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Thy Nation Has Come

August 10, 2013

JAGZNATION-COVER-INTLRapper/Producer Jesse Jagz dropped his sophomore album a while back, the album is still not available on the streets (for now) but you can get it here >>>


S: Bettttttter Slooooow Dowwwwn!

‘Witness the way Jaga rhymeee like Jesus turning water into wiiiine’

T: You already know what to expect when you hear Jagz inhale, exhale and coughs

S: Slow vibe. Something to zone into

Burning Bush (In Memory of Hadiza Aboki)

T: No better way to start  an album

S: This track tho. Exactly 2.19 – 2.39 on this equals….Blissssss!!!!

T: The depth on this song ehn!!. Only inspired by that good ish…that sticky icky icky

S: When the second hook drops…the keys, the bass, drums and high hat are soooo in sync it gats touch your soul blad

Bed of Roses feat James Mavrik

“A lotta niggaz fighting hard trying to even the score. I call my mic lucifer that’s what this demon is for”

T: This is the only ‘hiphop’ song on this album. You can’t listen to this song without nodding your head

S: Ladies Loves Cool Jagz!!! Killed it with the ‘Doin’ It’ sample. Mellow tune you can all fux with

T: This is that ‘just incase you think I’m not a rapper’ song

S: *singing* ‘doing it doing it doing it well’


S: Every single Reggae jam on this album is THE JAM!!!!

T: You aint never lie. The chorus is sooo catchy.

S: Production, melodies, and delivery….100%. This jam is flawless yo

*singing* Jaaaaaaaa you seeeeeee every liddle thiiiiiing

T: You better pray Jah protect you when all the artistes you’ve called their album wack come for you

S: Selassie will Jackie Chan them wack twats for me!


Where You at?

“Shawty let’s see if you interest me or if you appreciate the intellect of this emcee”

T: Smooth jam all the way…Versatility at its best. 5 songs in and we’ve had a good mix

S: All I know is…this is for them Striiiiiiiiippers!

T: This what D’prince tried to do I’m sure but…we all know how that ended

S: That album na epic fail…anyways, I just wanna throw my imaginary George Washington’s on a thick big booty girl from a broken home…


S: Don’t worry baby…wipe your tears with these bands *hugs*

T: You Drake now?

S: I got some Canada in me ( ._.)


‘my music is the definition of what brilliance is’


T: This jam right here!!!! This jam right here!! I forgive everything Jesse did on that first album

S: *throws the kitchen sink*

T: The part where he starts rapping ehn! Tooo maddd

S: Errrrm the long ass rap verse wasn’t needed to be sincere but it doesn’t even matter because the song just sounds good.

T: What is this one talking about?

S: You should be asking Jagz that question. Mamacita was whinning..all of a sudden he was rapping about ‘toilet and indiana jones’


S: Just saying, the verse could be on another song. Flow was tight as usual tho.

Sex and Scotch

“Come gimme that like chocolate turn kitty kat me really touch ya silly spot”

S: PEANUT! BUTTER! *children scream JAM*

T: This has to be the best song on this album

S: We gon’ say that a lot on this. This song is all that is right with this world. Perfectly constructed track.

T: Whatever Jagz is on..he should stay on it, this jam is harder than spotting an Igbo Muslim in Kaduna

S: Yup..harder than a woman letting you enter her front in traffic

T: You ain’t never lie, it’s harder than a conductor forgetting to collect money from you when you enter bus

S: LOL. oya e don do…

T: Alright alright

S: Jagz just showing of his genius on this one. How much talent can one man possess?

T: He’s on another level
S: Speaking of level…

God on the Mic

T: This is the only song I don’t like on the album. Maybe because it came after ‘Sex and Scotch’

S: This song is the greatest head scratcher I have heard since the last Canibus album I bought in 2006.

“Born with the spine, formed from the remnants of optimus prime” ( Kini?)

“Returned to the mountain the place were they found him disgraceful surroundings races that bound him” ( Biko! What?) 

“We ride on the cosmos..almost..god’s ghost” (de quoi parles-tu?)


T: I was just confused from beginning till the end

S: I felt like it was a Lost episode of Lost


T: Or the season they lost after the final season.

S: But the beat was nice tho…I still bump it..


T: This tune is catchy as fuck

S: Radio gotta love this one! …’I flow like dictionary pages’. I know that make no sense but fuck it! Its hot!

T: I don’t think Jagz even cares about radio. He’s just into making dope records

S: As it should be!

T: Well…that’s topic for another day

S: This is just a simple track. Jesse maaaaayne ______o_

Steady Going

‘two shots to the chest of this Bloody Mary/ i’ve been drinking heavy/ killing ’em niggas steady

T: Jagz was just going on this one. I don’t even know how he got from one topic to the other

S: All I am saying is….the flow on this shit was immmmmmmmmaculate

T: I loved the flow. This right here, is the blueprint of how to flow

S: Maaaaaaama weeee On Nowwww!

Jargo feat 9ice

T: Don’t think I’ve heard 9ice this dope since he made us think he was actually going to bring a grammy

S: Best I have heard 9ice sound since ‘Gongo Aso’

T: I’m sure Jesse gave him that good ish

S: No idea what the hell Jesse was rapping about but his flow and this beat just robbed me of my senses

T: You have to smoke the same ish Jagz is smoking to understand

S: But the nigga Saaaaaaaabi

T: Oversabi

Pedal to the Floor

T: Another proof that Jesse is a dope rapper. The third verse!!!

S: Huh. Got a dope flow yeah…dope rapper well…ehh…meh..the jury is still out on that one

T: Take away ‘the week like 7days’ line…dope verse

S: Na…he got overdosed on his oversabi and overrapped this ish…accapella started sounding like a poetry session

T: Lol..I loved it

S: I fux with this song regardless. Beat and this hook too pure. Jagz flow is stupid ridiculous.

T: We already told you guys…Jesse is a genius

S: The fact that he rhymed with ‘snuffaluffagus’… 92points!

Sativa Skit

S: Clearly what Jesse has been smoking

T: Yup. No doubt at all



T: Not my type of song, but I fux with it. Type of song Damien Marley would be proud of

S: Gotta me singing like I was an orphan child in the rain yo. I dare you to sing this song with a smile…its all pain man…all pain..*sniff*

T: 😦

S: There is only one but tho…”Life taste good like chicken” (-_-) No Jesse…Life is a plate of beans yo…don’t ever forget it

T: Haha!

S: Jesse is the best reggae artist in naij …General Pype pele.

After Party ft Brymo

T: When I saw Brymo and Jagz on the same song. I was expecting a Chocolate City diss song. I am just happy his doing his own thing

S: Hahahahaha diss kini. No be their type. The horns of this joint! Konnect!!! with a different sound.

T: The Konnect way

S: Brymo hook, Konnect Beat, Jesse Jagz flow. I dare you not to fux with this

T: Bliss!


S: If you heard this song the first time by watching the video like me…you might skip it.

T: Everything that has ragga feel to it on the album is dope

S: But once you listen to this without the image of Jesse’s mosquito chest distracting you….THIS IS A FUCKING JAM!!!

T: LOOL. Jam for days

S: The production on this is disgusting. Jagz creating new things like ‘snow hockey’ (what happened to ice hockey?)

T: All the same thing…Jags didn’t come to play.

Bad Girl feat. Wizkid

T: Is there anybody in the game bigger than Wizkid right now? I doubt it..He delivered on this track

S: Like this album is Jesse pushing it and he does it by putting Wizzy on a ‘non typical’ Wizzy track

T: You ain’t never lie, this is my jam

S: If anything, I am just happy Wiz Kid actually used words on this song

T: Yup! No freestyling

S: “Na na na”….”Yay yay yay” “aaaaaahhh” were no where to be found on this

T: No ‘shalewa’. No ‘wolewa’

S: *now singing and komole’ing* Samba Samba Samba Samba ko ma roo

T: What is wrong with you?

S: 😦 I am sorry its just errytime I hear that song…I useless my family name.


S: Best Song on the Album. I am ready to be a Rastafarian. I am moving to Ethiopia ( ._.)

T: Dope song! Makes you wanna grow dada and wear that green and yellow knitted cap

S: Sellllllllaaaaaaassie! Production on faaaacking point

T: Not one poorly produced track on this album

S: 100points for taking the risk to do such a diverse album and pulling it off effortlessly

T: You would think Jagz been doing Reggae since day one

S: *moves aside a Pipe*


T: This album is proof that that good ish makes you do amazing things… Ladies and Gentlewomen, this album is proof you can make good music if you stick to your craft, whether this album would be a commercial success when it comes out on the street, time would tell, but this is a damn good album. Just do me a favour and buy the album when you see it, this is good music right here.

S: When an artist says..Fuck ’em (fans, label, radio) and does shit from the heart..does it for the art…You sometimes get utter shit or pure brilliance. Jesse might have just dropped the most solid album of the year, last year and 2years ago. Yeah his raps sometimes (most times) might be overly ambitious but he makes up with outright brilliant melodies, production and flows. Jesse is ahead of the game…when this album hits the streets…buy 5 copies. Appreciate its genius.


Peace, Love and Ja Rastafari

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  1. Bosun permalink

    This is where he’s , dare I say, better than M.I. M.I on his day is almost untouchable but he’ll rather give us weak dumb shit on his album and put all his goodies on a mixtape. Can’t complain about free music but Mixtape M.I needs to become Album M.I if not…..

    Another review I’ll read before listening to the album. I’m sure it’s dope because even those that never like anything say it is. Besides his first album was dope but never got the recognition. Good work.

  2. Saaaaaaaaaaan; I can’t count how many times u guys said “Best song on the album”, it’s like y’all were on d same shiii he was on.

    Elated Jesse did a fantastic job & got a superb review. Would have copped the album nonetheless. Y’all surely represent.

  3. @YoItsMalcolm permalink

    iman no get the Rastafari comedy feeling on this!!! Something a missing from this review……. Yaman, The Comedy part!!!! Regardless decent..
    God Bless….

  4. hahishaa permalink

    Loool! I love this review!! But how do we know the best song on the album cos you called almost every track the best -_- Looking forward to getting the album on the streets soon!!!

  5. Hayjaybawa permalink


  6. jay permalink

    Now everyone listen up! I’ve listened to EVERY song on this album and I promise you… no one, I repeat NO ONE produces like Jagz in Naij! Stick to the art is what the album tells you and it is a damn manual, if not for rappers then for producers. The simple complexity of the beats, the sequencing…shiiii the boy no get mate.

  7. Reblogged this on theartofthemind and commented:
    Beautiful art right here

  8. Baraqat Hamzat permalink

    LOOOOOL yall are joke

  9. Ikhizama permalink

    Lol @ Harder than a conductor forgetting to collect his money.
    The album is dope & agree that sex l scotch is the best track.

  10. dammy permalink

    Are you people smoking something? God on the mic is nice

  11. ***imagines I’m calling in on a radio programme*** First time commenter!! Okay, thank you.

    Wonderful review!! I’ve always believed in JJ…..his genius excuses whatever ish he smokes! Oh, btw, gon’ re-blog this post on

    Keep it up Sho & Tee!!

  12. Vuprax permalink

    The album has finally hit the streets!
    Mehn…this album sha! ‘God on the mic’, I think, is a really great song. The breadth of references he had on there were so so broad. Jesse’s word spectrum is really vast.
    I did not really like the song with 9ice- something was just off.
    All in all, you guys did great justice to a great album.
    #SYBT #JagzNation

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