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The 2nd Coming (Come) Back Later

February 18, 2013

Vector-The-Second-Coming-e1358744751962Vectors sophomore album dropped a while back, we are kinda late on this one but we can explain (as usual) Here’s what we think of it…

T: Once again Sho, explain why this review is late

S: *wipes eye with tissue*

T: Why are you crying, Vector’s punchlines couldn’t have been that painful to listen to?

S: It’s Tiwa Savage, after all we’ve been through she had to go get married to another dude

T: So that’s why you haven’t been to the office for weeks

S: Yep

T: Aren’t you going to move on ‘cuz i know you have like other women in your life

S: I have moved on, I’m now in a relationship with Temi Dollface and Lola Rae

T: I see, please lets start this review


T: I ain’t mad at this jam, VEC got that Drake rapping and singing flow..pretty decent

S: Yeah. Solid intro. Ain’t nothing here. Vec channeling his inner American Idol. Pulled it off well, what was the last line tho?

“switching off my mode nine ten do”?

T: Mehn..let’s not start, we will sleep here

S: I just wanna know na 😦

T: This is gonna be a long one…Vector is the king of dead punchlines

Jawonle feat Muno

T: Feel good music…nice chorus I fux with this too

S: Dope hook. you don’t need to throw Wizkid on every hook before e sweet..*right Banky?*

T: Stop subbing Banky 😦 Muno murked the beat

S: But these Vec bars on this ehh… “I will keep moving till I get the right house” … #SudaneseTears ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )

T: I told you let’s not start…now you’ve let Pandora out of the box

S: Hahahaha…*holds lips*

Born leader feat Movado

T: Never really liked this jam..Nothing here for me. Wait…there’s something….o’yeah..corny lines as usual

S: Please don’t start!!! LOL

T: ‘I can never be Las if my name had Vegas in it’

S: Somewhere Bugsy Siegel is shaking his head that someone used Las Vegas in a corny way

T: 😐

S: I sorta like this jam when I am not paying attention to Vector’s bars

We Made oh

S: DEL B!!!!!!!!!!

T: Mehn! This is a tune

S: Yeah. Vec’s flow worked well on this. Hmm Vector mentioned your girl Kel..hmm

T: So? Unlike your Tiwa…Kel ain’t gonna leave me

S: ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )

Hussle feat Sound Sultan

T: My second favourite jam of this album. Sound Sultan is so underrated

S: 😐 *balotelli face*….This jam is a snooze fest

T: I love it. You don’t know music so I’m not surprised

S: Wait…hold the entire fuck up. You like a song that has…
“I call them john terry they are all on De-fence”

T: Name one Vector song that doesn’t have one wack line?I’ll wait

S: “If 2 wrongs don’t make a right…3 lefts will”

T: Ok…name one Vector song that doesn’t have two wack lines? I’ll wait

S: “The feeling is next to right..left hand”

T: OK, i give up. Vec has an average of 3 wack lines in every song. Still a good jam tho

why you no

Don’t Envy Me feat Rocksteady

T: This song should have been titled ‘Don’t Listen to Me’


T: Rocksteady sounds like a poor man’s Burna Boy

S: “You dey N-V (envy) like two alphabets” *cringe*

T: Tooo dead!


S: ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ I DON’T CARE!!!!

T: I love the Yoruba feel to the song

S: I fux with this shit right hurrr

T: But?

S: But his first 2 bars on the 2nd verse…….ehhhh. Vector deserves to be arrested by SSS


“Faji won’t you let me ‘be though’ (beetle) I am not trying to be volkwagan”

S: ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) *pluto just spun off the solar system*

T: This is a matter of national security! He needs to stopped. It’s getting sad

S: “I stay fly…heathrow. Irony is I am not landing (london)”

T: It’s obvious he doesn’t have friends

S: *waves at Zee* hey girl

I Like Girls

S: THIS IS MY JAM!!!! I don’t care….

T: Besides the beat and chorus..the song is just there

S: I don’t really care what Vec was talking…I just love the beat and hook. Del B!!

T: Not listening again

S: “I gat Drama and the thing sell (tinsel)” …this worked!

T: One out of a one hundred. That’s still a big F

S: Like a capital 6th alphabet? ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) #VectorMadeMeDoit

T: I understand

You Bad

S: *skip*

T: Yup..rightly titled. The song is bad

‘Like a hole in the ground you bore me’

S: *brings out rosary*

T: What pissed me off is that fact he said that shit twice

S: Hahahahahahhaha. Just in case you didn’t hear it the first time.

Follow Me Go

T: This song actually grew on me, I liked the whole Jamaican vibe..but as usual had to chat shii

S: Yeah….nothing here is growing on me

T: Imagine Riri on this jam…

S: Imagine…Chris Brown beating Riri on this jam

T: It’ll be a HIT 😦

S: Oooooo PUNCHline!!!!

chris brown
Na You

S: *logs off*

T: Hahaha

Munge Sheka

S: Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuune!

T: Where?

S: Munge sheka *chop mouth*…like play play \(‘-‘\) (/’-‘)/

T: You’re on your own
‘I fit handle you like a twitter Id’ 😦 😥

S: He said one more..

T: ‘I’m a ruler beyond measure, get it beyond measure’ No Vector we don’t get it..that line is so complicated

S: Okay….those bars are just…smh…*takes Tunnnnnne back*

Alone feat Emmasong

S: “Alone like a bank” ?

T: Not only was this song dry, it had the corniest metaphor ever

S: “like the 5th month and 2nd alphabet…maybe”

T: Yep! Plus the number two corniest line ever

‘Where you stand before it all melts like when you bring fire near Blue Band’

S: Someone will say Vector kicks innuendos or double entendres and we ain’t smart enough to get it..

T: Double what?? Like the 9th letter of the alphabet and me coming home after a stressful day at work…I tire

S: Hahahaha…..behave -__-

V9 feat Mode nine

S: *skip*

T: Skipper Skippest

S: When I first bought this album…I skipped straight to this song. They had to Diss A Point ….disappointed 😐 #VectorBars

T: 😦

Se Wan Fe Ku

T: Nothing special..pretty decent with corny lines as usual. Like okada wheels i’m kinda getting two-tyred of saying this, get it? okada wheels…two tired?

S: Stop this immediately

T: Ok sir 😦

S: I fux with this jam sha. Reason?….no idea. It sounds good.

Onyeolu feat Badman Floss

S: I can actually listen to this jam because Badman Floss didn’t rap. The beat bumped! I am tired of pulling out Vector’s corny lines….I am just tired. My ears are even tired now.

T: I’ll pass

S: Like Passat? Xavi? Arsenal?

T: I see your summoning your inner Vector

Fear no Evil…

T: I’ll skip

S: What? Nah…can’t skip this. Dude came correct with the flow on this one

T: Didn’t work for me, sounded boring

S: ….*skips back to ‘Hussle’….smh…*

T: Hussle is a jam

S: Jam ko ..Blueband ni

Amen feat Jazzy

S: My favourite jam on this album.

T: Amen to the fact that we are almost done…

S: *amen to that too* this is the best sounding track on this album. Loved the hook and the production. He calmed down on the ‘cornflakes’

T: You deserve a ‘Special K’ for that…get it?

S: Ooooooooooo #Bars

special k

Angeli feat 9ice

S: *skip*

T: skipper skippest

Rora feat Shank

S: Jam (Peanut) Jammer (Traffic)….

T: Jammest( accident)

S: LoL

T: See what Vector is doing to us?

S: Shank comes through again with another solid feature *Gerrrrrman shurrr*

T: Shank can do no wrong

S: Wrong? Hmmm that means Shank is right handed..

T: Stop it!

Wa Sere

S: Another standout track on this album.
Zero cornflakes

T: Yup..should’ve been placed higher on the album. Not everybody would be patient with this album.

S: Exactly, This album needed an Executive producer.


T: This album was below standard in my opinion, not only were his lyrics painful to listen to most times, most of the songs were boring. Vector tries too hard to spit metaphors and wordplays and 90% of the time he misses.

S: I think Vector is a talented rapper. However, he has decided to become the leader to ‘the children of the corn’. This album appears to be all over the place. Having an album with 22 tracks and ‘making music’ are two different things. This album lacked direction. He had a couple of standout songs besides that it got tiring. He needs to get Naeto C or ill Bliss to executive produce his next album.

This gets 2.6 Wraps

Peace, Love and Punchlines

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  1. I’m weak. *Tears* Even my main nigga Cyrus Da Virus can’t drop wack shit like this & I’m serious bout that.
    By the way, y’all 2 be using the opportunity to drop the corny lines you’ve had stashed up, yea? -_______-

  2. Zaynab permalink

    *waves_back* Sho, regards to Wegele. 🙂
    ‘Like the 9th word of the alphabet and me coming home after a stressful day at work…I tire’ Tunde, I have no words. Literally burst out laughing.
    The album can’t be this bad.

  3. Tip permalink

    LOOOL I’m just scared #vectorbars will trend again 😥

  4. Bosun permalink

    Capable of brilliance but chooses to be a retard is how I’ll describe Vector.. Salute…… or not, this was never going to get any listen from me.

  5. Jeremy Targert Speaks permalink

    LMAO. I said it before tho. Vector aint that good. And he borrows lines also

  6. Kevin permalink

    OMG, this got me rolling….hilarious sh*t.. Vec will definitely come for y’all. You shouldn’t do this to the ‘metaphor’ king

  7. LOL….on point.

  8. Mike permalink

    This is the dumbest review ever… Give yourself a head fools!

  9. LOL “Faji won’t you let me ‘be though’ (beetle) I am not trying to be volkwagan” SERIOUSLY??
    *Tears* Not going to buy this album then. Thanks for the Review guys!

  10. Best thing I’ve EVER read in a while…had me in tears for a while….Vector’s good but tries too hard…like trying too hard to fart and ending up with poop in ur boxers…*insert wack punchline here*

  11. Vee permalink

    Tot I was the only 1 that noticed how hard he tries with his silly metaphors.. Wish the dude could do sometin simple..wish him luck anyway..

    Nice write up btw

  12. Vec is a dope freestyle/battle mc but dis shit he does on records ghast to chill….anymore cornier(cornea) the people(pupil) go con vex(convex) …see?

  13. Vector is starting to annoy me with his weak ass lines. True. He used to be good o. Now I am always so confused by what he says. I’m not going to bother myself, definitely not getting this album.

  14. I agree with most points you raised but Hussle ft Sound Sultan is an above average jam and Mode 9 brought his game on V9 cypher even if vec fell face flat. To ppl who said they won’t listen to the album cos of some review, I think u should listen and decide for urslf if it’s good or not. Even though I have listened and felt the album is a sub par and a bad follow up 2 d very good Bar-Rack mixtape

  15. @thetrendingtony permalink

    Y’all are just comedians. You aint reviewing shii. Creatively funny but silly. He aint this bad. The metaphors don’t all suck. If rozay drops “wear so many shades they tot i had a lazy eye” y’all will be like “DAAMMMMNNNN!” Pls take a sit \____ (˘̯˘ ) ( ˘˘̯)

  16. ese permalink

    Looooool,, OMDaizZ! Tears mehn!.. Vec am so sorry, I feel bad for you son!. Thanks so much for the review guys..#bless

    • Kay jay brown permalink

      I heard d album in a friends house and he loved vector so much, I couldn’t critizise it infront of him . D funniest tin is dat e sent me dis lick.”Lloooollll”

  17. Badoo permalink

    Shut up joor……u bumblin idiat…..ur review is value laden and full of biasis…beta go and hussle if not owu go kil u….worthless lay abouts

  18. jay permalink

    S: Imagine…Chris Brown beating Riri on this jam

    T: It’ll be a HIT

    LOLLLLL!!! walahi both of ya’ll need to be arrested, detained, freed then re-arrested again!!

  19. tolutoolz permalink

    why should ya’ll decide with this wack review, i guess you should sit down your dirty ass and listen to the album before you say shit

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