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Banger Lee’s men

July 2, 2013


The one and only ‘I’m D’banj or Skibanj like my Jamaican friends call me. Cappella like my South Africans call me. Mensah like my Ghanaians call me. Freekay in Liberia, Mr. Endowed toh bad,Eja nla like the fishes in the sea call me but today you can call me Banger Lee of the Lee temple’ released his highly anticipated post-MoHits album and this right here is the koko


S: How you feel!!!! Man of steel!!!! Oh my God! It is real Eja Nla!

T: Dbanj invites us to the Lee temple, asks us how we feel, shouts out GT bank, decent intro

S: I have got my GT card with me too..but I doubt it can do what Dbanj’s card can do 😦

T: Take heart bro.

Don’t Tell Me Nonsense

S: Yeah. Dbanj can still make jams. This shit is ignant

T: I really don’t know how I feel about this song, sometimes I listen and I’m like yaaaawnnn…sometimes I think it’s a jam

S: You are too old. You ain’t seen kids (like me) go nutz when this song comes on in the club

T: Oh well…Nothing special for me

S: You ain’t special

Why You love Me

S: Dbanj’s best opening 2 lines “Eja nla has surfaced the eagle has landed. The koko is loading, infact the koko has loaded”

T: Dbanj is  the master of spoiling names, once he has a new name like this. We are dead

S: Eja Nla has surfaced.

T: I fux with the song. Eja Nla was said at least 365938632 times on this album

Nous Les Meilleurs (We The Best) feat. Falli Pupa

T: Now this right here, is my jam!!!!!

S: Dbanj should give this jam to J.martins to help him promote it. Na J.martins sabi make hits in France and all them Francophone countries

T: Loool. That’s JMartins territory. Just imagine all those big booty SA girls dancing to this jam

S: I want them to shoot a video for it…just so I can see Dbanj attempt to do Falli’s dance moves. I might laugh and never wake up.

T: They should get the girls from Wande’s ‘The kick’ video and the video will win video of the year

S: I don’t think DKM and Mavin are allowed to share the same video girls. It’s in the break up contract


Obimo (My Heart)

T: I got two things to say

S: One?

T: Kayswitch is underrrrated

S: Two?

T: Kayswitch is fucking underrrrrated.

S: True

T: And I’m glad Dbanj can still play his mouth organ. Obimo is a jam and half

S: D’prince is sitting somewhere going…”why did my brother have to take all the talent. See Dbanj…he shared Most of his with his lil brother”


T: And we get Dbanj back…finally

S: EJa Nla!!! Obalakalaaaaa

T: What this jam does to your speakers ehn!

S: When they drop the trumpets tho…shiiii just gets serious

T: I miss Donjazzy’s adlibs tho and his background singing 😦

S: I don’t even know what instructions Dbanj is giving us but I’m looking stupid doing them

Blame it On the Money feat. Big Sean and Snoop Lion


T: 😦 Dbanj why na. I can’t even sing this without my subconscious telling me ‘why u dey lie to yourself’

S: Eja Nla just spat in all our faces…*hides GTcard*

T: Please we want Snoop Dogg back biko

S: I was scared when I saw Snoop Lion…cos this was Snoop Dogg bars “P.U.S.S.Y….Keep a nigga fresh and fly” LBC! 213!

T: Yup…I thought he going to go Jah Rastafaria up on us. Big Sean was pretty decent too

S: A lil birdie told me that Durella wrote the hook. I told the lil birdie well…the hook speaks more to Dbanj’s life than to Durella’s… #movingon

T: 😦

For Example

T: Haha! The intro to this song is madd funny

S: Nigga trying to Set P but the Yoruba alphabets no get am

T: Lol

S: Kayswitch tho. The switch stands for how many styles this nigga can switch to.

T: Kayswitch is that nigga!!!

Ibadie (Bounce)

S: This is my favourite jam on this shit yoooooo

T: This got all D’ kings men on it. They all had to come correct

S: And of cos…they are singing about my favourite thing. IBADIE!!! IBADIE!!!

T: When will they have songs for breast 😦 This is not fair

S: Je ko bounce!!! My eyes get teary when the hook comes on

T: E don do

S: Badoooooo

Silver and Gold ft Kayswitch and J.Sol

T: Best song on this album. I had to check that I was still listening to a D’banj album

S: Maaan, see this J.Sol guy..looking like ‘The Rock’..I was expecting a rapper/reggae dude…hommie hit us with some sultry voice tinz.


T: That’s that Montell Jordan p

S: With a proven Olamide, solid Kayswitch and this J.Sol nigga…DKM gotta be the most talented label?

T: It’s one thing to have the talent, it’s another thing to use it …..

Scape Goat ft Kanye West

T: Nothing new

S: Skip

Show my Logo ft Kayswitch

T: Have I said Kayswitch is that nigga

S: I know I shouldn’t like this jam..but Kayswitch be saying some ignant shit that makes me like it lol

T: Because Kayswitch is thaaaaat nigga

S: Best line of the song?

T: Make my chest your pillow *singing* I go make your breast my milo or mirror

S: LOL. Ignant shit

Oliver Twist

T: Oga Dbanj. E don do na

S: One sec…let me just hear Don Jazzy’s adlibs one last time 😥

T: You wan commot Oliver Twist for your next 3 albums

S: *skip*

T: Should have been a bonus track. This jam wey don commot since 1999

S: Should not have been on the album

Ka Wo Soke (handsup) feat Ikechukwu and Olamide

T: Of course, they recorded this on the same day with ‘Durosoke’. That’s the only explanation.

S: Hahahahahahahaha

T: Olamide just quickly release im own.

S: I fux with this jam any which way… Olamide can do no wrong right now in my non-understanding Yoruba life

T: Go and Learn…Doesn’t work for me


T: Yep..this song should have disappeared from the album

S: Nigga…move aside. Go and listen to ‘Blame it on the money’ ( ._.)

Top Of The World

T: One of the best songs on the album

S: Ooooo Babaaaay. One of Dbanj’s best work

T: No shouting no gra gra…just good music

Money On My Mind

T: Sendonnnnnnnn

S: This J.Sol sha…go just dey sing moistness into person life

T: Well, they had to look for their Wande Coal na

S: KaySwitch album go too sweet.

T: Just know you heard it here first

S: I wanna hear more from J.Sol now

First of All (Remix)

S: This is a jam ooo…why didn’t they just make it a fucking different song

T: Which jam, better go and clean your ear

S: The beat was nice! Eja Nla’s verse was dope. If they just did a different song…niggaz won’t have been mad at it

T: This jam shouldn’t have been touched. D’banj said Eja Nla like 20 times on this song alone. Olamide just added like 6 more bars…

S: And..

T: Then said some Vector worthy ish like ‘I’m never dulling do I look like Adol’



S: This is the song that started the whole Eja Nla madness and this was the shit

T: I agree! Since then, I’ve not looked at any fish the same

S: Kayswitch with his stellar murk a feature verse. This beat dey make me do *yama yama face*

T: Haha! Kayswitch did no wrong on this album


S: *Skip*

T: When I listen to the beginning of this song, I just want to go ‘Mr Berry’s in the buildiing *Wande Coal voice*


S: _____o_

T: I don’t even understand what was going on in this song, it was confusing to me

S: This is my jam!!!!

T: I can see your in a trance…true, this is a wack ass song

S: Dbanj and his ‘I am gonna say words that rhyme because that’s what I will do’

T: Dbanj sha rhymed France, trance, prance, nuance, truance and everything ‘ance’ from beginning to end

S: Naeto…swag raps fit in well “5 gold chains on this jalabé” We are in the lee temple…don’t disturb the trance yo


T: If you’re a Dbanj fan, I’m sure you’re just glad he has an album out, this album however can’t be compared to anything he has done in the past, compilation album or not. Dbanj stays true to himself, doesn’t really deviate from  what he is known for. The G.O.O.D music artist is yet to show us why Kanye signed him. Nevertheless, he still delivered and his king’s men might just have next

S: Dbanj still has it in him..(I think) he made some utter horrendous missteps after the breakup but everything in life can be fixed with a couple of hits shebi? This album shows that Kayswitch is a problem and with the other acts on the label, DKM will be doing fine. 5 tracks on this joint were clearly not needed.

3.5 wRaps

Peace, Love and Bruce Chun Sho Lee Ko Lee

  1. Nicholas permalink

    3.5!! U have got to be kidding me!! More like 3

  2. REDD permalink

    FINA-FUCKING-LLY…………I’ve been preaching Kayswitch for ages now!!!

  3. tee permalink

    LOL. Sho and Tunde have you guys been bought? This album shld be MAX 2.25 raps. And I AM A D’Banj fan. He’s lost his way mehn.

  4. bought the album!!

    it was bliss!! you guys r funny!!

    I LOVE BACHELOR SONG OO….Y dint you tlk much bout it nah!!??

  5. Mafioso permalink

    So you guys didn’t help Don Jazzy catch his sub on ‘For example?’

  6. Basooh permalink

    We need Jesse jagz album rating ASAP. Pls

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