Hmmm agbero slap is not of God ooo

T: Just go back to your #EnglishPlaylist

S: O well … #EnglishPlaylist….Saeon – Jara

Remember feat Kay Switch

I no get answer to all your questions I’m all about my success…progression

S: Myyyyyyyy shiiiii

KK: *SendOnnnnnnn* JAM!!!! Kay Switch is mad underrated IMO. Him and Olamide deliver on this joint

T: Mehn!! Kay Switch murdered this jam.

KK: Easy to groove to, no long tin, no further maths, just a dope song

S: “I thank God for the dollars in bank, I thank God for my brother is Dbanj” I love the “mercy” sample

T: Can I get a ‘saaaaaynaaaaaaa’

KK: SendOnnnnnn…saaaaaaaynaaaaa…..egboooooonnnnnn… Dat ish he is saying could be anything lol

S: Egboooonn?? really? Na so e love D Banj lol

T: Saaaaayynaaaaaaaaa


You know your boy is a bad man, i’m always there anytime you call me/no shaking like Tu-baba, you are my African queen Annie Macaulay

KK: *SkipWorthy* Nothing too special here, the album could do without it

T: Average at best to me..nothing special

S: This one wey everyone don dey get ‘northern’ tracks now, are we missing something? Is Dangote now buying albums?

KK: Fulani gats jam too

S: I liked it sha because there was englishI have a thing for Fulani babes 🙂

T: You have a thing for all babes..nothing new

KK: Fulani babes don’t shave their snatch tho

T: Hahahahaha!! What’s a snatch?

S: Ah! how do you know that?

KK: Ehn? What? Who said that? I think i’m high o

S: Is it movember all year there? ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )T: Lmaoooooooo

KK: Denrele in a headlock type vagina

S: Ah! HahhahahahahhahaT: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

KK: I was drunk sha

Ewo Idi

Jeans so tight tell me how you got you trunk in it/ me i wan shoot with my gun already cock in it

KK: Jammmmmmmmmmm. See this is a real house parry kinda joint

S: JAM!!!!!!!!! *does the doughie*

KK: The kind parry where you take one babe for corner and introduce her to Bulgeria….kondomicine…Long John Silver….

S: Bulgeria? Are you quoting Shina Rambo lyrics?

T: Pheelz does justice on the production, Olamide does his stuff. This is the type of jam you sing to a Noni Zondi

KK: That’s too much yansh tho

T: This jam should be the official song for ipostbadbithches

S: I don’t need a translator for Ewo Idi… SEE YAAANSH!!!!! Noni Nondi dem, Toolz dem, Moet dem type yash 😀

KK: Oh yeah Moet got a phatty

S: _____o_

Stupid Love

Oh girl there’s something about you and you know say me no dey doubt you/ but if i catch you, má je ishè è bi cashew

S: Can’t even use ‘I don’t know what he is saying’ as an excuse…*skip*

T: Tired of hearing songs like this..*skip*

S: *#EnglishPlaylist* Blink – Penetration

KK: Ahhh…guys….Man if he releases a remix to this with Dbanj, it could be a major banger in 2013

S: Dbanj won’t near this, if he does…Mavins win! 😐

KK: Lmaoo

T: It’s that serious

Jesu O’ Kola feat. Aduke

I pray to God that i make it to heaven, for going through hell let my success shame the devil

T: I loved the hook on this Jam. Good music overall

S: This is a perfectly constructed song. Loved the arrangement. The hook is awesome. Aduke’s soothing background vocals were just right

KK: Beautiful is the best way to describe this song. As simple as it sounds, not too many rappers can deliver on this kind of song

S: This is soo true! They either do too much or not enough. He hits the nail on the head on this one. Another *i have no idea what he is saying but I feel him die* jam.

KK: Lool we seriously need subtitles for Sho man

T: Sho will learn if someone with Idi taught him

S: Gbam

Emotional Blackmail feat Kidakudz

wón hail è lóri twitter iwó nà wó whining, lóri many followers you get, they ain’t showing you love on the street so forget

KK: Not really digging this so much….maybe i need to be SK-ed up….Kidakudz is not bad tho..

T: I like the song funny enough…

S: This has a nice sing along hook.

T: I didn’t know when I started singing ‘ode lo lai..ode lo lai’

S: Another song with no subtitles for me. #Sho’sFavPart ‘I dey soak garri u dey chop shy-niece rice’

KK: Lool


International local feat Tiwa Savage

They are calling me boss but no be my power at all/baba God na you sir

S: This song wasn’t great but my baby did well

KK: Olamide is your baby? Hmmm …decent hook…song  kinda reminds me of Rayce’s  ‘Koma Roll’

T: Not playing this anytime soon

S: Tiwa did well…that’s all that matters

KK: Lmao. She tried

T: Yup…autotune try


S: You have started shey??? *mutes Kel feat W4 – Give It To You on #Englishplaylist*

First of All

In other news i’m a bad man wey dey intimidate Superman and Batman

T: First of All..

S: Go Down Low!

T: No, i am tryna say the next track is ‘First of All’..

S: Introduction!

T: Are u mad? Let me finish my sentence. *talksfast* FirstofAllwasbuiltforAzonto….if only I could dance 😥

S: *azontoing across thru this review*

KK: Do we even need to review this one? Jammm.  if this song doesnt make you wanna get up and azonto, youu’re in a wheelchair…believe

Industreet feat Reminisce, Baseone

Tì Obasanjo bà yà sò sè ò lè sópe na who mess/Reminisce, Base one, Olamide fuck who is next- Olamide

E sì mà bow bì afà tó n ki ìrun/Pastor Chris gán ò ni fè fi óròro gbóna di irun- Bassone

Ilefo illuminati mò má n di bi astronaut/ Michael Kors òwo  mi yi can you see it or can you not- Reminisce

S: One Word…..REMINISCE!!!!!!!

KK: Baseone for me on this track sha

T: Reminisce!!!!! He just sounds like someone that will beat you if you say something bad about him

S: Did he beat Vector?

T: We Investigate.

S: I don’t need subtitles for this! I know its hard *dont ask me to explain anything tho*

KK: Lmao

S: This song na MMG track. Reminisce as Ross, Olamide as Meek Mill, Baseone as Stalley or Omarion

KK: The line about Pastor Chris was hilarious. Not to get too technical, really wish d song was mixed better….would be so more Trill

T: All of them had hilarious lines


KK: A nice album, i think it’s something hiphop heads, RnB Heads, Party Heads and Chickenheads should cop. One or two tracks shoulda been left out

T: This is a very good album, some boring fillers here and there, but overall, it’s an album for your collection. Olamide is a good lyricist and he proves it on this album. Sometimes you don’t need to understand what someone is saying to fux with it. This just goes to prove it.

S: Clearly, yall can see i don’t know that much Yoruba but that didn’t stop me from appreciating this album. Just shows you that the language barrier ain’t an excuse..Good music is good music. I thoroughly enjoyed some tracks on this.

This gets 3.5wRaps

KK: Oya where are the famous SYBT chicks

T: Comeback next week Friday.

KK: Meanwhile …*ShamelessPlug* Kahli and I are working on LEGEND….ok im done 🙂

S: Bandits!!!! \(‘-‘\) (/’-‘)/

T: Kahli is toooooo dope!!! We cant wait.

KK: Word. We tryna get Tonto on a track 😐

T: Hahahah! Tonto and Jim Iyke?

KK: Lool ok we can stop this rough play now

S: Lol. Thanks for coming through Mr Konnect

KK: My Pleasure. Thanks for the support.

T: No doubt.

Peace, Love and Yoruba

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  1. jason permalink

    First. (A minor victory in the grander scheme of things, perhaps, but mine nonetheless.)

  2. Mafi permalink

    Ya’ll know V.O.T.S had subs at Vector right?

  3. dipti permalink

    @Sho: Come over to my place for free Yoruba lessons.. ^_^

    Great review. Y’all were damn hilarious.. As expected! 😉

    Not been feeling the Yoruba rappers after DaGrin but I’ll get this and give it a listen.. 🙂

  4. St. Nick permalink

    when would u guys do a review of Reminise’s album?

  5. Agboola permalink


  6. Can I just say Razz is the new Cool! This album ehn….I love. My fav tracks are V.O.T.S, Remember ft KaySwitch (i think kayswitch is a good artist) and Jesu o’kola. I think Olamide is talented. Thanks and God Bless.

  7. @Vuprax permalink

    Nice job guys.
    Felt the rating would have been higher if y’all understood most of what was said in the album. Anyway, the beats on the album were quite refreshing- a good variety. I particularly liked the sampling of Era’s ‘Ameno (remix)’ on ‘Voice of the Street’ and Good Music’s ‘Mercy’ on ‘Remember’.
    Meanwhile KidKonnect should change his name to UncleKonnect….seen him before?

  8. dammy permalink

    mehn i dont know about you guys but i love the beginning of panumo, davidos voice just changes it and the yoruba beats, too mad. the Ewo Idi, jam of life…. that sog tooo sweet

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