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March 22, 2013

cyrus(3) (1)

Veteran M.C Cyrus dropped his mixtape some weeks ago…you can download it here

S: T, I don’t have the strength today.

T: Why are you complaining already. We haven’t even started. Give Cyrus a chance. Dope mixtape cover by the way

S: I am ooo. I have even invited someone to help us with this

T: Terdoh has escaped from his mental institution to help us?

*Terdoh walks in*

Terdoh: Hey hey! I have been cleared by my doctors. Infact, they recommended this mixtape as part of my treatment

S: *dead*

T: LOL! This mixtape??? Let’s just go ahead and start

Modenine and M.I. Intro

T: Kinda liked this intro…something about it reminded me of them And1 mixtapes, Modenine said.. ‘this album is a classic’ I’m sure he didn’t listen

Terdoh: It made me sad. But hey, Cyrus gave them a ride home. The mixtape has to be a classic.


S: Hahaha guess that’s why deez niggaz were just ‘gassing’ him up..get it? Ride..gas..

Terdoh: You have started

T: Let’s just hope that’s not better than every punchline on this tape

Squad Up!!!!

S: (Note the exclamations)

T: From the get go…it’s either you like Cyrus’ style or you dislike it

S: I fucking hate it

T:Well…The beat goes in tho!

Terdoh: LMAO!! What happens to people who are indifferent to Cyrus’ style?

S: If you are indifferent…give your internet bandwidth to an orphanage

T: LOL. If you dislike it, just don’t download, dude’s style is like Busta Ryhmes and Dmx put together and they both on steroids

Terdoh: Who hurt Cyrus though? Always so angry. Must be owing a lot of people money.

T: We investigate

S: Hahahaha this song is NOISE!!!!! ‘I am not innocent …2face’ 😐

Terdoh: And we have a winner. \(˘⌣˘)/ LMAO! I thought I was the only one that heard that.

T: Blame Vector that’s all i gotta say..blame Vector

Termination(Boom Bap) feat Kanebi

T: Safe to Cyrus picked the right beats

S: Sugarkiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!!

Terdoh: Awooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

T: I ain’t mad at this jam…I just don’t like the whole ‘ta ta ta ta ta ta’ part

S: You must have been robbed of your hiphop state of mind. I never heard a Sugarking laced track I didn’t like….until now

Terdoh: Kanebi did it for me. Cyrus’ verse was uhm…Well…( ‘-‘ )

T: Kanebi wasn’t bad either. I just don’t fux with the chorus

Terdoh: LOL! Pra ta ta ta ta ta. Men, most of this album is testosterone, anger, mummy issues and noise.

Plethora feat Monemsis

T: Mehn! Cryus fucked this shii up, he brought his A-Game This shii is full of punchlines

S: What THE Fuck are you talking about????

Terdoh: “I keep my head up high. Monica Lewinsky on airplanes”

S: Lawd!!! These punchlines were torture. T, you are trying to annoy me…you sha wanna review this tape alone

T: What?! How else do you want him to spit it?

Terdoh: He tired a̶n̶d̶ ̶f̶a̶i̶l̶e̶d̶to deliver.

S: “Its like I blowjob my watch…I am ahead of my time”


Terdoh: LoL What is going on here? Why is this one shouting?

S: Did Cyrus bite you? Why you shout like MFM people for here?

T: Hahahahaha!! Na the mixtape cause am

S: ‘If you wereREAL how come you never win the(el) classico’ God has to forgive me for listening to this

Terdoh: We will all answer to God on judgement day for these bars

T: LoL…but no be us talk am na..we are innocent bylisteners


the fuck

S: *walks out*

T: Hahahahaha Sho don’t go na …

Terdoh: Abeg abeg. There’s no punch in any of these lines.

T: I liked the punchlines, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it

Terdoh: *sigh*

Hasta La Vista Flow feat Boogey

Terdoh: BOOGEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Yall aint stopping the saviour of rap with a cross or some freaking nails/ small fish from a tiny pond whose about to lift a whale” – Boogey

T: Boogey!!!

Terdoh: The beat. The flow. The punchlines >>>>> Aww shit. Cyrus gats famz for the chorus.

T: Hahahahaha @ famz for the chorus. Tell me y’ll didn’t feel Cyrus ‘mode nine’ line

Terdoh: Is Sho really not gonna come back? 😦 What is it with Cyrus and the Tuface-Innocent punchlines?

“I’m Tuface, even a dibia says I ain’t Innocent”

T: One or two corny lines here and there but this is a good song

Terdoh: I’m starting to question Tunde’s taste..Sidebar, we need that Boogey album too.

“We attack young money with a batman until we bruise wayne…get it…bruise wayne”

Terdoh: -______-

T: *picks hands up*

Shakara On Point feat Tony Ross

Terdoh: I like this sample from the snare. Beautiful shit.

T: That’s that Sugar King ish raii thurrr

Terdoh: I thought that was Jesse Jagz. Sho would have hated this song

T: Sho hates everything. Sho has issues

Skit (Ill Bliss, Terry Rapman, pherowshuz)

T: Refer to skit 1…

Terdoh: Cyrus get plenty rapper friendsor e dey threaten them with beatdown 😐 Seems legit.

T: LoL. He just shouted on all of them

Igbo feat Dtruce

Terdoh: Bolanle! ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐┌(˘.˘)ʃ I swear I was feeling the vibe thinking they’ll do a sample with it and then…

T: Yup that’s that Junior and Pretty ish

Terdoh: *plane crash sound* The ‘storyline’ is funny.

T: Loved the whole concept…Loved the west coast type beat…not a bad song

Terdoh: You know! D Truce’s verse was dope.

Swat and Bloodhounds 1

T: This is that shii right here!!! This Hammer Dance beat ehn!

Terdoh: This is my best track on the mixtape by a mile. This beat. Is on fire. Hell. We should rate their verses?

T: Can’t we just enjoy the song without rating ?

Terdoh: Nope

T: Who am I kidding..I love rating

T: AQ, Godwon, Mtrill, Dtruce, Phero, Big T in that order for me Cyrus shulda just ‘ahooood’ and not rap because I don’t understand the ‘yaba daabadooooooo’

Terdoh: ‘Alagbado mimming’ Baffled the shit out of me.

T: Like, he should have just Dj khaled’d the track and stayed away from rapping

Terdoh: Mine is Godwon, AQ, DTruce, MTrill, Pherow, Big T, Cyrus…. Godwon got me with..

“You can’t wash me homeboy. I’m a bloodstain”
“I need a girl that stay calm through pain, cos she know ma d**k hang like Saddam Hussein”

Swat and Bloodhounds 2

T: Lord V bodied this one

Terdoh: Lord V’s verse is crack. Damn!

T: I prefer part one tho

Terdoh: Am I the only one who thinks this title is sexual?

T: Sho would have had a witty comeback for this…why is he being emotional? Its just ‘punchlines’ nah

Terdoh: LoL

Swat and bloodhounds 3

Terdoh: These struggle punchlines sha.

T: This was the driest…*skips*

Terdoh: *skips*

Skit 2 Da Suspekt, Kraft, Big Faz

Terdoh: *sigh*

T: *skip*

It Wasn’t Given To Me

Terdoh: “No Tony Payne when I say I’m fucking nice (9ice)” That just sounds suspect.

T: The song is good tho

Terdoh: Man…they famzing MI like crazy. :’)

T: Some wack lines…good song

Terdoh: Yeah. he poured his heart out. Good song. Meh delivery.

One Mile

T: I don’t know why Cryus doesn’t make songs like this?

Terdoh: WHO IS SINGING??? 😥

T: He had that DMX flow. Even the ad-libs. He should have gotten someone to sing the chorus

‘I’m not an MC I’m a movement’ dope line right there

Terdoh: Really? Dope line? I feel sad. For no reason. I feel Tunde is scared of getting beat

T: Hahaha!!

Terdoh: Man…this song is depressing me, in a good way tho 😦

T: This is my jam yo!

Terdoh: ‘I had no father figure so I had to be my own dad’ 😥 😥 😥

T: Mushy nigga

Skit 3 Osagz, Fivemics, Bigg Splash, Mtrill

T: Let’s just skip all the skits shall we?

Terdoh: Seconded. Please let’s call Sho na.

T: *calls* yo Sho! Alright I am sorry for making you listen to all was mean of me.

Terdoh: Tell him you promise him it won’t be that bad

T: I promise

Intro (Soft)

T: *Skip*

*Sho walks back in*

Terdoh: Yaaaaaaaaaaay

Yosi Lele

Terdoh: Ah. Some jollof music. Finally. *bugas to the beat*

S: \(‘-‘\) (/’-‘)/ ehen…music don dey play for here. All that noise you people were reviewing…una try

Terdoh: *offs shirt*

T: Yup Yup…ladies and gentlewomen we have a song

S: But Cyrus has talent…how can the same person make a song like this….also make that nonsense on the first half

Terdoh: It’s a wonderful thing. 2mins in and I have come to the conclusion that he should do jollof music…ONLY

T: Yup..I think so too. This half of the tape is way better than the other half

S: Yes!!! Cyrus should quit that hard rap shit. This is his calling.. He can be the king of the south with this

Ur Way

S: Original babbbbbbyyyyy ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ

T: 2 of 2..would you look at that?

Terdoh: Ahem. Say what? King of the what? – when there is Duncan Mighty, Wizboy.

S: They can fight for the crown…becos no one sends south south rappers and who is wearing what crown

Terdoh: LOL! One of them can be the Queen of the south….Queen Cyrus?

S: Hahahahhaha

T: 😦

Terdoh: Nice song tho

RIOT the club

S: This nigga is 3 for 3

T: 2.5/3 for me…not really my stuff

Terdoh: 2 for me.

S: This is a jam sha Ireti go doooooooown \(˘.˘)/

Terdoh: Bukola go doooooooooooown. \(˘⌣˘)/

T: Kel go dooooooooowwwwwwwn \(˘⌣˘)/

Key to my heart

T: Key to my heart!!!!! Shiiiii My best song on this mixtape. had this song on repeat

Terdoh: Man, this half of the album takes a dump on the other half.

S: *mutes the rap* …this is the best song on this tape

T: Plus the rap o, plus the chorus o…jam jammer jammest

Terdoh: Haha!

S: You sound like a deprived kid…all his shouting rap makes you appreciate his most basic ish. No fault there

T: But really why does he shout tho?

S: Becos he grew up in an area where all the neighbours put on their gens at the same time


T: Hahahahahhahaha!!

Terdoh: Omo this guy don nack all him babe friends mayne..

S: Hahahahhahahahah swear down ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )

Terdoh: See names. Be like admission list.

“Nneka, Bimbo, Esse, Njudeka, Aisha, Sue, Bose, Nkiru, Ezinne, Tracy and Dupe too, plus one of your bridesmaids. Don’t ask who”

T: Don’t forget Uju, Yemi that works in your office, Chun Lee from Taiwan.

So YoYo (skerere)

Terdoh: *sigh*

T: He had to shout on this one….he just had to

Terdoh: No. No….No!

S: We were soo close…*sigh* I like the hook tho…as in this shit is just funny man… ain’t no way South South people won’t like this one

Terdoh: I can’t even finish this song. 😦

T: Let’s just soyoyo ourselves to the next track

Dat Shobolo


Terdoh: Has to be….We’re being punk’d right guys?

T: Oluwa is involved 😐

S: This shit is sooooooooo hilarious …I LOVE IT!!!!! This is my SONG!!!!! Chineke is involved!!!!

T: Now I know you’re drunk Sho

Terdoh: LMAO!! I’m surrounded by clowns.

S: No song is better than this

T: This is a weak jam

Terdoh: Nah. We’re being made fun of. Right?

S: Shake your shobolo!!!!!! \(‘-‘\) (/’-‘)/ Man, I don’t care what yall are saying…this song is on constant repeat

Attitude girl

T: Not for me either

S: Hahahahahahhaahaha okay, Cyrus is trying to run Basketmouth and Julius Agwu out of business. This is now comedy

Terdoh: Skaribaribaba.

T: 😦 I don’t understand. He rhymed ‘boin boin’ and ‘ewa goin’


Terdoh: I don’t even know what to say.

T: Classic case of ‘he didn’t allow anybody hear before he put the song on the mixtape’

Terdoh: Exactly!!

Gbedu High

S: *walks to the verdict section*

T: Besides the Beyonce beat nothing here for me “Isosososososos baszonkuloss” 😦

Terdoh: NOISE!!! *my head is paining me* Mahn, #OccupyNigeria2 is in the works. Hope Cyrus is getting ready. We need a hype man

T: *rewinds tape to ‘key to my heart’ for the pain*

Terdoh: *strolls to verdict segment*


Terdoh: Okay okay. For all the dope verses Godwon and Boogey dropped. And for all the sweet jollof music, I’d give the mixtape a 50%. But did Cyrus stop there? Nooooooooooo. He shouted the rest of the mixtape and made fun of us. Hitboy is good, no doubt. And he’s been here a while, so it’s clear he knows his onions. But to me, he’s still a mixtape artist. He should be more organised than this. Be hard, yes. But nobody wants to listen to The Hulk rap.

S: Cyrus rap style does not need sugarcoating it. He knows what dope rap music should sound like but he just can’t make it. Every feature roasted him….shit even the rappers on the skits roasted him. On the other hand, he knows what good Nigerian pop music should sound like…and the chemistry between him and ‘tony tony ross’ (catchy plug) know how to make decent radio ish. I wanna hear more from him and Tony Ross.

T: First of all (if you said ‘go down low’ you’re razz) The fact that this mixtape was all over the place and not properly arranged was bad. Secondly, it’s clear Cyrus knows his shii, he picked the right beats for this mixtape but his delivery and style was below par. The other half of the mixtape proved this. The soft side was way better that the hard part…one minute good stuff the other minute, you’re like ‘oh no he didn’t’.


S: Aight Terdoh..any shoutouts?

Terdoh: Oh look I get to do shoutouts! I wanna give a shalla to my wifey in real lifey @Laraaba__ and to @Kuchiiiiiii (I don’t even know if the i’s are complete) and @TheLastMohiqan, and @TraceDLace, (I know you was on the mixtape girl, and Cyrus mentioned Tracy in the mixtape but I ain’t say shit) and @QueenCleo_92, (girl, dem titties is popping, can you tell the people?) and that lil’ shawty with the glasses gave me road head…wait. Wait. I didn’t say that…

S: WTF lol

T: LOL. Sho, where do you find these people

S: Thanks for coming thru

Terdoh: Nah! Thanks for having me.



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  1. Bosun permalink

    Projects like this makes me happy I don’t have your job. You guys deserve some credit for listening to not one but all songs.

    P.S : didn’t we agree Boogey is just ave… know what, never mind. He can keep that album, we’re not in a hurry.

  2. YoItsMalcolm permalink

    I remember when i first heard Swat and Bloodhounds 1 and it got to Cyruss part of ‘yaba
    ‘Alagbado mimming’ i was like wetin reggae dey do for deep hip-hop beat like this…..
    But you guys are not merciful ooo!!! ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )

  3. Daisy permalink

    I said go down low, I can’t believe how razz I have become. With all my amerikan assent. *sigh* Anyhoo, never been a cyrus fan, not about to start now. Hilarous review as per usual.

  4. LMAO. Abeg Cyrus is ‘over-passionate jo’. He can shout for Africa. Its true we need to find out who offended him,the person has to apologise cus its affecting us. He has been like this sinnnnceee. He isn’t even ‘upcoming’ 😦 Maybe music isn’t for him.

  5. Teee permalink

    Oga Cyrus, I like you oh but.. I love Key to my heart, then Swat and BH3 is hard to listen to abeg.. Also, did I just see “Boogey is ave..”? Like average? What have u bn listening to please? Go listen to the dude’s mixtape please.

  6. Really though! I’ve been waiting for this review since I downloaded the mixtape. Painful something. I like Cyrus and the dude knows music and shii..buh I’ve been waiting for somebody to say this; the dude should just stick to Jollof Music..really.

    No need trynna stay hard like Mode. We’re still gonna respect him abeg. I wanna see his songs on charts, getting massive airplay, performing at shows, and selling some gaddem albums! Is it too much ask oga Cyrus ehn? IS IT? *grabs shirt* Answer me dammit!!

    That said, impressive review guys. I always read em and never comment, but had to rant a lil cause I’m from BCity too like Cyrus. Nigga holds it down for us. Ehen, abeg tell them to stop that ‘Bside’, ‘Bengazzi (blame Bini repatriates from Libya)’, ‘South Side’…all those nonsense things. It’s BCity!

  7. @herovickers permalink


  8. BlasFemi permalink

    Gud review, had me laffing most ov d time. U might wanna review dis too

    Dope AF.

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