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March 7, 2013

desireKukere master ‘It’s Iyanyaaaaaa’ dropped his sophomore album a couple of weeks ago and here’s what we at the SYBT headquarters think of the album

Badman feat M.I.

S: This is a jam, dope hook. Mr Abaga with a nice verse…ain’t mad at that

T: Yup..not bad, loved the whole ragga feel

S: But what is Iyanya saying ‘my chi has done it for ya’ ? Chai? Chi? Chivita?

T: Even me wey be Yoruba boy sabi wetin Chi be

Ekaette feat Tekno

S: First time I heard this jam…I was like…’Skip’…

T: Sounds like something J Martins would be proud of. Beer parlour dance type ish

S: Now every girl is an Ekaette to me X_X….this highlife/dance ish has taken me away

T: I’ve heard too many Ekaette type songs mahn. Nothing special

S: *PS: If Iyanya didn’t use your name and jam to rhyme… no sabi*

T: ( cc: D’Prince ) I see he took a cue from Game with all the name dropping. I’m not listening again however


S: Please is this Iyanya or Wizkid?

T: Nothing special, nothing new…average jam

S: I kinda fux with the beat tho…the style biting tho…..I thought I was gonna hear ‘its wizzzzzzy emeeeeazy’

T: Yup..I agree. However it would be ‘Wizzzy Starboyyy’

S: 😦

T: Everybody is just breaking up. Infact after this review, I’m going to start my own review alone

S: 😐 …you know I am the Dbanj of this shit! don’t end up with a review site name like mavin

T: I’ll start sharing recharge cards, lets see how you’ll top that

Marry Me

T: Finally a ‘song’

S: Naaaah..gotta love this ish right here. This is a tune right hurrr.

T: Iyanya actually steps out of his comfort zone and delivers

S: What is his comfort zone?

T: ‘Your waist/kukere’ type songs

S: Those were his hits..but niggaz forget that Iyanya can actually sing….this song balances it well

T: I blame Nigerians..baba sing tire nobody ja am face

S: You gotta feed most Nigerians ‘nonsense’ before them listen to you sha 😐


S: Peanut butter and JAM!!! Deeee’tunes again!!

T: My favourite song on the album. Everything was right

S: My national anthem…’Baby this your boootay na confaaaam’ ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌

T: If you listen closely Don Jazzy’s voice is somewhere in this song. It can’t be my ears

S: That was just a random drunk nigga lol


Nah…I am mentally not in the mood for this shit. *but I can’t stop my body from moving*

T: Limbo actually grew on me…Iyanya no even talk anything for this jam. Just ‘Limbo Limbo’ and ‘Ronaldo’

S: Not an ounce of sense was put into the lyrics of this song but still… ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ

Whine feat May-D

S: 😐 😐 😐 😐 Please Tunde, what is this?

T: The verse May-D had on this song had to be the reason Square Records dropped him

S: You wanna tell me… Iyanya, May-D, Deetunes…went into a studio..and this is the best ish they could come up with???

T: Sadly 😦

S: This is not why my God gave me the sense of hearing I once said….”Throw May-D on anything…the song go sweet”… *skip*


S: *skip this shit out of vex*

T: Both songs were recorded on the same day. That’s the only excuse I have for them

S: What day was this? Clearly one that the Lord had not made

Some More feat Yung L

S: Ehen…now we are back on track.

T: Whoever Yung L is did his thing. The reggae feel on this was on point

S: D’tunes on the low be having some fire ish

T: I ain’t even mad at the song

S: Yung L wey just dey drop french for his verse. E remain small make e talk Vu Le Vu Cuche Avec Moi….e sha sweet

T: LoL ode.

Your Waist feat Emma Nyra

T: *Skip* just cuz I’ve heard it over and over again. Still a tune tho

S: *singing* Lola Rae I have your medicine… Jam Jam Jam

T: Is Lola Rae sick?

S: I don’t know…but her doctor said she needs more vitamin D

T: 😐

I Gat It

T: Iyanya once again reminds us he is a singer on this joint

S: Fucking sweet song *holds gangsta together*… Shit! Be all moist up in this bitch

T: Just low tempo and smooth. No gra gra

S: Highly rated

Somebody feat Tiwa Savage

S: Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuune…well exce..

T: E be like say your ear block..Tiwa was all sorts of miss on this

S: You didn’t let me land. I did not say Tiwa was good…I said this was a tunnne. Iyanya….the beat and the hook were all on point

T: As far as I’m concerned Tiwa’s last good song was the one with Donjazzy

S: Tah! ‘Folarin’ is dope.

T: It’s like she walks around with an autotune mic in her bag

S: Woo why am I even defending her…shey she don betray our love. Carry on (˘̯˘ )

T: Hi Kel 🙂

S: Kel ko Kelechukwu ni

Little Things

T: Another good song..Dtunes and Iyanya should just stick together like Dbanj and Banky and Wizzy…sorry like Mochedah and Knighthouse… Eva and Trybe…


S: Hahhahahahahahahah. it’s OK we get the message

T: Like both us

S: Na only Chocolate City never get breakup party…*knock on wood*

T: I pray so

S: And they say Rappers don’t get along

Sexy Mama feat Wizkid

T: Oh boy! Wizzy stole the show on this one. My jam anytime

S: Iyanya won this jam with only one line for me ‘she call me Spartacus see the things wey money don cost’

T: They should just shoot a video for it and azonto the fuck all over it

S: This is a jam anyday erryday 😦 @ wizkid saying ‘eeemmeazyyy’ on this track

T: What will rhyme with ‘star boy’ now 😦

S: Car lloyd? Far toy? Scar void?


T: a.k.a the track that made Iyanya stop ‘singing’. Tune Tuner Tunest

S: Jam! *skip*

Your Man feat Vector

T: Would you look at that..not one Vector corny line to pick from

S: Sad day indeed 😦

T: Wait..there’s one. The last line

S: Errrm…I fux with this tune a lot. Vector didn’t disappoint me either…(well…no one’s perfect)

T: Yup..nice tune


T: Tee Y mix went ham on the beat. But for some reason..I’m not feeling the song

S: Have I not told you…you have no sense about music. Iyanya ‘singing’ that good ish again…( Why do I feel like this should be #paused )

T: This song is boring to me

S: Your face is boring to the mirror! Shut ya face. This is a jam!!! On some techno/house ish

T: Techno ko..techno ni

Kukere remix

T: Nothing special..just a Dbanj verse

S: DBANJ!!! I get money for escrow!!!!! *thats it*

Bust Me Brain

S: If you don’t think Iyanya is a star…this jam gotta change ya mind

T: I loved the ragga/dancehall sampling

S: This joint be smooth like a Stephen Curry jay…effortless ish. Lowkey…my favourite Iyanya joint

T: Good jam..but nothing’s fuxing with ‘flavour’ for me


T: This album ain’t that bad if you’re patient, nothing fantastic tho. Iyanya shines on some r ‘n’ b songs here and there, the club/high tempo songs sound alike most times, I’m guessing he found a working formula and stuck with it. You really can’t blame him

S: I am happy for Iyanya..he finally found a formula to bring him to the limelight. You can’t hold a talented person down for too long. However, the formula got a lil over-saturated. On the first half of the album, it seemed to drag for a bit. He still took sometime to make actual songs to showcase his voice. Not a bad effort for his sophomore album.


Peace, Love and your waist, all i want is your waist

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  1. I have a lot to say…I shall be back

  2. Dee permalink

    no one coulda reviewed this better. you boys need help tho. help and Christ. in that order.

  3. tundun permalink

    Review RnBw. Don’t be scared

  4. feshelu permalink

    abeg review banky w na?!

  5. I like the album.. its not half bad and come on, vector had some really corny lines.. but I guess y’all are used to it and the track wasn’t half bad anyways.

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