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The Carpenter’s Son is Good

December 21, 2012


The singer formerly known as ‘the dude that sang Oleku with Iceprince’, ChocolateCity artist Brymo dropped his debut album. Here is what we think about it >>


T: If there’s anything like a perfect song..this is it for me…an ode to his mother

S: *sniff*…this shiii right here…got me…*sniff*….I am emotional…his vocals fits E-kelly’s mellow production like a glove on this

T: Our own version of ‘Dear Mama’

S: Gives his pops’ shoutout with the album his mom the first track.

T: He will be blessed

S: Tunde, if you did this song…what would be the title? 1854?

T: Hahahahahaha..that’ll be @Alf_reed. Mine would be 1995

Life is Too Short

T: I loved the production on this one…and the message…

S: I don’t know about this…i wasn’t wow’d. It was just alright to me

T: ‘If dem dey vex make dem go chop stone’

S: Sorta feels like he was taking a shot at all the artists on choc city roster (except pryse) including himself

Chocolate City (Life is too Short) boyz

Choc Short boyz

T: Hahahahaha!! In ‘short’’re mad


T: What else can I say…this is the track that showed he could hold his own and he wasn’t just a ‘chorus guy’ wonderful song

S: *next*

Now Now feat Jesse Jagz

T: Now Now..average track at best to me. Brymo said “now’ like 3569863 times

S: Jesse Jagz’ production outshines Brymo on this. Jesse got them violins on this like he was Yeezy in 04 with Miri Ben Ari

T: Nothing here for me

Go Hard

S: Loved everything about the song except the hook. The drums knock. Brymo’s verses were point. …just wasn’t feeling the ‘Go hard..Go hard’ part.

T: Loved the song, Jagz did well on the production

S: We all know why you loved this song

T: Why?

S: When you pop those ‘blue pills’ to help you perform

T: LOL. I am 18. I don’t need those pills

Omoge Campus

S: If I were a 50+ Aristo….this would be my song right here. *throws bandz in the air*

T: I fux with my song

S: See…you are showing your age. I am too grown to be singing about a campus babe

T: This song just wants to make you komole. Brymo and Ekelly over Brymo and Jagz

S: Brymo and Jagz >>>> your struggle indomie. Your indomie is like soggy braids

T: Fuck you indomie is perfect


S: Too short! Too good! Too amazing

T: This is my fav song. You can’t listen to it without putting it on repeat

S: I hate interludes that are this great. Just wished it went on for like 1800 seconds

T: The fact that it was too short made me sad..1:11 minutes of amazing


S: *swallows pride* Brymo and Ekelly tho…ah ah. the talking drums + techno/dance synths and this jam doesn’t come off noisy or corny

T: I swear..I thought the song was an ode to akara when I first saw the title

S: Me too man. I was already thinking would this song be cool with brown or white ogi

T: Whatever Ekelly did to this beat was dope

S: You gotta love Brymo’s style tho. Whatever tempo…dude shines.

If You Were Mine

T: Are you a guy, and a girl is proving hard to get…just play ‘if you were mine’ for her..if she no off pata..Bez is not the most boring musician in Nigeria

S: This jam is like Genevieve Nnaji in the morning…too beautiful *don’t ask me how I know gene is beautiful in morning* 😐

T: How do you know???

S: Its not important how I know….just know I have a ladder and the wall around her house aint that high.

T: i said. A jam a girl cant say no to

S: Yeah…I been tryna play this jam for Lola Rae 😉

T: How you know all this people is beyond me

Good Morning

S: One of my Top 10 best songs of 2012.

T: No track should be this smooth. This is Jesse and Brymo at their best

S: If u are still dancing to ‘dami duro’ at your wedding after this song came out…your marriage cannot last


Good Morning Sex


S: Even if na arrange marriage you do…if them play this jam for your wedding you gats love your spouse. ahn ahn

T: The song is just beautiful

Your Love

S: Errrm Errrm Too Neo (neyo) techno for me

T: Brymo just dey spit lyrics for babe for this one..the techno stuff wasn’t working for me either

S: Acapella version go betta sef

T: *skips*

See Me

S: Brymo with all this tori tori love songs

T: This is my jam. At least he has content…shows he put pen to paper

S: Its like E-kelly has to have a standout instrumental on these beats he gave Brymo. The electric guitar on this song….*thumbs up*

T: Ekelly was 10/10 on this album

S: As in. He left his ‘flowwsick’ pangolo in the basement and gave Brymo ‘music’

You’ll Come Back feat Efya

T: The thing with all these so called ballads it that there’s a thin line btw boring and amazing. Let’s just say I didn’t make it to the end

S: What??? Man, I loooooove this joint right here.

T: Yawn yawner yawnest

S: Like I can already picture this jam live. It would sound even better. Efya’s vocal prowess stands out even tho I dey chop mouth once she starts giving us Ghana talk

T: When you’re done let’s move to the next track..thanks

S: *slow dancing in my corner*

We All Need Something

S: *skip* People don’t need to know about this

T: Mehn! Beautifully written song! You don’t know anything

S: I would rather listen to One Direction than listen to this again tho

T: Anyways..we all need something..what do you need Sho?

S: I need Tiwa…and Lola Rae…and Yemi Alade…and that babe in MayD’ ‘Gat Me High’ video

T: I need Bez to stop singing that boring type of music

S: LOLOL! don’t be hating. He is a Superson…you ain’t even your momma’s favourite son (˘̯˘ )

T: I know 😦

Bonus Track – Chocolate feat Pryse, Iceprince, M.I., Jesse Jagz

T: You can hardly go wrong with a KidKonnect beat….Pryse almost did sha

S: My shiiiiiiiiiit! Konnect = Fire! At this moment I would like to say…Iceprince Zamani welcome back from purgatory.

T: It’s now obvious he wasn’t the one rapping on ELI

S: I think they all did their thing but Zamani and Mr. Abaga stood out


T: It’s been a long time coming for Brymo, I won’t even front when Choc City signed him I was wondering what they saw in I know. His voice and style are different and refreshing. Very solid debut.

S: I fux with this album…you should too

A solid 3.7wRaps

Peace, Love and Wood *pause*

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  1. REDD permalink

    Lmaoooooo @ d damiduro couple……but 1854??? -___-

  2. Bosun permalink

    LOOL @ ‘Dami Duro’ couple. You guys are animals. Not surprised with the positive review. He’s talented so I expected nothing less. That said, I’ll have to go listen.

  3. dhamilola permalink

    Lmao@ the dami duro couple. Love the album it took a 2nd & 3rd listen for me to enjoy it. Loved Omoge campus for the beat and the trumpet, if you were mine for the lyrics. 1986 was beautiful ode to his mummy more like words everyone wants to say to their mum.
    Great review guys, I was waiting for this review you didn’t do all the lovey dovey and over hype the other reviewers did.

  4. Skittles permalink

    Lmaooo. You guys are crazy

  5. This album isn’t bad. I had to listen like 4 times b4 feeling it though. I just have 1 question. Can u pple tell Brymo to stop pouting?like it pains my spirit! Thanks and God Bless.

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