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March 29, 2013

***Yo Yo Yo…I know this ain’t Christmas and all but we decided to be nice this Good Friday and give yall a freebee from our review vault.

One of those reviews we did but we never dropped because we were just to lazy to tap ‘Publish’. (right now you are judging us…judge yourself *asko*)***


Young and up coming artiste Novakillz dropped his mixtape a while back, you can download it here


Maybe because I flow sick that these rappers be on my dick like my girl’s lips – Novakillz

T: Solid production…pretty decent flow…this young’n ain’t bad at all

S: This beat sweet…on some shit Drake would go from rapping to singing. Liking this young’n’s bars. Decent ish for an intro

T: Ain’t this boy like 12 ? What does he know about girls?

S: Hahaha.

All Night Feat Joules Da Kid

T: Not mad at the song at all…Novakillz gets the job done

S: How old are these boys sef…they are spoiling me with all this nak nak rhymes dem dey talk yo #TeamVirgin #TeamNoSexUntilWeddingNite #TeamIdontUsuallyDoThis Beat and song sick tho

T: All these boys don spoil. Boys that should be going to bed by 8:30pm

S: I keep telling you bloggers get no ass. We need to start rapping yo. If 12yr kids be getting ass now from bars..why shouldn’t we

T: It’s true sha

S: You wanna hear my fire rhymes..

T: I rather not…but sure

S: Check out this my rhyme yo…’I call her baby because her mama dropped her last night/ she calls me baby becos I got that ass wipes”…BARS SON!!!

T: Bars!!!!!!!!

S: Okay..I will go drop the single after this review

T: Damn should do that

*he never did*

Feeling my P feat Kid Tusic

Banky cooking hits no apron, super fly dude yes I got a cape on – Novakillz

S: BankyontheBEAT!!!!!!!!!!

T: Another feel good beat…This boy has some good producers

S: This shit sound like something Rockwilder gave Meth and Red. Novakillz didn’t hold anything back with his puberty bars yo

T: Hahahaha! But you gotta say nigga got puberty bars 😦

S: I mean..nigga is 12 years old talking about Nuvo, Hennessy…and stepping into the club. Nigga…when I was 12…I was arguing about what power ranger was the strongest

T: Nice Jam tho

S: Yeah. The nigga was nice on this tho. This is a jam

Put it on me

S: This song is funny to me…sometimes I like…sometimes I dont

T: I fux with the jam tho

S: Everytime I hear ‘she looking for a real dawg not a bingo’ ..I feel some kinda way

T: Forget o, Bingo na street

S: So you are saying Reminisce na bingo?

T: Ehn! I didn’t call his name o, that boy doesn’t look like someone you should abuse, why you think say we no review the album

S: Oops. I forgot… Reminisce salut! Baba moved on to greater tinz. Egbon Jiffy

T: He will just conjure something up and the website will hang


Perfect feat Oshman

Moving decimals, I am just tryna get my point across – Novakillz

S: This toddler has beats yo! I fux with the hook

T: This Bankyonbeatz dude is good, both of them should stick togther till…You know the rest of the story

S: Heeeey. Don’t jinx them again abeg. Who be this Oshman?

T: When you find out let me know..dude’s yourba rap wasn’t bad tho


Best believe I get mines no body wanna test I/ your favourite rapper is a dead guy, left eye

S: Song of the Album! How is this song not all over the radio?

T: My second best jam…This jam is smooth..

S: His team needs to do a remix..shoot a video and get this shit out there

T: Maybe they want him to finish secondary school first

S: LOL. I didn’t like that Left Eye line ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) ..I miss Left Eye now.

T: Pele

No Time

S: Novakillz just makes it feel like good music is not hard to make

T: Killz (cancel) Lil’ Killz (before Ikechukwu off shirt for our mentions say na him be Killz first) needs to brush up his rap small tho…

S: LMAO. Dope beats…easy bars…catchy hooks. His bars don’t have ‘bite’ yet…na just milk teeth

T: You mean his bars are just nipples, e never develop reach breast? I get you now

S: LoL

Addicted feat Izzy

T: Now this is my shiiii…But that first line na suspect. I’m sure he bumped Vectors cd before he went to the studio

S: This shit is noisy to me..I was liking his smooth vibe…this just sounds children are making noise in detention and no one is writing names of noisemakers

T: Hahahaha!! Wait he ain’t really 12

S: You told me he was 12 na

T: I like the song tho

S: Why won’t you like it…Michael Jackson like you

T: 😐

She Say feat. Ozzy

S: *mute verse one* That verse two is Fire!!!

T: Now this is noise to me. Didn’t even make it to the second verse. The chorus sounded like Kas wrote

S: You just keep drinking out of the ‘no sabi’ goblet of life

T: Eh?

S: This shit pretty nice…minus that first verse (Ozzy’ verse was 2nd)


T: Abeg where that ‘no sabi’  cup again

S: I feel like I woke up and B2K were performing in my ear.

T: Cuz I skipped this shit

S: This has struggle all over it. Novakillz never do this again so gbo?

Beans and Rice feat Shubby

T: Mehn…when I started singing ‘beans and rice’ I didn’t know

S: This ish is mad corny tho

T: I loved the song *singing Beans and rice! Beans and rice! Beans and rice

S: Beans, Rice and CORNy

T: You know nothing about music so I aint mad

Say Yeah feat. Aisha

S: Novakillz needs to get into the gym and get his weight up on these bars cos the hook and beat are fucking awesome on this.

T: You can tell he knows his stuff, he just needs time

S: Yeah…When Aisha starts saying ‘Let me show you how I feel’…I start smiling

T: Dude..I’m sure Aisha is like 9

S: *plays I Believe I can Fly by R.Kelly*



T: The star was dimmed on this one shoulda been named candle if possible

S: (-_\\)

T: Next song please

S: I don’t know…I feel someone how about this..can’t put my finger on it..It sounds nice and off at the same damn time

T: It sounded off and off at the same time to me

Don’t Care feat Zato

Money talks I’m just tryna have a conversation/ (hello) all the hommies who’ve been hating its no beef state of mind of a vegetarian – NovaKillz

S: Eheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

T: Damn!!! They went in

S: This shit right hurrrrr niqqua. This jam sounds like it was made in 95

T: Grown man bars

S: Were deez youngins even born then? We DON’T CURRR!!! This shit iz fire. Tunde, I don’t care about you

T: Why 😦 Can I have my share of the company back?

S: Take your 2%

In It to Win it

S: Dude has a good ear for these beats and his hooks are nice

T: Another good rap song..well “I’m the rapper you’ll can not see (nazi) Adolf. Hmmmm…

S: How many people don use that punchline…even Hitler don tire for am.

T: Heard it like 52355 times

S: more like 666times

The Real Me

T: My jam!! Besides the vitafoam line…I loved the song

S: It got that Nasty Nas sample…That’s all you need to know and its good

TMT I gat you whatever happens/ remember when we used to be together in high skool rapping

S: Heeeeeeeey, this guy ain’t in highskool again? What the???.

T: Hahaha! Yes

S: Tunde, you told me he is 12. I believed you ( ._.)(._. ) You see why I don’t care about lie


T: This mixtape ain’t bad yo…Novakillz just needs finish WAEC and work more on his ryhmes, he already has that ear for good music…download and enjoy

S: Novakillz has everything going for him..Dude understands how to make songs. His style and his producers (especially Bankyonthebeat) are in-sync. This tape will probably be lame to him in 2years once he gets his lyrical exercise on. Nice effort.


Peace, Love and young blood

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  1. LMAO! You guys just sounded like bullies on this..

    • Verb permalink

      Asin!, talmbou nigga needs to finish his waec, smh! Lool.

  2. papa k permalink

    the dude is 18, soon going to finish uni and is awesome is life. real G

  3. Oshman was one of the winners in the Underground and he’s really good.

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