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January 10, 2013

Welcome to the 2nd edition of SYBT’s yearly round-up…


T: We know, we know, it’s all Sho’s fault. Can you please explain to the readers why this coming late?

S: I have been walking

T: Working or walking

S: Walking

T: From?

S: Eko Atlantic. I am just coming from Koko concert

T: Hahahha!! Wasn’t that like last year?

S: Exactly

T: LOL. Abeg, let’s run through 2012 we are late already.

TOP MUSIC VIDEO BOOTY (Sho forced us to do it)

and the nominees are :

 ‘Ooo lawd! Ass of gawd!!’ in Wande Coal – Private Trips

‘ Thunder Yansh’ in Timaya – Bum Bum

‘ Moet a Bum Bum’ in SDC – Gettin u

‘ Ghen Ghen ’in MayD – Gat Me High

T: Hands down! The yansh in Timaya’s video. I’m not a booty man..but that booty got a ninja thinking for days. There is still ripples on my tv…I need to fix that

S: What!…nah. You are clearly not a yansh man. The bootay of the year was that diner yansh baby in ‘Private Trips’ What!

T: Really? What do I know…

S: Maaaan, babe was looking all innocent behind the counter…but when Sesan put the camera on her yansh as she dey waka comot….BAM!!!!      EWO IDI *olamide’s voice* bum bum looked like a cloud the care bears chill on.

T: What is this? Why do we have an award video bootay tho?

S: That Bumbum deserves a public trip! That bumbum deserves a holiday. It needs to be exalted \(˘.˘)/

T: I am talking to u! Is there an award for Best boobies in a video?

S: Nah! No one cares about that because boobs ain’t shit (˘̯˘ )

T: I see. We shall argue another day.

S: Special shoutout to that Moet Abebe’s booty in ‘Gettin U’ and the woman of my ‘freaky’ dreams…shorty in MayD’s video. Oh lawdy lawd

T: You are a greedy child.


and the nominees are:

No Beat Is Safe  – Teeklef

Bar-Racks – Vector

Illegal Music 2 – M.I.

Occupy the Throne – Mode9

Bandits – Kahli Abdu

Recognize Vol 1. – BeatBuxx 360

T: Who compiled this list and why is Vector’s Bar-racks on it?

S: LOL. Maaaaan, I have no idea why it’s here either. Looking at the rest of the tapes on this list…it clearly ain’t winning. Probably ain’t even getting a vote

T: Can’t there be a 3way tie 😦

S: I swear I was gonna say so too but we are not INEC.

T: This is hard.

S: M.I. did not disappoint with his feature packed 2nd instalment of Illegal Music

Kahli Abdu dropped arguably the dopest hiphop ‘album’ of the year

T: Shit…Bandits was too ill yo

S: But…2012 belonged to the nigga who is gonna bring light skin niggaz back in style….Teeklef

T: I have to agree..all he needs is just the right management and team for the exposure. The mixtape went hard. A mixture of rap and r and b

S: Probably the dopest ‘album’ Naija album the masses never got to hear. Got niggaz singing Vanessa Carlton ‘one thousand miles’ type notes and shit

T: I don’t even know how to *Pause* that last line 😐

S: *plays ‘Should’ve Known Better*

T: If you’re still sleeping on it download it here >>>>>

And if you don’t like the mixtape…that means Vector didn’t spit any lame punchline the whole of last year

S: *Vector voice* V.E.C. See me in hi-def like triples Ds.. Get it…3D?


and the nominees are:

O.B.O – Davido

Empire Mates State of Mind – EME

Solar Plexus – Mavin

YBNL – Olamide

Oga Boss – Ill Bliss

Son of a Carpenter – Brymo

T: We need to get rid of this people bringing the list to us. What is Mavin doing there???

S: Hahahha man, these are the nominees na. The Mavins got everybody excited May 7th then people forgot about them by May 14th ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )

T: My album of the year hands down gats to be O.B.O. Love him or hate him, no album had more hits than that album

S: *sips on his bottle of ‘I told all of u so’*

T: When a lot of people were hating on the album, we at the SYBT headquarters brought you an unbiased review as usual >>>>>>>

S: My personal best album of the year is…..*drum roll please*

T: ‘swagu daddy e drippin!!!’

S: YBNL!!!!!!

T: If there’s anything like a ‘street’ album of the year. Olamide gets it

S: Whether I understood what he was on about or not …the album went hard. However,

The album that spent the most time in my cd player however..was Oga Boss

T: Oga Boss also went hard

S: Can’t even front…ill Bliss and his lame raps delivered one of the best albums


and the nominees are:

High – Eva

Fine lady – Lynxxx feat Wizkid

Baddest Boy – EME

Confam – BlackMagic feat Sasha P

Ile Ejo – MayD

T: I’d go with Eva for this one

S: Reasons why you wear glasses…batman. Dopest video gotta be ….Baddest Boy

T: All the other videos were *yawn*

S: Stop am. Wizzy was on his Rockstar shit! Hottest crew! Hottest video

T: Nothing special about the video to me

S: Honorable mention gotta go out to Black Magic’s Confam. That video was….too simple! Shit I doubt they spent 20k on it (add the money he paid the mallam guy for that babe’s dress)…but it was too fresh. Just a fresh concept and that was it.

T: Yeah…kinda like Kanye’s ‘all falls down’


and the nominees are:






S: I should say Vector because he had one hell of a year…Dude was literally everywhere…a feature a week. But then again..its quality over quantity erryday

T: Mr Incredible for me

S: Mr Abaga full ground on this one

T: Boogey also came correct! Dude was in beast mode

S: Couple of Outstanding verses and a few quotables on his tape. Why is Phenom on this list?

T: *tears list*

S: LoL


and the nominees are:





Tiwa Savage


T: Wetin Tiwa dey find for here…What manner of bribery have you accepted?

S: Errrrrm we had to have a lady 😦

T: Abegi

S: I no even know why she dey here. This Mavin dull her year I swear

T: True

S: I really don’t know who I will give it to

T: Davido for me, dude had no mentor, no big name backing just his HKN team and a manager better than oliyooo(or not)


S: His manager is no longer better than all of us… 😦 U mean to tell me the only light skin ninjas gonna be in Davido’s videos now are gonna be B-red n Sina 😦

T: Yup..sad stuff 😦

S: WeWantAsaAsika ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )

T: Wiz also had a solid year. I don’t even think he spent one week in one country

S: Dbanj too…..can’t overlook he got a Good Music feature on Cruel Summer…even tho ma nigg was going tribal on that ish. Capped the year off with ‘Top of the World’ as the Nation Cup official song and the KoKo Concert marathon

T: #teamDbanj

S: *logs out of Mavin league*


S: You know I joined Mavin league back in May. I was soo excited…After I heard the album…I quickly went to unsubscribe from that shit. Tah!

T: Mavin league wey cobweb don dey the website

S: I guess Spiderman came to the party after the Avengers left the building ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )


T: They should have used all the energy in creating that website to concentrate on D’prince’s below par album

S: 😦 *singing* Aminaaaaaa where u dey

T: 😦


and the nominees are:


Dammy Krane




T: They call him Burnnnaaa

S: 7 8 9 10….Burna herrre for da gehl dem

T: Funny how we predicted this ish

S: When we be telling them…they don’t be listening

T: They’ll eventually listen.

S: Like to Party was too fresh.

T: ….*singing* gotta be doing something right

S: Ebe le bo! Ebe le bo!


and the nominees are:

 Chuddy K – Brazilian Hair

Flowwsick – Ringtone

Tonto Dike – Hi

Sina Rambo – Ijo Sina

S: Man, everyone on this list deserves an award

T: Yup…every single one of them. Tonto Dike and the people that downloaded that her song gets the award tho.

S: POKe hOes

T: Y’ll should have just ignored her but ‘NO’ you people went to download and gas her up, the song even found its way to radio

S: Man, if that song came with a video and a funny dance it would have been our  ‘oppa gangnam style’.. 2million hits? Lol

T: I blame Nigerians 😦

S: But shoutout to Nigerians that didn’t allow Chuddy K ‘Brazilian hair’ to blow. Thanks to y’ll that didn’t call radio to request that trash when he was promoting it and giving out dog hair on air

T: Extra shoutout for not making for not making ‘ijo sina’ blow too

S: Ijo Sina couldn’t blow if it was in Yvonne Nelson’s mouth…*Iyana can tell you what that mouth do tho* X_X

T: #lowblow

S: I see what you did there too…*low*…+ *blow* lol

T: Ah! You are twisted. I have a feeling you’ll get beaten by one of these artiste this year

S: Yo wasn’t with me when I be gyming in the gyyyyymmm…*RHUH*


Bastard – ThreeWiseMen

Repete – Blackmagic

Omote – Ese Peters

Oko Mi – Waje

Good Morning – Brymo

T: I’d give this one to BlackMagic

‘Repete’ just sounds so fresh and different

S: ‘Bastard’ was the best song of the year. Every song on this list deserves an award. I ain’t even gassing yall. These are pretty much the best songs I heard last year… Blackmagic clearly deserves the award because he is responsible for 2 of them

T: Blackmagic! Repete mo se dada mo se jeje!…Version 2.0 would definitely be a good album

S: ‘Omote’ tho sounds like a song outta a classic Walt Disney movie and Waje is the best female vocalist in Nigeria….*puts both hands down*

T: Well…

S: Stay in a well. You can’t argue it


D-Banj- Oliver Twist

Burna Boy-Like To Party

Naeto C ft D-Banj-Tony Montana remix

Iyanya- Your Waist

D’Prince- Take Banana

Terry G- See Groove

S: Gal dem wey like toooo paaaaaaarrty ┌(˘.˘)ʃ

T: Lots of jams this year…’Oliver’ gets my vote tho…released late 2011 the jam however had 2012 on lock. This jam travelled far and wide

S: It had it locked over with dem guys in the UK not in Naija. Tah! (˘̯˘ ) This is 2012 Naija list I don’t care if una dey dance to am for M&S

T: Name one jam that had international recognition like that in the history of Nigeria?

S: African Queen? Majek Fashek? song no reach yankee?

T: *balotelli face*

S: Aight you right. Ish got bumped during the Olympics \(‘-‘\) (/’-‘)/

T: While we got beat 3659-69 in basketball 😦

S: Fuck Melo

T: Loool..yup





Seyi Shay

Lola Rae

Boj (and FreshDRB)


T: Wait…what about Rilwan and Flowsick no hope for them?

S: What is a Rilwan?

T: 😦

S: Kswitch \(‘-‘\) (/’-‘)/. Kswitch will do what MayD didn’t do for me last year….and the congregation says…

T: Sayyyynnnaaa…sorry…amen


Tiwa Savage – untitled

Cyrus Da Virus – The Infiltration

Banky W – R&B W

X.O. Senavoe – XpointO

Loose Kaynon-Gemini

Teeto Ceemos – KING?

M.I. – Chairman?

Ice Prince – CBN?

T: Why do you always like looking for trouble?

S: LMFAO!!! What did I do now? Why do you always pick on me?

T: Why is Cyrus name even there?

S: I don’t know about you…but I am not going to work when that album drops….I will call in sick and just stay at home and listen to that ish

T: hahahahahha

S: Didn’t we have X.O. on this same list last year?

T: I don’t even understand. Should we hold our breath this year?

S: *wears oxygen mask*

T: Hmmm Ceemos about to drop an album. About damn time. Looking out for M.I. too

S: Besides Ceemos’, I am really excited about Ice prince’s album o. Couple of dope verses in 2012 and ‘Aboki’ got me \(‘-‘\) (/’-‘)/

T: You didn’t mention Tiwa?

S: I don’t know o. This ‘Mavin’ thing get as e be 😦

There you have it ladies and gentlewomen, shoutout to all of you that have been fuxing with us from day one, reading and retweeting our links. We appreciate y’ll. Extra shoutout to for hosting us and to all our guests this year…

Peace, Love, Keep calm and read SYBT

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  1. Meyer Lansky permalink

    No Clone wars 2 or mixtape of the year?

  2. yaaaay! song/jam of the Year- Like to party!!!Why isn’t it on that ‘jam’ list biko.I love Repete though. Can I just say Vec used to be on point 😦 SYBT!!! LOL.

    • Majordisaster permalink

      Vec was never on point … period. Get it period…fullstop…point No?

      • He used to be on point! Especially the original ‘Good morning nigeria’

  3. Bosun permalink

    Clone Wars 2 came out a bit too late.

    Back to the review. ENOUGH with the Boogey this Boogey that yarns. Thanks partly to you guys he’s become synonymous with ‘overrated’. Not knocking his hustle but he really isn’t good. Average at best. And yes I heard his mixtape. Unfortunately.

    I wonder why Iyanya’s kukere wasn’t nominated for ‘Jam Of The Year’. Hate it or love it, that song was huge.

    Please, spare us, nobody is anticipating Cyrus’ work. We don’t care. Recycle bin music. And as for X.O Senavoe, I just don’t care anymore. His album will probably drop after ‘Detox 2’.

    Otherwise I don’t think I have any problem with this review.

    • Tai permalink

      I hear you on hype on Boogey but I will not call him overrated or average anyways

  4. Clone wars 2 came out yesterday jare, sit down.

  5. Sayo permalink

    These S and T guys are mean.. First time of reading this blog and I like it!!… Y’all should keep it up

  6. Tai permalink

    LOL.. I have never made a comment before but you guys crack me the heck up!!! For the first time i read this post line by line. Who submits the nominations though? I’m bad with Nigerian music so I really cannot make comments on what I do not know.

    Well done guys

  7. Mekka permalink

    nigga nigga nigga *trinidad james voice* this here 4 ma real niggaz dats smokin on dat kush, shout out to ma school kids on instagram stright flexin grrr!

  8. mrpaul permalink

    Yo this is the second review I’m reading and you two fuckin clowns are headed for greatness I swear.
    Anyways, only that thunder booty should be on that list! No contest! That shit had that melyssa milan aka msallotabootie thing going on! That ass got a black man shy,blushin n shit! …mehn jah bless her mother. Bye

  9. i’m tired of pouring holy water on you boys. I’ll dig a well near your houses and have a priest bless the thing. Do with it as you see fit. *smh*

  10. Boogey. mayb ovahyped buh average?? naaa G. for a nigerian rapper he’s impressive

  11. Few quotables? On boogey’s tape?…..Naah mehn….Who’s anticipating cyrus’ Mixtape?…

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