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Oga Bust (na)

December 18, 2012


The self proclaimed Boss of Naija HipHop, Dat Ibo Boy – Ill Bliss dropped his sophomore (and last?) album. Here is what we think about it>>


T: 23 seconds of what I wouldn’t come back to

S: Sounds nice but yeah…too short. Next!

Illyminate feat Suspect

T: Nice song..Suspect does what Suspect does

S: Dope production from Suspect and a proper fresh hook…BUT….i don’t even know how to start with Ill Bliss’ raps…I will just let this slide. Everything else is too dope to be too annoyed

T: Loool…there’s nothing we can do about that

Anamachi feat Phyno

S: Phyno with a monster beat!!! Don’t know ibo, but like I always say…dope ish would be dope no matter what language niggaz kick it it

T: Mehn! Whatever he was saying got me bumping my head! Solid production!

S: Let’s play a game…everytime Ill Bliss kicks bars that don’t rhyme…we should take shots of squady

T: You wan make we finish one carton?

S: LoL. Well, its either we take shots or we take panadol…cos I need to take something. *getting drunk is better than a drug overdose*

T: 😦

“for ur mind you wanna hammer like wizkid abi/check shirts with the colour glasses u dumb kids”

“i never shine teeth only when necessary/ sign cheques, make moves, pay my staff right”

“we know go jam for that club wey dey for V.I./I never party much but i go try follow u”


3 Shots

My Heart Beats feat BankyW & Silvastone

T: Nothing here for me, just a lil bit above average

S: I fucks with this jam tho. Silvastone did a good job with the beat and hook. Mr Wellington with another solid cameo.

T: How about Bliss

S: Bliss was cool…but like always…he does his rhyme “A with Zed” scheme. Time to drink

T: Sometimes he rhymes..’Boss’ must rhyme with ‘floss’ and ‘of course’ and ‘pause’*hits next button*

S: yeah…and sometimes he just goes..

“Range rovers maybe like Five/ Stocks, purses made of Croc skin”

“you taught me how to plan for the rainy days/ put money side and plan further” 


2 drinks

Graduate feat. Wizboyy

T: Beer parlour jam…something for them Alaba boys

S: Jam for Midwest, east and south south. Wizboyy’s hook was sweet sha

T: Too sweet…

S: Bliss did well on this. He felt comfortable like he was in his zone.

Currency Boyz 2 feat Ice Prince & Suspect

“me i am milking the game until the breast fall/cross the line and am always ready to X all” – Ice Prince

” we gifted from the umbilical – biblical/ Oga boss spits cynical – ridicule” – ill Bliss

T: Mehn! Ice Prince post ELI has been dope

S: Iceprince Zamani!!!!!!! I swear I get happy when I hear a nice verse from him. Suspect with a dope hook again.

T: That was the highlight of the song…every other thing was yawn yawner yawnest

S: Hahahahaha I must be drunk already oo. Cos I liked Bliss’ verse…like his rhyme scheme just makes me laugh now. I must be drunk now?

T: Looool..yup you are

S: *burp*

” no space on my passport/ too many stamps i lost count”


I am Sorry feat Chidinma

” ill Bliss is the boss of all bosses/ u heard right kaftan all white”

T: Forget what you heard, Chidinma is top 3 vocalist in Naija

S: Chidinma + Legendury Beats = Best combo right now

T: Classic case of Ill Bliss ryhming ‘Boss’ with ‘pause’

S: I thought he said ‘pos’ as per that eyamayama that comes out of boil…am I wrong? I need to stop taking shots

T: LOL. You are sick

S: His first verse nice sha….

Gidigba feat Del B

T: Not really feeling this one too

S: …or because Bliss rapped on this?

T: I get he was trying to tell the story of a babe but..I couldn’t make it to the end

S: I love this tune…the beat and hook are so smooth. Del B is probably one of the best songwriter/producers in the game

T: And the verses?

S: Let’s not talk..let’s just drink

T: Drink on my friend

S: *hiccup*

Naalu Ekene feat Storm Rex

S: My favourite jamz  jam on this album \(‘-‘\) (/’-‘)/

T: Who the Storm Rex chick? She nice!!!!!

S: This hook right hurr. this ish right hurr PHYNO again with another solid beat.  ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ

T: Bliss first two three bars must ryhme then he just goes on some ‘I don’t care’ shii

S: I can even rap Bliss verses now…that’s how much more I have playing played this jam. *adds Storm Rex to my mustwatchlist*

T: You spelt ‘mustwifelist’ wrong

S: *cough*…I amn dfrunkl.

Double Double feat Timaya

T: Double Double is my jam mahn!!!!

S: Timaya!!!!!! Timaya can do a jam without say saying “mama dem”…God is great *hiccup*

T: …or “papa dem”

S: I give more props to Bliss for this song. I am surely sure he told Timaya not to do rubbish on this cos this gatta be the best feature I have hear heard Timaya do in forever

T: Mehn! Dope song overall…Timaya just murdered it

S: Tunde, why can I see two of u?

T: Baba, stop drinking…’right now you are seeing double double’. Plus you are shelling all over this review.

S: *drops bottle*

T: I wonder if ‘double double’ is kinda like an ode to ‘double d’ brea…d


Asiko feat Suspect

T: Best Ill Bliss and Suspect jam. Some soulful ish

S: I didn’t even care about his ‘I don’t care’ rhyme scheme on this. I just felt this one.  XYZ provided the perfect soulful canvass for Bliss to shine on. Suspect did his thing on the hook

T: Suspect came correct….*pause*….*Boss*….*of course*

S: I love the keys at the end man…shoutout to XYZ

T: Big shout out! *hits repeat button*

S: But Ill Bliss and this his style. He will just be rapping and leave a rhyme hanging..

T: …like the last word right

S: Yeah man…those words will be like ‘Why this guy no rhyme with me na? Am i not good enough? What have i done wrong? Rhyme with me’


Emi ni Baller with Suspect & Chidinma

S: CHIDINMA!!!!!!! Best jam on this album

T: This jam is tooooo dope!

S: Legendury beats + Chidinma….TheEnd *mutes Ill Bliss’ verse* Babygurl just murked everyone in yoruba.

T: I didn’t even know what he was saying..the song was too mad

I’m Going In

S: Wazbeat with his best impression of Neptunes-like drums

T: Pharrel would be proud of this beat. Kinda ish Jay-z would spit on

S: Yeah…Bliss didn’t do this justice. A stronger rapper would have had soo much fun on this

T: But he was out of features. 14 songs 12 features

S: Haha. He should have called M.I., SDC or Ceemos

Hustlers Footsteps feat. Naeto C & Phyno

” u a famzer, what u looking at tho/ my bio on twitter should be *I’m getting that dough*” – Naeto C

S: One word…….JAM!!!!

T: Mehn..Phyno is the Ibo version of Olamide. Mad don’t need to understand what they are saying. That part he was saying ‘Olisa bi ni Igwe kan ne fe’  i coulda sworn the translation was ‘ i’m like Olisa i beat the staff i own’

S: Hahaha. You’re mad. Naeto’s verse was mad fresh. Phyno again with a monster beat. Love the opera vocal sample…even sweeter hook

T: Just glad Naeto didn’t rub the msc line in our face


S: XYZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

T: My personal favourite!

S: Boom Bap of life

T: Boss shit!! Perfect HIP-HOP beat

S: What a way to end an album. This beat knocks…my car speakers are bleeding

T: I swear!! The beat goes too hard

S: Loved the hook…

T: *rapping* ‘Make U dey shake me with 2 hands’

S: #Respect #Boss


T: Ill Bliss may rhyme and rap in a very annoying way, his flows maybe nonexistent. It just feels like he writes his raps on different papers and then just randomly joins them for a verse. Nevertheless,  he somehow came through with a solid body of work. Oga Boss is actually a good album. My N150 wasn’t wasted.

S: Everyone (not new to this blog) knows how i feel about Bliss. I don’t enjoy his rap scheme/ rhyming pattern…i actually think his style is trash. That said, I loved this album. Bliss is literally the greatest executive producer in Naija. All the beats, the hooks, the features, the track arrangement, etc…Everything is on point!!! if you can stomach his raps…then this is the best album you will ever hear lol.

Oga Boss gets 3.2wRaps

Peace, Love and Boss Of Course!

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  1. REDD permalink

    Great work guys, but as for me I like illbliss’ rhyme pattern o, funny as hell!!! His verse on suspekt’s “tuaile” cracks me up everytime, especially the alomo part :D!! Would def cop this.

  2. Laja permalink

    “Yeah man…those words will be like ‘Why this guy no rhyme with me na? Am i not good enough? What have i done wrong? Rhyme with me”

    I was crying. Hilarious review

  3. Momentum permalink

    Solid unbias d humour!!! Good work guys

  4. Bosun permalink

    LOOL. That 2nd picture killed me. Had to stop to laugh. As an anonymous friend once said “Ill-bliss is so whack, if I battle him I’ll kill him with sign language” 😦 . But you’re right about the executive producer part.

  5. Word! Solid Verdict. To think I had to bully you guys to review this…. haha… I’m out

  6. Illbliss’s style is different tho, two straight rhymes, one hanging rhyme, quick multi to make up. The hanging rhyme might hurt an avid hiphop head, buh hey, the music compensates for that…yes? no? *sips steamed vodka*

  7. Meyer Lansky permalink

    Nice review, I have sort of gotten used to his style reminds me of Prodigy of Mobb deep. But I thought Blaq Twang was on My heart beats tho.

  8. daMmy permalink

    You guys need to start #illblissbars on twitter

  9. you guy need to work more on the hilarity o. This is why i always come to see your reviews o. More jokes, abeg. Nice work, though. Lemme see if I can actually cop the album sha. More power to your elbows.

  10. 2easy permalink

    Lol!! Nice review fam!! Nevertheless i still fucks wif ill bliss though!! Not a great rapper but sometimes he comes correct!!! Keep it going!!! U guys shuld come up wif a platform to discuss some hawt singles!! Logging in all the time to see whether an Álbum has dropped is becoming boring! Naija artist too lazy!

  11. jason permalink

    Lol! I have been complaining about Ill Bliss to myself for ages. But you have to give him pops for putting that album together. Great review.

  12. okopurum permalink

    As usual, u guys were right on point. The beats, production & guest artists made the album. Despite IllBliss’ very annoyingly unique way or rapping he still deserves mighty kudos. XYZ made my day.
    FYI Storm Rex was from a defunct group called “desperate chicks” they featured mostly on Dekumzy productions with artistes like Dat Nig.g.a Raw, Slow Dogg & Dekumzy. I’m guessing they were repping the East Coast Crew (Enugu).Despearate Chicks hit single is titled “Okpomekwe”. Storm Rex is now solo. Hope to see more features of her.
    S/Out to T & Sho. kip kipin on ya’ll!

  13. Nice one,SYBT,personally,i tink ill bliss stil got it but he has really dumbed down over d years,evry1 s about d dough now not d flow.if u want 2 enjoy illbliss,u wil av 2 backtrack 2 his thoroughbred days,he was real grimy now he s a family man(not forgettin his igbo roots).

  14. Kay jay brown permalink

    You guys are clowns

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