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June 12, 2013


S & T’s take on WAJE’s self-titled debut album, which you can buy at your local vendor or off Itunes here

T: Debut album tho? Ain’t she been around since 2007?

S: She’s been cooking

T: Ha! So ain’t we gonna tell the fans about our hiatus?

S: Nah! I am a grown ass man yo. I was living my life. Making it rain in my bath tub with my rubber ducky, stalking Lola Rae and Temidollface. I was doing things grown men do

T: *straight face*

“This album deserves nothing less than 4.5wraps” – Teeto Ceemos

“Amazing album..It’s worth every penny” – Saeon

”Just buy the album gaddemit and support good music” – Nelson Mandela

S: Kinda skeptical when other artists gas an album

T: They don’t know what they talking about. We do!

Oko Mi

T: First off…when I saw this title…I paused a lot in my mind

S: My nominee for song of the year in 2012. No need to talk about how much I gbadun this jam

T: Anyways, Del B put in work on the production and Waje delivers! Dope way to kick off the album

S: Ideal wedding song

T: If my wife doesn’t add this to our wedding song list..we dey divorce that day

S: If the wedding finish and them no play this song…we no dey go honeymoon…I go drop am off at her papa house

T: It’s allowed. Completely justifiable

On Ye feat Tiwa Savage

T: The only reason I’m mad at this song is because I thought we’d have our own version of ‘When You Believe’ by Mariah and Whitney

S: Yeah..but I ain’t really mad because it ended up being a Brandy/Beyonce like combo

T: I already know who Brandy is lol…Dope song nevertheless

S: Both ladies held it down and this just further emphasizes the fact that Waje is vocally the best female artist…that second hook with the little bass guitar…gaddem


S: When Waje bodies a track…she is the killer, detective, the forensic scientist, the coroner, the undertaker, the gaddem pall bearer.

T: House meets Hi-life right hurr

S: Got that SA house music vibe. Sounds like something Professor could have done… Chimbobo stuvz

T: E-Kelly does a good job on the production

S: Ekelly is too underrated. His catalogue is on point

T: You ain’t never lied

Fine Girl

S: I need to take a second out to say…I am a gangsta…I shake babies, I bitch slap old ladies, I pour ribena in garri and other things

T: Ribena and Garri?

S:Yeah. When a gangsta can’t afford sugar..I digress…But when this song comes on…all my gangsta eludes me and I start singing like I am contesting for X factor or some shit.

T: Yeah..tell ’em Sho in case they want to eff with us, we gangsta like that


T: Naija version of ‘Who Run the World’? …Waje’s voice is out of this world

S: Slash ‘Single Ladies’. This jam should be played at weddings when the bride wants to throw the bouquet.

T: No be every girl suppose sing am sha, as the title suggest. That part where she sings Lynxxx’ fine fine fine lady’ damn son

S: waw waw girls should not get up and dance

T: They are all fine in the eye of the beholder

S: They are all fine in the eye of the Beer holder #Fixed

Grind feat BurnaBoy

T: Waje can grind on me anyday, anytime…anywhere..anyhow..anywhat..anywho..anybody..anyplace…anyone..and all the other ‘anys’

S: When Burna delivers his trademark stellar performance and can’t even outshine know you oversabi. I just want Waje to ‘put in work’ on me

T: And?

S: I will lick all the sweat on her body…I know she can work this hard. *wines waist anti-clockwise*

T: Fam don’t be thirsty. I’ll be her seat belt any day. Just imagine a ‘Sean Paul like’ video with me being the video dude..Waje make it happen. I work for free

Time na Money

S: ____o_ Babygirl just sang pieces on this ish. Hella nice production.

T: This right here is my favourite song. Sizzle Pro on the production!! Damn!!!

S; I just need to cop like 10 copies of this album and just share it out on the road.

T: Waje ain’t a rapper but she bodied this beat

S: This might be the best female album since Asa’s debut tho..that’s for sure

T: Debatable

I Wish

S: I am like a PDP candidate with this one…sometimes I like it…sometimes I don’t

T: I kinda liked the reggae feel, not mad at the jam

S: Just ain’t crazy about it like the previous 6

T: Remember when they told us she’d be naked in the video

S: Naija wey no sabi wetin naked be


No Be You

T: Wait..hol’up, chill

S: YO! Tunde stop right now. I wanna talk my shit right now

T: Talk your shit!

S: Look here …You, I am talking to you…yes you Cobhams (we gotta brail this shit) YOU ARE FUCKING GENIUS!!!!

T: If there’s any argument that Waje is the best female vocalist in Nigeria. Play this song for them. What?!!!!

S: Testify!

T: Cobhams is a not from this planet..that one is a fact already

S: This is the best song I have heard from Naija ..Period. The production, the vocals, the lyrics, the arrangement, the flow, the sound, the …fuck it…this is the best shit yall. Waje, I love you…let me put some babies in you! Call me

T: Loool. Call you? Call me …080338092671

S: Hahahahhahahaha


T: You know those songs that they play when soldiers are going to war. This right here is that shii

S: Just love the choir background ish…makes a nigga feel bigger than he really is (or am I?…PoW!)

T: Solid Production once again by Cohbams The Genius

S: Really good song.

Black and White feat Eva and Phyno

S: *click click* #bumpshead

T: Na..not working for me, too slow

S: Ain’t no hook I enjoy singing more on this record than this. Feeling this…

T: Nah

S: Eva bodied this shii right here

T: This is on my skip list

S: Your ‘I no sabi’ true colours are showing….*click click* Is it me or Phyno spat his verse with Lynxxx’ style?

T: I don’t even know what Phyno be saying..but he a good rapper

Only You feat MI

T: So everytime Waje and MI do a track’s only right we compare it to ‘One Naira’ (sorry that’s how it works)

S: 3 blind mices tinz

T: Not quite up to ‘one naira’, but it comes close. M.I does well on the production

S: Waje and M.I. the best big and small combo since….Danny Devito and Rhea Pearlman…since Chelsea Handler and Chuchu



S: This jam is smooth. Their chemistry ain’t basic… #punchline of life

T: I was an art student 😦

Na The Way feat Sardokie and J.Martins

T: Err…who had the original of this song?

S: Nohairdeardontcare. Sardokie won’t kill me with his adlibs sha….

“Money no be problem”

“You know what time it is”


“I be de bomb diggy”

T: Yeah…and his…’kfhjduiwjkfhsjkdvhadvhdushdhddgdhdg’ flow

S: I fux with this tho. Waje just knows how to make everything work.

No Tomorrow

T: This track was kinda all over the place. Not feeling it

S: Yeah…kinda agree…almost came off noisy. Sounds like a freebie that shouldn’t have made the album.

One More time

S: Lovely way to end this album. Techno ish I can fux with

T: I fux with it too..

S: Waje voice dey over tortorii me

T: Waje once again proves she can body any beat in any genre



T: This is by far one of the best debut albums in Nigeria, this is talent at its best, flawless voice, dope production, good songwriting. Waje just won my heart with this one, and most importantly my body 😀 this right here is a must have album..if you don’t have one I’ll buy one for you

S: All I will say is this….if Waje gets nominated in any category at any award show and someone else wins….I am pulling a Kanye yo….”No disrespect to you…*insert random winner here…But Waje is the greatest singer EVER. This album is greater than your favourite artist’s catalogue” …*walks off stage*


Peace, Love and Waje call  Sho Tunde

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  1. Tip permalink

    Gangstas are Us LOOOL

  2. dammy permalink

    Mehn I have been carrying last and playing May Ds album while Wajes is on top of the home theatre. Smh for me

  3. REDD permalink

    All I can say is “WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  4. Tai permalink

    Yay!! Welcome Back SYBT!! Missed you guys..

    The Waje album is really cool. She has an amazing voice truly but I dont know why it took her so long to come out with an album after all this time. Guess we know why now… The best things are worth waiting for. Well done Waje.

  5. Bosun permalink

    Naa, fuck it. I don’t trust you guys, this is a near flawless review. Did you guys review this at gun point or were you bribed? But, i’ll take your words for it and check it out as soon as i get the cd from you Sho…..

  6. @thabanjmeista permalink

    iv listened to the album…and the 1st 6 tracks are truly MAD!!!!…Awesome production and Waje can sing!!!… P.S: i am not related to Waje

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