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R & B Doubleeyouu

March 13, 2013


Banky W a.k.a Mr. Capable dropped his third album some weeks ago, y’ll didn’t  think we were gon let this one slide by us did you?

@ShoWontStop: *phone rings* * checks phone* *sees @whoistunde calling* *ignores call* This boy doesn’t know I’m going to do the review without him, his ‘knowing-nothing-about-r & b-ogo’ ain’t about to review this album, so i decided to invite another SYBT groupie and music chick @moradee

@moradee: Hello Sho, thanks for inviting me, you guys…

S: it for the end, before that boy comes lets start the review

The Way

S: *skip*

M: What! Skip ke? Mbanu o Me I like it…even though I think it shouldn’t have been the first song

S: It was too poor to start the album, too many dope songs on this album. This sounds like a song that could have been on P-square’s first album

M: I don’t understand ‘The way you ha’ ‘The way you chei’. Other than that I think its a decent song

S: Bleh! All I could think of was skinny/Star Mega Jams Peter and Paul dancing to this.

M: Lol @ Psquare, them no fit try like this o

Good Good Loving

M: This is my Jam Yo! Loveeeet!

S: Tune on Tune on Tune!

M: Production on point! Cobhams is a G

S: Ain’t no ‘buts’ on this jam. This was done by ‘Spellz’. The horn solo was too on-point

M: What/Who is Spellz?

S: Spellz is the guy that did Tiwa’s ‘Folarin’. He also did part of Tuface’s ‘Away and Beyond’…I think he did Dammy Krane’s ‘My Dear’ too

M: Oh..ok, this is a jam…true

Magic feat Skales

S: Cobhams = Naija Darkchild.

M: Yaaay! I like this song o… Cobhams did his thing (as usual) Smooth song…no gra gra

S: Like why won’t you like this song? No stress. Didn’t have to be shouting ‘na na na na’ up and down

M: Even Skales tried…I’m still not feeling his ‘delivery skills’ like that…but I’m not skipping this song. ‘You ain’t suppose to lose me that will be magic gone wrong’ -Skales…Love this line

S: Skales did well. I am sure Banky wrote this verse sef.  Banky raps better than 90% of Naija rappers

M: True. ‘You don jazz me….feeling like Don jazzy’ This line reminds me of one DJ Zeez song with Waje I think

S: I liked that Zeez and Waje song

M: I didn’t

Find You

M: This Spellz guy is now my G. True. This is my Jam yo! What! Banky was so smooth yo!

S: Nah…this is what they should have started the album with yo. In short….this jam already makes this album better than Banky’s last album

M: As in…to prepare us for the other songs. True. Lyrics on point too

S: This shit makes me soft and moist all up inside. I am like freshly made Agege bread. I don’t even know who I am looking for…but I wanna find her

M: Lmaooooo. Me I have been found.\(˘.˘)/

S: Abeg sitdown iyawo. People like us will soon leave #Foreveralone

M: Amen

S: Omo…but doesn’t Banky have GPS? ‘Searching for you…I took the wrong direction Samsung phones have GPS na…Banky no suppose dey lost

M: I was going to ask this question. True. He was probably searching for love in the wrong place

S: Caliente?

M: I didn’t want to talk before


M: Hmmmm… This is a typical Banky W song…

S: A typical Banky W song is still a good ass song tho. I like this ish..

M: I like this song o…but I’m not a fan of the ‘Yes /No’ part of the chorus, kinda like a nursery rhyme. I like the bridge though

S: Well….most Nigerians like nursery lyrics…why else would we be dancing to a song that has …’she making me bark like a bingo’


M: This is my Jam yo! Sarz tried biko! Whaaaat! Love the lyrics

S: This right hurrrr is my ‘get some’ jam. I got some to this *adjusts halo* #StillTeamVirginTho

M: Hahahaha Ode. ‘you will keep coming back just remember I told you!

S: Banky talking like he got that Shoprite 9am Bread kinda loving

M: hahahahaha that bread that people be lining for soteh.


Do it to me

M: ‘Do it to me’ is the part 2 of Psquare’s ‘Do me’ But better LOL. Decent not crazy about it sha.

S: This is not ‘doing it’ for me.

M: Lol Next song biko

S: This sticks out like a sore thumb…what happened to Samklef tho? 😦

M: He started singing/rapping and lost it Lol

S: *50’s voice* Damn hommie when Wizkid album dropped you were the maaaan hommie…fuck happened to you 😥

M: Who told him he could sing abi what did he try to do

Be My Lover (yes/no part II) feat Niyola

M: Wedding song? Everyone must have one now 😐

S: Everyone wants to marry. Na only you go get carnival wedding ni. The Bridge on this is too meaaaaaaaaaaan

M: Please it sounds like a Bracket type song. Oh wait. Produced by BankyW and MasterKraft…I see

S: I liked Niyola on this. Niyola dey try people no wan give am chance. Sho will love you Niyola

M: Niyola!!!!! Loving this babe. I wasn’t feeling her on the EME album but after I heard her on Castles _L. Marshall ft Burna and Niyola I had to pause.

S: \(˘.˘)/

M: What/Who is ‘Jikelele and Ejike’ Banky seems to be feeling them

S: The name of his sideburns maybe ( ._.)


Say feat Sammy, Shaydee & Rotimi

M: Hmm. I won’t be saying much. 18 and below shouldn’t listen biko.

S: This is ‘bite the pillow’ kinda music

M: I dey teh you *InLynxxxVoice*

S: Please I am a man and I am not ready for gay rumours…so I won’t be talking about any of deez niggaz’ voices

M: Who is Sammy though?

S: Metal’s artist. Has a dope song called ‘ABC’ Dude’s a very good performer.

M: Ok

Past my past feat. Shaydee

M: I like this song. ‘I had a girl in every city but none at home’ Ahn ahn Mr Banky

S: SHAYDEE!!!!!!

M: Why are you shouting (-_-)

S: EME will be fine. The niqqua sabi sing na. At least they have talent

M: To me o …Shaydee isn’t special X_X There’s something about his voice that I’m not feeling (yet) Like it isn’t ‘refined’

S: He ain’t got that ‘IT’ factor but his talent is there. He just needs that hit song

M: Like he still has work to do…I wonder why EME didn’t sign a rapper…

S: But Skales….( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )

M: Skales (Singer/Rapper) still confused. See until Skales decides on what he wants then concentrates…long thing


S: Lovely song tho. *adds to my ‘shecangetitanydayeverydayplaylist’ *

To My Unborn Child feat Lynxxx

S: My Favourite song on this album

M: THIS IS MY JAM!!!! My Favourite too

S: See…we on the same page.

M: This song ehn its too on point!

S: Nah…best hook ever!

M: Banky was aHEAD of his time here, he was the HEAD nigga in charge, this track was smooth, I didn’t have no HEADache or nothing. It speaks to my spirit. True.

S: Hahahaha! i see what you did there, i no dey o

M: I didn’t do anything o

S: This shit got my gangsta emotional.. I am gonna bump some DMX after this shit.


S: People like us that God will give daughters for punishment…we just need to raise un-hoeful daughters ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )

M: Lynxxx wasn’t bad too. Banky was even afraid in the song. When he talked to his unborn daughter. Bad boy things

S: Who no go fear. Masterkraft deserves a standing O for this beat sha

M: True

African & Proud feat Sarkodie, L-tido, Camp mulla & Vector

M: This song ehn…bleh! Sarkodie though….On point. Vector…i will keep saying this..his delivery ehn…forever on point

S: Camp Mulla!!!!

M: Wasn’t blown away by Camp Mulla here jo. The girl sounds like one of the babes from that UK group Big brova

S: So in the entire SA na L-tido Banky see put on this song eh? *throws L-tido and the baby water away*

M: I don’t even know who or what that is

S: When Aka, Pro, Khali chuna are there

M: Ta ni awon o

S: You no sabi anyone. Your Dstv no get Channel O or MTVbase? Sarkodie tho…. LAWD!!!!! Vector killed this ish tho

M: He should have brought Liquid Deep. I don’t watch Channel O jo

S: Wetin Liquid Deep wan do on a rap track? You are confused

M: Nooooo…maybe done the bridge jo. Didn’t that aunty from Camp Mulla sing *rolls eyes*

S: Liquid Deep should sit down in their house…’Get it?’ Bars

M: Hiss

Never Let You Go

M: I like this song yo very danceable. Feel good music. Love the ‘drum’ effect on the beat

S: I thought this was a Sarz beat…but it was done by Spellz

M: Oh I won’t have thought it was a Sarz Beat though. Maybe TYMix sef

S: Sit down. I am right

M: Ahn ahn Why are u upset, I’m confused. Why are u angry?

S: Don’t come into my office and ‘not’ agree with me. Who are you?

M: Ask me again

Good Good Loving (remix) feat Tuface Idibia

M: See this song is so good he had to call the King to feature. Toh bad!

S: *skip*

M: What? migbe! come on don’t be rude, Tuface wasn’t at his best though but I like jo

S: Waste of Tuface feature. The song is too perfect..anything else would spoil it. Tuface was just here to annoy me on this track..

M: Hahahahahahaha

S: Baba just come dey shout on the song…didn’t get the memo…this is ‘R&B’?

M: Please Sho don’t be offended cuz I can see you are angry

More feat M.I. & Eldee

M: This is the song I feel Banky should have featured Tuface. Like song of Bosses! True

S: 😐

M: Lmaoooo

S: Unless Tuface was gonna write…he should have stayed away from this album

M: Not that the song is on point o….cus I can see you will soon be upset. its like they are saying ‘we are the Gees and we are greedy as we want more’

S: Eldee is a BAWSE!!!!

M: Say what now? Bawsers. He was just there jo…

S: Ehn!! Eldee was nice…the song was sha aight


S: *skip and go to church*

M: Lmaooo. Tharisit! and ask for forgiveness

S: The token ‘Baba God-last song’ on Naija album never tire una

M: They have to Thank God na.

S: Sha let me raise holy hands \(˘.˘)/ before lightening strike me O:)

M: Wait sorry for taking you guys back. Did Iyanya have a ‘Thank God’ song?

S: Iyanya thanks God on every track. ‘Baba God wey bless me! haters na na na na see my waist’

M: Lmaoooo


M: I loved the production on this beautiful album. Like I can’t get tired of listening to it. This is my favourite Naija album so far this year…even though it’s still early. Banyk W is truly the King of Naija R&B. True

S: This is a good ass record. Bump it and make babies yo.


M: (in my mind its a 4.5)

S: You can give your shoutouts now madam

M: Shoutout to all my friends yo! You guys know yourselves. @JadenTM @hip_notique @Genny09 @yewiedewie

S: and..

M: To my Mama. Love her plenty. My brothers and my Daddy

S: *starts playing music to fade you out*

M: Also a big shout out to my husband. Love u loads. :* also a bigshout out too…

S: It’s ok o…it’s ok, madam. Thanks for coming through, you’ve made your point

M: Thanks for having me. I really enjoyed myself. The office is looking nice by the way

S: Thanks.

Peace, Love and R&B

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  1. dipti permalink

    Bring @whoistunde back (>_<)

  2. LOL @ “Iyanya thanks God on every track. ‘Baba God wey bless me! haters na na na na see my waist’”

  3. Laja permalink

    Shiiiiiii I’m prolly the only one that was disappointed with this album. I thot he was going back to his true r n b roots but all I go was a lot of sing rapping and Wizkid songs without Wizkid. The name of the album threw me off and pissed me tf off too. Still waiting on another back in the building.

  4. Lola permalink

    R&BW is Banky’s 4th album!

  5. Good Kid M.A.A.D City permalink

    *Yawns*…..Zzzzzzz…….Humour was Lackin in dis Review…Jore…..But no doubt dis Album has little or no shortfalls….but more would have been done in dis review….Where is dt Olo-go @whoistunde sef?…I no dis is nt ur tyn…bt u are missed….@least d office is Big enough 4 three guest na…..Nice Review tho….fav track “To my unborn child”…..*thumbs up Banky*… we Miss wizkid in d album tho

  6. "@spicychick05 permalink

    where is TUnde …dat is all

  7. No Tunde? 😦 … Why you no pick his call????
    Had this album stashed up somewhere. Been waiting for a review to ginger me to bump it. just got it.

  8. “…..Liquid Deep should sit down in their house…’Get it?’ Bar….” <<<< 🙂 made me laugh….
    Nice review felt the same give or take a few songs

  9. Bosun permalink

    Finally. Tunde gets bounced. Now I can replace him.

    If this review had turned out any different I would have been disappointed but I’m not, quality is expected from Mr W all the time and this review agrees with that. He’s easily the best R&B artiste in Nigeria by a long shot. Not heard the album but I’m sure it’s dope.

    The ‘Skales-dressing’ picture/caption is hella funny.

  10. Lovely review. Skales no try for that pix o. Chai! Truly love Banky W, he’s truly the HEADmaster of R&BW. He’s got those Jikelele and Ejike sideburns too. Nice vocals, lovely beats, beautiful tunes, talented composition and cool production. I can say Wizkid’s absence is not really felt on the album that much, but I’m sure it’s gonna tell on the label sooner than later. Bring @whoistunde back in the next review o. Else, I will… *snaps finger*

  11. Ify permalink

    Sho without T… my own personal D’banj and Don jazzy couple (love S n T more). Please bring my T back. @Moradee after all your hype, please give Ladi the album. I have warned you.

  12. Ify permalink

    I forgot to add that you guys should have more babes like @moradee. A bunz female perspective balances the review.

  13. Blossom permalink

    Please bring @whoistunde back. Thanks.

  14. feshelu permalink

    sho! you finally review banky new ish…me likey….finally got her in the zune marketplace (I refuse to give my money to apple!)…I like the album; and your daughters will be punished by my sons…we settled that in those pillars from the other tower LOL

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