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As Kpa Clone Wars 2 Abi?

January 21, 2013

Welcome y’ll. Since we are reviewing a Show Dem Camp project we decided to invite one of the coolest hiphop chicks ever – @Zaynab213 to help us with it

Clone Wars Cover Front DOWNLOAD HERE >>>>>>

S: Hey, Zee…Welcome to SYBT

Z: Thanks for having me

T: *Full chest hug*

Z: LOL. So this is my first time listening to SDC. Never heard of them.

S: Whaaa *we-gele voice*

T: Are you in Naija at all?

Z: Guess I don’t listen to much Naija hiphop stuff

S: Alright. Its cool. A fresh perspective is needed. Let’s do this.

We Gele Intro

S: We Geleeeee Radio!!!

Z: I don’t get. I found this guy annoying. All that ‘as kpa clone wars 2’ was unnecessary

S: Hey hey! Stop right here. ‘we gele’ is the guy! 1 billion point 1 on your dial

T: She doesn’t get it

S: Yeah. Go listen to ‘Clone Wars1’ and get accustomed to ‘We Gele’

O.D. feat Poe

Rolling with punches, sticking with jabs/ when I throw that hay-maker dawg, shit is a wrap – Ghost

The flow is 35 or nothing that’s the people’s choice/ even in harmattan the babes say I keep it moist – Tec

I am neither drizzy or cole nor a combination/ I’m just a product of heat, feel the condensation – Poe

T: POE!!!!!!!!!

S: Really people might not understand this but…. POE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my gawd!

T: Best Verse I have heard by a Nigerian rapper in forever

S: Perfectly constructed 16. Kid Konnect with that dope canvass

T: King Konnect! _____o_

Z: Good sparse beat. Right person on the hook. Harmonies and all in point. The last guy was good. Best verse too

S: You don’t know who they are right?

Z: Nah

T: Poe is the last guy, Ghost is the guy with the deep voice and..

S: Tec is the guy that always says someone told him something or ‘Omo’

Z: LOL @ Omo. I noticed that.

Just A Melody

Ride for me, so ladies be good.. spread it wide for me/ and if it hurts get the KY so we can do it all night so I can leave and stay fly – Ghost

O boy that’s long and we no dey sing the same song/ get shaks all nite we can brap all nite when the sunlight comes I’m gone – Tec

Z: First uptempo song. Gets you bobbing your head.

T: The fast flow reminds me of old Jay’s style. Dope track

Z: I like how Ghost started fast. Second guy slowed it down. I like that concept
The bouncy beat flowed well with the offbeat rap.

S: Once the drums kick in….ehh. Ghost just dismantles this shit. Tec puts it back together. Perfect duo. This is how to kick bars. *looks at Vector’s fan*

Z: Adlibs at the end were pointless tho

S: What adlibs? The ‘Yeah’ Skit?

Z: Yes. That Skit

S: “That critikal kush! That canadian kush”

T: “That Pastor Adeboye – we call that the most high” …*shoutout to all the Redeemer’s out there*


Z: So this skit should have been done to suit Free my Mind. Since that’s the ode to weed song.

S: You no be the girl we dey find (˘̯˘ )

I Got That Yeah feat Lucci

Son of the soil, omo talking about acres/ we Africa’s finest I’m humble with statements – Tec

Sitting on top of a pyramid, I’m back on that nigga shit/ that killer shit now watch a gorilla spit – Lucci

Ghost man, I’m back on my North pole shit/ meaning I am situated right ontop of this globe bitch – Ghost

T: Yup! This is that grimey type ish. That ‘no look at the person’s face’ type ish

S: This is my shit! *doing my Yeezy Niggaz in Paris video dance*

Z: Not as grimey as ‘Free my mind’. I am not sold on it. The song is just there. Its got that club banger vibe tho

S: ‘Free my mind’ ain’t grimey 😐

T: Her mind is clearly not free 😐


Temi Yato feat Yaylow

We don hammer say you boys hit the jackpot/ bang bang bang what we do to the backshot – Tec

Text messages turning into death threats/ like boi’ how I’m gonna ride that ish to death – Ghost

I go borrow u one naira, in 2 mins tell u pay me back four/ while I dey sing temi yato put stone for ground tell ronaldo take it and score – Yaylow

S: This is my Jam!!! Maddest jam on this tape. Tec’s verse was mad. Ghost’s verse….Madness!!!!!!

T: The song is too mad..but please what were they saying ? because all I heard was ‘Ini Edo’

S: Hahaha. I think the sample voice was saying ‘I’m in ini edo’

Z: While we are on this…what is ‘swags’..I couldn’t get pass them saying that. yuck! Next.

T: Dope Song tho. Yaylow style was off but worked plus it was funny

Z: People should just stop spoiling spoken words. It’s not for everyone.

S: This girl, what is your own? Don’t be talking about a song I have invented a dance for. Just stop!

T: Na only dance you sabi

Z: LOL. Just saying ‘swags’ shouldn’t be the first thing you hear on a song. It’s aight

S: You probably don’t like a Temi.

T: True, you know how girls are.

Z: LOL. Funny, my middle name is Temitope

S: O pari!

KANO (skit)

Z: zzzzzz

S: You are just finished. This is was funny

T: If malo man toast your babe make you forget.

S: 20million each…Whaaaa. ‘We Gele’ is a trip man

Z: Only thing that talked about ‘Subsidy’ on the tape.

Sweet Love feat. Poe and Lucci

Life is filled with obstacles and speed bumps/while some crash and burn we keeping it g’d up – Tec

There’s no relaxing in this game of ours/ though i was playing so i poked her like a game of cards – Lucci

For pictures of my girl i’d have to click on different photos just to capture moments – Poe

See i’m here just paying rent darling it’s your world/you’re Gina i’m Martin saying ‘you go girl’ – Ghost

T: Overall feel good song. Everybody comes correct on this.

S: Chilled shhhhh. Poe and Lucci stole the show.

Z: This is a serious mis-step

T: A what?

Z: Don’t go through the conventional rap album formula for a mixtape since it’s not even commercial

S: Haba!

Z: The verses and delivery seemed forced. Out of their comfort zone. Then the Barrington Levy wannabe was a letdown

S: Hahahah. I thought it was Majek Fashek

T: We can’t be listening to the same tape? Are we?

Z: Plus that ‘martin gina’ line has been overused

S: Nothing new under the sun na

T: LOL. Clearly, she just doesn’t like chick songs.

Remember Me feat Funbi

Sex is my weapon of choice, murder is the case you’re the casualty/when i hit every atom of your anatomy – Ghost

Β And if it’s just one night then baby we’re on borrowed time/so all your thoughts of making love i’m gonna re-define -Tec

S: FUNBI!!!!!!!!!!

T: Funbi killed it with his ‘JT’ like style.

S: *dusts suit, adjusts tie*

Z: Another failed attempt at a chick song

T: There is no way we are listening to the same song or the same tape for that matter.

Z: Everything that’s wrong with Sweet Love plagues this song as well. Except the hook obviously.

S: Please download Clone Wars 2 not Cologne wars 2

Z: I’m sure you both are SDC groupies.

S: I am a We-Gele voltron.

Z: Figures πŸ™‚

Free My Mind (Sha la la)

Some may describe him as a wizard with the worldplay assuming i ever play with my words in the first place – Ghost

I’m on fire please don’t try to douse him/yoga flame hit like I’m Dhalsim- Tec

Z: An ode to weed. Nice.

T: You actually like a song :O

Z: Bouncy beat is back. These odes aren’t very original these days but this one works fine.

S: Please, are you sure you like it?

Z: Errr… I said I liked the ones before the ‘babe tracks’ πŸ™‚

S: Gotta say I wasn’t really feeling this the first few times….*always skipped it before the hook came in* Until I heard Tec’s verse once…woooooo! Fire verse! Now I fux with it

Z: I really like that Tec. He’s a good rapper Ghost actually sounds high so whatever he’s saying suits the song. No poppy hook, thank goodness.

T: This is for the weed heads…shoutout to all of ya

Z: The Back To The Future McFly reference was a nice touch. Good song.

S: I guess you just like gutter rap… you can’t even let these guys do songs for babes. I guess you don’t fight for women equality during your spare time

Z: Hahhahaha. Have I finished fighting for my own equality with my boyfriend, much less women equality.

Ha Gawd

Life’s a bitch so i just make sure she stays wet/then i beat the punani like Tyrese did to Taraji in Baby Boy – Ghost

80’s baby so you know what we can do/born and raised in Naija so we’re not afraid of coups -Tec

Z: Back to the grimy stuff. This is their style. Obviously their forte. Energetic verses. Like the ‘Taraji Baby Boy’ line. Best way to have described beating the… Tight beat too.

S: Hahahhaahhahaha Yo are clearly not the babe they make chick songs for

Z: LOL! I’m that babe you make chick songs for jor.

S: Ill song. Dope verses. What else you expect from SDC tho

Z: Groupie.

S: Tunde, have you gone to download Zee’s version of Clone Wars…as per clone wars 2 abi?

T: Ha Please I like my own version. ‘Ha Gawd’ is my my jam…

S: Hmmm so Zee likes how Ghost beats the beat like Tyrese did Taraji in baby boy. What else do u like ^_^

T: Yup what else do you like

Z: Next song please

Jackie Chan feat Lucci

See them in a cypher they say they repping Naija/ bars like fish so i guess i gotta fry am – Lucci

Momsi raised me a soldier, Lagos made me a man/keep it real with your chapis that’s the rule of the camp – Tec

Endeavour to be an owner and never a minion/haters question my brilliance but i don’t care for opinions – Ghost

Z: Safe to say Lucci was taking shots at Ice Prince

S:Shots were fired! So they are gonna barbeque Zamani’s fish bars. Point n Kill tinz β”Œ(˘.˘)Κƒ


T: I hope the beef materializes..been a minute we had beef. Yup..I’m that hungry

S: But we are having fish. There is no beef here. Love this hook. Although I never wanted to be Van Damme when I was small. Dude’s splits always looked painful 😦

Z: I think it’s the best beat so far. With the pianos and strings. Was there beef (fish) between Lucci and Iceprince prior to this?

S: Best beat ke? When Temi Ya….*sigh*…nevermind

Z: You and this your Temi yato. The ‘swegz’ that’s all over the song is a turn off abeg. Well it’ll only be fun if Iceprince accepts the challenge and replies. Otherwise it’s pointless.

T: I doubt that too. It would be fun tho. The game needs something. That Vector/Reminisce ‘beef’ didn’t even make it on the small chops menu


Z: Lucci’s verse was the best as usual…Standout line was Ghost’s ‘I ain’t talking about chauffeurs when I say I’m driven’

S: As usual? Errrrr

Z: I like all his verses so far. Unless I’m mixing up voices. Very good song. Apart from the ‘as kpa’ part obviously.

S: We gele hater!

V.I.P. feat Poe and Lucci

Bar-tender tryna serve me fake Jack again/some how i keep my patience cuz i’m not tryna snap again – Tec

Damn! another ground-hog weekend/ swimming in Henney has got me going of the deep end – Ghost

Lasgidi representer come and shoot me please/i got security,bulletproof the coupe indeed- Lucci

T: Why dey hate VIP tho

S: Shit! I hate VIP too… (˘̯˘ ) *i never get in* 😦

Z: LOL! But really VIP is overrated *tongue in cheek*. Veeeerrry good song tho. Gooood beat.

T: Take heart Sho

S: Lucci and Poe made this jam!

Z: Yeah. Good song generally. All emcees came correct. And no lies. Said stuff we could relate to about Naija VIP mentality

T: Are you sure you don’t hate the song? Listen again o

S: LoL

Z: LOL. I don’t hate it. I like it. Don’t worry, there are still some left that I hate. Don’t rush 😐

Poe’s Pledge

And i’m so premature/if i tell them what i think then what’s the middle finger for – Poe

Z: POE’S PLEDGE. Notice that’s in upper case. Please is this beat a sample? No? Who produced it?

S: Please…small caps are okay for this song. It was just coo …*notice no L*…get it? I swear I dey spit fire yo.

Z: Answer the question first. Who did the beat?

S: Any space dey show dem camp…I got that bonfire! Get it? Ooooooooooo

Z: Fish Bars. All I want is to know who did the beat. Genius.I’m a sucker for a scratched Premo inspired beat.

S: No idea . Let me go investigate.

T: The only problem I had with the song is that it was too short, I loved the mellow beat

Z: Exactly. Too short. And I’m wondering why they’ll waste such a dope beat for just 16 bars.Not even up to 16 sef

S: *still investigating*

Z: I hope someone else does a full song on the beat.

*the beat is from Aquemini titled track off Outkast’s 3rd album*


So hop off the d**k and jump on the bandwagon and stop comparing us to all this bland rappers – Ghost

Got a new legion of fans who are now supporting him/Arsenal of flows never finish above Tottenham – Tec

Z: Average. Just a filler.

T: Yeah..nothing special, prolly a grower

Z: Tunde we agree on something? :O *adjusts halo*

T: Yup..I’m surprised too

S: Well I am on my Zaynab meds cos I don’t agree. I actually wasn’t crazy about this like ‘Free My Mind’…but I fux with it now.

Z: There’s nothing to it. The track is bland.

S: If they said ‘swegz’…you go vex. If they said ‘As per Clonewars 2’…you go vex. In short..

We Dey Vex

As much as i appreciate the tweets and the love on the blogs a good word doesn’t quite pay the mortgage – Ghost

Listen these dudes be plotting to shoot me/ not from choc city real werey I’m loopy – Lucci

My father used to tell me that i didn’t understand/ but now i see his plight the world is a scam – Loc

Night turns to days, days turns to grind, grind turns to money, money turns to pride -Tec

Z: 😐 I see what you did there

T: My favorite song of the mixtape. This jam did it for me!!!!

Z: Yeah it’s a good one. It has that fire. Good rhymes. Delivery. Vengeance and whatnot. Everything you need in a rap song.

S: This shit yoooo! This shit right hurrr is Fire *ignore that Loc guy* Lucci’s delivery, Ghost bars, Tec’s message *we can open church now*

T: Ignore who? Listen again. Loc spat that real

Z: But what I don’t get is, why feature the same rappers all through? Does Lucci have any affiliation with SDC?

T: According to Tec ‘Poe and Luc/Ghost and Tec that’s the crew’

S: Please! Please! I like how they featured the same Lucci n Poe all thru. I hate it when dope rappers feature inferior popular cats. Get those weak bars the fuck outta here

Z: It’s a mixtape, try the unusual, not feature the same guy all through. If you really want to promote him or create awareness, put him on the album. Different strokes I guess.

S: Go listen to their album. There are some Badman Floss bars waiting for you there. Save those lame features for the album

Z: Badman who?


What’s Life

There’s a war going on it’s not a secret/ the meek shall inherit that’s the prophesy completed -Tec

Attitude reflects leadership and most our leaders are corrupt/so hommey buckle upΒ  – Ghost

S: My 2nd favourite Song on the tape

Z: After your Swegz Temi Yato abi?

S: Leave Swegz alone *puts hoodie on* *laces timbaland boots*

T: Mehn! This song goes hard…classic 90’s beat. Ghost’s message was ill too

S: Toooooooo ill. Loved the speaker effect Tec used for his verse

Z: It kinda reminds me of Mobb Deep’s ‘Survival of the Fittest’. Beats. Concept.

S: :O ….you know Mobb Deep’s Survival of the Fittest? *love struck*

T: Calm Down Sho..but Zee you sabi that kind jam?

Z: Yeah. even some of the bars were coined from this song. I think. This is a good song

S: We are just happy you are liking songs now.

T: We thank God o. She has finally started listening to the tape.

Word to Kobain

We all trying to eat my nigga so grab a fork/if taking from my plate is your mission better abort- Ghost

Women say they are true until i look them in their eye/ Jezebel hoping until a queen is by my side- Tec

Z: Same thought about how I feel about ‘We Dey Vex’ – Good rhymes. Delivery. Vengeance and whatnot. Everything you need in a rap song.

S: Smooth track for their friend who passed away..I think last year. *pours out some liquor for the hommies*

T: 😦 Moment of silence

Z: And the ones who passed on recently. *Quan’s voice*

Just In Case

Any time you’re feeling down and your mascara is smeared/ play this song back to yourself knowing that daddy is here- Ghost

Z: Here we see the soft part of Ghost

T: Mehn…the ‘Stay’ sample had me hooked. Even before Ghost started spitting

S: Just cos of this ‘Stay’ sample…gotta me listening to erry single word

Z: Damn!!! I was trying so hard to remember where I had heard the beat.

T: Sho, I’m surprised he didn’t add your name to the boys he was warning his daughter about.

S: I treat Ladies right. *adjusts Halo*

Z: My mind didn’t even go to Nas at all

S: Ghost sha! But really who says…”Plan to be here for dracula years”??? Only ghost won’t waterdown shit for even his own daughter

Z: The song should be on an album. It’s that good.


T: If you still don’t fux with SDC by now…I wonder what planet you’re from. Trust me, you MAY not hear a better hiphop mixtape this year

Z: For a first time listener I thought 18 tracks was a lil bit much. There were some bangers on this I would not skip – Just a Melody. Free My Mind. VIP. Just In Case, Word to Kobain, Jackie Chan and Ha Gawd.

S: As Phonte said -Dope Rhymes and Dope Beats…cos Hiphop ain’t really that hard. No need for tired punchlines. Just that good rap ish. SDC never disappoint and they didn’t with CloneWars2

This gets 4.2 wRaps

Peace, Love and ‘As kpa clone wars 2 abi’

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  1. @MrAkinyemi permalink

    Best rap mixtape in forever in my opinion. Great beats too. Many beats on there that I thought I would get to rap to if i decide to start rapping (again)

    The chick tho….WTH is “vengeance” is that a rap style? Na Django unchained?.

  2. Bosun permalink

    Ok, so I had to stop after the 3rd song just to ask. Where did you find this Zaynab babe? And are you sure she’s a hip hop head? I’m no SDC crusader but was she half asleep listening to the tape? Full clown.

    Let me go finish the review.

  3. Bosun permalink

    WHAT THE F********** ??????? Naaa, this babe is the anti christ. She’s just here to troll. You need to edit this review and just ink out all she said. I’m disappointed in you guys. I’m not reading again

    Final word, I’m no SDC fan, never liked em, never rated them, mostly because I never listened to any of their tapes. Clone Wars 1 & The Dreamer project, but I listened to this one and I understood the noise and hype about them(unlike that Boogeyman fellow) Tape is really dope. Kudos.

  4. Bosun permalink

    Oh now she’s liking some songs, you guys threatened her abi? Smfh. Smfh.

  5. Haha….Z’s comments are just “out of place”…

  6. Lol no words

  7. feshelu permalink

    ARSENAL OF FLOW NEVER FINISH BELOW TOTTENHAM! that babe no know wetin she dey talk about…school yasef (clone wars I and the dreamer project should be listened to by that babe then she can come here and review tracks…)

  8. Tec&Ghost's student! permalink

    dis Zaynab babe no like We Gele skits? kaiiiii…i’m wit SHO tho,we are We Gele Voltrons! Dopest tape Ever! I love #CloneWars2!!! u guys 4got bout Blue blood Gang o.

  9. @thabanjmeista permalink

    Clone Wars was(is) dope…Clone Wars 2 meeehhhhnnn!!! these boyz came corrreeeecccctttt!!!!!…Absolutely love the mixtape!. lastly Sho ur crazy for that comment about Tec being the one who always says “omo” lmao! so effin true!

  10. Just finally discovering this music. It’s never two late. I’m with you: I lovvveee the ‘as kpa clone wars two abi’ bits, so damn funny, gets me every time. And I have a Temi Yato dance, I’m sure it’s the same as your dance, cos we’re there.
    Clone Wars (One) must have been fire!

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